From Rave to Prep, Google’s 2021 High Type Traits Show Picture is Every little thing

Google just released its Year in Search data, which shows the terms with the highest year-over-year growth. To Top trend search of 2020 for “indie style” Google’s 2021 data delves deeper into the world of niche trends, which are no doubt fueled by TikTok’s continued popularity. Among the top 10 outfits that Google recorded this year are “rave outfits”, “preppy outfits”, “cottage core outfits”, “90s outfits” and “festival outfits”, which suggests that People who are looking for fashion tips, want to partake in indie aesthetics or trends.

However, if renewed interest in raving or prep signals that subcultures are back, using those words on the internet, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, points in a different direction. Instead of raving about Bushwick or brunch at the country club, many young millennial and Generation Z fashion lovers see these subcultures less as ideological than aesthetic. The desire to dress like a raver has little to do with being a raver – and that mentality will be difficult to understand for older Millennials, Generation Xers, and Boomers. It used to be a cardinal sin against being cool to dress like a group you weren’t in, and the punishment was harsh: either you were a “poser” or a “sellout”.

In 2016, stylist and fashion lightning rod Lotta Volkova predicted this shift in an interview with Fashion store. “Of course there are no more subcultures to discover, at least not in the western world. It’s more about remixing information, ”she said. “Today’s children – the new generation – think differently. They don’t even know what a subculture is. It is not relevant to them. “

Google’s trending data backs their point. While clothes and aesthetics in the past said something about their wearer – only real punks wore tartan trousers and safety pins while real preps shopped at Ralph Lauren – shoppers today can hop on and off fashion moves without acknowledging the broader implications and historical connotations of their looks.

The endless feed of fashion videos from TikTok plays both sides: Some use the platform as a catwalk and test new aesthetics on an hourly basis, while others use it as an educational platform to familiarize themselves with new Gen Z trends such as “Subversive Basics” – shaped by forecasters deal with Agustina Panzoni in their TikTok feed @thealgorhythm as a catch-all for sexy essentials according to Helmut Lang – and “Avant Basic” – a look that was defined by fashion editor Emma Hope Allwood on Twitter and sweet swirl patterns, holiday checkerboard jeans and so on further contains ubiquitous pink mirror by Ettore Stottsass.

Westchester Restaurant Drawing Rave Critiques For Farm-To-Desk Model

When you’re ready for a farm-to-table experience in an upscale atmosphere where you can find anything from steak tartare to burgers, The Whitlock should fit the bill.

Located in the hamlet of Katonah to the north of Westchester, The Whitlock is named after an early 19th century tavern and shop that offered local food and became a meeting place for everyone.

Today’s Whitlock places great emphasis on serving good food that is “ultra-local” and is the “place” where locals know they are getting a good meal.

The devilish eggs.


Foodies and yelpers alike give the Whitlock many five-star ratings for its unique menu and offerings, which range from tots crème fraiche with caviar to chorizo ​​and shrimp burgers with Oaxaca cheese.

“I ate here for the first time tonight and I have to say my boyfriend and I were blown away,” said one yelper. “We really don’t go out anymore due to COVID, but we were in the area and really wanted to try this place … it didn’t disappoint!”

Favorites include the Sunday brunch and burgers, vegan options, fresh fish, and unique starters.

Shaved Brussels sprouts.


“Great! Fantastic and wonderful! These are the best words to describe Whitlock, ”said another.

Other favorites are the French bone marrow onion soup, the devilish eggs, the Korean pork belly, and the cookies with jam.

“One of the best places I’ve visited for brunch! I found this place in a Westchester Magazine article for Best Places for Brunch in Westchester and thought I’d give it a try. I wasn’t disappointed! ”Said another yelper.

The Lamb.


One note, The Whitlock is usually packed so be ready to wait.

The prices are moderate to high. The service is rated as great. Some outdoor seating is available.

The restaurant is located at 17 Katonah Avenue.

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