Kate Middleton emulates Princess Diana’s iconic type with outfit and accent selections

Kate Middleton is a fashion icon herself. In fact, social media and glossy magazine pages are constantly littered with the Duchess of Cambridge’s impressive looks. However, she takes inspiration from the fashionable Princess Diana.

36 years before Kate, in 1985, the late princess wore an equally regal, silver floor-length dress.

Both looked like dashing Bond girls in their fitted dresses with V-necklines and distinctive shoulder marks.

Many believe that Kate was directly emulating Diana who would have been her mother-in-law.

“Kate admired Diana’s taste in fashion before William entered her life,” a source told US magazine.


“During her school days, she used to tell friends that Diana was her style icon.”

This wasn’t the first time Kate had nodded to Diana.

Only on one of many occasions did Kate look eerily like the princess.

In June 1990, the Princess of Wales stunned in a shocking pink coat.

Kate was seen in an almost matching ensemble in March 2015.

She even based her accessories on Diana, wearing short black heels and a black clutch.

The only difference was that Diana paired her jacket with a skirt, while Kate rocked a one-piece on that occasion.

Most recently, on Remembrance Day, Kate channeled Diana in a wide-brimmed black hat.

In 1992 Diana wore a similar oversized black hat for the same occasion.

Amanda Wakeley, the woman who designed Diana’s power suits, said, “I think when you’re headed for a tricky moment, it’s very comforting to slip into something that feels great.”

She added that Diana sent messages “very powerfully” through her clothing.

It appears that Kate is following in Diana’s footsteps and assuming more royal responsibilities as the future queen.

Princess Stephanie: Royal’s model in photos

Princess Stephanie has followed several career paths over the years, from philanthropy to acting. The 56-year-old also worked as a fashion designer, and you can tell.

Although Stephanie always had big footsteps to fill in as the daughter of style icon Grace Kelly, she has done well.

Stephanie is a fan of elegant tailoring, clean cuts, skirt suits, neutral colors and the occasional dash of red. Over the years, Stephanie has been influenced by her mother’s style choices.

As she grew up, Stephanie preferred collared blazers in combination with slim pants, like the flashy white ensemble she wore to the 2002 Monte Carlo Masters tennis tournament.

Or the striped blue-brown blazer with white trousers that she wore in 1983 when she was pictured with her boyfriend at the time, Paul Belmondo.

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Samantha was referring, for example, to Prince Albert’s coronation in 2005, when Stephanie wore “a tweed skirt suit but multi-colored fringes.”

She added, “Over the years we’ve seen them in textures like leather, satin, velvet, brocade.

“Although she was in a lot of black, the princess is not afraid of color.”

It has been depicted in bright colors like orange and purple over the years.

Over the past few years, Stephanie has preferred more neutral colors, suggesting that her style has shifted to more subtle and less flashy designs.

But she is also not afraid to try something new, such as the gold silk dressing gown-like long jacket that she wore at the Monaco Yacht Club in Monte Carlo last year.

The princess combined the coat with a collar with a plain white T-shirt and jeans.

Samantha said, “Fashion should be fun and style is an evolving journey for many women.

“What you wear in your 30s and 50s can be completely different.

“As we get to know ourselves, we fall in love with trends, fabrics and colors.

“It’s nice to see someone who is confident in shaking things up and trying out new trends.”

Samantha added that there are “definitely similarities” between Stephanie’s clothes and her mother’s clothes.

She said, “The tailoring is very Grace Kelly, as are some of the necklines that Stephanie seems to have preferred over the years.

“As a model, singer and fashion designer, fashion has definitely run in the blood over the years.”

‘Basic’ Kate Middleton channelling Princess Diana’s ‘fairy-tale’ type – ‘a disgrace’

Kate Middleton channeled Princess Diana’s style several times until she donned almost identical outfits to her Diana’s. Princess of Wales, already worn once. But is the Duchess of Cambridge trying to deliberately emulate her style?

Fashion designer Melita Latham told Express.co.uk that the two styles are completely different and that while “anyone can recreate Kate’s ensemble,” Princess Diana’s “presence” is impossible to imitate.

Melita said Diana “certainly had a style of her own. From her first unexpected appearance in the spotlight, she had a particular style that shone almost as much as her beauty. “

“She could have come to any engagement in an old sack and would have put those present in awe.

“Wearing khaki pants and a white blouse (and armor to protect them) while inspecting minefields is a moment few will forget, but just as few would be able to make a similar impression,” explained the fashion expert.

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“Seldom does this beauty, charm, presence and style come into their own as perfectly as with Diana.

“A truly groundbreaking personality in terms of what she achieved as a princess and mother, but also in her death, modernized (almost destroyed) the royal family almost overnight all by herself.

“Quite remarkable,” she concluded.

Commenting on Kate’s style, Melita commented: “Kate is a classically beautiful woman, a loving mother and an admirable member of the royal family. Her flair for clothing is classic and suits all occasions, which is obviously aided by her remarkable figure and beauty.


“If Kate had made such an impression in the white blouse, I seriously doubt,” said the fashion expert.

“Of course Kate is everything a princess is, and one day it should be a queen, there can be no doubt about that.

“Our first really beautiful princess (how princesses are supposed to be in fairy tales) was Diana. She was the model T.

“Of course, 40 years later, Kate is no less a princess, and anyone can recreate her ensemble in today’s fashion market,” she explained.

“If you can imagine them together as people of the same age today, it is difficult to choose what is more beautiful. However, it is not at all difficult to see what is most present at the moment, ”said Melita.

But is Kate trying to restore that “presence”?

The fashion designer doesn’t think it’s even possible to recreate Diana’s essence.

“I doubt Kate is trying to emulate Diana, if so it would be a shame.

“She has a style of her own that is clearly influenced by her own family. It simply cannot compensate for the “first”, the “prototype” effect.

“If you saw an automobile for the first time in a country of horse-drawn carriages, you will remember that moment.

“In today’s world of cars, however, you have to remember which is which.

“In today’s celebrity-hungry media society, there are a lot of princesses, royal or not, and I’m afraid that’s where Kate lives,” concluded Melita.

13 divine classic images that highlight Princess Margaret’s royal model

Between The crown Dedicated to countless accounts on the small screen Princess Diana’s 90s style on Instagram and loads Weddings and Babies In real life, royal fever has reached new heights in recent years. And while no one could touch Di when it came to one. went Athleisure moment, Princess Margaret made a dash (often in Dior) on the world stage long before she and Charles got their “Wedding of the century“1981.

the queen‘s younger sister really got going in the mid-1960s when she – with far more freedom than her dutiful sister who ruled a nation plagued by the Cold War, the Aberfan disaster, and the devaluation of the pound – Margaret rubbed his shoulders with Frank Sinatra and Sophia Loren; paid for a high profile trip to the White House and retired to Sardinia’s Costa Smerelda or Mustique in her free time.

The king responsible for most of them decadent morning routine on record, and who notoriously posed for her photographer husband, Lord Snowdon, who wore it Wedding tiara Princess Margaret would have celebrated her 91st birthday this week in the bathroom. Rediscover her influential royal style below.

This article originally appeared on Vogue.de

Prince William plans a non-public household go to to Princess Diana | Leisure Information

Prince William takes his children to visit the statue of Princess Diana before it is given to the world.

The Duke of Cambridge and his younger brother Prince Harry will officially announce a memorial for the 60th moment of repentance on Thursday (01.07.21) in the Sanken Gardens in Kensington Palace. on site.

According to The Daily Telegraph, William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, will be last in line with Prince George (7), Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis (6) and 3 in the coming days. ..

In addition, Harry, who returned to the UK from the US last week without his wife Megan, Duchess of Sussex, or their children Archie (2 years old) and Lili (3 weeks), is planning a personal visit to the site after quarantine. The time is over, but not at the same time as his brother.

The statue is said to have arrived at Kensington Palace over the weekend and is now on a pedestal overlooking the garden, but is not visible through a large wooden container.

Created by sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley, the memorial commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Princess’ death in a car accident in Paris in 1997 to pay tribute to the positive impact she had on the world. Was entrusted.

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically reduced disclosure plans. The ceremony will be attended by William and Harry, as well as members of Diana’s family, including his brother Earl Charles Spencer, instead of the original 100 guests. Because I am there.

In addition, the media presence of this event is limited to a pool reporter and broadcaster.

Prince William is planning a private family visit to Princess Diana | Entertainment news

Source link Prince William is planning a private family visit to Princess Diana | Entertainment news

Kristen Stewart’Cannot Cease Pondering About Princess Diana | Leisure Information

Kristen Stewart can’t stop thinking about Princess Diana since she was cast as the late British royal family.

The 31-year-old actress played Princess Wales, who died in a car accident in 1997, in the new film Spencer, where she studied her role until she fell asleep at the sound of her voice.

Kristen said, “Knowing Diana was a really great experience.

“It makes a lot of sense to me, but I’m from LA and I didn’t grow up in the UK so it’s all relatively new.

“So far she has not been the focus of my heart because I lived far away from everything.

“I can’t stop thinking about her now. I wonder what she thinks about what’s going on in the world right now.

“To be honest, I’ve now consumed almost everything that I consume in the form of videos and interviews. I’ve seen everything you can hear and see. I sleep with it too. . “

Kristen said the film played later in Diana’s life, later as the latest season of “The Crown,” which explored the relationship between then-wife Diana Spencer and Prince Charles and the early stages of their marriage. I feel happy.

Speaking of OK! Magazine, she said, “I feel like she was playing a bit like a kid [in ‘The Crown’].. In her first scene she says something like a little child.

“She says something about being a crazy tree, and I’ve already barked because you know what’s going to happen to her. You know how this possibility is exhausted. I know.

“I’m only halfway through the season so I’m sure it will grow up. I think she’s reached the age I play. It’s about a year after The Crown story ended. This is. I think we’re pretty lucky because there is no crossover. “

Emma Corrin plays Diana in “The Crown,” and Kristen believes the actress “killed it”.

She said. “Emma killed it and she should be very proud of herself. Your appearance is very moving.

I think there are a lot of gossip people who think, “Well, two people play it in the same tie.”

“Well, I’ll play Diana later in life. I played it when she was almost thirty and Emma played it a lot younger. But I love the show. . “

Kristen Stewart can’t stop thinking about Princess Diana | Entertainment news

Source link Kristen Stewart can’t stop thinking about Princess Diana | Entertainment news

Princess Diana would love Liribet Diana’s identify | Leisure Information

Princess Diana would have been “excited” when the Duchess of Sussex chose her little daughter’s name.

The late Royal’s former voice coach, Stewart Pierce, was overjoyed when Prince Harry’s mother, who died in a car accident in 1997, paid homage to the middle name of her grandson Lillibet’Lili’Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. I think I would have.

He told us weekly:

“Diana was an incarnation of love and an example of unconditional love, so she would have been very happy to have Baby and her beautiful name.”

Harry and the Duchess Megan announced on Sunday (06/06/21) that the little girl had arrived safely and that the baby had been named after Harry’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth, whose nickname is Lillivet. ..

The couple, with their two-year-old son Archie, said in a statement: Their beloved late grandmother, Princess of Wales. “

Known as Megan Markle before she married the Flame-Haired Royale, Megan was happy to say that she and Harry were previously expecting a little girl.

“My husband and I are looking forward to having a daughter soon. It is a joy to share with millions of families around the world. When we think of them, we are all over the world. I think of young women and girls in the world. They are Earthlings who need the ability and support to move us forward, ”she said. Your future guidance is the decisions we make and the decisions we make. It depends on what we do now to prepare ourselves all for a successful, fair, and compassionate tomorrow. “

Princess Diana would love the name of Liribet Diana | Entertainment news

Source link Princess Diana would love the name of Liribet Diana | Entertainment news

Queen’s granddaughter Princess Beatrice anticipating a child | Arts & Leisure

LONDON (AP) – Princess Beatrice is expecting a baby, according to Buckingham Palace.

The palace said Wednesday that Queen Elizabeth II’s 32-year-old granddaughter and husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi are due to have their first child this fall. It was said: “Both families are happy about the news.”

Beatrice, the older daughter of Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, married property developer Mapello Mozzi in July 2020 in a small ceremony restricted by coronavirus restrictions. She is the ninth on the British throne.

Beatrice’s younger sister Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank welcomed their first child, a son named August, in February.

The Queen has 10 great-grandchildren, and another – a second child for Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of York – is due to come in the summer.

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Princess Charlotte’s Fashion Evolution: Pictures 

Princess Charlotte may be only 6 years old, but the little queen has already made a name for herself as a mini fashion icon!

Whether she’s wearing a cute floral dress, her school uniform or a cozy, comfortable sweater, the princess has a keen sense of preppy and girlish style.

And with the always fashionable one Duchess Kate As her mom, it’s no surprise that Charlotte keeps showing up for royal engagements dressed as cute as possible.

Since she was born for the first time on May 2, 2015, the little one has constantly adorned us with fabulous fashion. When she was baptized on Sunday, July 5, 2015, the girl at the time wore a replica of the traditional royal christening gown.

Shortly after the king turned 2 we had to see the princess pimped up for flower girl chores. For aunt Pippa Middleton and uncle James MathewsAt the wedding on May 20, 2017, the little boy wore a bespoke cream-colored dress from Pepe & Co with a blushing bow sash.

As she got older, the princess’s personal sense of style shone through. Because while we’re pretty confident that the Duchess will help her daughter get dressed for important events, Charlotte certainly enjoys adding an accessory to the mix.

As early as September 2019, the little queen gave her navy school uniform a little shine. She hung a sequin unicorn keychain on her backpack!

Princess Charlotte is also a hair accessory that rocks everything from flower crowns and headbands to clasps and baby bows. Your shoe game is just as strong. She usually wears leather shoes with straps or buckles, but recently she has switched things over to sneakers and boots.

However, when it comes time to get dressed for the royal family photo shoots, Charlotte tends to be more relaxed, putting her floral dresses aside in favor of a comfortable and causal look.

For example, on June 20, 2020, Kensington Palace posted a cute photo of Princess Charlotte the brothers Prince George and Prince Louis and father Prince William in honor of Father’s Day.

In the sincere picture, she was wearing John Lewis embroidered dungarees with jeans adorned with pink flowers, zebras, and flamingos. Obviously, her traditional buckle shoes aren’t suitable for playing outside, so Charlotte put on pink Hampton sneakers.

From Trooping of Color in 2016 to a family theater outing in 2020 and everything in between, keep scrolling for a look at Princess Charlotte’s hottest moments to date!

Princess Charlotte celebrates her sixth birthday | Leisure

The Duchess of Cambridge has published a photo of a smiling Princess Charlotte on the occasion of her sixth birthday.

The young queen, who is fourth on the throne, celebrates her birthday on Sunday (21.05.21). The Duchess’s photo shows Charlotte looking happy before her big day.

In the picture, Charlotte is wearing a blue short-sleeved dress with a floral pattern.

Charlotte and her brothers Prince George, seven and Prince Louis, three were recently featured in a video for their parents’ 10th wedding anniversary.

In the clip, the royals were seen on a beach roasting marshmallows near Comments Hall, their family home in Norfolk.

Meanwhile, Prince William, who married the Duchess at Westminster Abbey in 2011, recently joined a social media boycott in response to racism in football.

The 38-year-old King, who became President of England’s Football Association in May 2006, announced that he would be silent on social media along with “the entire football community” to draw attention to the ongoing abuse that the player and many are receiving online have others in the football community “.

The prince – who is an avid fan of the sport – wrote on Twitter: “As President of the FA, I am joining the entire football community in the social media boycott this weekend.”

He also posted a picture of his tweet on Instagram, along with a caption explaining the blackout in more detail.

The headline read, “This weekend we’re joining the UK soccer community to join forces in a social media boycott from Friday April 30th 3pm through Monday May 3rd 11:59 pm the soccer community.”