The perfect hashish play is Revolutionary Industrial Properties

Poshmark: “You missed the quarter badly tonight, and it’s interesting because everyone else in this industry seems to be doing pretty well, so that’s what I call disappointing.”

Tandem diabetes care: “They are doing very well and I give you two things: I like Tandem Diabetes Care and I continue to support Dexcom. I think they are doing amazingly well.”

Innovative industrial real estate: “Everyone, if they try to get me to recommend Tilray or Canopy growth or anyone, I always come back and say the same thing. They are innovative industrial properties. Ben Stoto, my research director, and I keep talking about how this is the only one you can buy. One and only. Let’s stop thinking about it. ”

Big 5 sport: “They knocked the ball out of the park, and I’ll give you a two as well. … [Dick’s Sporting Goods] is fine too. Both are fine. Sporting goods didn’t stop as the pandemic subsided. We discovered nature and like it. “

Nokia: “I like Nokia. They’re making a comeback. Cheer up, Nokia is fine. I think you might have a winner.”

Vale SA: “No. We don’t buy iron ore. We think it’s late in the cycle.

Lake Metropolis hopes federal cash will convey new life to empty, deserted properties

LAKE CITY, SC (WMBF) – Lake City neighbors are fed up with the empty and abandoned homes in their area, and the city’s mayor is hoping federal money can change that.

The City of Lake City requested a community development bloc grant that the mayor intends to use to revitalize the neighborhoods.

Lake City Mayor Lovith Anderson said many of the vacant and run-down lots in the area have caused problems for neighbors.

He said he would use the grant money to demolish and rebuild houses and rehabilitate the neighborhoods.

“Housing is a huge need in South Carolina. And rural areas are no less inundated with people looking for a place to stay than the larger communities, and we need people in solid structures in the wind zone we are in, “said Anderson.

He added that his goal is to make Lake City more attractive to people who want to live there.

“We lost a little population during the last census, not a lot, so we want to bring that back in and gain a lot more,” said Anderson.

A scholarship public hearing will be held Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. at the Lake City Senior Center.

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Home Cash: On line casino Operators Are Promoting Their Properties to Wager on Progress

Aria Resort & Casino, owned by CityCenter, is slated to be owned by Blackstone Real Estate.

Courtesy MGM Resorts International

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Casino operators continue to sell their properties as their focus is on operating, not owning, real estate.

The latest example:

MGM Resorts International

(Ticker: MGM) said earlier this month that it would pay $ 2.1 billion for the remaining 50% stake in CityCenter on the Las Vegas Strip that it does not own so that it can then sell it.

CityCenter, which MGM Resorts has managed and is part of with Infinity World Development Corp. The Aria Resort & Casino and the Vdara Hotel & Spa owned 50% of the shares.

After the deal is finalized, MGM resorts will plans to sell these properties to fund-managed Blackstone Real Estate for $ 3.9 billion. MGM will continue to operate these properties.

More businesses of this type are likely, in part because they allow companies like MGM Resorts to raise capital to invest in projects aimed at greater growth.

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In a recent notice, real estate research firm Green Street wrote that “There are other assets in Las Vegas that operators could monetize at attractive prices in a post-Covid environment”.

Cedrik Lachance, director of REIT research at Green Street, recently told Barron’s that the pricing of the deal reflects the growing premium being placed on Las Vegas real estate. The city has benefited from an increase in leisure travel this year after a difficult 2020 due to Covid. Hotel occupancy was particularly high on the weekend.

Blackstone plans to acquire the two CityCenter properties for $ 3.9 billion, or 18.1 times the initial annual rent of $ 215 million MGM will pay. In other words, the reciprocal of this ratio – or the cap rate as it is known – is about 5.5%.

In contrast, if

Las Vegas Sands

(LVS) announced in March that it was the Venetian and other properties

VICI properties

(VICI) for $ 4 billion, the cap rate was around 6.25%, according to Lachance. In other words, the rental price for the latest deal is higher than Las Vegas Sands earlier this year. That undoubtedly reflects how much more uncertain things were for the city at the time regarding the Covid situation.

Still, according to Lachance, “the gambling business is very cheap for us, both public and private” – the public market is REITs.

Outsourcing real estate is not new to casino operators as they increasingly prefer an asset-light model in which they operate but do not own real estate.

MGM growth properties

(MGP), for example, was chosen as a path for

MGM Resorts International

Discharge real estate. In May it is Companies announced that it plans to sell the resort’s Springfield, Massachusetts property

MGM growth properties

for $ 400 million – the latest in a series of sales it made.

MGM Resorts International has the largest number of hotel rooms in the world Stripes.

Stocks of MGP Growth Properties, which are returning 5.6%, are up about 22% including dividends through July 14 this year, up from about 17% for the S&P 500. MGM Resorts International’s stock has gone down slightly better developed with a plus of about 27%.

VICI properties

owns, among other things, Caesars Palace on the Las Vegas Strip. VICI stock, with a yield of 4.2%, is down about 25% this year through July 14th.

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Doña Ana County enacts new noise limits on Airbnb-style properties

LAS CRUCES – Owners of Airbnb and Vrbo listed county residences will soon have to comply with new, targeted noise regulations.

Broadly proposed after rejection Changes to the Noise protection ordinance of the district last month The Doña Ana County Board of Commissioners, at its March 9 meeting, voted to codify its intention to regulate noise in short-term rental properties.

In a unanimous vote on Tuesday, the district commission approved an amendment to the District letting regulation that recently came into force.

The modification prohibits loud noises from short-term rental properties between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. seven days a week. The existing, more comprehensive district ordinance prohibits loud noises from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. from Sunday evening to Friday morning. From Friday evening to Sunday morning and on public holidays, the Noise Abatement Ordinance comes into force at midnight and applies until 6 a.m.

More:Doña Ana County’s Short Term Rental Ordinance is now in effect

The amendment also states that a landlord “has the right to restrict or impose conditions on parties and gatherings on the premises, as well as conditions that limit disruption in the neighborhood and in the community”. The owner must post such restrictions in a prominent place on the property.

District 1 commissioner Lynn Ellins, who proposed the amendment to the short-term rental ordinance, said commissioners had received complaints about loud parties in some homes on weekends.

The noise protection regulations only apply to short-term rental properties within the jurisdiction of the district, with the exception of properties within the registered municipalities of the district. According to District Attorney Nelson Goodin, the new rules will go into effect 30 days from Tuesday.

Michael McDevitt is a city and county government reporter for Sun News. He can be reached at 575-202-3205, or @ MikeMcDTweets on twitter.