J&J plans to separate into two corporations, separating shopper merchandise and pharmaceutical companies

Health conglomerate Johnson & Johnson announced plans on Friday to spin off its consumer products business from its pharmaceutical and medical device businesses, creating two publicly traded companies. The news sent stocks up in pre-trading hours.

The separation will separate the Household Products division, manufacturer of patches, Aveeno and Neutrogena skin care products, and Listerine from its riskier but faster growing division that makes and sells prescription drugs and medical devices, including his Covid-19 Vaccination.

“After a thorough review, the board and management team believe that the proposed separation of the consumer health business is the best way to accelerate our efforts to serve patients, consumers and healthcare professionals, opportunities for our talented global community Create a team and drive profitable growth, and most importantly, improve health outcomes for people around the world, ”outgoing CEO Alex Gorsky said in a statement.

The company hopes to complete the transaction in 18 to 24 months. The Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices division, which includes advanced technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence, would keep the Johnson & Johnson name and keep J & J’s new CEO Joaquin Duato at the helm.

Gorsky told CNBC that the company has yet to set a name for the new publicly traded consumer business.

He said the decision to liquidate the company had been discussed by his board of directors since “it came” as it would present “tremendous opportunities” to stakeholders.

“It is in the best long-term interests of all of our stakeholders,” he continued.Squawk box. “” Our goal is to create two world leaders – a pharmaceutical and medical device business that has huge potential today … and of course the iconic brand consumer business. “

Duato will take on the role as planned in January. These segments are expected to generate sales of around $ 77 billion, while the consumer goods division is expected to sell around $ 15 billion in products this year, the company said.

His yet-to-be-named consumer products company will also inherit litigation arising from lawsuits over allegations that its Johnson’s Baby Powder causes cancer, allegations the company has vehemently denied.

Gorsky said the consumer division has four brands alone with annual sales of more than $ 1 billion. The separation will allow the company “even more agility” and “better opportunity to allocate capital,” he said.

J & J’s shares rose more than 3% in pre-trading hours following the announcement.

With Gorsky’s departure as CEO, J&J already went through a major transformation. He will remain in office as Executive Chairman of the new J&J, the company said.

In addition, the company planned to keep the total dividend “at least at the same level” after the change. J&J currently has a dividend yield of around 2.6%.

The announcement comes just a few days later General electrics said it plans to split into three separate publicly traded companies and to spin off its medical and energy divisions from the aviation division.

– CNBCs Berkeley Lovelace Jr. contributed to this report.

Dango Merchandise MC01 light-weight titanium cash clip holds as much as 80 payments, playing cards, and extra » Gadget Circulate

Store up to 80 bills, cards and mini items in the lightweight titanium MC01 money clip from Dango Products. These EDC accessories are designed to take with you on the go and are sturdy yet small enough to stow in your pocket. In fact, you can get a bulky one. substitute wallet with this slim money and card holder. It contains a silicone strap that wraps around the body of the chassis and provides extra storage space to crush large bills. Or you can use this tape to separate cash. In addition, this lightweight titanium money clip has a manoeuvrable titanium clip that makes it easy to pull in a single bank note at a time. But the Dango Products MC01 isn’t just for the money, because it has a whimsical surprise you’ll love: it has a built-in bottle opener. It is available in a total of 3 colors: Champagne Gold, Jet Black and Satin Silver.

Striker Leisure to Lead ‘Blade Runner’ Shopper Merchandise

Alcon Entertainment uses Striker Entertainment for the licensing of consumer goods

Alcon entertainment has tapped Striker entertainment about the licensing of consumer goods for the “Blade Runner” franchise with a focus on “Blade Runner: Black Lotus“And” The Expanse “, the science fiction series based on the novels of the same name by James SA Corey.

“Alcon has shown that they know how to produce content that targets the fan in all of us,” said Russell Binder, president of Striker Entertainment. “We are grateful to have been selected to help Alcon expand this fan service with merchandising and experiences that showcase these treasured properties to audiences and consumers both during and between seasons.”

By compiling a list of fan-first tastemaker licensees, Striker Entertainment will oversee fashion collaborations, collectibles, board games, action figures, stationery, clothing, accessories and pop replicas.

The announcement comes as the prioritized series near their release later this year. “The Expanse” will be released for its sixth and final season on Amazon Prime in the fall, while “Blade Runner: Black Lotus” will premiere on Adult Swim and CrunchyRoll before the end of 2021.

“We’re excited to be expanding the Blade Runner universe beyond the screen and working with Striker Entertainment to create incredible merchandise for ‘Blade Runner fans’,” said Alcon Entertainment Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove. “Also, ‘The Expanse’ fans have asked for more ways to own products related to the show, and we trust Striker Entertainment will take great care of that.”

As an award-winning independent licensing agency, Striker Entertainment represents media and gaming IP for AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and Universal’s “The Umbrella Academy”. She is actively looking for founding partners for her licensing program.

Dolly Parton’s ‘The Library That Dolly Built’ has an exclusive screening window for AARP members

Dolly Parton The film “The Library That Dolly Built” is offering an exclusive screening window for AARP members on Wednesday in collaboration with Dollywood, Abramorama, The Dollywood Foundation, AARP and Giant Pictures.

The July 7 screening of the film examining Parton’s nonprofit Imagination Library will be followed by a global release on July 9 on digital platforms including Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and Cable On Demand.

Originally planned for April 2020, “The Library That Dolly Built” premiered digitally on December 8, 2020 in front of an audience of over 1 million people.

“I’m so excited that we can finally tell the full story of my Imagination Library,” said Parton. “It is certainly not just about me. Our story is the story of children, families and communities who all share the dream of inspiring children to read and learn. I hope this documentary will encourage more cities, more states, and even more countries to jump on board. One thing is certain, this is the best investment I have ever made! “

Oculus Sets’ Paper Birds Pt. 1 & 2 ′ release date

Oculus announced that the animated short film “Paper Birds Pt. 1 & 2 “will be available exclusively for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 on July 8th.

The two-part virtual reality experience tells the story of Toto (Archie Yates), a short-sighted child with an exceptional musical talent. Under the guidance of his grandparents Robert (Edward Norton), a highly respected musician who was primarily devoted to his music, and Elsa (Joss Stone), who gave up her dreams of becoming an artist to take care of her family , Toto must find his way through the world of darkness to bring back his sister who has been taken away by mysterious shadows. He will use the depth of the music to open portals to the invisible world. And when he faces the shadows, they will reveal their deeper purpose.

Directed by writer German Heller and Federico Carlini, the films are the latest immersive virtual reality experiences from 3DAR and Baobab Studios. They first premiered virtually at the Tribeca Festival 2021 on June 11th.

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Transformation Leisure Group (TEG) and Appotronics USA Signal Unique Distribution Settlement for Professional-AV Laser Merchandise

ORANGE, Calif .– () –Transformation Entertainment Group (TEG), experts in visualization and audio products, fully integrated solutions and managed services, is pleased to announce that Appotronics USA Inc. has selected the company as its main distributor in North America for its revolutionary and market-leading Pro-AV laser projector products .

All Appotronics Pro AV laser projectors use proprietary intellectual property called ALPD (Advanced Laser Phosphor Display) technology. The ALPD laser display technology is characterized by high efficiency, high contrast, large color range, high reliability, exceptional image quality and a full range of fixed and zoom lenses. Appotronics’ newest Pro AV projector for large event spaces, the T Series, continues to revolutionize the industry and features ALPD technology, 3-DLP and generates up to 33,000 lumens in the smallest, lightest and quietest space.

“We are very excited to be working with TEG to lead our sales operations and provide exceptional customer service in North America,” said Peter Zhang, North America Sales Manager, Appotronics USA. “We look forward to being able to offer TEG the best projectors in the industry for applications such as entertainment, education, places of worship, digital signage and rental staging.”

“Appotronics’ ALPD technology has revolutionized laser projection and enables high performance and reliability at an affordable price,” said Tom Schwartz, TEG partner. “TEG is pleased to work with consultants, dealers, integrators and agencies.”

Via Appotronics

Appotronics is a true leader in laser displays, formed by global R&D executives from specialty areas such as optics, electronics, materials, physics, engineering and precision manufacturing. Appotronics invented its signature ALPD® technology in 2007 and it changed the industry. Recognized as the standard for the next generation of laser displays, we continue to be pioneers in industrialization on a global level. ALPD® technology is currently used in multimedia projects for industries such as film production, television, intelligent education, large event displays, and others. Appotronics is the fifth company in the world and the first in China to manufacture digital laser cinema projectors that meet DCI certification.

About the Transformation Entertainment Group (TEG)

Transformation Entertainment Group (TEG) is a technology and professional services company that helps movie theater and commercial space owners optimize, reinvent, transform and improve their entertainment and corporate branding and messaging experiences. TEG is headquartered in Orange County, California. For more information, please visit www.transentgroup.com.

These Interval Merchandise Will Save You Cash And Make Your Circulation Extra Eco-Pleasant

Every product we offer has been independently selected and checked by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may receive a commission.

Whether you learned the facts of life from a hackneyed health-class video or from that American Girl book about puberty, you probably weren’t made aware of a fact: People with periodsThere is a cycle that goes beyond the cycle your uterus is going through. Once you start bleeding, you will also be introduced to a new cycle: refilling, using up and refilling a supply of pads and tampons. While reusable options have been around for years, they recently made the leap from health food stores into the mainstream. These products, like period pants and menstrual cups, often focus on more environmentally friendly flow. But there is another advantage: the upfront investment can also save you money in the long term.

1. Menstrual cups

Menstrual cup users tend to feel pretty evangelical over your period product of choice. Most cups are made of soft, flexible silicone that sits under your cervix and draws blood instead of absorbing it. Once full, it can be drained, rinsed and put back in. It may take a bit of getting used to, but there are a number of reasons this outperforms tampons for your period: Once your flow begins, it’s always with you so you never know you forgot your bag or bathroom to keep in stock with sanitary products.

Also, only one menstrual cup can get you through your period – the one after that and the one after that. Most take several years with proper care and usually pay off in the first year. While everyone’s periods and preferences vary, figuring out a price is pretty easy: a Diva Cup, one of the OG menstrual cups, costs $ 33. If you use it for 3 years it is less than a dollar per cycle. Not bad, right?

2. Period panties

Contemporary panties were once reminiscent of the filthy, stained underwear that was sacrificed for the days of heavy flow. But then Thinx came on stage and redefined the term. While the product itself wasn’t brand new, the look of the underwear was: today’s panties are the kind you love to wear. You just absorb blood while you are doing it.

Like single-use products, contemporary underwear can be designed to suit your flow. While it’s not as inexpensive as a mug (a pair of panties won’t get you through your entire flow unless you’re really determined to do laundry every day), the investment can still save you some cash. Most period underwear costs around $ 36. Spend $ 175 on a five day river without laundry. If you’ve taken good care of your new underwear for over three years, you’ve spent less than $ 5 per period. Given that a box of branded tampons costs around $ 10, that’s not bad business.

Of course, not everyone who loves their period underwear wears them as an exclusive period protection: you can also combine them as a replacement for panty liners, to combine them with tampons or menstrual cups. Not sure where you’re falling Trying out a pair from a brand like Thinx or Kinx, both of which offer generous return policies, is a good place to start. You can build your collection from there or set up a standby kit for your heaviest day.

3. Reusable menstrual disk

Menstrual discs collect blood like a cup does, rather than absorbing it. As the cups suck on the cervix (don’t worry, this is painless for most people!) And extend into the vaginal canal, the intervertebral discs in the vaginal fornix, also known as space behind / at the base of your cervix – lean back and pull not on. I don’t need to be vacuumed. You can see one Diagram of Disc vs. Cup usage here. Some people just prefer the feel of the disc, and this is especially the way to have penetrative sex with a disc.

Most discs, however, are disposable and expensive. Thankfully, more silicone discs have hit the market in recent years that offer the same benefits without as much waste. The Ziggy Cup, shaped like a disk, doesn’t crush words with the slogan: “The one you can have sex with.” At $ 38, you’ll pay less than $ 1 per period over three years to use it.

4. Reusable pads

Reusable pads are somewhat detrimental to menstrual cups: like traditional panties, you will need more of them, and like traditional disposable toiletries, you may need to take a replacement with you along the way. But unlike menstrual cups, there is almost no learning curve: reusable pads work much the same as disposable pads, you just don’t end up throwing them away. They match the rest of your laundry and can be cleaned and reused.

They’re also cheaper than period panties. A block of GladRagsIt comes with 2 inserts that you can swap or use together and cost $ 15. A set of five would cost $ 75, and GladRags says their pads are rated to last three years and go up to $ 2 per cycle. GladRags even offers the option of having a new pad sent to you every month so that you can expand your collection without the initial upfront investment. GladRags even sells practical pockets with two pockets for pulling pads (both clean and used, in separate bags) on the go.

5. Applicator-free tampons

Not ready to take the plunge to reusable products? You can still save a lot of money by switching to an applicator-free tampon brand like OB. A 40-pack of OB tampons costs about $ 7. That’s about as good as brand name tampons. In addition, the small tampon can actually hold a surprising amount of liquid. For those who find tampon insertion uncomfortable but run out of pads, OB tampons can be a lifesaver.

And for the uninitiated, inserting a tampon without an applicator isn’t as intimidating as it may seem: with the tampon string, you stretch out the end of the tampon, creating a kind of pocket. Your index finger will be in your pocket and will help guide the tampon instead of an applicator. It’s that simple – and you also have a little more control than with an applicator. For many fans, it’s a win / win situation: a product that works better and costs less.

6. Reusable applicator

Another eco-friendly option that can actually save you money is Dame’s relatively new reusable applicator. At $ 26, it might seem like a splendor, but it pays for itself in about 13 tampon boxes when you save on the applicator-free boxes. You need to remember to take it with you, but then again, you need to do the same with your tampons too. And since it’s designed to be used over and over, it also feels a lot more comfortable than a plastic applicator that goes straight to the trash.