American Airways CEO Doug Parker to retire, president Robert Isom to take reins March 31

Doug Parker, American Airlines CEO

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker is stepping down and will be replaced by the airline’s president, Robert Isom, on March 31, the airline announced on Tuesday.

Parker is the second major airline CEO this year to announce his resignation, signing a changing of the guard among US airlines. Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly will step down in February and hand the reins to another longtime manager, Bob Jordan, in February.

Parker will continue to serve as Chairman of the American Board.

Parker became CEO of America West for the first time shortly before the September 11, 2001 attacks and later led two mergers – with US Airways and American Airlines, the end of a wave of consolidation among US airlines.

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We’re making ready for a fourth wave of Covid from Europe: Emirates president

The Emirates president said he saw a fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic coming from Europe affecting the airline.

In conversation with CNBC in Dubai Airshowsaid Emirates President Tim Clark, “I see a fourth wave coming and we have all sorts of concerns about what could happen.”

“We have to look very carefully because when the European markets – which have already started to open up on a large scale – are going the other way, we have to deal with that … we are very good at avoiding problems, and we’ll just do what we have to, ”he told CNBC’s Hadley Gamble.

The WHO warned against this earlier this month Europe was again the epicenter of the Covid pandemic. The largest economy in the region, Germany currently reports around 50,000 new coronavirus cases every day, and France has also reported an increase in cases. Austria, meanwhile, is expected to shortly Imposing lockdown restrictions on millions of unvaccinated people to curb the increasing number of infections.

Airlines have hoped that the Dubai Air Show will mark a turning point for the industry after a devastating period. It’s the first major aerospace exhibition since the coronavirus pandemic began, when travel restrictions around the world decimated the industry.

The International Air Transport Association said last month that the The global aviation industry is projected to lose nearly $ 12 billion over the next year. IATA, which represents nearly 300 airlines that operate more than 80% of the world’s air traffic, added that the industry’s losses in 2020 were worse than originally thought, at $ 137.7 billion.

However, Clark said Emirates is already seeing a significant pickup in demand and is starting to turn a profit.

“We are recovering with a high degree of robustness,” he said. “Demand is coming back at such a pace that we honestly have trouble delivering the resources because we have too few pilots, no cabin crew and pretty much everything. But there’s no shortage of demand, it’s a really good story. “

Clark highlighted the difficulty Emirates faced in hiring enough staff to meet that demand after hiring many people amid the pandemic.

“You talk about supply chain disruptions, you talk about gross distortions in the labor markets,” he said, adding that he expected some sense of normalcy to return towards the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023 … the heat will come out of the situation. I hope anyway. “

Another potential headwind for airlines is higher oil prices. The demand shock triggered by the Covid pandemic led to a drop in Brent prices to USD 20 per barrel; they are over acting now $ 80 a barrel.

But Clark said he wasn’t worried. “Of course $ 80 – we’ve been there before. We were way higher than that, ”he added. “Right now we can do it. It’s everyone’s guess what will happen. I think we have about 15 months of turmoil but we will be fine.”

– CNBC’s Leslie Joseph contributed to this report.

Former President Invoice Clinton admitted to hospital with non-Covid an infection

Former President Bill Clinton

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

Former President Bill Clinton was hospitalized Tuesday night for treatment for a non-Covid-related infection, according to his spokesman.

Clinton’s spokesman Angel Urena said late Tuesday the former president had been admitted to UC Irvine Medical Center in California.

“He is on the mend, in a good mood and is incredibly grateful to the doctors, nurses and staff who take excellent care of him,” Urena said in a statement.

Clinton’s doctors said in a joint statement that he was hospitalized for “close monitoring” and given intravenous antibiotics and fluids.

“He will remain in the hospital for continuous monitoring,” said his doctors Alpesh Amin and Lisa Bardack. “After two days of treatment, his white blood cell count drops and he responds well to antibiotics.”

They said the California-based medical team is in “constant communication” with the president’s New York-based team, including his cardiologist.

“We hope he goes home soon,” the statement said.

Clinton, who is 75 years old, had a history of heart problems. In 2004 he underwent four cardiac bypass operations to relieve heavily clogged arteries. according to NBC news. In 2010, he had another heart surgery that involved inserting two stents into a coronary artery.

What that you must find out about President Joe Biden’s new Covid vaccine mandates

Freeport, NY: Daniel Merlos, 15, of Freeport, New York, receives a Covid-19 vaccine at Freeport High School, where the Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital is serving all eligible students, staff, and residents of the COVID- 19 vaccinations provided, 2021.

Steve Pfost | News day | Getty Images

President Joe Biden’s recent vaccination push marks the government’s most aggressive attempt to bring the rampant coronavirus pandemic under control.

Critics see the President’s move as a reversal of his earlier promise to avoid vaccination mandates. However, federal health officials believe this is the next step in the fight against the highly contagious Delta variant, which is killing more than 1,500 Americans daily and filling hospitals with unvaccinated bags to the brim, according to a CNBC analysis of Johns Hopkins University data.

“We will protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated workers,” said Biden on Thursday when the plan was announced. “We will reduce the spread of Covid-19 by increasing the percentage of the vaccinated workforce in companies across America.”

The multi-pronged approach affects hundreds of public and private companies and tens of millions of American workers. It mandates vaccines and excludes testing opportunities for federal government employees, including those in the health sector, and calls for harsh penalties for those who fail to comply.

Here’s what you need to know about Biden’s latest offering to get more Americans vaccinated.

If vaccination is compulsory, without the possibility of testing

Federal employees and contractors working with the government are facing renewed vaccine mandates and no longer have the option of regular Covid tests.

“If you want to work with the federal government and do business with us, get vaccinated,” Biden said. “If you want to do business with the federal government, vaccinate your workforce.”

Healthcare workers are also subject to strict requirements. The president has ordered all healthcare facilities that receive federal funding from Medicaid or Medicare to prescribe vaccines for their employees without the option of testing.

Previously, the Biden government only ordered vaccines for employees in U.S. nursing homes who receive federal funding. Some states, including New York and Maine, had already required vaccines for healthcare workers.

The new regulations affect more than 17 million healthcare workers in more than 50,000 hospitals and healthcare facilities in the United States

“If you are seeking care in a health facility, you should know that the people you are treating are vaccinated,” Biden said. “Simple, straightforward, period.”

The president also ordered that all employees of the federal government’s Head Start programs be vaccinated. The order extends to schools run by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Department of Defense, affecting a total of approximately 300,000 people Chalking, a news organization dealing with education.

Where vaccinations or weekly tests are mandatory

Despite the broad scope of the president’s push, most U.S. workers, more than 80 million, will still have the opportunity to prove they don’t have the virus by undergoing weekly Covid tests.

To speed up the pace of daily vaccinations, which have slowed after rising in mid-August, the President ordered the Ministry of Labor to enact a new rule requiring any company with more than 100 employees to provide vaccines for its employees or weekly Covid- Requiring tests for workers who give religious or health reasons not to be vaccinated. However, employers are likely to look more closely at these reasons for deregistering in the future.

The new rule will be implemented by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OSHA). OSHA may issue an interim emergency standard if it proves that employees are at risk and that the proposed regulation can prevent that risk.

Employers are also directed to give paid time off for workers to get vaccinated. This applies to both the public and private sectors.

“Nobody should lose their salary to get vaccinated or to take a loved one to the vaccination,” said Biden.

Consequences in the event of rule violations

Most Americans support vaccine mandates in the workplace, with 62% of Americans supporting the idea, according to a USA Today and Ipsos poll in August.

Among the 29% of unvaccinated US voters, 83% say they do not plan on the life-saving syringes. a new CNBC poll shows.

Employees who fail to meet the new mandates could face a number of consequences, including termination, as companies feel pressures to adapt.

Businesses face a fine of $ 13,600 per breach of the OSHA rule, although the new rules may take some time to implement and enforce. OSHA is experiencing steady downsizing and currently provides one inspector for every 83,000 workers, according to the AFL-CIO, the largest trade union confederation in the United States

United States President Joe Biden speaks about coronavirus protection in schools during a visit to Brookland Middle School in Washington, DC on September 10, 2021.

Saul Loeb | AFP | Getty Images

Appeal to unvaccinated Americans

In his announcement, Biden asked why 80 million Americans still haven’t received the shots after they were made free, accessible and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

“What else is there to wait? What else is there to see?” said Biden. “We have been patient, but our patience is failing.”

Biden appealed to those running large entertainment venues, sports arenas and cinemas to require vaccination or proof of a negative test for entry. New York City and San Francisco already require proof of vaccination for activities such as eating indoors and attending movies and entertainment events, with New York City requiring proof of at least one dose and San Francisco proof of full vaccination.

Biden also urged doctors across the country to “reach out to unvaccinated patients … and ask them personally to get the injection.”

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 75% of adults in the US have received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine, and about 54% of all Americans are fully vaccinated. Experts still disagree on the percentage of a population that needs to be vaccinated in order for the population to achieve herd immunity, although estimates are between 70 and 90%.

“This is not about freedom or personal choice. It’s about protecting yourself and the people around you, ”said Biden.

New ACHCA President Talks Occupancy-Workers Ties, Advocacy Efforts and Management Fashion

Associations are seeing occupancy from operators due to crippling staff shortages, including the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA), whose membership consists largely of nursing home administrators as well as students and retirees.

New President and CEO Bob Lane spoke to Skilled Nursing News about this vicious circle and how he plans to work for members in the years to come.

Lane has over 34 years of long-term care industry experience starting with the National HealthCare Corporation (NHC) and leading initiatives for the Oklahoma Quality Improvement Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIO-QIO). More recently, he has been known for his consulting work with BKD CPAs and counselors.

Lane will officially begin on September 7th. He was the former CEO of ACHCA and has been a board member since 2013.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

What do you hear from the members in terms of staff and utilization?

The occupancy had only just started to recover to some extent, and then of course this next round of delta hits. I have never seen buildings that limit their occupancy due to staffing levels. They self-limit their income while having these exorbitant expenses on the working side. That’s not a good equation for long-term success.

How has the Biden government’s vaccination mandate exacerbated this situation?

As an individual, I can tell you that while it is a noble endeavor that staff must be vaccinated, even if they are tied to federal funding, the weeding out of a segment of the healthcare profession has a devastating effect on the ability of these providers to provide even a few give the elders in their care the appearance of quality care. With around a third of the nursing staff not vaccinated, this requirement would result in these people being pushed into other sectors, creating an unbalanced playing field.

What other concerns do you see for administrators?

The direction the profession seems to be going in relation to Medicare Advantage. I saw a headline … calling for Congressional intervention regarding Medicare Advantage plans and how one-sided many of them are.

As Medicare Advantage becomes the dominant Medicare payment method, it will have a huge impact on the dollars available, as well as the turnaround time for your revenue stream.

Thoughts on the final CMS rule 2022, patient-managed payment model (PDPM) delay?

I think we need to keep an eye on the future, even if the industry sees this as a short-term victory as CMS has not made any adjustments. PDPM, we were only there five months when this pandemic broke out.

It doesn’t go from apples to apples – in no way from apples to apples. An extension without adjustments is certainly a good opportunity to get better data for a better comparison to see if adjustments need to be made.

Marc [Zimmet] advised that this could backfire on us in the form of even higher adjustments. [But] I don’t think we’re in a good position right now to say, ‘Okay, go ahead and adjust.’ I just don’t think that’s sensible, especially given the problems we have with the delta resurgence, the absolutely crippling problems with staffing; We need every dollar we can get.

Advocacy to make PDPM changes more palatable?

By the time we have a year later, we’ve already plowed the field a bit here so CMS better understands where we’re from, and the adjustment may not be that bad, if at all.

Are other advocacy efforts for ACHCA in the works?

We’re still trying to get the rest of the Provider Relief Funds [PRF] distributed. There are 20 billion left. I know that work is being done by both major trades to get the administration to release it.

What changes or additions do you intend to make to the organization?

It is very important to me that we have an infrastructure that enables us to have a regular and continuous dialogue with our members. That’s something we don’t necessarily have right now. It can be informal at various meetings or phone calls, but we have no way of tapping on feedback from our members on a regular basis.

How are you going to do that

We have not conducted any regular member surveys. And as you can imagine, members are the lifeblood of any association, and if you don’t hear from them regularly, it degrades the value of membership we must have.

Were there challenges at the beginning of your career that influenced your decisions or your leadership style today?

[NHC] was in expansion mode, they pulled me to a building in St. Louis they’d just taken over, and I got to experience a lot of different things from digging through personnel files that were over 20 years old to trying to figure it out how to get there Peeling wallpaper from the walls. It was quite a comprehensive experience in a variety of areas.

They also had a union, instead of closing the building and decertifying the union, they just threw away the census and kept it open, which kept the union there. Eventually the staff decertified it themselves, but that was my first contact with organized work.

In a scenario like the one I did, in the midst of an attempt to unionize, you become very sensitive to the concerns of the staff … you will not survive if you are not a good listener.

It has helped me be more cooperative and it made me realize that the best decisions are often made when you at least consider those where the decision affects them. Instead of the paternalistic “I know what is best” approach from the top down, a lot of my style is going to be more collaborative. This doesn’t mean that I’m not ready to make decisions and make decisions as needed, but I usually look for feedback to get as much information as possible to help make the best decision.

So how do you apply these lessons to the myriad of challenges nursing homes and their administrators face today?

We do a good job of caring for the patient or the elderly, but we have not consistently done a good job in all areas of caring for our staff. A competitive advantage is a strong, supportive nursing culture led by a leader who is well versed in it.

I think colleges and other associations both have an opportunity – if we don’t just focus on providing education or some of what I would call hard skills.

[Our members are] exhausted, often overwhelmed, and yet young people still come into this profession. We have to give them a boost so that they not only have confidence in their abilities and skills, but also know that they are not alone in this boat.

PSG president says world will likely be ‘shocked’ by revenues

PARIS, FRANCE – AUGUST 10: Lionel Messi poses in the Paris Saint-Germain shirt after signing a 2-year contract at Parc des Princes in Paris, France on August 10, 2021.

Photo by Paris Saint-Germain Football / PSG via Getty Images

Paris Saint-Germain President Nasser Al-Khelaifi said the world will be “shocked” at the financial revenue generated by signing the club of global soccer superstar Lionel Messi.

Messi signed a two-year deal with PSG with an option for a third that earns him an annual salary of $ 41 million plus bonuses and a reported $ 30 million signing fee.

The signing is expected to generate commercial revenue through such channels as selling jerseys. When Cristiano Ronaldo signed for Italian giant Juventus in 2018, its shirts valued at more than $ 60 million were sold in just 24 hours.

At a press conference on Messi’s reveal as a PSG player on Wednesday, Al Khelaifi suggested the club could release more accurate figures behind the deal at a later date, but told reporters that they would be “honestly shocked by the numbers we are getting to have”. . “

“I only hope [Messi] won’t ask for more salary, “he joked.

Messi has left FC Barcelona Last week after financial regulations imposed by Spanish La Liga made it financially impossible for the ailing club to fulfill their five-year deal.

The 34-year-old Argentinean broke down in tears on Monday when he said goodbye to Barcelona and said at the press conference on Wednesday that the past week had been an “emotional rollercoaster ride”.

He has won the FIFA Player of the Year and the European Golden Shoe for the continent’s top goalscorer six times.

Messi – considered by many to be the greatest footballer of all time – will compete at PSG alongside his former Barcelona teammate, Brazilian superstar Neymar and 22-year-old French phenomenon Kylian Mbappé to form an impressive top flight at the Parisian Giants.

In addition to recapturing France’s Ligue 1 title, PSG are also aiming for an elusive first UEFA Champions League title after falling in the semi-finals against Manchester City last year. Owners Qatar Sports Investment have invested extravagantly to build a high profile squad in hopes of dominating European football.

“I’m really looking forward to getting out on the field and my hopes of victory remain intact and that’s why I’m here,” Messi said at the press conference.

“I want to win another Champions League and I think I’m in the right place for that.”

SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell 2021 graduation handle

“Hey, Klasse von 2021, ich bin unglaublich stolz, Ihr Antrittsredner zu sein.

Danke, Morty [Schapiro] für die Einladung und danke dem Vorstand und Lanny Martin, seinem Vorsitzenden, für die Erlaubnis, das Wort zu ergreifen, auch wenn Sie mich aus meiner sechsjährigen Tätigkeit in diesem Vorstand kennen und diese Einladung ein bisschen riskant ist.

Aber es ist eine Ehre, in die Fußstapfen von Bürgermeisterin Lori Lightfoot zu treten. Letztes Jahr brachte sie Gravitas zu dieser Veranstaltung, während sie George Floyd ehrte und Absolventen beschwor, an unserer Demokratie teilzunehmen.

Dies ist ein besonderes Jahr für den Beginn der Northwestern University. Dies ist mein 35. Jahrestag meines Studienbeginns an der Northwestern University, und am wichtigsten ist, dass Stephen Colbert, der 1986 ebenfalls an der NU graduierte – oder fast getan hatte – diese Rede vor genau 10 Jahren hielt und voraussagte, dass der Redner für 2021 sein würde , und ich zitiere, ‘ein Zoopapagei mit einem Mörtelbrett, das darauf trainiert wurde, Glückwünsche zu sagen.’ Hier bin ich also, Gwynne Shotwell, Ihr Zoopapagei, für die Klasse von ’21; Glückwunsch an Sie.

Klasse ’21, Sie haben etwas Wichtiges erreicht. Alle Abschlüsse verdienen eine Feier, aber Sie, dieser Jahrgang 2021, haben eine noch größere Leistung: Sie haben den Wahnsinn des Jahres 2020 und bis in dieses Jahr nicht nur überlebt, sondern auch erfolgreich bestanden. Sie konnten sich in einer Zeit immensen Leidens konzentrieren und in Ihre Zukunft investieren.

Aber viele der Probleme, mit denen wir in Zukunft konfrontiert sind, werden anders sein. Ich denke, dass hochdynamische soziale, politische und wirtschaftliche Situationen die neue Normalität sind, und Sie sind jetzt besser darauf vorbereitet, darin erfolgreich zu sein. Sie haben es gelebt und nicht nur überlebt, sondern erfolgreich. Fühlen Sie sich gut dabei und tragen Sie diese neue Fähigkeit mit sich; Ich denke, Sie werden es verwenden.

Okay, bevor ich ein paar Juwelen meiner Lebenserfahrungen teile, gibt es ein paar Dinge, die Sie über mich wissen sollten, um meine Bemerkungen in einen Kontext zu setzen. Ich bin Mutter, Ehefrau, Maschinenbauingenieurin und Nerd. Wir sind nicht alle Nerds, aber ich bin stolz, einer zu sein. Ich bin ein langjähriger SpaceX-Mitarbeiter und -Führungskraft, ein aktiver Zuhörer, ein Rancher, natürlich eine Wildkatze und ein aufstrebender Winzer. Ich liebe mein Land, auch wenn es Mängel aufweist, und ich setze mich dafür ein, seine sozialen Ungerechtigkeiten aufzulösen. Und ich möchte unbedingt Großmutter werden, aber meine Kinder arbeiten zumindest noch nicht an meiner Vision mit.

Mein Weg nach Northwestern begann in Libertyville, Illinois, einer kleinen Stadt nördlich der Universität – dort bin ich aufgewachsen. Ich war sehr gut in der Grund- und Oberschule und habe auch unglaublich hart daran gearbeitet, ein volles soziales Leben zu führen. Ich entschied mich, Maschinenbauingenieurin zu werden, nachdem mich meine Mutter mit 15 oder 16 zu einer Veranstaltung der Society of Women Engineers mitgenommen hatte. Ich habe mich nur an der Northwestern University School of Engineering beworben. Aber es lag nicht daran, dass es die beste Ingenieurschule war – ich bewarb mich wegen des Reichtums von Northwestern in anderen Bereichen. Es war unter den Top-Platzierungen oder war damals die Spitze. Das war mir wichtig, weil ich als Teenager Ende der 70er Jahre – ja, so alt bin ich – Angst hatte, als Nerd abgestempelt zu werden. Jetzt bin ich super stolz, einer zu sein.

Ich wurde von Northwestern angenommen – ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich es heute sein würde, also denke ich, dass ich das richtig getimt habe – und ich habe zwei Abschlüsse an dieser guten Hochschule gemacht, einen Bachelor in Maschinenbau und einen Master in Angewandter Mathematik. Allerdings kritisiere ich meine Ingenieurausbildung als zu theoretisch. Ich denke, die besten Ingenieure sind diejenigen, die das Theoretische in die Praxis umsetzen können, und ich habe als Student fast keine Praxis bekommen. Northwestern betonte die Bedeutung eines breit angelegten Denkens. Nur gut in Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften zu sein, wird nicht zum Erfolg führen. Es ist das Denken des ganzen Gehirns, das in die Praxis umgesetzt wurde. Ich bin dankbar, dass Dean Ottino dieses Konzept stark fokussiert und hier so gut auf die nordwestliche Technik angewendet hat.

Da ich mein eigenes Fundament im Ingenieurwesen aufbaute, fand ich auch Zeit, eine Familie zu gründen. Ich habe zwei außergewöhnliche Kinder geboren und aufgezogen, die bessere Menschen sind als ich und die Präsident des Universums sein könnten, anstatt nur Präsident von SpaceX zu sein. Einer ist ein Doppel-Alaun im Maschinenbau aus Northwestern und einer wird ein Doppel-Alaun aus Stanford, sowohl im Maschinenbau als auch in der Wirtschaft. Als Mutter, die potentiellen zukünftigen Eltern Ratschläge gibt: Sagen Sie Ihren Kindern nie, was sie werden sollen, wenn sie groß sind – sie werden tatsächlich das Gegenteil tun. Aber man kann ein gutes Vorbild sein oder ihnen gute Vorbilder zeigen, wie es meine Mutter für mich getan hat – sie war Künstlerin.

In den letzten fast 19 Jahren habe ich für einen der, wenn nicht sogar den besten Physiker und Ingenieur, Elon Musk, gearbeitet. Er gab mir die Möglichkeit, ihm dabei zu helfen, SpaceX von 10 auf fast 10.000 Menschen und von null Einnahmen auf Milliarden jährlich auszubauen. Ich habe dazu beigetragen, das kommerzielle Markteinführungsgeschäft in dieses Land zurückzubringen, zusammen mit den Zehntausenden von Arbeitsplätzen, die damit verbunden sind. Die einzige Leistung, auf die wir am meisten stolz sind, besteht darin, dass wir dazu beitragen, dass unser Land wieder Astronauten auf in Amerika hergestellten Raketen und Raumschiffen fliegt. Wir sind jetzt in der Lage, Astronauten aus der ganzen Welt mit unserem Dragon-Raumschiff zu fliegen, und noch in diesem Jahr werden wir die erste rein zivile Mission fliegen, bei der normale normale Menschen auf einer mehrtägigen Reise um die Erde ins All reisen. Und das ist erst der Anfang.

Ich hoffe, dass ich dazu beigetragen habe, einen Weg zu schaffen, der es den Menschen ermöglicht, auf der Erde, dem Mond oder dem Mars zu leben, je nachdem, was sie wollen. Ich hoffe auf eine Zukunft, in der Menschen noch weiter draußen leben können, neben anderen Sternensystemen und Galaxien. Ich mache oft Witze darüber, dass ich andere Leute treffen und jenseitige Mode sehen möchte. Ich weiß, dass ich das in meinem Leben nicht sehen werde, aber ich hoffe, dass meine Arbeit als Grundlage oder ein kleiner Anfang dient, um dies zu erreichen.

Okay, jetzt, da Sie mehr über mich wissen, ist es an der Zeit, Ihnen einige Ratschläge zu geben. Ich nenne drei und dann gehe ich zurück und rede darüber. Setze und versuche absolut absurde Ziele zu erreichen und habe keine Angst zu scheitern, wenn du sie nicht erreichen kannst. Arbeite hart, wirklich hart und sei hilfsbereit. Seien Sie freundlich, aber mindestens respektvoll. Haben Sie keine Angst zuzugeben, dass Sie falsch liegen, wenn Sie scheitern und einen anderen Weg einschlagen – oder noch besser, überlegen Sie nicht einmal, etwas auszuprobieren und nicht das gewünschte Ergebnis als Misserfolg zu erzielen. Betrachten Sie es als Wachstum.

Als ich 2002 überlegte, bei SpaceX einzusteigen, kämpfte ich mit einer Entscheidung und zog sie wochenlang hin. Es schien mir persönlich so riskant, diesem kleinen Start-up beizutreten, in einer Branche, in der noch keiner erfolgreich war. Damals war ich Teilzeit alleinerziehende Mutter, und das war einfach zu weit außerhalb meiner Komfortzone. Ich fuhr hier in LA auf der Autobahn, als es mir endlich einfiel: Ich war ein totaler Idiot. Wen kümmert es, wenn ich diesen Job versucht habe und entweder ich gescheitert bin oder das Unternehmen gescheitert ist? Was ich in diesem Moment erkannte, war, dass es der schwierigste Teil war, der am wichtigsten war. Versuchen Sie das riskante Ding, seien Sie Teil von etwas Aufregendem. Ich möchte mir nicht vorstellen, wie mein Leben und meine Karriere aussehen würden, wenn ich nein gesagt hätte. Ich bin mir sicher, dass es mir gut gegangen wäre, aber ich wäre nicht Teil dieser großartigen Firma gewesen, die mit so außergewöhnlichen Menschen zusammengearbeitet hätte. Diesen Job nicht anzunehmen, wäre das Scheitern gewesen.

Auf geschäftlicher Ebene ging SpaceX massive Reputationsrisiken ein und beherrschte die Technologie und den Betrieb, die mit der Landung einer Rakete verbunden sind. Tatsächlich wurden wir ständig von unseren Wettbewerbern und den Medien für diese Fehler kritisiert. Ich betrachtete diese Misserfolge als eine Quelle des Stolzes. Unser allererster Versuch, die Rakete auf einem Drohnenschiff zu landen, haben wir getroffen. Wir landeten nicht darauf, aber wir trafen das Drohnenschiff – dieses winzige Ziel war Hunderte von Meilen vom Startplatz entfernt in einem riesigen Ozean. Nach etwa einem Dutzend Versuchen ist es uns endlich gelungen, diese Rakete zu landen und Raketen zu landen ist für uns fast schon Routine geworden. Immer noch knifflig, aber fast schon Routine. Und diese Technologie hat unserem Geschäft enorm geholfen und ist entscheidend für die Errichtung einer Siedlung auf dem Mars. Wenn Sie die Rakete nicht landen können, können Sie keine Menschen an die Oberfläche bringen.

Hart arbeiten und hilfsbereit sein. Ich wurde als Vice President of Business Development eingestellt – das bedeutet Head of Sales. Nun, ich habe meinen Job gemacht und wir haben Kunden bekommen, aber dann mussten ihre Missionen verwaltet werden und wir brauchten eine Buchhaltungs- und Finanzfunktion, weil wir tatsächlich Geld einbrachten, wir mussten eng mit den Startbereichen zusammenarbeiten und die Erlaubnis einholen, um in der Lage zu sein Start von ihnen, also habe ich das auch übernommen. Und da wir erfolgreich waren, brauchten wir eine Funktion für Regierungsangelegenheiten, um uns in DC zu verteidigen, als unser Konkurrent begann, uns zu bekämpfen. Ich erinnere mich, dass ich sogar vor einem großen Kundenevent die Teppiche gesaugt habe. Im Jahr 2008, als wir unseren bisher größten Auftrag erhielten – eine fast 2 Milliarden Dollar schwere Anstrengung der NASA, wissenschaftliche Experimente und Fracht zur und von der Internationalen Raumstation zu transportieren – brauchte Elon einen Partner, und er bat mich, dies zu tun. Ich denke, es lag zum großen Teil daran, dass ich meinen Umfang ständig erweitert hatte, in anderen Bereichen für das Unternehmen hilfreich war und allesamt versuchte, einen großartigen Job zu machen.

Seien Sie freundlich, aber mindestens müssen Sie respektvoll sein. Beachten Sie, dass fast jeder, mit dem Sie täglich interagieren, gegen einen Dämon kämpft oder versucht, ein Problem zu lösen. Bitte bedenken Sie dies, wenn Sie sich in der U-Bahn zur Arbeit kämpfen, durch die Schlangen im Lebensmittelgeschäft eilen oder in einem Meeting bei der Arbeit mit jemandem frustriert sind.

Bei SpaceX haben wir eine „Kein a——“-Richtlinie. Diese Art von Menschen – a—— – unterbrechen andere, sie schließen oder kooptieren Gespräche und schaffen eine feindselige Umgebung, in der niemand etwas beitragen möchte. Dies ist kein Weg, um das Teilen guter, innovativer und sogar empörender Ideen zu fördern, die zur Lösung schwieriger Probleme erforderlich sind. Kurz gesagt, der beste Weg, um Lösungen für schwierige Probleme zu finden, besteht darin, besser zuzuhören und nicht lauter zu sprechen. Nehmen Sie die Ideen Ihrer Kollegen an, besonders wenn sie sich stark von Ihren unterscheiden.

Dinge, über die ich keine Lektionen teile, die aber meiner Meinung nach sehr wichtig sind, insbesondere um in einer Antrittsrede im Jahr 2021 zu sprechen. Ich mache mir über viele Dinge Sorgen, aber ich bin in diesen Dingen nicht gut genug, um sie zu haben irgendwelche nützlichen Ratschläge für Sie, zumindest noch nicht. Ich kann jedoch in einer Antrittsrede im Jahr 2021 nicht versäumen, die Dinge zu erwähnen, die mir Sorgen machen, zu wissen, dass viele Probleme sind, an denen ich in Zukunft helfen möchte.

Ich mache mir Sorgen um die Kinder unserer Nation. Wir geben nicht allen unseren Kindern eine Ausbildung, die sie zu einfallsreichen und produktiven Menschen macht, die unser Land braucht, um relevant zu bleiben. Jedes Kind ist eine Ressource, um unsere Zukunft zu verbessern, und unsere Zukunft wird von der Technologie bestimmt. Deshalb bin ich so besorgt über die Ergebnisse von Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik, die wir in diesem Land haben. China punktet zuerst. Irland – ich erwähne das nur, weil es mein Erbe ist, meine Vorfahren stammen aus Irland – erreicht den 12. Platz und die Vereinigten Staaten den 25. Platz.

Schlimmer noch, wenn es in Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften sowie Lesen schlechter als den 25. Platz gibt, ist die Kluft zwischen unseren Schülern mit den niedrigsten und unseren Schülern mit den höchsten Werten größer. Wir bereiten unsere Kinder nicht auf ihre Zukunft vor.

Ich liebe dieses Land und mache mir Sorgen über die wachsende, wirtschaftliche, soziale und rassische Kluft, die sich während der Pandemie verstärkt hat. Da hilft es nicht, die Bildung für unsere Jugend nicht anzusprechen. Wir behandeln unsere Nachbarn nicht mit dem Respekt, den sie verdienen. Wir hören einander nicht genau zu und arbeiten respektvoll an den wirklich wichtigen Themen, mit denen wir als Land und als Menschheit konfrontiert sind.

Ich habe unserem Land noch nicht geholfen, an diesen Problemen zu arbeiten – ich jammere viel darüber – und es ist an der Zeit, wahrscheinlich in naher Zukunft, mich zu verpflichten und zu helfen, sie zu lösen. Vielleicht können wir gemeinsam an diesen Dingen arbeiten.

Ich habe Ihnen also einige praktische Erfahrungen vermittelt, die mich gelehrt haben, dass mehr erreicht werden kann, wenn verrückte Ideen respektiert, angehört und bewertet werden. Es zahlt sich aus, hilfsbereit und fleißig zu sein; es hat für mich getan. Und dass die Verschwendung von Ressourcen, insbesondere von Humankapital, eine moralische und ethische Sünde ist. Und dass eine kleine Gruppe von Leuten, wie wir hier bei SpaceX, eine Branche verändern und damit auch die Welt verändern können.

Als ich aufwuchs und noch zu Beginn meiner Karriere konzentrierten sich meine Freunde, Kollegen und ich darauf, mit einem Neben- oder vielleicht sogar einem nachträglichen Gedanken voranzukommen, dass wir vielleicht etwas Gutes für die Welt tun sollten. Aber während ich mehr Lektionen aus dem Leben sammle, ist es klar, dass ein weitaus reicheres Leben daraus resultiert, dass man das ändert und eine Karriere findet, in der das Streben nach einer besseren Welt dazu führt, dass man vorankommt. Und Sie alle haben jetzt alles in sich, was Sie brauchen, um Ihr Streben nach einer besseren Welt zu beginnen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch und Gottes Segen.”

Second UAW president sentenced to jail in union corruption probe

Gary Jones, newly elected President of the United Auto Workers (UAW), speaks at the 37th UAW Constitutional Convention on June 14, 2018 at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan.

Bill Pugliano | Getty Images

DETROIT – Former United Auto Workers president was sentenced Thursday to 28 months in prison for participating in a scheme with fellow leaders to collect up to $ 1.5 million in union money for lavish travel, golf, alcohol and others Stealing luxury.

Gary Jones is the second UAW president convicted of a multi-year corruption investigation against the well-known American union. He is one of 15 defendants, including three Fiat Chrysler executives and his predecessor Dennis Williams, who died last month 21 months in prison.

His conviction is one of the latest in the investigation, which has damaged the union’s reputation, aroused suspicion among its members, and resulted in federal oversight of the UAW.

During the hearing, Jones spoke quickly and somewhat emotionally as he apologized to the court, his family, and UAW members.

“I failed [my family]and I failed the UAW, “he said before pleading with the judge for mercy on the sentencing.

Jones is also required to repay or withhold more than $ 750,000, including $ 550,000 to the UAW and $ 42,000 to the IRS.

US Attorney David A. Gardey described Jones as a “good man” who worked in a “culture of corruption”. He said Jones continues to cooperate with the prosecutor “on other matters” affecting the union.

Prosecutors had recommended Jones a 28-month prison sentence, well below an earlier range of 46 to 57 months as part of a plea with federal prosecutor’s office. The recommendation below reads, according to court records, “commendable substantial cooperation with the government”.

Jones Faust hit his attorney and prosecutors after the verdict. Despite wearing masks, Jones hugged and kissed his wife in the middle of the courtroom in downtown Detroit.

Jones, who headed the union from June 2018 to November 2019, pleaded guilty in June extortion, embezzlement and tax evasion. As part of the plea agreement, his maximum sentence was nearly five years in prison.

FBI agents clear materials from the home of United Auto Workers President Gary Jones into a truck on Wednesday, August 28, 2019.

Michael Wayland / CNBC

The sentences for those indicted in the federal investigation ranged from 60 days to 5½ years. Ex-Fiat Chrysler executive Alphons Iacobelli, who ran the company’s labor relations, received the longest prison sentence; however, it has recently been reduced to four years.

In December the UAW and the federal prosecutor’s office agreed to end the corruption investigation Joined the union on a civil settlement that included an independent observer who oversaw the organization for six years.

Additional requirements under the agreement include holding a member-wide vote by the union, possibly to reform their voting process, and making certain repayments, including a payment of $ 1.5 million to the IRS. The UAW has already repaid approximately $ 15 million to training centers for improper chargebacks uncovered by officials.

A spokeswoman for the US Attorney’s Office in Detroit confirmed that a federal criminal investigation was pending against individuals.

The homes of Jones, Williams and other union officials were searched in August 2019 as part of the investigation, which was published in July 2017.

In a statement Thursday the UAW said Jones’ conviction “closes a very dark chapter in the history of the UAW”.

“Jones has clearly put his personal and self-interest above that of his union members and has been removed from his membership in the UAW,” the union said. “These serious crimes violated the oath of the UAW officers and they violated the trust of the UAW officers charged with handling our members’ sacred dues and community action funds.”

President Biden Surprises 4-Yr-Previous Twins With Cash For Ice Cream

There were some memorable quotes from President Biden’s Tulsa speech, but for two little girls the memorable moment was just before he spoke.

Lots of people came to Greenwood hoping to spend a moment with President Biden – but only two little girls left with money for ice cream.

The moment came just after the President’s introduction when he – surely – caught sight of the youngest members of the audience. The President stepped off the podium and walked over to a woman with two little girls for a brief interaction that briefly confused the crowd.

Back on the podium, the President declared, “I had to make sure these little girls got an ice cream.”

As the girls and their mother Lisa Madden emerged from the speech, she explained what had happened.

“He came over and gave them something discreetly and I didn’t even see what he gave them and he told them to get some ice cream,” Madden said.

The twins are four and a half and are called Nola and Indie. Madden is on the board of directors at the Greenwood Cultural Center, so they had a front row seat.

The President said the ice cream was their payment.

“My lord, I have to sit out a speech from the president. In my faith we call it purgatory, ”said Biden.

The girls came out with a plan and hit the streets and quickly returned with the ice cream – courtesy of the President – that was worth the day for these two little girls.

Queensboro FC Names Sports activities & Leisure Government Adam Schneider As Group President

Schneider is an experienced manager, deal maker and brand manufacturer $ 1 billion Income for sports and entertainment companies such as the Detroit Pistons and the Lollapalooza Music Festival. Before that, Schneider was Head of Entertainment at Palace Sports & Entertainment and managed the Pistons Arena and the three outdoor amphitheaters, in which over 150 events with 1.5 million visitors took place every year. He began his career with a legendary concert impresario Bill GrahamDuring this time, Schneider created the production draft for the Lollapalooza tour, an original model that has been reproduced by numerous leading music festivals to this day.

“We are delighted to have Adam part of the Queensboro FC family and we welcome him back to the world,” said Krane. “Adam’s track record, business acumen and dedication to building diverse teams and partnerships will greatly benefit the development of an innovative sports organization and game-changing fan experience.”

“I look forward to helping Queensboro FC become a benchmark sports and entertainment organization in Queens and New York City“On and off the field,” said Schneider. “The live sports experience together is invaluable and irreplaceable. We want to bring people together to celebrate culture and community through Queensboro FC.”

Schneider earned both his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration degrees from Columbia University.

For more information on Queensboro FC and the club’s journey to the field, please visit:

Queensboro FC is the newest professional men’s soccer team in Queens, New York. The club will play in the USL Championship, the top division of the United Soccer League (USL), in the 2022 season. Queens, often referred to as the “Capital of Diversity of the World”, is home to over 2 million people, 150 nationalities and 130 languages ​​in more than 90 different neighborhoods and 100 square miles. With soccer as Queens’ Most Popular Sport – Queensboro FC wants to embrace and unite “the borough of the world” and honor the beautiful game on the streets, in the parks, in the community – and soon on the field in its own stadium. Queensboro FC is more than sport, it’s a movement to unite people around the world. For more information about Queensboro FC, visit:

Jeremy Watkins
[email protected]
+1 (212) 430 5050

Hannah Palacios
[email protected]
+1 (212) 430 5050

SOURCE Queensboro FC

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