Vogue manufacturers woo Gen Z as post-millennials redefine fashion quotient

According to the fashion portal Myntra, Over the past 18 months, Gen Z has been the fastest growing consumer group that has emerged as a “very critical base” for the platform. “If we look at our overall customer base, Millennials and Gen Z are equally important. But the Gen Z base has started seeing very high levels of traction in the past 18 months, “said Ayyappan Rajagopal, Myntra’s chief business officer.

In August, Myntra brought on board London-based fashion brand Urbanic, who rank Generation Zers as their main consumer base, to ensure they don’t miss the opportunity to cater to Generation Z customers, some of whom are in their late teens and early years 20 he said.

For nearly a decade, millennials dominated consumer trends and their buying habits helped Brands artisanal products and experiences tailored to their preferences. Now the focus has shifted to Generation Z.

In fact, this customer segment influences retailers around the world when planning their collections and collaborations. More recently, they are driving demand for Y2K fashion or trends from the early 2000s.

The signature style of Gen Z shoppers includes athleisure, oversized pants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, box crop tops and sneakers.

According to Myntra, many big brands like Jack and Jones, Nike and Puma are planning mini-collections or even sub-brands aimed at this younger target group.

Other collaborations, such as the one with Urbanic, are ongoing, said Rajagopal. However, fashion brands did not disclose the percentage of business that came from Generation Z.

Sanjeev Mohanty, Managing Director and Senior Vice President, South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Levi’s, said Generation Zers value certain aspects of brands such as authenticity, transparency, uniqueness, giving back to society and collaboration, which are also part of their daily lives .

This makes them a very dedicated customer base. They are more likely to buy a product or service that is backed by social responsibility, he added.

While legendary denim brand Levi’s has been rediscovering its offerings time and time again, some of their newer associations, like the Levi’s x Super Mario collection, Levi’s x Royal Enfield, Levi’s x Snoopy, Levi’s x LEGO, and the Levi’s x BAPE collection, are trying to create a deeper connection with Gen Z. “This ensures we appeal to Gen Z’s love for everything unique, authentic and vintage,” Mohanty said.

Gen Zers believe they are trendsetters and likely trade comfort for fashion, said Gopa Kumar, chief operating officer of Isobar, a digital media agency. You’ll also likely discover brands that are “in sync” with their values, and likely choose athleisure, recycle old fashions, and wear accessories to express themselves generously, he said. They are also “value seekers” and “discount hunters”. as they are about to enter the world of work, he added.

Some have just started to work, others are on pocket money, gift money or simply let their parents pamper them. For example, Yashica Malhotra, 18, said that Instagram is usually where she spots new fashion trends and usually relies on family trips to the mall to buy new clothes as she doesn’t get pocket money.

Kumar said that while millennials are still a key segment for fashion brands, the transformation needed to meet the needs of Generation Z has already begun.

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