Oppenheimer Holdings is affordable and may rally with the financials

Teladoc health: “Too much competition in this business. I don’t want to own it.”

Qualtrics International: “This company had a big surprise. It’s doing incredibly well, but the rating is such that people don’t want to own it until they start making money.”

Oppenheimer Holdings: “It’s a cheap stock and it hasn’t taken part in the financial rally. I think it should.”

APA Corp..: “[CEO John Christmann] persevered and he’s doing a good job. Now it’s got the stock up a bit [period], but I think Apache actually works. I was pretty premature when I owned it for the charitable foundation many years ago. ”

mosaic: “Mosaic really is the only game in town for that [fertilizers]. I think the [fertilizers] can go even higher. … I like mosaic. I know it’s up and down, but I like it. ”

Icahn company: “You see, the problem is that I don’t know what’s in this company. I’ve seen it go down, down, down. If there was total transparency I could recommend it, but I can it just doesn’t. ”

Vertex Pharmaceuticals: “It had stumbled upon cystic fibrosis, but it’s really the only real hope for people. I like the company. I think it’s a very interesting drug stock that sells at a very low multiple.”

Ebix Inc.: “E-commerce for the insurance industry, that’s what so many want. I don’t want to be there anymore. Too many companies are chasing too few customers.”

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Miami-Dade demonstrators rally in opposition to Texas-style abortion invoice

An abortion ban went into effect in Texas last month, leaving people in the state with no choice to terminate pregnancies after six weeks. Now a similar bill has been tabled before the next Florida legislature.

the Florida Heartbeat Act, officially known as House Bill 167, would prevent doctors from performing abortions once a heartbeat is detected. After six weeks, many people don’t know they are pregnant.

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In response, people of all ages gathered in Colonial Drive Park last weekend to stand up for reproductive rights. Signs such as “Ruth Sent Me” and “Bans Off My Body” adorned the field as around 250 demonstrators listened to various speeches. Many of the speakers stressed the importance of calling their Florida lawmakers and telling them to vote no to the proposed law.

“We have the right to autonomy over our bodies,” said Kelli Ann Thomas, one of the organizers of the rally. “Regardless of whether you believe in abortion or not, you as a woman should be able to make that decision yourself and this right should not be violated by the government.”

Thomas works with Florida Rising, a political organization focused on empowering black and brown communities. She said the ban particularly affects women of color, who are often overlooked by the government and health system.

“The government should be there for the people, listen to the people and protect the people,” said Thomas. “If you are someone who wants to save lives, don’t racist measures after this child is born.”

Ali Crane is a family nurse in an OBGYN office. She hopes Florida doesn’t follow Texas in imposing such a “strict” and “scary” ban. She said the bill would have a profound impact on her professional life.

“I think it is very important that my patients and their families can make the right decisions about their bodies and their lives and their financial situation, their emotional situation,” said Crane. “Who says what is the right and wrong choice for anyone but the person himself?”

Crane attended the march with her 12-year-old daughter. She believes it is important to empower her and her choices.

“She’s coming at the age when her sexual reproductive rights might just be at stake,” added Crane. “I think it is important that you and your friends understand that as a woman you have the right to do what you want with your body.”

Crane’s daughter was one of many young girls who attended. From toddlers to college students, Generation Z members stood alongside seasoned protesters.

Camila Ustarez, a 21-year-old student at Florida International University, said it was daunting still having to defend reproductive rights.

“We thought we made it through, but we clearly are not,” she said. “We see older women here with signs saying, ‘Do we still have to protest against this?’ We feel like we’re changing women’s rights, but then that happens. “

Natalia Clement

“I’m sick of wearing this sign! Pro Roe since 1973.”

She says the proposed ban is frightening for young women who should have access to healthy and safe abortions. The large youth participation in the protests surprised Ustarez – especially all young girls. She stressed the importance of girls learning to stand up for their freedom of choice.

Nathalie Schwart, a freshman at Coral Gables Senior High School, came to the march to hear her voice.

“For future generations, I believe that everything that happens well now has an impact on the future,” said Schwart. “We grow up knowing that we are not equal. That just kills a lot of people. “

Schwart said although she had sex education in school, the issue of abortion was never discussed. Florida allows school districts to determine how sex education is implemented. The districts can choose between a pure abstinence, a plus abstinence or a comprehensive approach. Now that she’s in high school, Schwart hopes she and her peers can get more information.

“I think it should be talked about more – when things are talked about, change happens,” said Schwart. “I don’t know if a lot of the guys in my class know about it, so hopefully people can be better educated in the future.”

She was happy to see so many attendees, including members of her temple. Rachel Greengrass is the rabbi of Temple Beth Am in Pinecrest. She said health care is very important in Judaism. Although attitudes towards abortion vary from rabbi to rabbi, Greengrass says that Judaism defines life from the first breath.

“What I find difficult is when people use religion as an excuse to dictate that a woman’s physical and mental health are not as important as life’s potential,” said Greengrass.

She said forcing people to have children is contrary to what she considers sacred and right. Rather than depriving them of choice, Greengrass believes the government should focus on providing support and social safety nets to women and families in difficulty.

“If you are truly a religious person and value life, then you need to take care of the people who are currently living and breathing,” she said. “Many people focus so much on having a fetus in utero when we should really focus on children when they are born and when they are adults.”

Young boys who accompanied their mother and sister during the march sang

Young boys who accompanied their mother and sister during the march sang “their body, their choice”.

Not only women protested for reproductive rights. Husbands and sons showed solidarity for the people in their lives who would be affected by abortion bans. Throughout the march, when women sang “my body”, they sang “their choice”.

Kelly Rock Gomes, 36, said when it comes to reproductive rights, men should support the government representation that women want. He attended the march with his wife.

“Every time we let our foot off the gas, things like Texas law come into play,” said Gomes. “We have to show up and keep this in mind for the community.”

Gomes encourages people to be proactive and get involved in community events. He said it is easy to post on social media or have an opinion, but it is work that will make change.

“If women did to men what men do to women, they’d probably have a problem with it, too,” said Gomes. “But it seems like something they ignore unless we come out and give our opinion so they can vote as they need to vote.”

During this term, the US Supreme Court will review the constitutionality of a Mississippi law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks. Proponents of reproductive rights fear that the judges may set the Roe v. Calf could tip over.

Trump hosts campaign-style rally in Florida as he goals to retain Republican highlight | WTVB | 1590 AM · 95.5 FM

Trump Holds Campaign Style Rally In Florida To Get Republican Spotlight | WTVB | 1590 AM · 95.5 FM | Branch County’s voice

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AMC inventory extends rally, jumps 20% as theater chain sells new shares

Shares in AMC entertainment rose again on Tuesday after the theater chain sold more than 8 million shares to an investment firm, the latest in a series of capital increases for the troubled company that became Meme Stock.

AMC announced in a securities filing that it raised $ 230.5 million through a sale of shares to Mudrick Capital Management. The theater company announced that it will use the funds for potential acquisitions, upgrading its theaters and deleveraging its balance sheet.

At the close of trading, the shares were up 22.6%.

On Tuesday afternoon, Bloomberg News reported that Mudrick had sold all of his new AMC shares. The stock fell from its highs the day after the report.

AMC’s business was effectively shut down during the pandemic, with cinemas closed for months in most parts of the country and large studios delaying releases during the pandemic. The stock, however, was a favorite of traders on Reddit and has seen wild swings in the past few months.

The shares doubled last week to incredibly high volumes as retail speculative activity, fueled by message board chats, resumed.

The company took advantage of these price jumps by selling additional shares to raise cash. The stock is up more than 1,000% since the start of the year.

“Given that AMC is raising hundreds of millions of dollars, this is an extremely positive result for our shareholders,” said CEO and President Adam Aron in a filing. “We achieved this by issuing just 8.5 million shares, which is less than 1.7% of our issued share capital and only a small fraction of our typical daily trading volume.”

The dramatic price fluctuations could also be due to a short press in the stock caused by traders who wagered against the stock to buy stocks to limit their losses. According to S3 Partners, around 20% of the company’s outstanding shares are being sold short.

AMC has roughly $ 5 billion in debt and has had to defer lease repayments of $ 450 million as its revenues largely dried up during the pandemic. Theaters were closed for months to stop the virus from spreading, and when the company reopened its doors, few consumers were comfortable attending screenings and movie studios withheld new releases.

Now that vaccination rates are rising and the number of coronavirus cases is falling, consumer confidence in returning to theaters has increased. Not to mention the studios are finally releasing new content.

Over the weekend, John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place Part II,” the sequel to his 2018 blockbuster, raised $ 48.4 million over Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the highest three-day loot of any movie release during the pandemic.

Throughout the four-day Memorial Day weekend, the North American box office made nearly $ 100 million in ticket sales.

While early box office revenues are promising, fundamental elements of the cinema business have changed over the past year, including cinema capacity, joint release dates with streaming services, and the number of days films are shown in theaters.

AMC’s securities filing, which closed Friday with a market capitalization of $ 11.8 billion, also includes a risk warning to investors: “Our market capitalization, as implied from various trading prices, is currently reflecting valuations that are significantly different from those before recent volatility that is well above our market cap immediately prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to the extent that those valuations reflect trading dynamics unrelated to our financial performance or prospects, buyers of our Class A common stock could see declines market prices suffer significant losses driven by a return to previous valuations. “

—With reporting from Sarah Whitten from CNBC.

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AMC brief sellers dealt large $1.2 billion blow after inventory rally

Street performers in Minnie Mouse costumes walk past an AMC movie theater in New York’s Times Square at night on October 15, 2020.

Amir Hamja | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Investors shorting Meme stock AMC Entertainment According to data from S3 Partners, shares have lost an estimated $ 1.23 billion over the past week as stocks are up more than 116% since Monday.

The rally cooled off late Friday after AMC stock surged up to 38% during early morning trading. The stock closed at $ 26.12 per share on Friday, down from $ 13.68 on Monday. At its peak, the stock hit $ 36.72 per share.

AMC was by far the most active stock on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday as more than 650 million shares changed hands. According to FactSet, the average trading volume after 30 days is just over 100 million shares.

With 450 million shares outstanding, the entire company changed hands nearly 1.5 times during Friday’s trading.

So-called short coverage could add to AMC’s massive rally this week. The company has shorted about 20% of its outstanding shares, compared to an average of 5% short on a typical US stock, S3 Partners said.

When a sharply shortened stock bounces up quickly, short sellers are forced to buy back borrowed stocks to close their short position and reduce losses. The forced buy tends to drive the rally even further.

AMC’s new private investors standing by 3.2 million strongAMC owned approximately 80% of the company’s 450 million shares outstanding as of March 11, earlier this month. Their efforts, which soared in January, raised the stock from $ 5 to $ 20 per share and allowed it AMC is expected to reduce its debt burden by around $ 600 million.

The retail investor agenda was to keep AMC alive and hold onto the hedge funds, an analyst told CNBC.

AMC’s stock has risen more than 1,100% since January has defied the predictions of Wall Street analysts. AMC’s business was extremely strained. The company has approximately $ 5 billion in debt and has had to postpone repayments on lease contracts of $ 450 million as its ongoing operations largely dried up Coronavirus pandemic. The cinemas were closed for several months to stop the virus from spreading. When the company reopened its doors, few consumers were comfortable attending film screenings and film studios withheld new releases.

While The cinema business is recoveringAMC is still facing strong headwinds. Although the company ended the first quarter with $ 1 billion in liquidity, the highest in its 100-year history, that money will only keep it afloat until 2022 unless audiences come back in droves for months without offsetting revenue.

While early box office revenues are promising, fundamental elements of the cinema business have changed over the past year, including theater capacity, joint release dates with streaming services, and the number of days that movies are shown in theaters.

“Anything that matters long-term here will never make money again for this company,” said Rich Greenfield, co-founder of LightShed Partners, on Friday morning at CNBC.Squawk box. “” They will never generate cash with their current capital structure. It was trading at 7 times pre-pandemic EBITDA. It is currently trading at 25 times EBITDA and is in a worse position today with the changed industry. This just goes against all logic. “

On the last day of 2019, AMC had a market value of $ 751.87 million. On Friday, that figure was around $ 11.9 billion, according to FactSet.

– CNBCs Yun Li contributed to this report.

GameStop, AMC Leisure Shares Soar as Meme Inventory Rally Returns

The meme stocks are back.

Stocks of companies that upset the stock market and social media earlier this year are bouncing again this week, rewarding individual investors who have held on for months.

GameStop Corp.

GME 14.88%


AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc.,

AMC 19.25%


express Inc.

have all risen more than 36% for weeks, bringing every stock to levels not seen in weeks – or in some cases months -.

The sudden increase is reminiscent of the end of January, when individual investors join forces To drive stocks of companies once believed dead by Wall Street to unprecedented heights. This week’s rally – though tamer by comparison – has lit up Reddit forums, Discord chat rooms, and the like



Much like previous rallies among meme stocks this yearNo unique or clear catalyst appeared to be driving this week’s rally. Analysts said the jump was likely due to a number of factors that have caused individual traders to pile up. With cryptocurrencies having lost much of their steam this monthMany unprofessional traders have come back on the stock market in search of profit. Platforms like Reddit’s WallStreetBets forum have kept the buzz, especially with meme stocks.

“We’ve seen things get out of hand for the last month or so, but it’s starting to pick up again,” said Viraj Patel, global macro strategist at Vanda Research.

Data from VandaTrack shows that individual investors invested more than $ 22 million in AMC on Tuesday, more than double the average daily net inflow of around $ 9 million into the stock of around $ 9 million in 2021. The company’s share price traded above $ 19 on Wednesday afternoon, causing it to potentially close above the highs reached during the January meme stock rush.

Part of the excitement is the belief of individual investors that meme stocks like AMC and GameStop can rise “to the moon” again. Many have spent months monitoring bearish positions in the stocks in hopes of repeating the frantic surge in stocks earlier this year. At its peak earlier this year, GameStop shares rose to $ 483 for the day from less than $ 20 at the start of the year. It was trading at $ 240 on Wednesday afternoon, up 15% for the day.

The January rally was caused in part by brief pressure. Investors bet against a company by borrowing and selling stocks and betting that they can later buy them back at a lower price. Brief pressure occurs when the price rises instead, forcing those with short positions to buy stocks to limit their losses, resulting in further price gains.

Prior to the January rally in meme stocks, hedge funds and other institutional investors were betting that stock prices for companies like GameStop would continue to fall. Instead, they were punished with heavy losses when meme stocks began to rise.

Individual investors on social media hope to find institutional investors back on the wrong side of the trade. According to S3 Partners, short interest in AMC is currently close to 21% of the stock’s free float, down from a 2021 low of nearly 11% in March, but up from the 28% hit earlier this year. GameStop’s short interest is around 20% compared to more than 140% in January.

The recent rise in stocks suggests that another short squeeze could be possible, especially if short sellers lose conviction or if their losses increase, said Ihor Dusaniwsky, head of predictive analytics at S3 Partners. As early as this week, investors who had bet that GameStop and AMC shares would fall would have seen bigger losses than normal, he said. Those short in GameStop lost at least $ 692 million on Tuesday and Wednesday, data from S3 Partners shows. Short sellers betting against AMC lost at least $ 482 million over the same period.

“Both stocks currently have very high short squeeze potential,” said Dusaniwsky.

However, some analysts doubt that social media momentum can boost stocks as much as it did earlier this year. Inflows into meme stocks like AMC also remain a fraction of what was previously seen.

“The crowd will be disappointed with the potential returns. Mania takes a lot of momentum, ”said Peter Atwater, associate professor of economics at the College of William & Mary. “You may try, but I would be surprised if you could create the kind of organic crowd behavior that you had before.”

Another force behind GameStop’s rise could also be speculation about the video game retailer’s foray into another area of ​​booming online speculation –the market for digital collectibles known as non-fungible tokensor NFTs. A subdomain for “GameStop NFT“Posted recently on the company’s website and sparked speculation that GameStop may have its own suite of digital assets that users can buy and sell. GameStop did not immediately return requests for comments.

So-called NFTs have become increasingly popular this year, especially for owning digital collectibles such as works of art, music and sporting highlights. These tokens accompany digital assets and live on the blockchain, a digital ledger that records who they belong to, who created them, and other vital information.

NFTs have become popular in video gaming as a way of allowing players to have buildings, avatars, or game accessories, rather than essentially leasing them from a platform. Players hope that the items they purchase can be used on many gaming platforms, rather than just one.

Write to Caitlin McCabe at caitlin.mccabe@wsj.com and Caitlin Ostroff caitlin.ostroff@wsj.com

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