Massive E Claims He’ll Money in Cash within the Financial institution on Tonight’s WWE Uncooked

This week’s edition of Monday Night Raw could be the most eventful of recent if Big E’s latest claim proves to be true. It was announced late last week that instead of meeting at Extreme Rules pay-per-view later this month, Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton would be fighting for the WWE Championship on tonight’s episode. Big E, who annoyed during a SmackDown promotion last week about finally using his money-in-the-bank contract, took to Twitter to openly announce that he was cashing in.

“Let’s get this cat out of the bag … I intend to redeem and redeem my Money-in-the-Bank contract tonight to become WWE Champion,” wrote E.

Let’s get this cat out of the bag … I intend to redeem my money-in-the-bank contract tonight and become the WWE Champion.

– Ettore “Big E” Ewen (@WWEBigE) September 13, 2021

It is entirely possible that E is lying, despite the fact that Sean Ross Sapp reported it Combative selection prior to E’s tweet, the New Day member was expected to be on Raw tonight anyway. Sapp described the role of E as “all over the show”.

While E initially stated in interviews that he only wanted to use the money-in-the-bank briefcase for Roman Reigns, he has recently changed his mind. When asked about targeting Lashley late last month, E said Sports Illustrated“The story of Bobby, Kofi and Woods has history, so it’s all there,” said E. “That would be our chance for retaliation, and it just feels right. I loved The Hurt Business. I loved seeing what they could do and the fact that their whole hurt business era wasn’t in front of the fans it was before the ThunderDome which is amazing. Maybe there is a chance they could put all the arguments aside and get back together, then with The New Day and Hurt Business you would have so many options and choices, even six men.

“Bobby is on his best run,” he continued. “He wears like a champion; he looks like a champion. When I was first signed to WWE in 2009, I remember seeing him and Cena match up over and over again. He was someone I wanted to work one day so it’s an honor to have Bobby talk about us like that. It has an incredible run and there is definitely a lot of meat to chew on. “

Ethical Hazard and the Way forward for Cash | Midas Letter RAW ft Emerald Heath & Hashish Fund Supervisor

Money is an economic unit that acts as an offer of exchange for transaction purposes in an economy. But what happens to this concept if the US Treasury Department’s 10-year rate is different from the current Fed rate? Are stimulus checks and capital generation enough to suppress returns? Is hyperinflation here yet? Are cryptocurrency and bitcoin (BTC) valuations showing that confidence in central banks is deteriorating to keep the inflationary boogie man under wraps? Stay tuned as we talk about the moral hazard in “money” today and the future of money.

Midas Letter RAW is the disrespectful / intelligent investing show for the little guy. A former stockbroker and Reformed accountant, Ed Milewski, brings his knowledgeable but unconventional technical chart observations into focus. At the same time, investment author James West criticizes the machinations, gimmicks and listings that are being forced upon private investors by what we call capital markets institutions.

In today’s episode we have two exclusive interviews on deck:

1. Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals [not to be confused with Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc (CVE:EMH) (OTCMKTS:EMHTF) (FRA:TBD) – although both are owned by Emerald Health Sciences.] – a science-based company that leverages the unique convergence of science, biology and cannabis molecules like cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG) to create new molecules – that can produce beneficial effects (which CBD does not produce) to do so possibly treat – far incurable diseases.

Emerald is currently running an increase in Regulation A (ending at midnight on Sunday March 28, 2021) that will allow individuals to invest in the private company. See here to see how the CEO explains it.

2. Charles Taerk, CEO of Faircourt Asset Management and Manager of the Ninepoint Alternative Health Fund – a manager who has his finger on the pulse of cannabis investing (evidenced by the excellent financial performance of his funds). He makes a strong case for why US cannabis multi-state operators (MSO) have a significant advantage over Canadian licensed producers (LP). We could no longer agree with his thesis, and we believe this interview will give our weed audience a lot of thought-provoking.


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