Actuality Present Prize Cash: Rating ‘Survivor,’ ‘Problem,’ Extra

Roll in the dough! Reality tv shows can be exhausting, cumbersome, and time-consuming, but for many contestants it pays off based on the amount of prize money they can win in the end.

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, who won seven of his 20 seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, took home a whopping $ 1,184,720 in winnings. When it comes to a single win of the season, The challenge, ranked in what the top competitor takes home with the grand total of $ 900,000 split between two people for The Challenge: Double Agents in 2021.

Baking shows also have a wide range of entry fees, with some series giving a cake stand only to the champion and others giving the top chef a job and a restaurant salary. However, talent contests have the most Inconsistencies in prices.

For years The voice Trainers have spoken out loud like the winners of the singing competition don’t seem to be getting the proper support from the record label they are signing as part of their winner’s compensation package.

“We work with these artists and we give them this great workshop and bring them to the end of the show and I think the work we do on the show is great,” former coach Adam Levine said Reporters at a press conference Per Season finale of The Voice Voice in December 2017. “We’re giving these guys this incredible platform and this really rare thing, lots of exposure and airtime. As soon as we have handed over the torch, it is the record label that completely destroys it. “

Blake Shelton stepped in and said, “My last two winners have never released an album.”

The country crooner blamed the record label NBC partnered with, noting that the singers themselves have the support of fans to justify a big album release.

“They have a fan base when this show is over and the hardest part, like all four of us [coaches] know is to have fans, ”Shelton explained. “Every single one of these guys has fans and [the record label] manages to take a gimme and completely ignore it and get it wrong. It’s your fault. “

The “God’s Country” singer even went so far as to challenge Universal Records to look out for the season 11 winner Jason “Sundance” head and give him the platform he deserves.

“This is the guy I think can break the mold and become a star of this show. And I give my word that I will do my work and I know he will, ”he added.

Scroll down to see the reality shows price numbers from worst to best:

NCAA-style bracket rating Fairfield feminine college students posted on Instagram

FAIRFIELD – School officials said they are investigating a March Madness-style tournament group that graded female students.

The clip was posted on Instagram and appears to only include freshers from Fairfield Warde and Ludlowe high schools. She encouraged others to vote for a name in each pairing, officials said.

“As a school system, this behavior is not tolerated,” said Andrea Clark, the district spokeswoman. “The investigation into this case is ongoing and we will hold all students accountable.”

Some students believed to be the creators have been identified. This emerges from a joint statement the school principals sent to families on Tuesday.

In the letter, Directors Greg Hatzis of Fairfield Ludlowe and Paul Cavana of Fairfield Warde called the bracket “pejorative” for all women.

“We strongly condemn this behavior, which harms and devalues ​​all young women in freshmen classes in both schools, but also all Fairfield students, and indeed all women,” wrote the principals. “It is disheartening that not only did someone create this post, but that other students” liked “it, and this is addressed.”

Clark said the action will begin with virtual school assemblies.

The letter encouraged families to speak to their children about this situation and warn them of the possible long-term effects of social media posts.

“Our high schools are determined to promote respect for all students,” wrote Hatzis and Cavana. “Any act that appeals to a group negatively on the basis of gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, learning differences or other distinguishing features will not be tolerated.”

Schools cannot remove or deactivate the account – which can only be done by the account owner – but Hatzis and Cavana said they will work with the families of those responsible to remove the contributions.

Headmasters said school staff at both schools were investigating to determine who was responsible when they found out about the site.

Some students have already been identified, but officials now believe that another person created the voting mechanism for the bracket. Anyone with information is asked to submit a TIPS report. People can remain anonymous, although Hatzis and Cavana said it would be helpful for them to provide their contact information so officers can contact them.

“We would like to commend all students and parishioners who served as allies and reported the behavior under these circumstances,” the principals wrote.

They also reminded the families that “not all the facts have come to light,” and asked them to allow the school staff to complete the investigation.

“The students involved will be held accountable for their inappropriate actions,” the principals wrote. “We share the disgust of students, parents and staff at both schools for this act.”

The school principals said they should do a thorough investigation and support any student who “feels harassed or hurt by these acts”.

“As a community, we can unite to not only address negative behavior, but also to learn the important lessons that emerge from the unfortunate choices of a few,” wrote Hatzis and Cavana. “The strong response to this event underscores the values ​​we all share as the Fairfield Community.”

Rating the three QBs subsequent up for big-money contracts after Dak Prescott’s monster Dallas deal

Dak Prescott made NFL history this week by securing $ 126 million in guaranteed money as part of his $ 160 million renewal Dallas Cowboys. The quarterback is also now the second highest paid player in his position, just behind him Kansas City Chiefs Superstar Patrick Mahomes. But Dak’s big deal probably won’t be the last of the 2021 off-season.

While the Cowboys waited a long time to jail their previous fourth-round draft pick, a handful of other teams won’t want to pull out inevitable extensions for their own young callers, especially if long-term deals could fall short-term salary cap place at a time , in which teams are struggling with pandemic-related cuts. We consider three QBs in particular: The BrownsBaker Mayfield, the billsJosh Allen, and the RavensLamar Jacksonwho all have rookie contracts that expire after 2021.

All three QBs could potentially be maintained through 2023 without large cash extensions. Each of their respective teams can exercise options for the fifth year as well as potential franchise tags for the following year during this off-season. However, the cheaper route means paying sooner rather than later. And right now, all three QBs from the 2018 Design Class are virtual locks to keep up to date.

With that in mind, who among Mayfield, Allen and Jackson are most likely to get the biggest deal?

Let’s first consider their respective effects after three seasons in the NFL::

  • Number 1 in 2018, Mayfield was by far the trio’s “pedestrian” and suffered a huge drop after a promising rookie year before bouncing back in 2020. But he was also quietly the most productive passerby of the bunch over three years. His arm and size aren’t nearly as mind-blowing as everyone’s, but he leads the group in touchdown passes and yards per game. Mayfield was a rather sturdy game manager for Cleveland’s fatal offense in 2020 and looked far more comfortable.
  • Anyone who finished 7th has seen the most meteoric rise, from boom-or-bust playmaker to legitimate MVP candidate. His talent for overtime will always put his game at risk, but he silenced hordes of critics pre-draft and early career by increasing his accuracy in late 2019 and 2020. An on-site bulldozer leading the trio in a hurry.It’s the safest, most exciting thing the Bills have had its focus on in decades, and it’s debatable whether its cap is the highest of the group.
  • Jackson, who stayed in the draft until No. 32, is the most physically gifted of the group, as his record marks show. Kyler Murray is on the way, but there’s no QB in the NFL who can move like Jackson; Its speed and change of direction can instantly change a game. He also has the best starting record of any QB here by far, although his playoff performances have been a lot less inspiring. The question with Jackson is whether he can consistently find his way to victory.

Here is a breakdown of all three QB numbers by three seasons:

Baker Mayfield


23-22 (1-1)

75 43 241.6 61.9 89.1 437 (4)

Josh Allen


28-15 (2-2)

67 31 220.6 61.8 90.4 1,562 (25)

Lamar Jackson


30-7 (1-3)

68 18th 154.0 64.0 102.6 2,906 (19)

If one thing should be clear, it is that all three are due and big money renewals will almost certainly be received. But this is how we would estimate their chances of actually resetting the market that Mahomes set with its $ 450 million mega-deal in 2020:

3. Baker Mayfield (Browns)

Projected Deal: Four years, $ 134 million ($ 33.5 million per year)

It is the most difficult to project just because its trajectory was less clear. Do / should the Browns want to keep him? Yes. He’s proven in 2020 that he can adapt to various roles at the Center, and he’s got Moxie to point out guard-like duties in Kevin Stefanski’s offense. But should the Browns buy the option, he’s next Russell Wilson? We’re not so sure, and probably not either. A four-year deal would allow both sides to reassess when Mayfield is only 30 years old. An annual average of $ 33.5 million would mark him the fifth or sixth highest paid QB, roughly equivalent or ahead Jared Goff ($ 33.5 million), Aaron Rodgers ($ 33.5 million), Kirk cousins ($ 33 ​​million) and Carson Wentz ($ 32M), but just behind proven QBs like Deshaun Watson ($ 39 million) and Wilson ($ 35 million).

2. Josh Allen (Bills)

Projected Deal: Four years, $ 168 million ($ 42 million a year)

Prescott’s deal has certainly helped everyone who will almost certainly turn in more than $ 40 million per season, considering he’s about three years younger and has better playing ability, let alone a current offer for one AFC title game. The fact that he’s only gotten better each season in the NFL also gives his representation a lot of leverage; What other young QB outside of Mahomes and maybe Watson is on a clearer upward trend to an MVP-level star? Buffalo probably won’t keep up with Mahomes’ annual average, considering Allen still has big playoff games to win, but the money should make him a guaranteed top-3 QB with the highest wages.

1. Lamar Jackson (ravens)

Trying to choose between Allen and Jackson for the next bigger deal is like flipping a coin, and many employees would prefer Allen to walk over Jackson’s legs. To be clear, Allen could very well top this list in terms of new money because in reality he looks more like the whole package during his ascent. But Jackson has a few things in his favor. For one thing, he’s incredibly young; He just turned 24, which means that even a four-year contract would get him back on the market at 28. His athleticism, we have found, is also unparalleled, giving the Ravens one or two of the best pure, transcendent talents in the NFL. For all the hassle he gets for his early playoff starts and inconsistent air numbers, Jackson is closest to Mahomes’ level in terms of physical aptitudes, and that will give him as much leeway – most of it justified – as he evolves .

Projected Deal: Four years, $ 170 million ($ 42.5 million per year)

Rating Every Previous Housewife By Leisure Worth

Very few reality TV shows have managed to maintain the element of drama as efficiently as this Real Atlanta housewives. Any RHOA performer can teach aspiring reality TV stars how to keep fans addicted even after 13 seasons as there is no dull moment in the show’s history. From explosive reunions to wig pulling to the chicest weddings and some of the most iconic one-liners RHOA has ever had.

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RHOA has really come on a groundbreaking journey and each of the cast members on the show has undergone a significant change, however not all are part of the show anymore. Be it the stubborn and brave NeNe Leakes who left the show after Season 12 or their frenemy Kim Zolciak who is never too far from the drama. But who is the most entertaining ex-RHOA performer?

10 Kim

Kim Fields, who was featured in Season 8, has the most amazing style, but she may be too grounded to actually get noticed on the show, especially when her fellow housewives know exactly how to bring the drama up. A good example would be the reunification battle Kim had with Kenya, where the latter delivered her famous “I don’t miss a shadow” line.

Kim simply appreciated Kenya for her work when Kenya remembered a past awkwardness involving Kim’s husband and things got messy and Kim really didn’t have a good comeback. During the same reunion, on many occasions, Kim did not really know what to say and passed on the questions intended for her. On any other ensemble reality show, this might be polite, but on RHOA the ladies never miss the opportunity to express their views, so Kim really acted as an underdog given the group dynamics and didn’t really do anything to help you with the Join fans of the show.

9 Eva

Eva may be the most misunderstood actress, but most of the time she stayed cool and stayed grounded. Eva’s best quality was that she loved being in the middle of it all, but wasn’t that good with things when it came to her or when a situation escalated. There have been many times on the show that she needed an ally to come to her rescue and she couldn’t handle the energy on her own.

The fact that Eva was the most relaxed person on the show reflected her behavior, but it was also why she wasn’t as efficient as others at turning people off. When asked to explain her sexuality in the season 11 reunion, she really should have refused to commit as she wasn’t interested in talking about it.

8th Claudia

Claudia was a straight shooter and had one of the most interesting arcs on the show as she was a radio personality and the show explored aspects of her professional life as well. Claudia was largely logic driven and very rarely gave in to unnecessary drama, but she also made the housewives a little insecure, as was obvious.

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While fans loved watching Claudia, she wasn’t interested in getting into any awkwardness and she was pretty good at de-escalating situations, which is great. But it has robbed the fans of a lot of opportunities to see a duel between Claudia and the other housewives that could have been explosive as they are all fascinated by Claudia. Besides, Claudia wasn’t very good at shadows or comebacks, and even during the big fight between Claudia and NeNe, Claudia couldn’t hold her own.

7th Lisa Wu

It’s possible Lisa took herself a little too seriously to actually thrive on the show or even have a good time. She is a former actress and television personality and wanted the people around her to treat her like a diva and at times this clashed with her fans’ expectations. She enjoyed an interesting dynamic with every one of her friends except Kim, and her life made up for really good television.

But the fact that she didn’t really like drama hurt her prospect on the show. She was an original member too and since most of her friends loved her she usually managed to get through every season with fabulous looks and some really great confessions on the show, but her one-on-one appearances could be pretty boring.

6th Demetria

Demetria was the queen of confrontations which made her such a great performer. She really knew how to take control of an exhilarating situation as she wasn’t afraid to be completely transparent. For example, when she called Phaedra during the explosive dinner scene in season 7 to explain why she had spread some vicious rumors about her.

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Demetria’s no-nonsense demeanor also made her one of the most approachable people on the show, as she wasn’t someone who would draw conclusions without getting to the bottom of the story and was a great listener. At the same time, fans enjoyed watching her turn things off when she felt like someone had wronged her.

5 Shamari

Shamari grew more assertive and stronger with every season of the year, and although she was bold, she knew how to keep things light and bubbly. It took her some time to get along with the other women as she was one of the youngest people on the show.

But Shamari also launched some of the most dramatic arguments on the series as she doesn’t shy away from speaking the truths out loud, which makes her a really interesting performer. For example, when she questioned Cynthia as a fashionista and stylist, but she quickly became self-sufficient and didn’t need her friends to end her arguments for her.

4th Sheree

Sheree was often the “advisor” for the cast and sometimes the point of contact when things hit a dead end. But Sheree is also great at answering a call when most people don’t. She usually doesn’t shade anyone unless she really feels threatened. For example when she pulled on Kim’s wig or when Sheree went for her party planner for not communicating with her, which gave way to her famous line: “Who’s going to check me out?”

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She has often been referred to as an aggressor and sometimes fans have commented on how she has anger issues. And while that’s true, Sheree never starts a fight that she can’t win. It’s really entertaining to watch her prove why she dragged someone in the first place.

3 Phaedra

Phaedra Parks real Atlanta housewives

Nobody has a shadow like Phaedra. “Your claim to fame is this show. But honey, I’m a housewife, ”she once said to NeNe. Phaedra does things her way, she doesn’t raise her voice or hit the belt in provocation, but she really never lets the drama get over her head.

Phaedra’s arguments almost always rely on reason as she is one of the most logical people on the series so fans can safely take root for her. She also has some of the best improvised comebacks on the show, which is what RHOA is really about, and fans have often wondered about her comic book timing.

2 Kim

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

Everyone remembers the screaming text Kim sent NeNe in season 1 when she called her evil with a million exclamation marks. But strangely enough, Kim’s personality is more icy and much more reserved than it is usually perceived. But Kim had some of the funniest moments on the show, especially when she was pulling someone behind her back.

For example, when she mocked Phaedra nutcracker-style for her gender or referred to NeNe as an intern for work in the entertainment news business. Kim and NeNe also have one of the most iconic reality TV frenemies and there were times when it didn’t matter what Kim did, as long as she was on screen and NeNe was there too, fans were happy.

1 NeNe

NeNe licks real Atlanta housewives

RHOA is really not a RHOA without NeNe Leakes. Some of the most outrageous and powerful dramas to appear on the show have been provided by NeNe. She is hands down the most entertaining and unpredictable person on the series who kept viewers on their toes about their next move. In many ways, she set some trends for RHOA that other performers were simply trying to follow, such as how NeNe voiced all of her reunions complaints, or how she required complete transparency from people she considered friends.

IIt certainly helped that NeNe was so confident of what she wanted and how she wanted so that she could own every argument she started and actually carry out her own actions. And she’s the only housewife who can actually say, “I’m not keeping up with the Jones – I’m the Jones.”

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast, ranked by liking 2

The real housewives of Atlanta cast, ranked by liking

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