BTS’s ‘Butter’ Matches Psy’s ‘Gangnam Type’ When It Comes To Radio Dominance In America

INCHEON, SOUTH KOREA – APRIL 24: BTS attends “The Fact Music Awards” at Namdong High School in … [+] southeastern Incheon on April 24, 2019 in Incheon, South Korea. (Photo by The Chosunilbo JNS / Imazins via Getty Images)

Imazins via Getty Images

For the second week in a row, Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U” is the most heard radio single in the US as it tops the Billboard radio songs chart again. Further down the list, BTS’s hit “Butter” falls four places to 26th, and while fans may be sad to witness their ongoing decline, they may be content to know the tune is making history in a certain way this time around .

“Butter” has now been on the radio songs charts for 13 weeks, and that is considered to be one of the longest terms among the melodies of South Korean musicians. Indeed, with another frame spent on the ranking, the cut ties in with yet another hit from an act from the same country that took over the world less than a decade ago.

BTS ‘current Hot 100 No. 1 single is now on par with Psy’s “Gangnam Style” in terms of the number of weeks they both spent on the radio songs charts, as both songs are constant at 13 frames each are. The pair now ranks as the second longest chart hits by a South Korean artist in the history of the list.

Before “Butter” and “Gangnam Style”, if you look at the singles of South Korean superstars who have spent most of their time on the radio songs charts, BTS “Dynamite” came in for a storied 19 pictures last year.

MORE FROM FORBESBTS charts currently in three languages ​​in Americafrom Hugh McIntyre

While “Butter” and “Gangnam Style” may rank pari passu in terms of their lifetime in the radio song rankings, the latter cut was the bigger hit of the two. Psy’s only placement on the list worked its way up to # 12, while BTS’s current focus rose to # 20.

“Butter” will almost certainly still be on the radio songs charts next week, then it will break its connection with “Gangnam Style” and keep the title of the second longest chart track by a South Korean musical act to itself while Psy’s biggest single is demoted to becoming the third longest release on the charts among his compatriots.

As “Butter” continues to work its way towards the lower end of the radio song charts, with each passing week it seems less and less likely that it can keep up with “Dynamite” ‘s long stint, although this is certainly not impossible . If BTS repeat their success a year after hitting 19 frames on the roster for the first time, it will be impressive, but even if they fail, they will still become the two longest-running hits among South Korean musicians in history of the most important radio ranking in the USA

MORE FROM FORBESBTS “Dynamite” is now one of three songs by Korean musicians to go platinum in the UKfrom Hugh McIntyre

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Lindsay Lohan supplies tips about learn how to earn a living utilizing NFTs | Join FM | Native Information Radio

James Gourley / Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan are some tips on how to make money on the NFT craze.

Simply put, NFTs, known as non-fungible tokens, allow buyers to exercise sole ownership of a unique piece of digital media such as individual songs, videos, and images.

The Mean Girls star recently took advantage of the buzz by turning her new single “Lullaby” into an NFT, which sold for $ 85,000.

Speak with interview Magazine, Lohan, 34, introduced a seven step plan telling others how to make money from the excitement she believes will last a long time.

The first piece of advice is to create a marketable NFT. “I believe that what makes a great NFT is to create something that tells a story through a new medium,” she says, “and tell it in a more authentic way.”

Lohan also explains the more technical steps involved in creating an NFT, from properly minting a work to properly backing it up and the money it makes.

As for making money, the Freaky Friday star says in step six, “There are a number of different ways you can do this, but the best way to get discovered is to build a community that is your creative personality from day one involves. Give people something more than just an NFT. “

“Access to a stronger creator-buyer relationship is key,” Lohan points out.

The actress also explains that building a community provides more “selling power” that can later be used to “empower other smaller artists to keep the cycle going”.

The best-selling NFT to date is owned by an artist named Beeple, who sold his digital artwork for a whopping $ 69 million.

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103.three The Edge radio host Ted Shredd hospitalized with Covid-19 | Leisure

Ted Shredd, the co-host of the popular morning show with Tom Ragan on 103.3 The Edge, has published on Facebook that he is in the hospital fighting Covid-19. He wrote that he had oxygen and was given a cocktail of drugs.

He published the following in an edited form: “After I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, I had bad side effects for five days only to find out I had Covid. Had it before the vaccine. I’ve learned that this has become a common practice lately.

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. I was very healthy. It can be quick. You don’t wanna be where I am now Take it seriously and get vaccinated. “

Ragan also read a statement from Shredd on the show this morning.

In an effort to save cash, the Alaska Marine Freeway considers sinking its oldest ferry | KHNS Radio

At the House Finance Committee meeting Monday in the state capital in Juneau, an official from the Department of Transportation suggested some cost-saving measures, including freeing the fleet from one of its unused ships, the MV Malaspina.

It is one of the oldest ships in the fleet, built in the 1960s. It has been anchored in Ward Cove in Ketchikan since 2019. The ship will cost about $ 450,000 to store.

The state is currently considering a number of options to remove this red line from its budget. They tried to sell the ferry but there is an overabundance of decommissioned cruise lines so there is very little interest in the free market. That lets the boat sell for scrap metal or just sink it.

Rob Carpenter from the Department of Transportation presented this idea to lawmakers on Monday.

“Other options we’re considering is to sink them. We’re talking to the EPA about that option, cleaning them up, removing all of the asbestos, etc., and then creating a reef somewhere,” Carpenter said.

This plan would cost anywhere between $ 500,000 and $ 1 million. But compare that to the estimated $ 16 million it would cost to repair the 50-year-old ship.

Recent mechanical problems incapacitated the Matanuska earlier this month, forcing Skagway and Haines to charter a private ship to transport passengers from Juneau while leaving their vehicles behind. With fewer boats in the water these days, every breakdown is taxed on an already stressed ferry system.

Earlier this month, the state sold two of its high-speed ferries, the Fairweather and the Chenega, for $ 5.1 million. These boats were originally purchased for $ 68 million. The Alaska Marine Highway leaves a fleet of 10 ships that serve the entire coast of Alaska.

The plan proposed by Governor Mike Dunleavy will save an additional $ 7 million from the Marine Highway System’s 2022 budget. The House Finance Committee disagrees and has proposed keeping funding similar to the 2021 budget.

Rev Rank: Hunker Down for ‘Hunker Down Radio’ with Leslie Jordan | Leisure

Stars: 3/5

“Hello Hunker Downers.”

If you’re like me, actor Leslie Jordan’s Instagram posts were a ray of hope amid the dark days of the COVID pandemic.

From the angles of his camera as he lay between his sofa cushions, expressing the boredom we all felt in the early stages of quarantine in his funny sayings and sincere demeanor, Jordan hit chords at Instagramers last March and got into the social media largely popular.

As 2021 rolled around, Jordan appeared alongside Mayim Bialik on Fox’s new sitcom “Call Me Kat”. Just last weekend, on the eve of another March, Jordan appeared on a new platform with his own radio show on Apple Music.

The first episode of “Hunker Down Radio” starring Leslie Jordan aired on February 28th, but you can always play it for free with an Apple Music subscription.

Now to clarify: “Hunker Down Radio” is not a podcast. It’s a radio show. Just like the Bobby Bones Show, the Kid Kraddick Morning Show, or anything else you would hear on your car’s regular FM radio.

It’s part of the relatively new Apple Music Radio, which features original radio broadcasts from a wide variety of hosts. Luke Combs, Tim McGraw, the Backstreet Boys, and Lady Gaga are just a few others who have their own Apple Music radio shows.

It’s actually a pretty cool idea. Instead of just listening to a music-only playlist for an hour, you can choose one of your favorite artists or personalities to put on a show with music and a few personal anecdotes in between. Some shows include guests, and if unavailable during airtime, you can listen to or re-listen to any episode you want upon request.

“Hunker Down Radio” is part of the Apple Music Country broadcaster.

Country musician Travis Howard joins Jordan on the host seat, or as Jordan calls him “T.” is called.

After the intro day, which both warns and promises that the next hour will be, “Completely unpredictable, maybe a little naughty, but always a hell of a good time,” Jordan and Howard remembered how they met, and then jumped into their playlist.

Of course they played a lot of country music, mostly old country, but they had some gospel and even Justin Timberlake woven into the mix.

During the hour-long episode, Jordan and Howard alternated between songs filled with memories and anecdotes about the artists who played them.

You will notice in the song list below; Jordan played an anthem from his new album, Company’s Comin ‘, due out April 2nd.

The musical line-up of the episode:

  1. “Delta Dawn” – Tanya Tucker
  2. “Seven Years of Pain” – Rosanne Cash
  3. “Famous in a Small Town” – Miranda Lambert
  4. “Late Morning Lullaby” – Brandi Carlile
  5. “Angel Band” – Leslie Jordan and Brandi Carlile
  6. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” cover by Yola
  7. “Midnight Rider” – The Allman Brothers Band
  8. “He stopped loving her today” – George Jones
  9. “Tennessee Whiskey” – Chris Stapleton
  10. “Drink You Away” – Justin Timberlake
  11. “The Age of Concern” – John Mayer
  12. “The Night The Lights Go Out In Georgia” – Vicki Lawrence
  13. “Jolene” – Dolly Parton

And of course Jordan closed the episode with his “Sunday Hymn Singin ‘”. He and Howard took part in the 1929 anthem “I’m Flying Away” to sing out to the audience.

There is both an explicit and a “clean” version of the first “Hunker Down Radio” episode, the latter of which mutes all swear words. Overall, the show wasn’t quite as fun as some of Jordan’s content. He sadly didn’t say any of his more popular Instagram video catchphrases. But I really like the idea behind these Apple Music radio shows. There was no advertising, and the conversation between songs was short and sweet, just enough to keep the music apart.

Leslie Allen Jordan will appear on duty weekly on Hunker Down Radio. There are new episodes every Sunday.

The Beat Cop’s Information to Chicago Fashion Popcorn | WGN Radio 720

Since the tragic death of Bob Collins in February 2000, members of the WGN radio morning show have greeted Bob’s memory on or around his birthday, February 28th. That homage consisted of a toast with the bottle of Jack Daniels found in Bob’s office. Of course, the whiskey contained in this bottle has been used up several times over the years. In this video, Dave Eanet, the current bottle cage, shows how the whiskey is refilled so that part of the original is preserved over two decades later.

The 2021 Toast to Bob Collins will air on Friday February 26th at 7:48 a.m. on the Bob Sirott Show on WGN Radio 720 and our digital streams.

German radio station apologies for remarks about Okay-pop’s BTS | Leisure

BERLIN (AP) – A Bavarian radio station apologized on Friday for comments from a host comparing popular South Korean K-pop band BTS to the coronavirus. His choice of words went too far, but was in no way intended as “hurtful or racist”. ”

The explanation came after legions of fans had accused the broadcaster Matthias Matuschik of racism because of his comments on the cover of the band of Coldplays “Fix You”, which was tagged with the hashtags # Bayern3Racist, # Bayern3Apologize and # RassenBeiBayern3, which translates as “Racism at Bayern3” means posted on social media. ”

“Racism is not an option,” wrote one user, @ Vroseeeee1, in a blunt tweet in English, German, Korean and Spanish.

The uproar came after a live show on Wednesday where Matuschik ridiculed BTS’s version of “Fix You” as “blasphemy”, comparing the band to COVID-19 and describing them as “some shitty virus” that hopefully will soon be one Giving the vaccine will be fine. “

Then he dug his hole deeper as he tried to push the comment back a little. He said, “I have nothing against South Korea, you can’t accuse me of xenophobia just because this boy band is from South Korea … I have a car from South Korea Korea. I have the coolest car. “

He then went on to say that as a penance for the cover, BTS “will be vacationing in North Korea for the next 20 years”.

BTS, which debuted in 2013, became the largest boy band in the world, selling stadiums around the world, and broadcasting a video message at the UN General Assembly this year.

Her songs, filled with intimate, socially conscious lyrics, are recognized for their success. Unlike other K-pop bands who carefully maintain the personas created by their labels, BTS is known for its active engagement with fans – known as ARMY – through social media. BTS has over 33.1 million Followers on Twitter.

The insulting of the comments did not only come from South Korea, but was immediately condemned by many social media users in Germany and elsewhere.

“I know which radio station I won’t listen to anymore, bye @ Bayern3,” wrote user @fairesvmns in a German-language post that contained audio from Matuschik’s comments. “I really don’t need racism of this kind in 2021.”

Many South Koreans living abroad voiced concerns that the statements could lead to anti-Asian violence, which is already increasing in many places.

“It’s not just about #BTS, it’s about so many Asians who are dealing with extreme racism, especially due to a pandemic,” tweeted Hansl Chang, a South Korean living in Germany.

The station’s apology stated that while Matuschik “presented his opinion in an ironic, exaggerated manner, and with exaggerated excitement, his words went too far and hurt the feelings of BTS fans.

“But he – and he has assured us – did not intend this in any way. He just wanted to express his displeasure with the cover version mentioned above. “

It was found that Matuschik was involved in the gathering of aid for refugees and carried out a “permanent campaign against right-wing extremism”. He has shown that he is against xenophobia or racism in any form.

“That does not change the fact that many of you found his statements hurtful or racist,” said Bayern3. “We apologize in all respects. We will be working on it again in detail with Matthias and the team in the next few days. “


Juwon Park in Seoul, South Korea contributed to this report.

Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed in any way without permission.

Tulsa Symphony highlights Black composers in radio live performance | Leisure

In June, our atrocity investigator picked up a thin, furless dog. We can’t imagine poor Lily in pain for so long. Just touching her skin made her bleed. It was crusted, light pink, and had lots of infected skin. While having very little energy, Lily was a survivor and has worked hard on her health for the past 7 months. She is finally ready to find her eternal family and break away from the difficult first years of her life.

Currently at a nursing home that reports Lily is “a great source of joy and pleasure”, this shy but sweet girl is thriving. She is well on her way to potty and crate training. She hasn’t had an accident at her nursing home in weeks and walks easily into her box but barks a few minutes before settling down. Lily loves to cuddle, chew hard bones, and now has the energy to take long walks.

Lily has played with other dogs and is very fond of wrestling and rumbling, so it is difficult for her to stop playing when other dogs are around! She would do well in a single dog home or in a home with other dogs who enjoy a good hard romp and people who could be proactive in reinforcing calm behaviors when everyone is together.

Lily is around 3 years old, weighs 65 pounds, is heartworm positive and has not yet been neutered. As a tall girl who occasionally gets nervous when excited, she is looking for a home with no children under 12. Having an intact pet in your home is an additional responsibility that potential adopters should consider. She has been vaccinated, microchipped and is currently involved in parasite prevention.

Because of the long road to recovery that Lily is still on, she is offered a caregiver to adopt a candidate. This brings many advantages, such as access to our dog trainer and our clinic for Lily’s needs! The Tulsa SPCA will continue to medicate Lily until she is healthy enough to be neutered. After that, the adoption will be completed. We will also start treating your heartworms soon at no cost to your adopters.

Let us know when you’re happy with Lily’s!


The Tulsa SPCA is currently only operational by appointment.

• Visit Click on their profile and use the orange “Interested in this animal? Click here!” Apply button to apply.

• If approved, we will contact you to finalize the paperwork, collect payment, and schedule an appointment for your drive-through adoption.

• Please stay home if you feel unwell, especially if you have symptoms of fever, cough or sore throat.

All available Tulsa SPCA pets can be viewed at

Photo provided by Tulsa SPCA

Jerry Lubin, Detroit radio “Air Ace,” dies at 80 | Arts & Leisure

One of Detroit’s beloved Radio Air Aces came to rest this week.

Jerry Lubin, who was a pioneering aerialist on the city’s burgeoning FM radio scene in the late 60s and 70s, passed away on Thursday, February 4th, aged 80 in La Quinta, California of COVID-19.

“Jerry was one of the original pilots,” said Kim Sulek, who was working on a documentary on Detroit radio at the time. “Detroit has a handful of legendary underground disc jockeys, and Jerry is one of them. He had a different way of talking to people and he knew his music.”

Long-time friend and colleague Harvey Ovshinsky added, “Of all the Assen, I was impressed that Jerry was such a family man – very rare in our circles. He will forever remain a legend in Detroit radio history. When we worked together I’ve always envied how relaxed and comfortable Jerry was in the air … “Try to smile as you read the copy,” Jerry taught me. “You won’t see the smile, but it will help the medicine go under. “

Commented his brother-in-law, Mark Beltzman, a fan of Lubin’s radio work before he married the disc jockey’s younger sister Beverley, “He had a tremendous ability to be 100 percent honest and honest and real and as authentic as you can possibly be Man. I loved that about him and learned so much from him. “

He was born in Detroit and graduated from Mumford High School. He briefly attended Wayne State University before joining the U.S. Army. He began his radio career as Jerry O’Neal in Rogers City, Michigan, where he also played, before joining Flint and then WABX when it launched as Detroit’s first “progressive” FM radio station. There he was one of the Air Aces, a corps that included aerial personalities such as Larry Miller, Dan Carlisle (the only surviving member of the station’s original list), Dennis Frawley, Jerry Goodwin, and others.

Lubin later moved to WXYZ-FM, which became WRIF, and then to WWWW-FM, where he spent time as the station’s program director. “Jerry has been a mentor to me,” said John O’Leary, a veteran of Detroit radio who started his career at WWWW over the weekend. “I was really raw, damn nervous, and one day Jerry took me to a meeting – that was ‘John, let’s get in your car and go to Belle Isle.’ And he said to me, “When you’re on the radio, just be yourself. And remember, you are only talking to one person, not a large group of people.”

“That was the best advice I’ve ever received on the radio.”

Lubin’s path took him to the West Coast for a while, working in San Diego and spending time with his young family in a Washington State community. He returned to Detroit for a second stint at WABX, where he hosted the popular Lunch With Lubin, and then spent time in Toledo and at WLLZ-FM in Detroit. He also worked for Sam’s Jam’s record store in Ferndale.

“Jerry was just the nicest guy, never said a bad word about anyone,” recalled owner Steve “Sam” Milgrom. “And he helped the bands. He had relationships with record labels and he told them, ‘You have to sign this band. These guys are great!'”

After leaving the radio, Lubin, who was married to his late wife Rosalie for 45 years, worked for the United States Postal Service for many years before moving to California to be closer to his sons Adam and Ethan. Lubin is also survived by her spouses Lauren and Erika – four grandchildren, his sister Beverley and his younger brother Vincent.

The family hopes to hold a memorial service sometime in the future when such gatherings are possible.