Rivian IPO proves Common Motors is undervalued, says GM CEO

GM Chair and CEO Mary Barra speaks to investors at the GM Tech Center in Warren, Michigan on October 6, 2021.

Photo by Steve Fecht for General Motors

The massive reviews from startups for electric vehicles like Rivian that made his public debut on Wednesday on the Nasdaq at a higher share price and market capitalization than General Motors, shows that the old automaker is “so undervalued,” said GM chief Mary Barra on Wednesday.

Rivian stock started trading at $ 106.75 per share, up about 37% year over year IPO price of $ 78 per share and a market valuation of $ 91 billion. This compares to GM at $ 60 per share and a market capitalization of $ 86.4 billion.

“What it sets out to me is the great opportunity. General Motors is so undervalued, “said Barra on Wednesday, without specifically naming Rivian during the New York Times’ DealBook conference.” I see it as a great opportunity for General Motors to achieve significantly more value. “

When asked if her competitors’ reviews made sense, Barra said she didn’t see them that way.

“I see every competitor as someone I respect. And that we have to get better, have to be faster, have to have vehicles that consumers want, that solve the property equation,” she said. “So that’s how I see it. I would say, if anything, it motivates me to work even harder.”

Rivian is recognized as a pioneer in EV startups that can rival the leading electric vehicle Teslaas GM and other traditional automakers invest tens of billions of dollars in the emerging market segment.

GM was interested in investing in Rivian, but its biggest rival, Ford engine, invest in the EV start-up instead. Ford, which owns about 12% of the start-up, convinced Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe that Ford would be a better fit than GM, as reported recently from the Wall Street Journal.

GM has announced plans to invest $ 35 billion in electric and autonomous vehicles by 2025, since there is Goals exceed Tesla until then in domestic EV sales.

Unvaccinated People falsely say want for boosters proves Covid vaccines do not work

Jason Armond | Los Angeles Times | Getty Images

Protesters opposed to masking and compulsory vaccination for students gather outside Los Angeles Unified School District headquarters as board members voted for all children 12 and older in Los Angeles public schools to be fully opposed to COVID-19 by January Must be vaccinated to be vaccinated on Thursday, September 9, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

Kaiser surveyed 1,519 randomly selected adults September 13-22 after the Biden government announced plans to introduce booster doses for all Americans, but before federal health officials recommended booster doses for people 65 and older and those at high risk of disease.

Disagreements over vaccines in general remain largely biased, the survey data shows: 90% of those who are Democrats say they received at least one dose of vaccine, compared with 58% of Republicans.

This breakdown by political identity has remained constant at around 30 percentage points since vaccines became widely available in the spring, Hamel said, although other gaps by race and ethnicity have narrowed.

The surge in Covid cases, hospital admissions and deaths from the Delta variant was the main driver of a recent surge in vaccinations, the survey found, with the largest increases in vaccination rates between July and September among Hispanic adults and ages 18-29 Similar proportions of white, black and Hispanic adults reported having been vaccinated at 71%, 70% and 73%, respectively, and reported having received at least one vaccination. Hamel noted that a separate Kaiser analysis of government-reported data The study published last week found that black and Hispanic Americans were less likely to have received a vaccine than white Americans, but that inequality between groups decreased over time.

The political divide over vaccines extends to the public’s plans to get a booster, as 68% of Democrats said they would “definitely” get one if recommended, almost twice as much as the proportion of Republican respondents.

The vast majority of fully vaccinated adults overall said they would “definitely” or “likely” receive a booster vaccination if recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration.

the The FDA approved the Covid-Booster vaccination from Pfizer and BioNTech on Wednesday for people 65 and older along with other Americans at risk. On Friday, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky authorized the distribution of boosters to those in high-risk professional and institutional situations who override an advisory panel that voted against this proposal. She also endorsed three other recommendations from the group that paved the way for distributing boosters to people over 65, other vulnerable groups, and a wide variety of U.S. employees – from hospital workers to grocery store cashiers.

president Joe Biden received a booster vaccination on Monday, as his age of 78 qualified him for an additional dose under the latest CDC guidelines.

“Boosters are important, but the most important thing we need to do is get more people vaccinated,” Biden said before receiving his injection.

According to CDC data, about 75% of the eligible population age 12 and older in the United States have received at least one dose of vaccine, and nearly 65% ​​are fully vaccinated. About 2.7 million people have received a booster vaccination since health officials approved it for people with compromised immune systems in August.

The pace of Daily recordings taken over the summer As the Delta variant quickly spread across the country, the seven-day average of daily doses reported peaked at 954,000 on September 3. It has slowed since then, and the seven-day average is about 632,000 syringes a day than Monday.

Gorgeous Belafonte Superyacht Idea Proves Some Issues By no means Go Out of Fashion

July was the auto evolution Italian month, a month long virtual celebration of Italian style and excellence in design and performance in automotive, two-wheeler and Marine industry. Let’s wrap up this party with one final bow to a design that has stood the test of time and proves that few do better than the Italians when it comes to classics: Federico Fiorentino’s Belafonte superyacht concept.

Introduced in late 2014, The Belafonte avoided that Superyacht concept slippery tendency to “think outside the box”. Ironically, Fiorentino thought outside the box and delivered a project that is still considered modern, futuristic and yet elegantly timeless to this day. So a classic.

As Fiorentino explained Forbes In the same year: “A yacht does not have to be revolutionary.” That does not mean that you have to blend in or dampen originality, but that disruption for the sake of disruption should not be an end in itself. “There are some designers with strong personalities; They don’t necessarily make revolutions, but their styles are very distinctive. I think the Belafonte (and all of our other designs) has this basic characteristic. It is not necessarily a revolutionary yacht, but it has a strong personality and cannot be confused with any other yacht. “

Indeed, The Belafonte is unmistakable. It’s both modern and classic at the same time, with a striking bronze hull with automotive design elements that make it what it is immediately noticeable – and unforgettable. The design is inspired by small Dutch day boats, with the stainless steel detail on the bow paying homage to the Alfa Romeo Grille and so anchored this futuristic ship in the 60s and 70s. The overall design is clean and simple, with stark contrasts and unexpected combinations like mahogany cap rails and polished steel as a contrast.

It is 50 meters long, has three decks and an open back, reminiscent of motor boats. Performance would be on par with motorboats, too, although the level of comfort and luxury is undoubtedly super-yacht worthy.

Fiorentino initially envisioned The Belafonte at a top speed of 24 knots. A year after the project was presented, the designer conducted a study with Van Oossanen Naval Architects to further develop it. As such, it was found that the Belafonte thanks to the fast displacement hullwhich would also allow significant fuel savings. At a cruising speed of 13 knots, the superyacht could have transatlantic range and could even have transpacific range if sails at an even more leisurely speed of 9 knots.

Accommodation on board would be for 10 guests in five cabins: a VIP suite, two double cabins and one double cabin. The master suite would be huge with 84 square meters of living space, with its own office, a fold-out balcony, two bathrooms and two walk-in closets, as well as access to the private sundeck and the forward lounge on the main deck.

Amenities include a formal salon, dining area, two pools, a sky lounge with its own bar and outdoor dining area, and a gorgeous but minimalist beach club. For the project, Fiorentino mainly focused on the exterior, mentioning that the interior layout would not be designed until a potential customer came over. That too allowed for customization certain elements; After all, when you’re paying $ 26.4 million (Fiorentino 2014 estimate) for a superyacht, you want one final word on what goes where in terms of the rooms and the stuff you put in them.

An owner for The Belafonte has not turned up after all these years, but if it does, it can be expected to be completed in 2.5 years. Fiorentino knows Just the right kind of man or woman who would commission such a super yacht that he compares to one Porsche or a Aston Martin. “Sports car with an elegant touch, [and] modern lines mixed with classic elements. This yacht calls for the same kind of person who would buy these cars. “

Shilpa Shetty’s sunshine yellow skirt and shirt set proves her fashion is everlasting | Vogue Tendencies

Besides entertaining her fans as a judge on the reality TV show Super Dancer Chapter 4, Shilpa Shetty Kundra has also proven her tailoring skills. The actress experimented with different silhouettes for her appearances on the show. For her latest look, she slipped into a lively outfit.

Shilpa Shetty recently went to Instagram to share a picture and video of herself in a sun yellow skirt and blouse by designer Tarun Tahiliani. She shared her photo with the caption: “Fashion may fade, but style is forever.” And we agree, the star’s style and elegance are eternal.

For the shoot, Shilpa wore a fluted georgette blouse with flared, transparent sleeves. The V-neck had an overlapping silhouette that was pulled together at the waist with a satin silk belt. The backless blouse had a pre-draped dupatta on the shoulders, which gives it an ethereal look.

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The actor wore the blouse with a matching draped georgette skirt with reinforced multiple layers. The layers of tulle gave the ensemble a detailed look and we absolutely love it.

Shilpa chose traditional accessories like a layered emerald-adorned necklace with matching rings and bracelets. She left her locks open with the clothes. Her silky locks have been blow-dried and layered to add depth.

For glamor, Shilpa chose heavy kohl eyes, smooth eyeliner, mascara on the lashes, well-defined eyebrows, subtle smoky eye shadow, radiant skin, shiny metallic lip color, a slight touch of blush on the cheeks and a radiant highlighter on the face.

Shilpa Shetty loves her Indian clothing, be it detailed lehenga sets, lively concept sarees or anarkalis with a dramatic flair. Her traditional looks with modern twists are always eye-catching, and this bright yellow look did the same.

What do you think of Shilpa’s appearance?

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Reynoldsburg faculties mission proves power waste discount saves cash and helps children

When I started working at Reynoldsburg City Schools in 2017, it was clear that the energy costs were significant and the district was paying too much.

We developed and implemented a district-wide project to reduce energy waste in 14 buildings and in the high school sports stadium. Initiatives included indoor and outdoor lighting upgrades, major heating and air conditioning renovations, and complete nationwide controls and the replacement of building automation systems.

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These measures to reduce energy waste have helped minimize long-term maintenance costs and utility bills for our school district. Annual savings in the first year were more than $ 750,000, and the district is well on track to exceed those savings in the second year.

Energy-reduction programs benefit Ohio children, save tax dollars, and give schools more money to invest in education. Over time, savings can mean hiring more teachers, buying more books and computers, or investing in additional educational resources. In addition to these benefits, schools can also improve the student learning environment, achieve better overall student health and reduced absenteeism, and benefit the wider community.

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A new major study from Gabel Associates, Estimating the benefits of reducing energy waste in Ohio, found that larger investments in reducing energy waste could save billions of dollars and create thousands of jobs for Ohioans over the next 10 years. These benefits would be achieved through increased investment in energy waste reduction programs that help Ohio residents and businesses improve their buildings, upgrade production lines, install new sensors and controls, and otherwise reduce energy waste.

Ohio’s energy waste reduction programs had been in place for a decade until the passage of House Bill 6 in 2019 eliminated them.

We need forward-looking energy policies to help Ohio children now and in the future. Energy costs are a significant operating expense, especially for school districts, and programs to reduce energy waste can provide both short-term savings and long-term economic benefits.

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Regardless of the law, my job is to be a good steward of public money.

It was fantastic to have implemented an environmentally conscious and sustainable program for the future.

The savings we saw in Reynoldsburg are really just the beginning. Every dollar we save the county on the energy side is a dollar we can put into education. That’s why we’re here. We are here to raise children.

Chris Reed is the managing director of Reynoldsburg City Schools.