Jacquemus Opens 24/24 Comfort Retailer Type Pop-up – WWD

SPREAD PINK: If you don’t like pink, enter this in Jacquemus 24/24 pop-up at your own risk. But if it does, the French designer’s two-day Parisian retail trade space is the place where you can find your solution – day and night.

Like the Pink 2 Christmas capsule that was launched on Tuesday, the store was revealed with the question “Do you still like pink?” and a glowing neon spells “Jacquemus 24/24 “on the light pink facade of the location 16 Rue de Richelieu in Paris‘1. Arrondissement.

Inspired by automated convenience stores, the pop-up for the launch of the Bambino Long bag will be open 24 hours a day, starting on Friday at 10 a.m. and ending on December 5th at midnight.

To achieve this, the 355 square meter room was filled with 90 automated lockers, with a digital screen serving as a cash register and catalog.

You can win the bag itself – in pink of course – as well as a selection from the Pink 2 Capsule Collection, including bucket hats, scarves and the Rond Carré candle, a collaboration with Belgian artist Ann Vincent, which is available in a very limited edition.

After completing the credit card-only transaction, customers are given a locker number and the code to unlock the door to receive their prize. Behind the scenes, regular refills ensure that the items remain available for the duration of the pop-up.

All of the products in the pop-up are also sold on the official Jacquemus e-commerce site – but where’s the fun in that?


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Vaccine Pop-up Clinic Partnership with Spurs Sports activities and Leisure

Published on July 01, 2021

Mayor Ron Nirenberg announced a partnership between the city and Spurs Sports & Entertainment (SS&E) is hosting a COVID-19 vaccine pop-up clinic on July 10 at the AT&T Center and July 17 at Toyota Field. additionally Mayor announced July 10th as SA vaccine day to encourage those who have not yet received their vaccine to make a commitment to get one.

The first clinic event is from 8 am-1pm July 10th at the AT&T Center. The Spurs Food Truck will be on site and SS&E will provide vouchers for SAFC soccer games as well as giveaways, prizes and vaccination stickers.

The July 17th Mobile Clinic Event from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Toyota Field will offer free tickets to SAFC soccer games to anyone visiting the clinic to get their COVID-19 vaccine. The Spurs food truck will also be there.

SS&E will also offer two season pass packages for 10 games, which will be given away on July 10th and 17th as an incentive to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Pop-up retailer in central Fresno elevating cash for human trafficking survivors

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – A pop-up store is open in downtown Fresno this weekend.

The find is located in the Manchester Center on Shields and Blackstone.

Everything in the store has been donated by McCaffery Homes so that the organization behind the store can raise money for a cause they care about.

All proceeds from this weekend will go directly to a workforce re-entry program that aims to get trafficked survivors back on their feet in the Central Valley.

“The find is the absolute heartbeat of what community is,” says Andrea Shabaglian. “Here we have a generous organization and company, McCaffery Homes donating to the organization.”

If you missed Saturday and want to try The Find, don’t worry.

The shop reopens for four hours on Sundays from 1pm to 5pm.

The organizers also say they will have a more permanent location in the coming weeks.

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Chilliwack lodge provides pop-up, COVID-style weddings for two weeks this June – Abbotsford Information

Couples who were hoping to get married this year but have no plans due to the pandemic may want to take advantage of what a local hotel has to offer.

In June of this year, the historic Royal Hotel in Chilliwack is offering people the opportunity to tie the knot for two weeks – COVID style.

From June 12th to 26th, the hotel’s intimate Homestead Room will be transformed into a romantic, vintage-style wedding room.

“Weddings can still happen, albeit in a different way, so it just makes sense to have pop-up weddings in our vintage section and partner up with local wedding vendors who have also seen a huge decline in business,” said Laura Reid from the Royal Hotel.

Once home to the hotel’s 112-year-old tavern, the Homestead Room is located off the lobby. Meetings, events and small weddings are held here today. The private room has original fir floors, antique furniture and exudes charm and history as well as a connection to Chilliwack’s past.

The hotel has partnered with several local businesses including Sprigs & Sparrows wedding planners who will handle the decor. Couples can also take advantage of special wedding packages for fresh flowers and photography available through Did I Mention Flowers and Laura Winship Photography, respectively.

As per local health requirements, indoor weddings are limited to 10 people.

Weddings can be booked any day between June 12th and 26th at 11am, 1.30pm, 4pm and 7pm (subject to availability).

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What’s Included: Vintage-themed decorated wedding room, including backdrop, lighting, chairs, and guest registration table; a free room to get ready in before the wedding; a local wedding commissioner who works with couples to ensure their ceremony is unique to them; 20 percent discount on hotel rooms for the wedding group.

What is not included: a marriage certificate (couple must purchase one before the wedding); fresh flowers and photography (special packages available from two companies); Food and drinks are not permitted.

The cost is $ 495 for the basic wedding package and $ 695 for the deluxe wedding.

“We are excited to bring our historic and intimate wedding space to the community, and we will work with each couple to ensure that the day is seamless and memorable,” added Laura Reid.

For more information, including what is included in each package, or to book a wedding, contact Laura Reid at laurar@royalhotelchilliwack.com or 604-828-5286.

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Consultants see innovation and pop-up shops

A shopper browsing used clothing at a pop-up swap event in Singapore.

CATHERINE LAI | AFP | Getty Images

LONDON – The future of physical business has been challenged by the Coronavirus Pandemic, but experts believe the key to survival will be reinvention.

For some time now, retailers have been trying to attract customers by creating in-store experiences. Now, however, they need to get creative as shopping habits change and customers become more demanding.

Online shopping has been booming since the pandemic began. In the UK alone, internet sales rose from under 20% to over 32% in just three months at the start of the first Covid-induced lockdown. And experts expect the convenience of buying online means consumers will continue this habit even after the pandemic.

According to accounting firm PwC, nearly 50 stores closed every day in the UK in 2020.

Both trends show how important it is for retailers to get their physical presence right.

Kristina Rogers, Ernest Young’s global consumer leader, told CNBC in March that there is “a real redefinition” in the way retailers use their physical spaces.

“It’s no longer just an exchange,” she said, adding that retailers need to understand who their customers are and what they want.

Customers are browsing clothes at the Pangaia pop-up in Selfridges department store in London on April 12, 2021 as coronavirus restrictions are eased.

GLYN KIRK | AFP | Getty Images

She highlighted how aim, one of the largest retailers in the US, has chosen to have more space in its stores for Apple products. This effectively enables customers to be interested Apple Devices you can use to check them out in Target while shopping for other things. This is also handy for current Apple users who can merge two trips into one.

“They’re building a ‘mini mall’ in their shop,” she said.

But not every retailer has such a large area to work with. In fact, some experts believe that successful businesses of the future could be those that keep offering new things regardless of their size.

“There will undoubtedly be fewer physical stores going forward,” Matt Clark, managing director of consulting firm AlixPartners, told CNBC’s Street Signs Europe in March. “But the remaining stores need to offer an even bigger experience, additional services and just the ability to purchase products.”

One way for retailers to stand out is to focus more on pop-up stores. These are spaces that are temporarily open to showcase a particular line or product and that have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Stella McCartney Store on Bond Street in November 2020.

SOPA pictures | LightRocket | Getty Images

“One of the most important ways for pop-up shops is to create new opportunities for exploration. It’s not about a consumer walking into a Ralph Lauren store that is the same today as it was 10 or 20 years ago,” says Alex Cohen. A commercial real estate expert at Compass told CNBC.

Some well-known brands have already searched for pop-ups to attract more customers. British fashion designer Stella McCartney is showcasing a variety of local businesses in her flagship store on Old Bond Street in London to celebrate the lifting of restrictions on retailers in the UK. Guess is about to open its first pop-up store in Germany for activewear.

Pop-up areas allow retailers to create something “really fresh” while saving costs, Cohen said.

“Brands have the ability to spend a lot less, not have to commit to a long-term contract, spend less on modular installations, and do it very quickly,” he added.


In addition, this type of business promotes the idea of ​​exclusivity – a feeling that is becoming increasingly popular with many customers.

“The whole idea of ​​exclusivity is really important. The fact that a pop-up is expiring … is causing excitement among consumers. ‘Wow, if I’m not looking at this pop-up retail offer … at the In den in the next 3 months it will go away, I will never be able to see it, “he said. This adds the kind of excitement that is lacking in many traditional stores.

So it’s not just about the feeling of having an exclusive product, but also about an exclusive experience. This means that retailers can benefit from this exclusivity trend in other ways.

“In terms of exclusivity, many retailers now, either by agreement or actually, when you arrive at a store require you to be connected to a seller. You can’t surf and that creates a sense of exclusivity for better or worse,” added Cohen.


Brands are also recognizing the increasing importance of sustainability, both from a business perspective and due to growing customer awareness.

And it’s not just reflected in more “ethical” product lines, but also in what services are available in physical stores.

On its flagship in Stockholm, H & M offers services to repair old clothes and rents out some of its outfits for special occasions.

“The sustainability movement really highlights one of the core dichotomies that the fashion industry is particularly facing, but also a broader retail sector,” said Clark of AlixPartners.

“The debate between value and value: The need to really clearly define your sustainability traits, your ethical sourcing, etc, while delivering great value that is not only cheap but also great value for money which means consumer. “