Magnatone’s Starlite guarantees to pack basic Fender-style tones right into a 5-watt Class A combo

boutique guitar amp Manufacturer Magnatone has lifted the lid on a new low-wattage Class A combo dubbed the Starlite.

Using a combination of a single 6V6 tube in the power amp and a 12AX7 tube in the preamp, the Starlite offers five watts of power and is touted as an ideal partner in studio or home setups.

There’s easy volume and tone control on the panel, and the latter was designed to cover the territory between classic ’60s tweed and Fender-style tones, with a mid-cut set just before the 12 o’clock position of the dial occurs. There is also a negative feedback switch that activates a negative feedback loop that can be used to rein in the power amp’s gain.

Magnatone Starlite amp

(Image credit: Magnatone)

A choice of two inputs offers high and low sensitivity options, with the second input being better suited for low-gain tones or guitars with hotter pickups.

Speaker duties are handled by an 8-inch Magnatone Custom Ceramic Magnet, and there’s also an 8-ohm speaker jack for connecting to an external box.

It’s all dressed in a vintage brown finish with gold detailing and measures 17″ x 8″ x 12″ for a mere 19 lbs. The package also includes an amplifier cover and a 20-foot cable.

Reviewers have raved about Magnatones since the brand’s rebirth in 2014, often noting that the only downside seems to be the immense quantities they produce. Given the recent proliferation of small boutique tube combo amps, perhaps what is most surprising about the Starlite is that it has taken so long to get to market.

Ted Kornblum, Magnatone CEO, admits that the amp has actually been on their list for a while.

“People have been asking us for a long time to come out with a small, low-power amp for practice and studio applications that retains the traditional Magnatone style, tone and performance,” he says. “We believe that with Starlite we’ve hit the mark of classic American tone with something that takes small to the next level.”

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Guzzi V100 Mandello Guarantees Quick Sport-touring With Italian Fashion

Hidden on most bikers’ wish lists is their dirty secret dream bike.

You might ride a Honda Fireblade and love talking about MotoGP.

Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello promises quick sport-touring capabilities combined with a dash of style that only Italians can truly deliver

But when no one else is looking, they secretly spend their time browsing Harley-Davidsons – or in my case Moto Guzzis.

One of the best motorcycle experiences I’ve ever had was a Moto Guzzi.

It’s not always about how these machines drive, but how they make me feel.

The Guzzi factory is located on the shores of Lake Como, Italy, in Mandello del Lario.

They have been with the company since day one in 1921 and this year they are celebrating their 100th anniversary.

I was lucky enough to spend time there.

The place exudes passion for motorcycling.

This V100 Mandello promises speedy sport touring capabilities combined with a dash of style that only the Italians can truly deliver.

The transversely installed V-twin engine has 1000 cc. More importantly, it’s liquid-cooled, which means we can expect the right performance.

There’s a single-sided swing arm that allows you to marvel at the cute rear wheel design – I’m seeing Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio here, right? – and a shaft drive means that no bad oil from a chain wears down the wheel.

There will be roughly 130 horsepower available to play with, so it can be assumed that the V100 will be crammed full of driver software trinkets.


Brembo brakes and Öhlins suspension take care of you as you glide to work in style.

For me, this bike could be powered by a solid rubber band and a lollipop and I would still love it as much as I do.

The green paint you can see is a throwback to Moto Guzzi roots when they had an excess of military-spec green paint that they used to paint the motorcycles they made during WWII.

After the war, they used it on their production bikes, knowing that no two cans would be the same shade of green. How cool is that


The green color is a look back at Moto Guzzi’s roots when they had an excess of military-spec green color during WWIIImage credit: Moto Guzzi

David Beckham rides a slick bike on hot days while the world dreams of freedom

Pritzker Guarantees ‘Sturdy Marketing campaign,’ however Gained’t Say How A lot Cash He’ll Spend in 2022 – NBC Chicago

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker officially announced his re-election campaign this week, and although he spent more than $ 170 million during the 2018 race, it is unclear how far into his wallet he will be ready for that campaign grasp.

Pritzker, who will seek a second term as governor in next year’s elections, disagreed when asked by NBC 5’s Mary Ann Ahern how much he would spend on the 2022 race, saying his focus is solely on mileage ” robust “campaign trying to help Democrats win their race.

“My focus is on running a robust campaign and making sure we vote up and down the Democrats, not just myself,” he said. “We have constitutional officials running for re-election and people running for county executive seats, as well as a state representative and a state senate (so I’ll spend it) like I did in 2018 when we founded Blue Wave Illinois help everyone to drive the ticket up and down. “

According to Campaign Funding Records, during his 2018 bid to oust former Governor Bruce Rauner, Pritzker spent $ 171.5 million of his own money, which had also spent significant sums in his unsuccessful re-election campaign.

Pritzker has already drawn a Democratic challenger in the 2022 primary, as Beverly Miles, a Chicago nurse and U.S. Army veteran, announced a campaign for the nomination. At least three Republicans have already jumped into the field, including State Sen. Darren Bailey, who filed several legal challenges against Pritzker’s orders during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as businessman Gary Rabine and former State Sen. Paul Schimpf.

All three Republican candidates have spoken out loudly against Pritzker, with Bailey accusing the governor of “buying” the election.

“Today our failed Liberal Governor JB Pritzker announced that he would try to buy another election,” Bailey said in a press release. “Billionaires like Pritzker cannot relate to the struggles of working Illinois and families.”

Pritzker dismissed this criticism, saying that his election spending will be used solely to get his message across with the Democratic Party in Illinois.

“I’m just focusing on making sure we get the message out,” he said.

Pritzker also said he would continue to plan to help Democrats across the country during the upcoming midterm elections, but stressed that he did not speak to President Joe Biden about strategy or finances when the two met last week at the White House.

“I’ve always been a supporter of Democrats across the country,” he said.

Iwájú Received’t Be ‘Disney-Fashion’ However Guarantees ‘Disney High quality’ Animation

The upcoming Disney and Kugali afro-futurist science fiction animated series, Iwájú, won’t look or feel like any other Disney objects when it debuts next year.

At the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, the crew behind Disney’s and Kugali’s upcoming science fiction series Iwájú discussed like that Afrofuturistic cartoon stands out from the traditional Disney style.

Plot and character details for Iwájú, which was announced at Disney’s Investors Day in December and is expected to premiere on Disney + in 2022, are still under wraps but focus on the class differences in a futuristic version of Lagos, Nigeria. No footage was shown, although Annecy visitors had the opportunity to see a selection of conceptual art that focused on the show’s futuristic architecture and technology. The Panel will be available to Annecy Pass holders until June 19th.

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Jennifer Lee, chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation, said that working with the international team at the African studio Kugali opened the eyes of the Disney team: “Working with Ziki [Nelson, director], Tolu [Olowofoyeku, Kugali founder] and Hamida [Ibraham, production designer], it makes us better storytellers at Disney. They made us see storytelling in a different way.

Iwájú is Disney Animation’s first collaboration with another studio. This is something Lee plans to do more in the future to further diversify the types of stories Disney tells and “help the world hear other artists’ voices”.

Regarding the visual style of the series, Hamid Ibrahim said “It won’t look like normal animation” from Disney, joking that there are no “princesses walking around Nigeria”.

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Ziki Nelson elaborated, saying, “If you are familiar with some of the work we have published in Kugali, some of the more unique comics we have put out … they have created new styles based on both Eastern and Western art styles . but found African art styles that fit into that aesthetic to create new art styles that you can’t find anywhere else. “If you look at Kugali’s comic book work and find that Olowofeyeku first started the company as an otaku-centric podcast, you can assume that these “Eastern” influences include anime.

Marlon West, visual effects director at Walt Disney Animation, currently working on Iwájú as well as the upcoming musical Encanto, said that Iwájú, as different as it may be from traditional Disney style, will meet the studio’s high artistic standards. He says, “It might not look like a Disney movie, but it has to be Disney-quality.”

The future will premiere on Disney + in 2022.

Source: Annecy

Star Trek: William Riker only exists because of Q interference

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New Wisconsin athletic director Chris McIntosh guarantees completely different fashion for various occasions | School sports activities

Blank called it an “excellent answer”.

“So I thought, this is really the person for the next 10, 20 years in Wisconsin,” she said.

Blank opened a nationwide search on April 7, appointing nine people to a search committee that met four times in closed sessions to discuss a pool of 35 applicants.

5 Things You Should Know About Chris McIntosh, the Next Wisconsin Sporting Director

Former UW assistant sports director Sean Frazier, now AD in Northern Illinois, said he interviewed himself for the position. Ball State sporting director Beth Goetz was also considered a finalist.

The final decision was made by Blank, who said any of the finalists could have been selected. McIntosh stood out from them, she said.

“Chris is a leader,” said Blank. “I am confident that he will build on Coach Alvarez’s legacy of success and make our alumni and fans across the state and around the world proud.”

Focus on academics

A native of Pewaukee, McIntosh played offensive line for the Badgers from 1996 to 1999 and was a first-round NFL draft pick. After his career as a player and jobs in the health and wellness industry, he joined the administration of the sports department in 2014. In July 2017 he was promoted to deputy sports director.

McIntosh is expected to make $ 940,000 annually on a five-year contract, according to a UW official. Of this, $ 500,000 is base salary and $ 440,000 from private donation funds dedicated to athletics held by the UW Foundation. Alvarez earned a combined $ 1.55 million annually.

Evers guarantees particulars quickly on how federal cash to be spent

MADISON, Wisconsin (AP) – Governor Tony Evers announced Tuesday that within weeks, with no input from Republican lawmakers, he would announce how he will spend all $ 3.2 billion on federal coronavirus bailout funds that come after Wisconsin come.

State law gives the governor, a Democrat, control over how the money is to be spent. The Republican-controlled legislation passed laws ordering the money to be spent on lowering property taxes, funding local road projects, and other areas, but Evers vetoed them all. He also vetoed a bill that would have required an issue of the money to go through the legislation.

When asked at a press conference whether he would discuss his plans for spending the money with Republican leaders, Evers said it was not a “top priority”.

“Getting the money out the door is the top priority,” he said.

Evers said he received a call to the federal government later Tuesday to discuss the schedule for the cash out, and details of his plans could be revealed soon.

“We expect to get the information we need in a few weeks,” said Evers.

Evers has already announced that up to $ 420 million of this money, which will flow into the state, will be used for a small business grant program. He has promised to spend $ 600 million of federal funds on small businesses. He has also promised to spend $ 50 million on tourism, $ 200 million on infrastructure including broadband access, and $ 500 million on pandemic action, but has not released details.

Republicans who oversee the Legislature’s Budgets Committee have said that the next biennial budget will be made more difficult by the fact that Evers does not yet say how all of the federal money will be spent. The Joint Finance Committee will hold a fully virtual final public hearing on the budget on Wednesday.

“The Joint Finance Committee will be able to work on the budget,” said Evers.

The legislature’s budget committee is expected to vote on Evers’ budget proposal as early as next week. The spending plan runs from July to June 2023. It also needs to pass legislation and be signed by Evers, who has extensive veto rights, before it becomes law.


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Vroom guarantees torture-free automobile shopping for

Used car dealer Vroom buys and sells vehicles online without consumers having to go to a physical dealer.


Online used car dealer Vroom buys its first Super Bowl airtime Sunday to introduce the company to the 100 million or so fans who watch the game every year – and to poke fun at its competition.

Vroom buys and sells vehicles online without customers having to go to a dealer. The 30-second Super Bowl ad, titled “Dealership Pain,” focuses on pressure to buy a vehicle through a traditional auto dealer.

“We felt that the Super Bowl would be such an opportunity for us to get that message across about our brand promise. That means you never have to go to a dealer again,” said Peter Scherr, Vroom’s chief marketing officer CNBC. “We felt this was a way of creating a new normal for Vroom for buying and selling cars. And we will continue that dynamic into 21”.

Vroom’s business is similar to Caravan, a larger e-commerce platform for buying and selling used cars. Rather than reaching out to such a competitor, Vroom focused on physical dealerships in general – a much larger market than Carvana’s customers, who are already knowledgeable about buying a car online.

“The way we see it, our traditional competitors are traditional dealers,” said Scherr. “There is plenty of room for us to be successful in the Super Bowl and Carvana is continuing on its road to success.”

Paul Hennessy, CEO of Vroom added, “It just didn’t make sense to pick one of the smallest players in the room and then compete with them. We are competing with the goal of our customers, which are basically traditional traders.”

In the Vroom ad, a car buyer is pressured almost so much by a used car dealer that he is tortured with jumper cables. While the customer asks to leave, the seller leans over to attach the jumper cables to him. The chair and scene turn to the man sitting in his front yard and a woman who is picking up a vehicle from Vroom. “Well, that was painless,” says the actor when the vehicle is delivered.

The Super Bowl ad is part of an advertising campaign for Vroom with similar spots, including one titled “Dealership Deceit,” which aired during Sunday’s AFC championship game for the NFL.

Both Hennessy and Scherr expect the Super Bowl ad to further increase awareness and business for Vroom went public in June.

“We’re thinking long term and building a business long term,” said Hennessy. “We expect Vroom to be a household name.”

Vroom’s sales rose 86% to 10,860 vehicles in the first three quarters of last year, which resulted in the company’s revenue increasing 62% to $ 630.5 million in that period compared to 2019. Compared to Carvana, which had sales of nearly 172,000 vehicles and sales of $ 3.8 billion in the first nine months of last year. Both companies are unprofitable.

Vroom’s shares are up about XX% from their initial public offering price of $ 22 per share. The stock closed Tuesday at $ X.XX per share, down XX percent and XX this year.

– CNBCs Megan Graham contributed to this report.

Raise company awareness and build on strong growth during the coronavirus pandemic.