Home panel advances Randolph well being heart mission cash

RANDOLPH – The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Budgets has submitted a series of expense bills totaling nearly $ 1.4 million for projects in Randolph and Milton.

The projects, proposed by the community and drafted into legislation by US MP Ayanna Pressley, call for $ 1 million to build a community health center at Randolph High School and $ 275,000 for more culturally appropriate educational materials at Randolph Public Schools. A $ 100,000 Milton proposal provides a data-driven curriculum and professional development for the city’s teachers to fill the math and reading gaps exacerbated by the pandemic.

“COVID-19 has exposed the severe inequalities in our public health and education systems, particularly in hard-hit communities like Randolph and Milton,” Pressley said in a statement. Funding for these three projects would help provide the accessible, trustworthy, and experienced health services the residents of Randolph need while providing our most vulnerable students in Randolph and Milton with high quality, culturally sensitive education that will guide them College and prepared for their careers. Selection.”

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The Budget Committee passed 12 spending bills that will be presented to plenary starting this week before moving to the Senate if passed. Funding of the local projects is not guaranteed even if the actions happen through the house. Congressmen and lawmakers expect the bills to be the basis for negotiations with Senate lawmakers on a possible year-end bulk spending bill, for example.

Local officials have long kept an eye on a health center in Randolph and praise the efforts.

“The health center issue is not new,” said Alderman Ken Clifton last month when Prssley was meeting with local officials. “It’s clear you need one. The pandemic has really increased the need for such a facility.”

Randolph Town Manager Brian Howard said the town needs a health center.

“This much-needed school health center will make an immeasurable contribution to the health of Randolph’s youth and families,” Howard said in a statement. “Randolph’s inadequate health care was acutely evident during the COVID pandemic, when Randolph was a hot spot. This new health center in Randolph’s High School will build our local health infrastructure and increase our ability to meet health care needs and be better prepared for crises. ”

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James Jette, superintendent of Milton Public Schools, said he was grateful that Pressley wanted to help students end learning disrupted by the pandemic.

Pressley’s proposals are part of an initiative to fund community projects by the US Home Funds Committee. Project funding is a newer, more accountable version of what was formerly known as “earmarks” to channel federal funds towards specific projects in a congressman’s district.

The new round of spending bills is separate from an infrastructure bill passed by the House of Representatives earlier this month.

Material from The Detroit News, part of the USA Today Network, was used in this report.

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