Man Posing As An OBN Agent Allegedly Extorts Cash From Authorized Develop Enterprise In Stephens County

A man posing as a state narcotics agent is now behind bars.

With intimidation, investigators said Matthew Brumley cheated on one pregnant foreigner among thousands at a legal grower in Stephens County.

The electricity company that Brumley was an apprentice to was hired to do some work on the farm.

Unbeknownst to his employer, investigators said Brumley threatened to shut it down.

Days later, according to investigators, Brumley doubled up again after reviewing the required electrical work at this newly established cultivation site and confronted the only English-speaking employee.

“He tells them he was the one who came out today, earlier today, and that he was an apprentice lineman and part-time OBN agent,” said Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney.

The former oil man, self-proclaimed cowboy, and aspiring electrician claimed to be an agent at OBN and flashed up, according to the report.

“He supposedly carried a gun, a gun and looked like an OBN agent. He had a couple of business cards, ”McKinney said.

Records show Brumley told the woman “she was illegal in the state of Oklahoma.” He told the victim that if she paid him $ 4,500 he could “make the operation legal and keep the state off the property.”

“The victim told him I don’t have $ 4,500, I have $ 2,500 if that works. He said I can do it and I’ll take the money, ”McKinney said.

When the victim returned, she found Brumley with two other men waiting and “afraid for their lives”.

He has now been arrested.

“It’s in her front yard, she’s pregnant, he’s armed with a gun and says he can get her to comply so she can make a living,” McKinney said.

The victim did not want to speak on camera but said on News 9 Brumley pretended he had done this before.

According to the sheriff, Brumley is under investigation for posing as an OBN agent after being confronted by a corporate official in another district.

Scammers posing as UP Well being System asking sufferers for cash 

Jackie Drees – – |

UP Health System-Marquette, Michigan warns patients of a new “Caller ID spoofing” scam that uses the health system name to solicit patients’ money and / or personal information. This emerged from a report by the NBC member dated March 18 WLUC.

A third party is involved in the scam who gives the impression that a call is coming from UP Health System-Marquette and then tries to collect money or information for fraudulent purposes.

The health system said it was working to stop the program but said these types of fraud were difficult to trace. The health system said it would never call patients before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m. and would never request personal information regarding credit scores over the phone.

Anyone who receives a suspicious call, email, or text message from someone claiming to be with UP Health System-Marquette should hang up and call the appropriate health care department to verify that the caller’s identity is valid is.

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