Manchester United: Scott McTominay praises caretaker supervisor Ralf Rangnick’s no-nonsense model

“He is very motivated and knows what he wants”: Scott McTominay cancels Ralf Rangnick’s factual style … and the midfielder reacts to criticism of the long-term “McFred” partnership

  • Scott McTominay spoke about Ralf Rangnick’s direct leadership style
  • “The first early impressions are very, very good,” he told Sky Sports News
  • “He is very motivated and knows what he wants. He’s very clear in meetings, ”he said
  • McTominay also defended his much-criticized midfield partnership with Fred

Scott McTominay spoke about it Ralf Rangnick‘s management style, give praise to the Manchester United Interim coach for clear speech.

United won their first Premier League game under Rangnick on Sunday and beat Crystal palace 1-0 at Old Trafford, before a 1-1 draw at home against the Young Boys on Wednesday in a dead gum in the Champions League.

Although United only narrowly won thanks to a blow from Fred, the effect of the German coach could already be seen against Palace, with the team on the ball looking much more organized and comfortable than underneath Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who was sacked after losing seven in 13 games last month.

Scott McTominay has praised Man United interim coach Ralf Rangnick’s direct approach

McTominay said Rangnick (pictured) is “very firm, very motivated and knows what he wants”

And McTominay said the new coach had impressed the team with his direct manner in training.

“The first early impressions are very, very good,” said McTominay Sky sports news.

“He’s very steadfast, very motivated and knows what he wants. He’s very clear in encounters, that’s how it is in football. In order to get your point across, you need to be clear and forceful.

“When players don’t do what you ask, he’s not afraid to tell you too.

‘We had a good result against Crystal Palace and hopefully now we can move forward and continue to win football games.

McTominay also defended his partnership with Brazilian Fred, who is online as a

McTominay also defended his partnership with Brazilian Fred, known online as “McFred”

Fred and McTominay take on Mohamed Salah in a 5-0 drubbing against Liverpool in October

Fred and McTominay take on Mohamed Salah in a 5-0 drubbing against Liverpool in October

Although United narrowly won thanks to a blow from Fred, the German coach’s effect was already evident against Palace, with the team looking much more organized and comfortable on the ball than under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who was sacked after seven defeats in 13 games last month.

“Football is changing fast and all you have to do is do your job,” added McTominay.

“For us we just listen and we learn. We want to do good for his ideas and what he wants and win games in the end.

“That’s what he and his coaching staff came to do – to help us win games and develop.”

United Academy graduate McTominay has become a first-team regular since making his debut under Jose Mourinho in 2018.

But he plays too regularly for some people, with fans often derogatory about his partnership with Brazilian Fred, known online as “McFred”.

The Scottish international admitted the pair had struggled in a chaotic campaign at times but insisted he always give his all when putting on a red shirt.

“Football is changing fast and you just have to do your job,” said McTominay of United’s appointment of Rangnick after sacking Ole Gunnar Solskjaer last month

“Sometimes games are difficult. We’ve had tough moments as a team this season, and both of us as individuals, that’s an integral part of the game, “added McTominay

“I have nothing else to say than to give absolutely everything, I try my best to improve myself, to learn. A new coach has arrived and I’m doing everything I can.

“You just have to deal with it and be thick-skinned. People can say what they want, but ultimately it’s me in my head and I know what I do behind closed doors is the best. ”


Eric Johnson praises his spouse Jessica Simpson for being “intensely empowered” | Leisure Information

Eric Johnson praised Jessica Simpson as “a powerful, unique, and beautiful mother” commemorating her seventh wedding anniversary.

A 41-year-old retired American football player spat how lucky he and his three children (Maxwell, 9, Ace, 8, and 2 year old Birdies) were to get them into the house. Alive, who sent his wife a moving compliment.

Along with a number of snapshots from the 2014 wedding, he wrote on Instagram: It’s been seven years since I got married and you still make me laugh like the first day. I enjoyed celebrating yesterday.

“We have so much joy from our children and they were fortunate to have such a strong, unique and beautiful mother. I love you. , Infant !!! Happy Anniversary! E. “

The 40-year-old singer met Eric in May 2010, and the beloved duo tied a knot in Montecito, California in July 2014.

In May, Jessica celebrated her 11th birthday with Eric through a hearty Instagram post.

Together with these black and white snapshots, she writes on the photo sharing platform: “11 years strong … 11 hearts are unconditional, passionate, inspiring, attractive, supportive, beautiful, attractive, filled every year. Adorable, exquisite, sublime, wonderful, honest, happy, loved, ideal, incomparable, powerful, fascinating, love. On this random day, our connected hearts are praised and celebrated. It was the key to my search and just hugged my soul with love and honor. Then, now and for the rest of my life, I am wholly and always yours and you. It’s mine.

The Part of Your World singer described falling in love with Eric as the “best gift” of her life and her children as the “perfect gift”.

Jessica, who was married to actor Nick Lachey between 2002 and 2006, wrote: The children you gave me are old, but there is no time for you and me. It only allows you to expand the space … just go beyond your horizon to be loved and loved. forever. (Sic) “

Eric Johnson commends his wife Jessica Simpson for being “intensely empowered” | Entertainment news

Source link Eric Johnson commends his wife Jessica Simpson for being “intensely empowered” | Entertainment news

New York Instances Model Journal praises North Little Rock Artwork Gallery

Some North Little Rock art galleries in good weather are among the 12 selected in a June 16 article in the New York Times Style Magazine.

Goodweather, directed by Haynes Riley and his sister Erin, has participated in galleries in San Francisco, New Orleans, Miami, Detroit, and the magazine’s “12 Galleries Not in New York or Los Angeles”. Is posted. Art edition 2021 (

Reporter John Chiaverina writes, “There are many interesting and important American art spaces across the city with a 1 percent seasonal playground.”

Well that’s right.

Riley, an artist and curator who taught in Minneapolis and Detroit, founded Good Weather in 2011 and turned the garage of her brother Zacks’ home in the Lakewood neighborhood of North Little Rock into a gallery.

Erin boarded in 2015 and Goodweather expanded to Chicago in 2019, where the Hunter Brothers live. The gallery shows works by the sculptor Pay Suan Wang and the Brooklyn-based artist Laque Ford. In September, Good Weather will take place on the List Art Fair Basel in Switzerland in the Chinese gallery A Thousand Plateaus Art Space.

“It’s kind of the best alternative show,” says Riley. “We entered the list in 2019. That was a sign of approval. “

And while they lay the groundwork for collectors around the world, they remain firmly anchored in North Little Rock.

“I come from a large family and my parents grew up in Lakewood. We lived in Lakewood, ”says Riley. “North Little Rock has shaped me. I am proud and happy to be here. Staying home in North Little Rock is one way to be with my family and relationship. It’s kind of respect. “

Goodweather’s current project is “Rayman”, Little Rock Hunter Foster’s first solo show.

Foster’s work (a thin canvas wrapped around a painted core) is on view from Saturday noon until 3:00 p.m. through July 10 at Funland Drive in Burns Park, North Little Rock, which was once part of a prison. It is on display near Pavilion 8. calls this show a “must-see”.

Two Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographs The two former photographers on the Democrats’ Official Newsletter are part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning team that publishes the latest news earlier this month.

Alex Brandon and Mike Stewart were one of 10 Associated Press photographers in the United States to capture the emotion and drama of George Floyd’s May 2020 autopsy protest.

Stewart, who works in Atlanta, joined the Arkansas Democrat in 1989 and joined the Columbia Daily Tribune in Columbia, Missouri in 1993. Brandon, son of longtime celebrity editor Philis Brandon, lives in Washington, DC. He worked for the Democratic Party in August 1983 and worked on paper until he moved to San Diego in 1989.

E-mail: [email protected]

Amber Tamblyn praises Britney Spears for giving ‘damning document’ of conservatorship | Leisure

Amber Tamblyn has commended Britney Spears for making a “damned public record” of her conservatories.

The ‘Toxic’ hitmaker went to court this week to brand the Conservatory, which has put her father Jamie Spears in control of its affairs since 2008, as “abusive” in trying to get a judge to rule the situation break up.

And now, 38-year-old Amber – who also rose to fame as a teenager and had her career overseen by her parents – has defended Britney as she pointed out the “parallels” between their lives.

In an essay for the New York Times, she wrote, “After seeing some of the complications and consequences of finding fame and financial success at a young age, I can confirm how difficult this combination of factors can be, in fact to navigate for those with the best of intentions. I also know how much potential they have to become toxic and how vulnerable they can make a young woman. “

Amber further admitted that while Britney, 39, is not “the only woman in public” whose life has been “privately controlled”, she is one of the first to publicly condemn the actions of what will happen to others in the future.

She added, “Britney Spears is not the only woman in public who has long been privately controlled, but she may be one of the first women in a very long time to make such a devastating public record of it. When I see her testimony now, I can’t help but think of that bald-headed Britney in 2007, raw with anger and tired of being everyone’s spectacle. Even now, I sense that the world wants to turn their latest statement into yet another episode of voyeurism – to defend it once again as our favorite mess. “

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star said she hoped Britney’s court testimony would remind people that “our physical and fiscal autonomy is worth fighting for”.

She explained, “But as someone with a taste of what Britney went through, I know what she did is a profoundly radical act – one that I hope will make its way through their bodies and bank accounts of women in all industries will spread to coming generations. In her words, she reminded us that it is worth fighting for our physical and fiscal autonomy.

“We cannot know its truth now – as it was said in its own voice, not a voice written, curated or projected onto it for it. Now it’s really up to us to listen. “