Martinez in Columbia County ranked #21 on Cash’s 50 Greatest Locations to Dwell

First Evans, now Martinez.

For the second year in a row, a Columbia County township was named Money magazine’s Top 50 list of places to live in the United States.

Among the cities and towns with a population of 25,000 to 500,000, Martinez was ranked 21st on the publication’s 35th annual list.

Growth of population:This is how Columbia County got bigger in 2020

“Things are going well in Columbia County, and that’s putting Martinez back in the spotlight,” said Kerry Bridges, chairman of the board of directors for Columbia County’s Development Agency.

“We’re excited to have Martinez named one of the best places to live in the United States,” said Doug Duncan, chairman of the Columbia County Board of Commissioners. “It’s not just a testament to just how successful Columbia County is, it’s the entire Augusta region.”

In 2020, Evans took first place on the list.

According to Money, the rankings are based on “nearly 100 different metrics,” which include data that falls into nine categories – cost of living; economic opportunity; Diversity; Education; “Fun” (or convenience); Health and safety; Real estate market; Income and personal finances; and quality of life.

Evans didn’t make the list this year because the list’s editors and researchers disqualified last year’s top five churches in an effort to “keep the list interesting” in 2021. In addition, winners were limited to one per county and three per state.

Two other Georgia cities, both in suburbs of Atlanta, made the list – Peachtree City at number 24 and Woodstock at number 31.

The $ 140,000 Question:Could You Be a Columbia County Homeowner?

It’s not uncommon for the same county on the money list to spawn a top 50 community in recent years. This year, 21 counties in addition to Columbia County completed the feat.

It is also not the first time that the unincorporated communities have been highlighted in the magazine. When Money curated a top 100 list of the best communities, Evans was ranked 32nd in 2005 and Martinez ranked 76th in 2007.

When describing Martinez, the magazine highlighted many outdoor recreational spots like the Savannah River and several trails for hikers, joggers, and cyclists.

“Aside from its extensive outdoor offerings, Martinez is among the top 5 for economic growth opportunities among the 1,200+ locations we considered for our list this year,” the magazine wrote in its new issue. “Of the 50 positions that have made it, it is No. 6 for job creation in the (past) five years. The suburb also had the third lowest unemployment rate of any city on our list in June at just 3%, well below the 5.9% for the country as a whole. ”

The magazine also cited Fort Gordon’s U.S. Army Cyber ​​Command and Columbia County’s new Amazon facility as evidence of Martinez’s growth potential.

According to the numbers

Columbia County’s Martinez Ward, as reported by Money magazine:

Population: 37,997

Median household income: $ 82,027

Median house price: $ 180,712

Unemployment rate: 2.6%

10 Well-known Anime Villain Uniforms, Ranked By Fashion

Some anime villains are memorable for their immense cruelty or incredible acts of violence. Others are remembered for their vast reserves of power and high intellect. However, some are famous not only for these things, but also for their iconic uniforms.

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Many of these villains are still powerful and intimidating, and their uniforms add to that aura of fear. On the other hand, because of their outfit, some are considered eccentric and difficult to take seriously. Despite the aesthetics, each of these rogue groups has uniforms that can only be described as stylish and memorable.

10 The Kara have uniforms that say style but are a bit derived (Boruto)

Kara secret meeting

The Kara of Boruto wear a uniform that is incredibly familiar to fans of the Naruto franchise. They each wear black cloaks attached to the shoulder with collars that cover the neck and chin when worn in a specific way. This goes back to the Akatsuki, the black-clad members who are recognizable by their bright red clouds that pattern their uniforms. Like the Akatsuki, the Kara are a group of antagonists led by an Otsutsuki. While the Kara get points for uniformity and personal style, there are penalties for their obvious recall to the Akatsuki.

9 The homunculi share style elements, but are everywhere (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Sloth looks crazy

The homunculi of the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise share a common black dress code, and most of them have red markings too, much like other organizations on this list. However, that’s about as uniform as their outfits. Everyone wears a drastically different style of outfit, from a suit and cocktail dress to a crop top and shorts. Also, their uniforms lack the eccentric accessory that is often found throughout the anime. Though they certainly do Form an intimidating group, they will be outshone from some of their colleagues.

8th The military police have their uniforms down, but they could use some imagination (attack on Titan)

MP grins AOT

The members of the military police in Attack on Titan are distinguished by their cropped light brown jackets, their white undershirts and their green unicorn logo. While the individual members of the Military Police Brigade are not necessarily evil, many of the members are prone to corruption and bad behavior. They blackmail and steal from citizens, benefit from nepotism and abuse their power. So, according to some citizens, they are pretty angry. Their uniforms are certainly in better shape than many of them as humans, although they are not particularly resourceful.

7th The eye of the midnight sun share a style aesthetic (black clover)

Midnight Sun Leader's Eye

Each of the Members of The Eye of the Midnight Sun wears a version of a flowing cloak tied with the emblem of a key with three eyes. Many of them also have some sort of red facial markings, although each has a different pattern.

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Overall, the uniforms are stylish and mystical. However, some of the members wear a version of the uniform that is so simple it is not overwhelming. Still, the midnight sun’s eye has a uniformly intimidating aesthetic.

6th The aogiri tree has an obvious style, although the unitary part is a little loose (Tokyo Ghoul)

Member of the aogiri tree

The aogiri tree in Tokyo Ghoul is characterized by its uniforms, which either partially cover the face via a high-necked collar or a hood. They are linked by their color palette of red, black, and white, and many of the members also wear some sort of mask. Each of the members can express themselves through their uniform as it is not so strict as to require compliance but is simply cohesive and creepy enough to instill fear into the hearts of their enemies when her sheer power not nice.

5 The Dai Li fits seamlessly into the world (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Dai Li looks confused

The Dai Li were originally considered Team Avatar’s allies, and they were originally formed as forces of good, but due to the rampant corruption in Ba Sing Se, the Dai Li became angry. However, their uniforms still had a cultural meaning and symbolized the power and influence of the Earth Kingdom.

Executing this influence, the Dai Li had a similarly impactful design, and although it was a uniform, it spared no expense in the style and accessories department. Their hats served as symbols of both their cultural significance and their seedy skills.

4th It’s easy to spot Fire Nation troops with their pointy shoulders (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

the Fire Nation attacks

The Fire Nation The uniform changed over the hundred years of the war, but always retained its same red and black, pointed shoulder design aesthetic. Not only did it use stereotypical colors and shapes associated with fire, but it also chose those associated with violence, visually establishing the soldiers as the baddies of the show. There are variations throughout the show depending on the year, branch of the military, and rank the soldier is, but Avatar always stylishly establishes these characters as a force to be reckoned with.

3rd The Espada all wear stylized versions of the white uniform (Bleach)

Espada member fights

Each of the Espada takes on the crisp white uniform with black piping in a unique way. However, if you look at them all together, it is easy to see that they are all part of the same uniform. As such, there is an obvious style and any villain can express themselves and their powers through this uniform.

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However, none of them deviate so much from the original design that it appears incoherent, so the espada of bleaching one of the few villain groups that truly balances a unique style and uniformity of attachment.

2 The Akatsuki wear a uniform that most anime fans are familiar with (Naruto)

Akatsuki together

The dark cloaks with high and wide collars and bright red clouds are recognizable even to those who have not seen the Naruto series, as the iconic logo of the Akatsuki has been incorporated into pop culture. What makes the Akatsuki uniform so creepy is its relatively strict adherence to it.

Every Akatsuki member must have a signet ring, and everyone must wear the uniform with little variation. The only characters who change the image of the uniform are those who need shape adjustments, such as Zetsu and Sasori, and those who wear the uniform differently, such as Hidan.

1 Most iconic villain uniform of all time has to be that of Team Rocket (Pokémon)

Team rocket posing

One of the most memorable anime villain uniforms is that of Pokémon’s Team Rocket duo, Jessie and James. It’s easy to remember the picture of the big red “R” taped on the chest of all Team Rocket grunts. The two add their own twist to the original Team Rocket uniforms by adding unique undergarments and tears in the fabric. Additionally, her eccentric red and purple hairstyles add a degree of individuality to the uniform, not to mention her best friend Meowth and their ridiculous disguises.

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