‘I’d like to raid her closet’: Shahadi Wright Joseph hails Billie Eilish’s model | Leisure

Shahadi Wright Joseph has praised Billie Eilish for her “reach” when it comes to her “tomboy style and femininity”.

The ‘Them’ star has admitted she’d love to see the 19-year-old mega-star’s dressing room as she loves her red carpet.

Speaking to Page Six Style, she said, “I would like to be mugged [her] Closet. She has the cutest clothes.

“I love all of her decisions and I always feel like she looks amazing when she’s on a red carpet or at an event. She has a lot of reach when it comes to tomboyish trapping [style] and femininity. “

When she was just 15, the Lion King voice actress set up a skin care routine to look flawless on screen.

She shared, “I use [custom skincare brand] Curology. Glossier is my favorite makeup brand.

“I also use ColourPop a lot, but I usually only wear concealer and moisturizer with blush and mascara. This is usually my go-to stop when I’m just going out. “

The ‘Us’ star also loved experimenting with her hair and makeup in quarantine.

She said, “I have quarantined many styles of protection.

“I also learned how to make my own box braids. I really appreciated this time. I needed to learn more about what really helps me and my personal beauty routine. That was really great. “

Bulgaria, US Secret Service in counterfeit cash raid – 104.5 WOKV

SOFIA, Bulgaria – (AP) – Police seized high-quality counterfeit banknotes produced in a printing plant at a university in the Bulgarian capital, authorities said Tuesday.

In a joint operation with US intelligence, Bulgarian police arrested two people and confiscated a printing machine and money printing equipment, as well as large quantities of counterfeit US dollar and euro banknotes.

“The value of the confiscated currency is impressive. The material evidence speaks of serious criminal activity, ”Sofia Police Chief Georgi Hadzhiev said on Tuesday.

According to the prosecutor’s office, counterfeit funds amounting to 4 million US dollars and 3.6 million euros are being seized.

Police believe the two suspects are part of a larger criminal company dealing with the trade in counterfeit dollars to Ukraine and euros to Western Europe.