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How dramatically the money to be won on the PGA Tour escalates, not least thanks to Tiger Woods’ influence on the game, is always an exciting topic. Therefore, on the eve of the cash cow at the end of the tour’s season – the FedEx Cup Playoffs – this is an ideal time to dive back into the riches.

As a baseline, let’s toss some numbers on Jack Nicklaus, who is either number 1 or number 1A when it comes to being the greatest in golf. Nicklaus’ career earnings were $ 5.7 million. In his biggest season, 1972, he won seven times for a “whopping” $ 317,000.

The Golden Bear is at 18. His wins at the largest and most prestigious golf events grossed $ 784,500.

Those numbers are pretty much the proverbial chicken feed, of course, compared to what’s at stake in the FedEx playoffs over the next three weeks. For example, the winner receives $ 15 million deposited into their bank account. Challengers also collect a king’s ransom.

The money is so ridiculous that the guy who finished 125th in this week’s playoff opener

For those who don’t remember, the 2007 FedEx Cup Playoffs were launched for a number of reasons, not the least of which was to send a strong signal for the PGA Tour, to send a strong signal to anyone with the idea of start a world tour to siphon off players. The tour participants saw the $$$ signs and started pinching themselves.

How lucrative were the playoffs for the FedEx Cup? When you consider Nicklaus’ career winnings of $ 5.7 million, numerous players have already topped that in the playoffs. Rory McIlroy is the leading playoff cash winner with a staggering $ 41.7 million. That’s almost eight times Nicklaus’s career record.

Dustin Johnson is not far behind McIlory at $ 40.4 million. Then comes Tiger with $ 39 million. From there it falls to Justin Thomas at $ 25.6 million and Justin Rose at $ 25.4 million. Eleven players are over $ 18 million. It’s like throwing monopoly money around, only it’s real.

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Speaking of money wins, let’s take a quick look at who won the most money this season. Colin Morikawa, the brightest of the young stars, was number one at $ 7,039,768. Jon Rahm was just behind at $ 6.8 million. Jordan Spieth at $ 6.4, Bryson DeChambeau at $ 6.3 and Louis Oosthuizen at $ 6.2 rounded out the top 5.

In total, 20 players raised over $ 4 million, 34 over $ 3 million, 61 over 2 million and an astonishing 124 over $ 1 million. Just as a reminder, for winning 18 majors, Nicklaus’ fortune grew by just $ 784,500.

CHIP SHOTS: Andrew Landry finished the 2020-21 PGA Tour season on a positive note and was spectacular at times. Landry opened and closed the Wyndham Classic with rounds of five under par 65, making 15 birdies in the process.

Unfortunately, the ex from Port Neches-Groves couldn’t be better than 72 in the middle two rounds and had to be content with a draw on 51st place. That was worth $ 15,564, bringing its official seasonal earnings to $ 594,200. Landry ranked 155th in cash and FedEx points.

Seven was the lucky number for Joe Gongora of Port Arthur on Friday the 13th. Gongora scored his 7th hole in one by sinking a pitching wedge on the 115-yard 7th hole at Babe Zaharias.

The shot was watched by Rufus Reyes, Larry Johnson and Aubrey Ward and helped that team tie the front at 3 under on Friday’s 2 ball. Also 3 under on the front was the foursome of Ron LaSalle, Bill Hanley, Larry Reece and George Adams.

The team of Bob West, Bob Luttrull, Don MacNeil and James Johnson won the back with minus 1. Closest to pin wins came Dwayne Morvant (# 2), Gongora (# 7), Dan Flood (# 12) and Morvant (# 15).

On Monday Senior Plus 3 Ball at Zaharias, former minor league baseball player Rusty Hicks scored his best ’70 ever to help his team score a sweep with minus 1 on each side. The team was rounded off by West, Ward and Richard Malone.

At the Super Saturday Senior 2 Ball in Zaharias, the team of Rick Pritchett, LaSalle, Brian Mirabella and Lonnie Mosley took the lead with minus 2. Ed Holley, Cap Hollier, John Jessen and Charles Perez’s foursome sat down on the back with minus 3.

The Wednesday DogFight at Babe Zaharias was played in an all-points-count format. The team of Hollier, Larry Johnson, Flood and Jake Selensky took first place with 30 points. One point behind in second place was the four of Earl Richard, Charles Leard, Brad Royer and Jimmy Schexnayder.

Closest to pin wins were Vercher (# 2, # 7), Larry Stansbury (# 12) and Adam Noel (# 15).

At the Ball Zaharias 2 on Tuesday, August 10th, the team of Ted Freeman, Hollier, Art Turner and Glen Knight won the front with a minus 5.

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China partially shuts down port after one Covid case

Heavy cranes in the port of Ningbo in China.

Philippfotograf | iStock | Getty Images

China closed a key terminal in its port of Ningbo-Zhoushan, the world’s third largest port, after a worker was discovered to be infected with Covid – a move that is likely to put further pressure on already congested utility networks.

It was the second time this year that the country ceased operations at one of its major ports.

Analysts say China’s “zero tolerance” approach to Covid will tighten already stressed supply chains this year. Some warn that this may not be the last port closure as long as Beijing takes this stance.

Dawn Tiura, CEO of the Sourcing Industry Group – an association for the procurement and procurement industry, said China’s stance will lead to “serious” ramifications for the supply chain.

“China has zero tolerance for COVID. One person who tests positive is enough to close (the) port, ”she told CNBC in an email.

Ningbo-Zhoushan is the third largest container volume in the world. According to the World Shipping Council, 27.49 million 20-foot equivalent units (TEU) of container handling were handled in 2019. The container volume rose in 2020 by almost 5% to 28.72 million TEU.

As long as the authorities adhere to this “zero covid” stance, there is still a risk of sudden disruptions due to tests or bans …

Nick Marro

Economist Intelligence Unit

All incoming and outgoing services at the Meishan Terminal in the port of Zhoushan were suspended until further notice on Wednesday. according to Chinese state media. The terminal is the key to processing shipments to Europe and North America.

Supply chains have already been through crises like the this year Lack of shipping containers, and the Incident in the Suez Canal. In June, Covid infections caused disruption Shipping centers in southern Chinaincluding major ports of Shenzhen and Guangzhou – the first time China has shut down ports due to Covid cases.

Effects of China’s “zero covid” stance

China’s zero tolerance for Covid suggests this latest port disruption may not be the last, said Nick Marro, head of global trade at the Economist Intelligence Unit.

“China’s ‘zero-covid’ approach means officials will prioritize containment of the pandemic above all else, especially given the highly contagious nature of the Delta tribe and the risks the current outbreak poses to future economic performance in the third quarter “He said in a note on Wednesday.

“As long as the authorities maintain this ‘zero covid’ stance, there is still a risk of sudden interference from tests or bans, which ties all hopes of normalcy closely to factors such as national vaccination deadlines,” he added.

China is experiencing a resurgence of Covid cases thanks to the highly transferable delta variant. The daily cases exceeded the 140 mark on Monday – the highest number of daily infections since January, according to Reuters. Chinese authorities have ordered Mass tests in some areas and widespread movement restrictions in big cities like Beijing.

The suspension of services at the Meishan Terminal comes as container shipping rates continue to rise this year. The container freight rates from China and East Asia to the west coast of North America have risen by over 270% to over 15,800 USD per TEU this year, according to the global container freight index from Freightos Baltic. Meanwhile, rates on the east coast have risen by over 220% to over USD 17,500 per TEU, according to the index.

Read more about China from CNBC Pro

Analysts warn of further delays and consumers will likely have to bear the cost as the holiday season approaches.

Tiura pointed out that the June Covid outbreak caused Shenzhen’s main Yantian terminal to cut 70% of its exports. The waiting time for processing shipments has been tripled from 3 days to 8 or 9 days.

Given that Ningbo-Zhoushan is the third largest container port in the world, this closure makes the already dire situation much worse.

Dawn Tiura

CEO, Sourcing Industry Group

“If we see something similar here, and the time it takes to move ships through port doubles or triples, we will have a significant and long-term impact on exports that will impact the holiday season and drive inflation,” she said.

“The shortage of containers was already affecting global supply chains. Given that Ningbo-Zhoushan is the third largest container port in the world, this closure will make an already dire situation much worse, ”said Tiura.

She said container capacity is likely to become more expensive and shippers are likely to pass the cost on to consumers, further fueling global inflation ahead of the all-important holiday season.

Mario Ciabarra, CEO of digital analytics company Quantum Metric, said retailers will face a lot of uncertainty before the holiday season and one of them will be inventory challenges.

“Inventories will be the primary concern of retailers as they face the decision to either have limited or no stocks of certain items, or instead face higher costs associated with air freight,” he told CNBC.

Marro from the EIU also pointed out disruptions that are exacerbated by the key demand before the Christmas season.

“Trade disruptions pose problems not only to shipping and consumers, but also to manufacturers who rely on critical import components,” he said.

– CNBC’s Iris Wang contributed to this report.

Vidor quarterback Eli Simmons takes pleasure in Vidor’s bodily model of play – Port Arthur Information

VIDOR – Being a quarterback for the Vidor Pirates is different than playing under most programs under the center. In today’s game, quarterbacks typically throw at least 20 passes, with the high-end being around 50 per game.

At Vidor, the quarterback is asked to do a completely different job and would be lucky enough to throw 20 times in a season.

After playing the corner last season, Eli Simmons will take the lead for the Pirates and their triple option offensive this fall.

Eli Simmons, right, demonstrates a fake during Vidor’s summer practice. Chris Moore / The News

The pirates’ style of play regularly requires the quarterback to play the ball and play fakes that make him vulnerable. The triple option has a lot of backcourt movement to confuse the defense as to who has the ball. In the summer, the offense focuses on the counterfeiting of the forgeries and the exact timing of the rash attack.

“I’m going to be a completely different kind of player,” said Simmons. “I can block, run and throw. Other quarterbacks can step back and throw. Vidor quarterbacks have to go out and hit someone … I love it. People say we should throw more, but as Coach puts it, it will work. “

Vidor head coach Jeff Mathews said Simmons has taken over the team’s summer training.

“He’s an incredible leader,” said Mathews. “He leads through what he says and through what he does. In practice, when we deliver our fakes we tell them to run to the hash and he’ll run 5 meters past it. Because he raises the bar, so do everyone else. “

The quarterback said leadership was always a given, but the change of position added gravity.

“Everyone looks at me differently as a quarterback,” he said. “I have to get louder. If I don’t say anything, most of the time nobody would do it. “

Simmons comes from a Vidor soccer family. His eldest brother played quarterback for the Pirates in 2013 and his other brother played fullback a few years ago.

“Since my older brother played quarterback in college, that’s been all I wanted to do,” said Simmons. “The coach finally gave me a chance so I hope I can follow in their footsteps.”

After finishing last season 2-3 in the district and finishing fourth in the playoffs, Simmons said he is ready for the Pirates to take a leap this year and win the district title and make his mark on the program. The quarterback is confident in his team’s ability to make a deep playoff push.

“I want to be a team leader and make sure I will be remembered in Vidor,” he said.

Port authority to obtain cash to assist in restoration | Information, Sports activities, Jobs

LISBON – The Columbiana County Port Authority will receive nearly half a million dollars from the Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration to aid the county’s economic recovery project.

Executive Director Penny Traina announced to the board during their Monday meeting that the CCPA’s application for an EDA investment of $ 478,000 has been approved. The original project was first discussed by the Port Authority last year and involved the hiring of two economic recovery specialists to meet with employers in the province to assess their needs. The specialists then create a work plan to help these companies.

According to Traina, the program will focus on building business loyalty, developing workforce to build skills and securing new jobs. The specialists take stock of companies and prioritize visits based on economic contributions, industry and needs, and develop relationships in the county’s business districts.

The total cost of the program is $ 597,500. The CPPA will contribute $ 119,500, including $ 7,500 from East Liverpool Community Improvement Corporation. The money will be used to pay the two specialists $ 65,000 each plus additional benefits for three years. The rest is used for operation and plan development.

In other areas, Traina announced that the Port Authority has nominated Humtown Products, a manufacturer of conventional and 3D printed sand cores and molds, for the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance Excellence in Manufacturing Award and as the winner in the Small Manufacturing category.

The board also received awards from Groff Tractor & Equipment and Miller Builders. The board accepted an offer for two new Case 1121G XR wheel loaders for $ 605,000 from Groff Tractor & Equipment for the Parsons Terminal in Wellsville, which is part of the ODOT marine aid program. They also accepted an offer for construction work, a concrete slab, and $ 310,789 fabric storage building from Miller Builders to furnish and install a 72 “by 130” fabric storage building for the Wellsville Terminals warehouse project, another of the ODOT’s maritime assistance program .

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