Fashion and Substance: A Have a look at the Mills Corridor-Gibbons Middle Building Challenge

Kevin McDonough ’14

With drone photography by Senior Producer for Academic Media David Israel and additional videography by social media and multimedia specialist Adam Bovie and Director of Capital Projects John Simoneau, Doug Cook, Director of College and Media Relations, offers an insight into this unique project.

Kevin McDonough ’14 works on the Mills Hall-Gibbons Center project as Assistant Site Manager at Consigli Construction.

cashbox Bowdoin Pioneers Maine’s first commercial structure made from all-solid wood signals an ongoing commitment to sustainability for more on the Mills Hall-Gibbons Center project.

City warmth mapping undertaking in NYC finds poor neighborhoods hotter

Poorer neighborhoods are hotter than wealthier ones.

That is the overall result of the New York component of a national project to map urban heat islands. Scientists have long known that urban areas generate heat, but have not yet been able to map it street by street.

On a hot summer day in New York City last July, volunteers swarmed into cars with sensors to track heat and humidity. They traveled from the crowded tenements and truck-lined streets of the South Bronx to the open avenues of Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

The heat trackers told an impressive story. On an afternoon in July, there was at least 7 degrees difference between the South Bronx, one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York City, and the Upper East Side of Manhattan, one of the richest. The difference between the South Bronx and Central Park was even bigger: almost 10 degrees.

This type of heat mapping is becoming increasingly important as climate change causes global temperatures to rise and more people to move to urban areas. According to the United Nations, the proportion of city dwellers will increase from 55% today to 68% by 2050. In addition, as temperatures rise, the overall differences between the hottest and coolest areas increase, exacerbating the class and race divide.

“We get extremely granular data. Street level data. What currently exists is satellite data of where the total of New York City’s streets are, “said Dr. Liv Yoon, researcher at Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

The data can help communities target their financial resources to lower temperatures by building more rooms, adding lighter roofs, leaving more space between buildings and opening more cooling centers during heat waves.

“We want to empower the local citizens and scientists who have participated so that they own the data, because we often hear them go to the authorities and say, ‘We have this problem, but they are often answered with’ You ‘when faced with anecdotes and emotions cannot come to us. We need hard data, “said Yoon.

Heat is the most dangerous natural hazard in cities

Melissa Barber, a native of the Bronx and founder of an activist organization United the South Bronx, has fought for everything from community gardens to redesigning the Bronx waterfront to cool the area. Now she’s working with Yoon, using heat mapping to plead with local officials and property developers to switch.

“As community members who actually fight for justice, social justice and environmental justice, we can now say:“ There is current data that says: ‘We breathe a different air.’ There is current data that says, ‘We see and feel heat differently than anywhere else,’ ”said Barber.

“Areas outlined in historic red certainly have less infrastructure that is conducive to cooling. They have fewer green spaces,” said Yoon, who spoke with CNBC, one of the very few community gardens in the South Bronx – a garden that Barber helped design.

Barber says data will give it more power to transform real estate development in poorer parts of New York City.

“We really need to think about how we shape communities. When we talk about historical injustice and this redlining – there were no parks in this plan. There was no water included in this planning buffers that actually allow us to experience the climate differently did not exist and do not exist for many of our urban communities, “said Barber.

The temperature sensors were provided by Oregon-based CAPA Strategies, a climate data and analysis company that works with the federal government, local communities, and nonprofits.

“It really matters because heat is one of the most insidious killers in cities. It kills more people than any other natural hazard,” said Vivek Shandas, a consultant at CAPA.

Shandas notes that climate change is increasing the stakes and exacerbating the effects of the heat on the local economy, which is now stalling more often due to deadly heat.

“We see a greater heat intensity. We see these heat waves last longer and we see heat waves coming through more often, but we still use a single number to tell us what the temperature is a city or region for, “added Shandas.

New York is one of 12 cities participating in this year’s mapping campaign in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

FKA Twigs Turns Vogue Curator For A Avenue-Fashion Undertaking With A Distinction

Having the confidence of who you are is what Twigs is all about when it comes to street style. She doesn’t say where she gets her own wardrobe inspiration from – “Oooh, that would be tell-tale;)” she emails Vogue – but she’ll talk about how to dress. “On a practical level, I love shifts that can come off during the day to suit different scenarios, from training to meetings,” she shares. “To be able to turn a hoodie into a skirt to wear over sweatpants, or a sweater into a shrug, etc … that’s just the dancer in me, I think.”

She ponders what the Art Pop princess – who, by the way, is also the best pole dancer and swordsman in the industry – would like other Londoners to take away from her ephemeral exhibition: “I think there are some in this current cultural and political climate There is hope that “Those who lived before us managed to find light in times of uncertainty or darkness.” If you take one away from the many fashion headlines this week, be it FKA’s silent belief that Authenticity always wins.

The best street style at Copenhagen Fashion Week SS22

Find out more about Farfetch’s “The Art of Choice” project, with additional curators Tyler Mitchell and Carl Gerges, with photographs by Eve Arnold, Ernest Cole, Bruno Barbey, Chris Steele-Perkins and Herbert List, at

Ford poaches prime tech government Doug Area who helped lead Apple’s top-secret automobile venture

Ford Motor Co. is showing a new 2021 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck at Rouge Complex in Dearborn, Michigan on September 17, 2020.

Rebecca Cook | Reuters

DETROIT – Ford engine said Tuesday it has hired earlier Tesla and Apple Executive Doug Field to direct its new technology efforts, a focus for the automaker as part of its new Ford + turnaround to plan.

Field – who directed the development of Teslas Model 3 – most recently as Vice President for Special Projects Apple, which allegedly included the tech giant’s titanium car project.

The hiring is a great addition to Ford and a huge achievement for Apple and his company secret car project, which the company has yet to confirm exists.

“I think every time you lose a respected, seasoned manager who, as we can see, really led Apple’s automotive efforts, it’s a blow to any company,” says Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi, who owns the iPhone -Manufacturer covers. said CNBCs “Closing bell.”

Apple said in an email statement, “We are grateful for the contributions Doug has made to Apple and we wish him all the best for this next chapter.”

Ford said Field will assume the new position of Chief Advanced Technology and Embedded Systems Officer. He will lead Ford’s vehicle control, enterprise connectivity, functions, integration and validation, architecture and platform, driver assistance technology and digital development tools.

“His talent and dedication to innovating that improve customers’ lives will be invaluable as we grow our Ford + plan to deliver great products, lasting customer relationships and constantly improving user experiences,” said Ford CEO Jim Farley in a statement. “We are thrilled that Doug has decided to join Ford and write the next great chapter of this great company.”

Field, who will report to Farley, began his career at Ford in 1987, according to his LinkedIn profile. He then held positions at Johnson & Johnson, Deka Research & Development and Segway before joining Apple in 2008. After more than five years with the tech giant, he moved to Tesla before returning to Apple in 2018.

In 2016, Apple reportedly abandoned plans to build its own car and focused more on developing the software for autonomous driving. Field’s recent assignment at Apple was seen by industry insiders as an indication that the company is thinking about building its own vehicles again.

His most recent stint at Apple was seen by some industry insiders as a re-emphasis on vehicle design after the company realigned its efforts towards autonomous driving software.

Field declined to speak about his work at Apple, but said there was “nothing that prevents me from working full-time at Ford” when asked if his former employer had forced him to sign a nondisclosure agreement sign.

“Apple does not talk about new products, and I will not talk about my work at Apple,” he said on Tuesday during a phone call with reporters. “But nothing prevents me from becoming fully involved with Ford, and I look forward to capitalizing on everything I have from all of the teams I’ve worked with and from all of the companies I’ve been privileged to work with To be part, to use. ” from.”

Field said he chose Ford after speaking with executives at the company and realizing there was a “deep desire” to transform the automotive industry, particularly with connected vehicles.

Connected vehicles are a key part of Ford’s new turnaround plan, which aims to reposition the automaker to generate more recurring revenue through software services.

Farley described the setting of the field as a “watershed moment” for the automaker. It follows Ford chairman Bill Ford, who told CNBC the automaker would announce new leaders to Farley’s management team.

– CNBCs Kevin Stankiewicz and Kif Leswing contributed to this report

Mission Buramato is a brand new Zelda/Genshin Impression-style motion journey platformer

Ozysoft announced a new action-adventure platformer that shares a similar visual style with Genshin Impact and the latest Zelda game, Project Buramato. In addition, the team announced that a prototype demo will appear on PC (via Steam) in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Ozysoft describes Project Buramato as a fast-paced third-person 3D action shooter platformer. The game will feature high fantasy graphics, focus on atmosphere, and minimalist storytelling.

In this game, players fight against mystical creatures in a magic-focused shooter gameplay. Players will also explore the land of the old gentlemen in beautiful semi-open worlds.

It seems interesting, so be sure to check out the trailer!

John is the founder and editor-in-chief of DSOGaming. He is a PC gaming fan and is very supportive of the modding and indie community. Before founding DSOGaming, John worked on numerous gaming websites. Despite being a die-hard PC gamer, his gaming roots can be found in consoles. John loved – and still does – 16-bit consoles and considers SNES to be one of the best consoles out there. Nevertheless, the PC platform convinced him compared to consoles. This was mainly due to 3DFX and its iconic dedicated 3D accelerator graphics card Voodoo 2. John also wrote a thesis on the “evolution of PC graphics cards”. Contact: E-mail

Tidal energy undertaking in Canada secures help of Japanese corporations

Laszlo Podor | Moment | Getty Images

Two Japanese companies have entered into a joint development agreement with Ireland-based DP Energy to work on the initial stages of a tidal energy project in Canada.

In statements released earlier this week Chubu Electric Power and Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, or “K” Line, said the agreement was related to the Uisce Tapa Tidal Energy project. The development is located at the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy in the Bay of Fundy, a bay between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Both Chubu Electric Power and “K” Line called it “the first tidal power project that a Japanese company will participate in overseas”.

According to DP Energy, the first phase of Uisce Tapa – Irish for “fast water” – revolves around three 1.5 megawatt turbines. The second aims to increase the capacity of the project to 9 MW.

Uisce Tapa is backed by a 15-year power purchase agreement with Nova Scotia Power Incorporated, which amounts to Canadian dollars 530 (approximately $ 422) per megawatt hour. It also benefits from a grant of approximately $ 30 million Canadian dollars from Natural Resources Canada.

In its announcement on Wednesday, DP Energy described the Bay of Fundy as “home to some of the highest tides in the world”. At the highest surface speed, the tidal currents are “capable of exceeding 10 knots” or 5 meters per second, he added.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada said the project is being considered for approval by Chubu Electric Power and “K” Line. If everything goes according to plan, the first turbine would go into operation in 2023, followed by two more in 2026.

Read more about clean energy from CNBC Pro

The news comes the same week that tidal energy company Nova Innovation said it was able to move forward with a project focuses on expanding the production of tidal turbines after receiving funding from the Scottish Government.

The £ 2 million ($ 2.77 million) funding increase announced on Thursday will be used to support the Volume Manufacturing and Logistics for Tidal Energy project, also known as VOLT.

According to Nova, VOLT will “develop the first European assembly line for the mass production of tidal turbines” and also “test innovative techniques and tools to ship, deploy and monitor turbines around the world”.

Last week, another company, Orbital Marine Power, said its O2 turbine had started with grid-connected electricity generation at the European Marine Energy Center in Orkney, an archipelago north of mainland Scotland.

The 2 megawatt O2 is known as the “strongest tidal turbine in the world”, weighs 680 tons and is 74 meters long.

Home panel advances Randolph well being heart mission cash

RANDOLPH – The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Budgets has submitted a series of expense bills totaling nearly $ 1.4 million for projects in Randolph and Milton.

The projects, proposed by the community and drafted into legislation by US MP Ayanna Pressley, call for $ 1 million to build a community health center at Randolph High School and $ 275,000 for more culturally appropriate educational materials at Randolph Public Schools. A $ 100,000 Milton proposal provides a data-driven curriculum and professional development for the city’s teachers to fill the math and reading gaps exacerbated by the pandemic.

“COVID-19 has exposed the severe inequalities in our public health and education systems, particularly in hard-hit communities like Randolph and Milton,” Pressley said in a statement. Funding for these three projects would help provide the accessible, trustworthy, and experienced health services the residents of Randolph need while providing our most vulnerable students in Randolph and Milton with high quality, culturally sensitive education that will guide them College and prepared for their careers. Selection.”

More: Proposed Condos on Randolph Avenue Makes 8 Active 40 Billion Proposals in Milton

More: Randolph Receives an Additional $ 21 Million in COVID-19 Aid

The Budget Committee passed 12 spending bills that will be presented to plenary starting this week before moving to the Senate if passed. Funding of the local projects is not guaranteed even if the actions happen through the house. Congressmen and lawmakers expect the bills to be the basis for negotiations with Senate lawmakers on a possible year-end bulk spending bill, for example.

Local officials have long kept an eye on a health center in Randolph and praise the efforts.

“The health center issue is not new,” said Alderman Ken Clifton last month when Prssley was meeting with local officials. “It’s clear you need one. The pandemic has really increased the need for such a facility.”

Randolph Town Manager Brian Howard said the town needs a health center.

“This much-needed school health center will make an immeasurable contribution to the health of Randolph’s youth and families,” Howard said in a statement. “Randolph’s inadequate health care was acutely evident during the COVID pandemic, when Randolph was a hot spot. This new health center in Randolph’s High School will build our local health infrastructure and increase our ability to meet health care needs and be better prepared for crises. ”

More: A native of Randolph, he is a stunt double on “Without Remorse” and other local entertainment news

More: Keenan: More Affordable Care Act looks at lessons learned from the pandemic

James Jette, superintendent of Milton Public Schools, said he was grateful that Pressley wanted to help students end learning disrupted by the pandemic.

Pressley’s proposals are part of an initiative to fund community projects by the US Home Funds Committee. Project funding is a newer, more accountable version of what was formerly known as “earmarks” to channel federal funds towards specific projects in a congressman’s district.

The new round of spending bills is separate from an infrastructure bill passed by the House of Representatives earlier this month.

Material from The Detroit News, part of the USA Today Network, was used in this report.

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COMMUNITY OPINION: Cash talks with Betabel challenge

Mary Zanger writes that the community’s vote was ignored.

This community opinion was contributed by resident Mary Zanger. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent BenitoLink or other related contributors.

If anyone thinks George Washington’s lips on a dollar bill don’t move, they have a different thought, because that’s how money speaks. Money speaks and speaks great.

Just before the pandemic, we had a local election. One of the problems related to the growth of a planned development on Highway 101 and Betabel Road in San Benito County. This proposed community of retail stores worked extensively for voter approval. But guess what? This growth theme was solidly defeated by the electorate.

I have just read: “Betabel project breaks ground” I couldn’t believe my eyes. When reading on there was an explanation the overseers changed the zone designation from C-3 to C-1. Reading on the internet showed that supervisors Bea Gonzales and Bob Tiffany were attending. This wasn’t a surprise as they were okay with the development. I have no problem with your position as it was public, but I have a problem with our democracy.

The overwhelming vote of the people against this development should be democracy. Where is the respect or even the recognition of the people? If a minority of people thinks they know better than the majority, then that behavior has another name. Indeed, it has many names: authoritarian, imperialist, royal; none of them say democracy. This list of names all mean the opposite of democracy.

Money is the motivator of this project. Newsprint tells us. The cancer-stricken son Errol wanted to buy the property so that the profits could be used for cancer research. All profits are donated to pediatric cancer research. The whole idea is “profit”. That’s talking about money.

Money also speaks by donating to election campaigns and arranging media advertising for groundbreaking action. Especially money talks, by pushing George Washington’s nose from that dollar bill to ordinary citizens who use their votes against monetary interests.

Mary Zanger, retired pharmacist

Rowlesburg talks stimulus cash and sewer mission | Information

ROWLESBURG – Rowlesburg City Council spoke briefly about the stimulus money coming from the US government and what they can do with it.

Rowlesburg is set to receive $ 240,000. Half of the funding should take place this year, the second half in 2022.

“We really don’t have a lot of influence because we can only spend it on three things,” said City Councilor Eric Baumgardner. “Most, if not everything, goes into the wastewater project.”

Baumgardner meant that economic stimulus funds were earmarked for sewers, water and broadband. However, since then the government has added more categories for which the funds could be used.

– Support the public health response by funding “COVID-19 aids, medical expenses, behavioral medicine, and certain public health and safety personnel”.

– Replace lost public sector revenue: “Use funds to provide government services to the extent that revenue has declined due to the pandemic.”

– Combat negative economic impacts by responding “to economic damage to workers, families, small businesses, affected industries and the public sector”.

– Bonus payment for key workers, also known as hero pay, by offering “additional support to those who have and will bear the greater health risks because of their service to critical infrastructure sectors”.

The sewer project is still in the design phase at Thrasher Engineering in Bridgeport.

Preston County’s Economic Development Agency is the administrator of the project. EDA Executive Director Robbie Baylor said there are still many unknowns about the project.

“Part of the discussion is how much money we can get from the sellers,” said Baylor. “We’ve seen things come out of the West Virginia Public Service District in terms of projects, which really makes us look at the cost of this project.”

Baylor said the PSC and the Infrastructure Council have tackled some projects and cut funding because construction costs seem out of proportion or the size of a rate increase is insufficient.

“We have to be very careful how it looks,” said Baylor.

One of these points is whether you should modify the existing lagoon system in Manheim or build a new sewage system.

“If we build a new plant, it will be expensive,” said Baylor.

One question she has tried to answer, but has failed, is if the churches and they use the stimulus money as a counterpart, it will reduce the amount of funding if the sellers reduce the amount of money the church can receive.

“If that happens, there is no benefit,” said Baylor.

Kylie Radcliffe, a project engineer at Thrasher Engineering, said she has no set date for completing the design phase.

“Much depends on the availability of funding,” said Radcliffe. “We get everything coordinated and check all possible sources of funding.”

She said it was definitely a multi-phase project as nothing had been done to the system since the 1985 flood.

“We have three top priorities that we will work on first,” said Radcliffe. “The first is the parking area where we will probably want to replace these pipe sections.”

The second priority would be the expansion of the pumping stations, the third the expansion of the lagoon system or, if necessary, the construction of a sewerage system.

In other matters, the Rowlesburg Council passed a new parking ordinance on Monday after second reading.

Baumgardner said the regulation needs to be updated.

“It hasn’t been updated since the 1980s and there were a few things to add,” said Baumgardner. “One of the changes is that the board members of the parking commission have no term limits.”

He also said park board members didn’t have to live much in Rowlesburg town, but one person would need a 26425 zip code.

Another change is that exotic pets are not allowed in the park.

“We allow dogs, but they have to be leashed and then cleaned,” said Baumgardner.

Travis Barker will seem in Kardashian household’s subsequent actuality challenge | Leisure

Travis Barker is expected to appear on the Kardashian family’s upcoming Hulu show.

The Blink-182 drummer is currently dating Kourtney Kardashian, and while he won’t appear on the final season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians – which was filmed before their romance began – it is believed he will Be a guest star when the famous family launches a new show on Hulu.

A source told Entertainment Tonight, “Travis is expected to appear on the Kardashian Hulu show. His children can perform too, but not as often as he is featured.”

The insider also revealed that Travis and Kourtney are “doing great” and that Travis “just wants to make them happy.”

Meanwhile, it was announced in December that the Kardashian family has signed a new exclusive deal with Disney to play and produce a new reality series for Hulu, which is expected to air later this year.

A source said at the time, “The family is really excited about this new chapter and adventure and of course they don’t want to step out of the spotlight. They’ll keep talking about their lives through the deal with Hulu, but now with a new, updated spin. “

The famous family announced last year that they were planning to sell their E! Reality show on the air after 14 years.

In a statement, they said: “It is with a heavy heart that we as a family made the difficult decision to say goodbye to Keeping Up with the Kardashians. After 14 years, 20 seasons, hundreds of episodes and numerous spin-off shows, we are To all of you who have watched us all these years, incredibly grateful – through the good times, the bad times, the happiness, the tears and the many relationships and children forever cherishing the wonderful memories and countless people we met along the way to have.”