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The current low interest rate environment offers a tremendous opportunity to refinance your existing loans. You may be familiar with mortgage loan refinancing, but the same benefits apply to auto loans, RV loans, boat loans, motorcycle loans, and more.

When you have a loan, you may have the option of lowering your interest rate, paying off your loan earlier, or reducing your monthly payment with a refinance.

Why refinance?

Refinancing existing loans can increase your disposable income – putting your money back in your pocket literally every month with lower payments. There are, of course, many uses for the extra cash, but you should consider putting some of the extra cash aside in a savings account.

According to a CNBC poll from 2021, only 39% of Americans could pay $ 1,000 for emergencies.

Life happens, so it is important to start a rainy day fund for yourself and your family. Once this is clarified, you can start investing for longer term goals such as: B. to save for the education of a child or grandchild.

Other common reasons for refinancing are home renovations, paying education, consolidating bills, or going on vacation.

Mortgage loans are what we often think of when we think of cash withdrawals, but if you have equity in your vehicle, the current low interest rate means you may also be able to withdraw cash for a vacation while your payments stay the same around the area.

Is Refinancing Right For You?

This question depends on a variety of factors and each of the different scenarios should be considered. For example, refinancing a car loan can be done very quickly and easily. It is not an extensive process and there are usually no costs for this. The documents can usually also be signed electronically from the comfort of your own home.

The bottom line is that when it’s free and you’re saving money, refinancing your loan is a breeze.

With a mortgage, however, the closing costs must be taken into account. These often run into the thousands of dollars when all titles, reviews, and required third party fees are considered.

While these fees are the same as most mortgage lenders and can usually be included on your loan, you should make sure you understand any fees charged by the lender, which can vary widely.

With today’s historically low interest rates, refinancing a mortgage can still be a huge benefit. We often find that mortgage borrowers can overcome closing costs in a year or two with payment savings. If your goal is to stay in your home for the next five to ten years, it probably makes sense to consider refinancing. If you’re moving or selling your home in a year or two, refinancing may not make sense.

The best way to determine what is best for your situation is to discuss your options with a trusted financial partner. Each scenario is a little different. In central Kentucky, we face the challenge of a lack of housing availability. Hence, we see a lot of cash-out refinancing when homeowners decide to add square feet or a swimming pool and turn their current homes into their dream homes.

Home equity lines of credit, commonly called HELOCs, are another option to accomplish many of the same things without refinancing your existing mortgage. It’s a great time to make big improvements while the interest rates are very, very low.

When discussing your options with a local lender, it is important that you familiarize yourself with your current payments and interest rates. This will help your trusted financial professional see if they can save you money quickly and allow you to easily compare your options.

You may want to start by inquiring online, calling, or dropping by a local branch to discuss what is available to you. We look forward to cooler weather and more money in our pockets this fall.

Chuck Eads is the Chief Lending Officer for Abound Credit Union.

Chuck Eads is the Chief Lending Officer for Abound Credit Union.

Extra APD officers are placing cash in direction of retirement

“When you look at the stresses and strains of law enforcement across the country, you have to see that people are leaving the job. We have a lot of crime, we have a shortage of officials, we have a settlement agreement, ”he said.

Some officers spend their own money to qualify for retirement sooner.

The Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) keeps track of so-called “airtime credits”.

Every civil servant can use his or her own money to buy a loan – in order to be entitled to old-age pensions a year earlier.

The data received from KOB 4 shows that 2014 was a year when retirements peaked. More than 30 officers bought retirement time.

This year – just 8 months later – at least 26 officers bought time to retire.

The Albuquerque Police Officers Association explains why the 2014 number is so high.

“That doesn’t surprise me, it would most likely have been the changes in our pension system in 2013. Because it was good for the civil servant to retire earlier.”

Now the number of civil servants who want to buy time to retire is increasing.

“The Albuquerque police officers are absolutely unhappy. They do not feel supported by this government. They do not feel that they can do their jobs successfully. We saw an explosion of police officers leaving this department.”

The data provided by APD shows the department is well on its way to having over 120 officers leaving the department this year. Willougbhy says 81 left last year.

“Yes, there are problems that have brought us to where we are now, but we need time. I need time.”

Medina said he was working on solutions.

“We rolled back the disciplinary process, which was a big step. The Justice Department itself told me a year ago they probably didn’t have the talks to get that back. But now they’ve turned it back for us because they see we’re trying to going in the right direction, ”said Medina.

These dates are not a perfect indicator of officials who are dissatisfied in the department, sometimes it’s a purely financial move. For example, Medina said he was one of the officials who bought time in 2014 when benefits changed.

‘Placing their cash the place their mouth is’: This is what three analysts should say about Coinbase’s choice so as to add $500 million of crypto to its stability sheet | Foreign money Information | Monetary and Enterprise Information

Coinbase Co-Founder and CEO Brian Armstrong

Coin base announced on Thursday that it was Add $ 500 million in cryptocurrency to its balance sheet while at the same time 10% of its quarterly net income is allocated to a portfolio of crypto assets. Insider gathered insights from three Coinbase analysts to help understand the move.

“I like that they put their money where their lips are,” said Mizuho analyst Dan Dolev.

He told Insiders that Coinbase is still heavily fiat money for a company with crypto headquarters for its business. This move changes that, although Dolev would like the exchange to go a step further and charge customer transaction fees in crypto rather than dollars.

“That would signal even more commitment to the cryptocurrency,” said Dolev.

Coinbase CFO Alesia Haas admitted that the majority of Coinbase’s financial transactions – like paying sellers and employees or investing company money – on a Friday are “heavily weighted” in fiat blog entry. But she said Coinbase wants to lead by example by enabling the adoption and use of crypto, and that investment is a step towards that goal.

“We believe that more and more companies will keep crypto assets on their balance sheets in the future,” said Haas. “We hope that by incorporating more crypto assets into our own corporate financial practices, we can take another step towards a more open crypto economy.”

Chris Kuiper, a CFRA stock research analyst, reiterated Dolev’s comment that the announcement shows Coinbase’s commitment to the cryptocurrency industry. Kupier maintained his “Buy” rating on Coinbase after it was announced that he was broadly positive on the stock.

However, adding crypto to Coinbase’s balance sheet adds an additional layer of risk as the company’s share price is already tied to the price and trading activity of Bitcoin, Chris Brendler, senior research analyst at DA Davidson, told Insider. The Coinbase share often moves in parallel with the Bitcoin price.

“That won’t necessarily make or destroy the company,” Brendler told Insider. “But it’s certainly a little scary when you put money into one of those commodities that you’re already pretty closely connected with.”

Part of this risk is offset by a cash balance of $ 4 billion that Coinbase is building in anticipation of a “crypto winter” and possible regulatory action, said Kupier.

Brendler added that since Coinbase is so tied to crypto, Coinbase will need to have more cash than other high-growth non-crypto companies in case there is a “crypto winter” or a prolonged period of low crypto prices and activity.

The place Buyers Are Placing Their Cash as Inflation Issues Develop

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Funds that invest in financial stocks have attracted cash.

Photo by Amy Shamblen

Rising inflation expectations have sent remarkable flows of money into assets that could benefit from it. Some attract more money than others.

Funds invested in inflation-linked bonds whose face value increases in line with the consumer price index, have seen strong inflows since last May to a

Deutsche Bank

Report released on Friday. The amount of money poured into these funds last year was the highest since 2010.

Investors have shown a much greater interest in inflation-linked pension funds than they have in bonds in general. Not surprisingly, for most of the two decades or so since 1998, stocks and bond yields have shown a positive correlation. That is, when stock prices came under pressure, bond yields fell and prices rose. Allocating some of their assets to bonds gave investors a cushion as stock prices fell.

Recently, however, the pattern has not held up. The degree of correlation between bond yields and stocks has decreased since last August and has been negative since February. With stocks sold, bond prices have come under pressure as their yields have risen. This means that bonds may no longer be a good diversifier for portfolios, making them less attractive to many investors.

Historically, this flipped relationship was more likely to occur when inflation risks were paramount, as was the case in the three decades from the mid-1960s to the late 1990s, wrote Deutsche Bank strategist Parag Thatte. This is because inflation increases the possibility of monetary policy tightening, which is a risk for both stocks and bonds.

Funds that invest in energy and materials stocks that In an inflationary environment, performance is usually better and have suffered outflows in recent years, also seen strong inflows last year, especially since November. Financial equity funds, which typically benefit from rising interest rates with inflation, have also raised large sums of money.

Commodities are often viewed as a hedge against inflation, but investor confidence in the asset class seems to be weaker this time. Funds backed by physical commodities have mainly seen net outflows in the past few months, including oil-focused funds, gold funds and silver funds, according to the report. Industrial metals funds have bucked the trend recently and have seen some inflows this year, but investor interest is still quite modest.

Futures traders are not particularly bullish on commodities either, as their long positions, which benefit when prices rise, are within historical ranges. “While the price momentum is very positive, the volatility of the commodities is also very high, which has limited the exposure,” wrote Thatte in the Friday report.

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Genesee Well being Plan CEO says county pushed for cash earlier than placing contract out for bids

GENESEE COUNTY, MI – The chief executive officer of the Genesee Health Plan says district officials have started discussions about replacing his group as administrator of a program that will only help the working poor after they have urged millage funds for other uses to use.

“They wanted to take millage dollars and help with their budget deficit …” said Jim Milanowski, President and CEO of GHP. “Millage wasn’t chosen for that.”

The County Board of Commissioners voted last week to prepare a call for proposals for organizations interested in managing the uninsured health program after failing to reach an agreement on an updated contract with the Genesee Health Plan, which has been on the job more than 14 years fulfilled years.

Mark Young, county chairman of the board of directors, D-Grand Blanc, said Thursday April 22 that commissioners are not trying to take money from Millage for healthcare, which raises more than $ 9 million annually, but they want GHP to enroll inmates in the Millage program, a change that would save money for the county’s general fund.

“It’s just about making sure the Millage money is used to cover everyone in the county,” Young said.

Milanowski said GHP officials, who started with funding from hospitals and foundations in 2001, have to decide as an organization what to do next.

“This (decision to seek other suggestions) surprised us,” he said. “We kept our promises. We are confident that we can continue the work. “

GHP grew to 27,000 uninsured county’s residents after voters approved a nationwide property tax of 1 million in November 2006 in support of health programs for the uninsured working poor.

Since the Affordable Care Act was passed, that number has dropped to about 4,500, but Milanowski said the services have expanded and all Millage funds will continue to be used for services.

“We are very confident that everything can work out,” he said. “We really appreciated our relationship with the county.”

The CEO said he could not agree to an amended contract proposed by commissioners earlier this month due to issues including adding a language to allow inmates to enroll with GHP.

The proposal lacked details of how services would be provided and how invoices and payments would be made, Milanowski said.

“Our staff can’t just go to jail and enroll inmates,” he said.

Milanowski said the county has legal responsibility for inmate health care and GHP is only intended for those who have no other source of medical care.

The latest troubles between the county and GHP emerge seven months after Milanowski appeared before commissioners to speak against a proposed $ 1.5 million cut in its agency, a cut the county made before the current one was passed Has abandoned the budget.

A divided county board eventually approved a general fund budget of $ 99.6 million, with the cash reserves used to offset the county’s original proposed $ 1.5 million cut for GHP.

Milanowski said GHP has not yet received any millage funds from the county this year.

The amended contract proposal between the county and GHP stipulates that repayments will be made to the organization after it has submitted an invoice for the services it has provided.

The Commissioners have stated that the decision to solicit proposals from other groups interested in the implementation of the program is part of their oversight responsibility for taxpayers’ money.

Last year the county signed a Memorandum of Understanding with another organization that receives millage funds – the Flint Cultural Center – that requires county residents to get discounts on concert and show tickets if they pay a millage property tax that supports the arts.

Read more about MLive:

Genesee County is considering replacing Genesee Health Plan

The Genesee County Split Commission approves a new budget on the last day of the fiscal year

The new offer for the Genesee art tax provides for tickets with a discount of at least 30 percent

Google Is Placing Cash Into That Quick Undersea Web Cable Between Eureka and Singapore, and They Assume It will be Carried out by 2023 | Misplaced Coast Outpost

Certainly a first: Google has literally put Eureka on one of its cards. source.


You’ve heard about the big, new, fat fiberglass pipe you’re going to be laying between Singapore and Eureka? (If you haven’t, check out the links below.) It is slated to plunge into the depths from one of the world’s major financial capitals and head east with stops in Indonesia and Guam before crawling up the banks via the drainpipe of the old Samoa pulp mill, which extends about a mile to the sea.

It’s an exciting prospect! Already one The large international data center company has plans for a new facility in Arcataand it’s everyone’s greatest hope that more tech-dolla will rain on our shores once our new line is in order.

Which one is when According to Google, it is expected to be operational in the summer of 2023.

And when I say “according to Google”, I’m not saying that I just googled it. I’m saying Google literally says that. Because like that Company announced yesterday on its Google Cloud blogIt throws a lot of money on the Singapore-Eureka underwater line, code-named “Echo”.

“The architecture of Echo is designed for maximum reliability,” writes the Goog. “The unique Trans-Pacific route to Southeast Asia avoids overcrowded, traditional routes north and is expected to be operational in 2023. We look forward to the expanded connectivity that Echo will bring to Southeast Asia and create new opportunities for people and businesses in the region. “

And hopefully this region too.

NBA ‘placing cash over well being’ by holding All-Star recreation

The guard

Brady or Mahomes? Our predictions for the Chiefs versus Buccaneers Super Bowl

Will Tampa Bay be the first team to win a championship in their own home ground? Or will the reigning champions keep their title? This year’s Super Bowl features some of the NFL’s best talent, including clockwise from left Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Composite: Reuters, Getty, AP What the Chiefs Do to Win … Be the Chiefs. That may sound funky, but no team appreciates the “flip the switch” theory more than this season’s Chiefs. When they’re fully engaged, when they’re fully occupied, there’s not much that any other team in the league can do to stop them. There are shortcomings in defense but at some point Patrick Mahomes will have the ball. Despite an excellent defense, Tampa will have a hard time slowing the Mahomes-Hill-Kelce Triumvirate. OK With the two most offensive tackles likely to have emerged from this matchup, it’s a tough sledding on the fringes for the Chiefs. Look for Andy Reid dialing lots of screen passes to take advantage of the speed and volatility of his backs and receivers – Tyreek Hill in particular. AL Win the battle for sales. Brady threw three interceptions against the Green Bay Packers, but the Packers could only score on one of the following properties. If the Bucs do that against KC, this game could be over quickly. HF Eliminate the deep ball. Maintain two safety precautions on the field of play to force the bucs to run. You can’t play chicken with Brady like the Packers – it only ends in one direction. Well, unless the offense explodes too. Reid will need an extra shot trick to flummox Tampa. That or throw it at Hill. GS What the Bucs have to do to win … Shorten the game. The Bucs have proven that they can switch between different styles this season. You can win with their exceptional defense. You can trust Tom Brady to take part in a shootout. Against the Chiefs, while it won’t be as entertaining, they’ll have to rely on the run-game to stretch the drives against a weak Chiefs front to contain the scoreline. Take Brady to the final ride with a chance to win the game, that should be the plan. OK Sic Jason Pierre-Paul, William Gholston, and Ndamukong Suh on the Chiefs’ backup tackles. Mix it up a little first. (The handovers to Leonard Fournette & Co are so predictable.) And take every opportunity to connect with the recipients downfield, a focus for Bruce Arians throughout the season. If Antonio Brown is looking for a time to shine, this is it. AL Brady doesn’t want to get into a throwing contest with Mahomes at this point in his career. Its advantage will be in its experience. He doesn’t want to be a pure game manager here, he has to go for a couple of long balls to win, but if he focuses on making the right game rather than trying the big game, his team has a solid chance. HF Tampa has to play with her strengths and her lightning bolt early and often. They have the pedigree – nine sacks and two wins against Rodgers this season – and can slow Mahomes down by attacking an offensive line that is missing both starting tackles. You run the risk of dying from a thousand Tyreek and Travis-shaped cuts, but Todd Bowles has to be brave to cap Kansas City’s score. GS key player for the Chiefs … Patrick Mahomes. Of course it’s Mahomes. Going out with someone else would be a hipster choice. The Bucs could execute the perfect game plan. They could play as good as imaginable on either side of the ball. But when Mahomes shows up and plays at his best, nothing can be done to stop him. OK Other than the obvious? Let’s go to tyrant Mathieu, whose anticipatory and interruptive power emits great Ed Reed vibrations. He, not Mahomes, is Tom Brady’s real opponent – and the Honey Badger will make the GOAT pay for all the 50-50 balls he loves to throw up. Mathieu caught Brady with a tipped ball in her matchup in Week 12. AL Travis Kelce. We’re talking Brady versus Mahomes, but what about Kelce versus Gronkowski? Since Gronkowski’s (temporary) retirement, Kelce has been struggling to top him as the best close end in the league of all time. A Super Bowl win against a diminished Gronk would be more of a symbolic touchstone, but it wouldn’t hurt his fall. HF tyrant Mathieu. We can be sure Brady will take risks in the air, so Mathieu’s ability to diagnose and tear down recipient routes must be triggered to disrupt Tampa’s temporary attack. If Brady is put under pressure to consider whether or not Mathieu will consistently skip a route, it could frustrate the veteran into making costly mistakes. GS key player for the Bucs … Todd Bowles. Not a player, but the Bucs defense coordinator. Tampa’s defense played at championship level all season. There aren’t a lot of schematic fireworks. Instead, Bowles relies on a core set of games and its players all play at the highest level. Against Mahomes, he’ll need a few wrinkles or a fresh look to create a negative game or two. OC Lavonte David, one of the best linebackers the game has ever seen. His ability to close ball carriers and stop their swing, or sometimes even reverse, should prove particularly useful against a skilled unit of the chief who knows how to stack after the catch in large yards. His sideline-to-sideline scope will be key to upholding Coordinator Todd Bowles’ bend-but-don’t-break principles. AL Leonard Fournette. Fournette was cut by the jaguars and came back as Tampa Bay’s backup. Now he’s putting his best work of the season into the playoffs, including an amazing touchdown run against Green Bay. Another touchdown or two would be nice, but if he can catch up a lot of yards on the first downs, the game book will open wide for Brady. HF A gunfight beckons although the cannons at Raymond James Stadium fall silent (couldn’t the cannons have fired for the Chiefs too? Why do I care so much about the cannons?). The Bucs can bully the Chiefs’ defense with the superior size and strength of Mike Evans in the Redzone. The extra attention he receives also creates holes for others to score points. GS A bold prediction … The Weeknd has more than one song. I mean seriously? The weeknd? For the Super Bowl? Am I old now OK Somebody’s gonna pull out a trick game. Either the Chiefs build on the legendary “Four Tops” they put up for the 49ers last year, or Arians chooses a nervous answer. Either way, you will love soccer love language. AL How about a goalless first quarter? After all the talk about this being an offensive showdown, both sides may get performance anxiety right away and we see a lot of three-and-offs, some offensive errors and even a missed field goal in the first 15 minutes. HF Tony Romo spots Bill Belichick in the crowd wearing a Jack Sparrow mask as a disguise. Of course, Romo can’t contain his excitement and orchestrates a happy reunion on the field after Brady lifts a Lombardi without his one-time mentor. “This is my boy,” Belichick will say. GS The end result will be … Chiefs 31-24 Buccaneers. The Brady and Bowles combo is about as good as you can hope for trying to knock the Chiefs out of their place. No one is able to stop the Chiefs, but all the Bucs need is a defense that slows Mahomes-Andy Reid’s machine down, even for a possession or two. Tampa has the talent and the people to implement such a plan. I have the bucs who give Brady a chance at the final ball but only show up briefly. Despite all the goodness of Bowles, the Chiefs’ offensive power is just too overwhelming. And even if the games crash, nobody is better than Mahomes. The Chiefs leave in a row and Mahomes takes home a second MVP in a row. OK bosses 30-29 privateers. As exposed as Mahome’s characters may be, it was easy to see the Bucs defenses forget about the QB’s wheels until it was too late. Mahomes will take heart at some point, whether it’s collecting piece goods or buying time to fire darts at Cheetah & Co. AL Chiefs 34-17 privateers. Look for the teams to keep it close for a while, but by the fourth quarter the Chiefs will be in the lead and salt it up with one of those Mahomes bursts where he’ll knock off two touchdowns in the blink of an eye. HF Chiefs 30-33 privateers. I said it in the middle of the season and I’ll say it again, Tom Brady and the Bucs are going to win the Super Bowl. Playing against Brady is a breeze, especially now that he’s an underdog. Six titles and your team that isn’t a favorite is proof of how good the Chiefs are, but Brady will have the final say in the game with a last minute ride and maybe QB really is the best. Same time next year, Tom. GS