Activist walks from Fort Bragg to Cherry Level to assist increase cash for veterans

JACKSONVILLE, NC (WNCT) – Tim Day was on a mission this week. He’s almost done.

Day, a Purple Heart veteran activist, covered nearly the entire 252 mile walk this week – from Fort Bragg in Fayetteville to Marie Corps Air Station Cherry Point in Havelock – all for a good cause. He took the walk to raise money and raise awareness. He is a member of the Warrior Bonfire Program, a national organization that focuses on veterans who have earned a Purple Heart.

“Well, I started at Fort Bragg a few miles ago on Sunday and walked every day to get 25 miles a day,” said Day.

Jacksonville’s Patriot Day 9/11 Observance will be virtual this year

Day says it was both interesting and challenging, but it’s definitely worth it. He stopped near Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville on Friday to talk about how the walk has been for him so far.

“It’s going to be tough, but all you have to do is remember what you’re doing it for … 150 miles is overwhelming, but you know I only have 35 left … it feels good.”

Online Originals: Grainger Stadium is home to 9/11 memorial

When he made it to Jacksonville, Day met another volunteer, Oscar Hernandez, a retired Marine, who accompanied him as he finished the hike to Cherry Point.

“I definitely recommend that more people join in … I enjoyed it,” said Hernandez. “It’s a nice walk … good cause.”

NC Works helps ENC veterans get jobs

Day emphasized how this walk taught him to take a minute to slow down and appreciate the things and people around you.

“People don’t slow down to really look at things,” said Day. “Just slow down and listen to others, stop all the shouting about this and that and put yourself in his shoes … that’s all.”

Almost 3,000 people lost their lives on September 11, 20 years ago. That’s what they’re called.

You can donate to Purple Heart Veterans by using the Warrior Bonfire website.

Day plans to make this an annual event. He is hoping for more volunteers in the next year. He also said he has had a great response from the churches he has been through and now the only thing left is to get the word out.

Bonuses, spending of American Rescue Plan cash, stay sticking level in new Mayfield Heights union contracts

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio – The city council did not approve a new contract for the service department on Monday, July 12th, but like previous union deals that also received no approval from the council this year, it will come into effect soon.

The council voted 3-3 (with Council President Diane Snider abstaining because her husband is a police officer) in the vote on the service contract. As negotiated by the city and the departmental union, the new contract provides for a salary increase of 2.5 percent and a one-off bonus in each of the three years (starting retroactively in January). The bonus is 4 percent of each employee’s salaries in 2020. The contract is similar to the contracts signed by police and fire service unions earlier this year. Traditionally, non-union city workers in Mayfield Heights receive the same raise as union workers.

Although the council did not approve the contract approved by the administration, state law provides that the contract with the service department will come into effect within 30 days of the contract being signed.

As it was the fall in May With the contracts for police and fire brigade, city councilor Gayle Teresi was supported by councilors Robert DeJohn and Donald Manno against the service contract. The service department contract is the last to be billed.

“We’re all in favor of everyone getting a raise,” Teresi said when she was contacted on July 15. “Our service department, our fire brigade and our police are great – we are not taking that away. It’s just that when we (council and administration) spoke at the beginning, just before the contracts were approved, it said (workers) would get a lump sum and it came back 2.5 (percent) and a lump sum every year . That wasn’t what we talked about, we either talked about it, or we did.

“If you make $ 80,000 (per year) you will make $ 3,200 more,” she said of the bonus. “But our directors make more than $ 80,000. Some make $ 120,000 or more. “

The city expects $ 1.8 million this year and the same amount as its share of the federal rescue plan (ARP) in 2022. Mayor Anthony DiCicco said the bonus money will be paid thanks to city workers who continued to work during the pandemic. The ARP money can be used to pay for the bonuses that DiCicco said will total around $ 350,000. The bonuses, he said, are only paid once.

Instead of spending the money on bonuses, Teresi would like to see the money spent to help the residents.

“There are many elderly (residents) with permanent home incomes who cannot fix the driveway if they are cited by the building authorities,” she said. “You can’t put a new roof on. You’re from Social Security. They just don’t have the money so why don’t we help them? Let’s just do something for the residents and give our employees 2.5 percent for three years. “

Teresi said it would also help the city help residents modernize their homes.

“And when that elderly person is gone – moves, sold, dies, God forbid – their house would be in better shape to be sold.”

Speaking of the city’s desire to use the ARP money for bonuses, she said, “It’s like a kid in a candy store – you know you get this (ARP) money, so we’ll just spend it.”

The July 12 meeting included residents from Marnell Avenue ask the city for help with their flooded basements. A problem that residents have been discussing with the city administration for several years.

“These people came to the meeting (to make complaints),” Teresi said. “One woman spent $ 63,000 keeping water out of her basement. She waterproofed her entire house. We made Dye testing last March and by now (the city) should have figured it out (flooding problems). So let’s do something for the residents. It’s (ARP) free money, ”Teresi said.

“Let’s take something from the plate. Let’s help the elderly. Let’s help our housing stock or our own home. Let’s fix the sewers. These people cannot sell their houses. Some of them, their insurance company, are no longer taking damage because they have had so many claims. ”Teresi said there are other homes in the area that have also been hit by floods, including those on Ascot and Bellingham streets.

Regarding spending the ARP money, DiCicco said, “We’re still talking about what we’re going to do with it. The sewers, we’ve got to find out what’s going on with the sewers over there. Dan Gerson, our city engineer, found some leaks between the rainwater and the sewer system during the main paint tests. So something needs to be fixed.

“I think it was about $ 300,000 worth of repairs. It’s good. We’ll go ahead and do this, but testing still needs to be done to find out exactly what needs to be done before we invest any money. We intend to fix whatever we find there. This (ARP) money can be used for this. “

DiCicco went on to say that the cash for the employee bonuses can come from the ARP fund or from the city’s general fund.

“We also have money to fix the sewer problems. It’s just a matter of figuring out what needs to be done. It’s not like you can’t do one thing and can’t do the other. We are in a sufficiently good position to carry out the (sewer) repairs and still take care of our employees. “

In other news

More news from the July 12th Council meeting:

– A request for acceptance of bids for Asphalting the entire Woodhawk Drive stayed on the table. DiCicco said it is still unclear whether the surface renewal will happen this year.

– During a full committee meeting on July 12th, the advice was heard from representatives from LevelHEADS Inc., an architectural firm that is working with the urban engineer GPD Group in hiring a site manager for the upcoming community center / pool project on Marsolstrasse. A very early concept of a plan was shown to the council.

“This is a very preliminary (rendering) that we saw,” DiCicco said. “They showed us what they can do. The building may not look like this when it’s built. But I liked the overall layout because the buildings are between the freeway (I-271) and the pool to shield (the pool) from the freeway.

“I think the general layout will stay the same, but now that we have chosen a site manager and set the budgets, we need to know exactly what the building will look like and what amenities we want. ”

The plan is now to demolish the current community center and build the new one a little further west on today’s parking lot. It is not yet known whether the new community center will be a story or two high.

– There were also points for planning and building Sheetz and Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers on the Mayland Shopping Center site, which is currently being redeveloped on Mayfield Road.

“They were filed because they both need parking exemptions from the Board of Zoning Appeals,” DiCicco said. “I think it would be better if you go to the zoning board of appeal first so they can make a decision and then the council can act.”

Both companies, DiCicco said, are definitely coming to Mayland. In the case of Sheetz, a gas station that also includes a grocery store and a coffee / sandwich shop, plans have been changed so that the gas pumps cannot be seen from Mayfield Road, but located behind, at the request of local residents the building.

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Not prudent to deploy vaccine boosters at this level: Ex-FDA director

There is currently insufficient evidence that Covid vaccine booster shots are required, according to a former FDA director.

“It is a good thing to be prepared to make boosters, but we really don’t have … evidence, at least in the United States, where we’re seeing vaccine failures or a decrease in immunity, so it’s time to put a booster on “said Norman Baylor, who previously worked for the US Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccine Research and Review Bureau.

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer is Development of a Covid booster vaccination or third dose to combat the highly transmissible Delta variant, which has become the dominant strain in many countries, including the United States

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the FDA said in a joint statement last week that “Americans who have been fully vaccinated currently don’t need a booster dose.”

Pfizer met with US officials on Monday to make his case for a third shot.

The company worked with a German company BioNTech Develop a vaccine consisting of two doses given three weeks apart. In December it received emergency approval from the World Health Organization.

No significant vaccination failure

The vaccine errors are currently very small with the vaccines currently in use. Until that changes, I don’t think it would be advisable to give a booster dose.

Norman Baylor

CEO of Biologics Consulting

Westbury, NY: A man receives the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine while at the Long Island State Qualified Health Center in Westbury, New York on April 29, 2021. (Photo by Steve Pfost / Newsday via Getty Images)

Steve Pfost | News day | Getty Images

He said health officials seem to agree that a third dose is not required.

“We’re just not there yet … we have no evidence that it is time to get a booster,” he said, adding that there may be new variations in the future that make current vaccines ineffective or much less effective.

Vaccination inequality

Richer countries have been able to vaccinate a large part of their population, while poorer countries lag behind.

The issue of vaccine disparity between regions needs to be addressed, Baylor said.

“A pandemic itself, the definition is that it is global,” he said, adding that he agreed with the World Health Organization that the crisis must be viewed from a global perspective.

Some countries and regions are actually ordering millions of booster doses before other countries have had supplies to vaccinate their health workers and those most at risk.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Director General, World Health Organization

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Monday that the world is “in the midst of a growing two-pronged pandemic”.

“Some countries and regions are actually ordering millions of booster doses before other countries have had supplies to vaccinate their health workers and particularly vulnerable people.” he said during a press conference, adds that the world is Make “conscious choices” so as not to protect those most in need.

The data suggest the vaccines offer long-lasting immunity to severe and deadly Covid-19, he said.

“The priority now must be to vaccinate those who have received no doses and no protection,” said the WHO chief.

Biotech companies like Pfizer-BioNTech and Modern, which has developed another mRNA vaccine for Covid-19, must “do its utmost” to direct supply to places in need, including through the Covax vaccine distribution alliance, he added.

Park Level 5-Miler able to have fun golden anniversary in type

Now that the 50th edition is planned for Thursday and few restrictions apply, the 5-mile and 2-mile walk to Park Point 2021 is planning a post-race party to celebrate its golden anniversary. The race, a creation by the North Shore Striders in 1972, will run down Minnesota Avenue and begin and end near Park Point Beach House.

The 5-miler starts at 6:30 p.m. while the 2-mile walk starts at 6:40 p.m. The party with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from Grandma’s Restaurant starts at 7:00 p.m. near the beach house with each finisher receiving a free drinks card.

The Park Point Kids’ Races, which are free and open to children aged 12 and under, start at 5:30 p.m. near the playground at Park Point.

“It’s super exciting and we’re incredibly grateful that we were able to keep 49th place last year,” said Race Director Greg Haapala. “Especially with the Park Point 5-Miler, it has the status of the oldest race in northern Minnesota. So if there was one race – outside of Grandma’s Marathon – that we could probably continue during that time, it was a coincidence that this one was the one we came back with.

A year ago, Haapala and the crew at Grandma’s Marathon spent about 14 hours outside at Park Point doing the 49th run of the 5-miler. which took place in socially distant waves all day between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. 200 people took part in the race in person, plus virtual participants.

“It was a very simple event, and this event started off as a very simple event – no frills, a few people running and enjoying the process,” said Haapala. “It was nice to come back to that and really, we’re closing for 2021 this year. It’s great that it’s the 50th and that the 50th we can again gather more than 500 people on one start line to celebrate this. “One. For many people, it will probably feel like normal for the first time. ”

Melissa Gacek of White Bear Lake, Minnesota, ran the 5-miler last year with the women’s best time of 31:01. She ran in one of the earlier waves that started around 8:30 am with only 10 other people. She didn’t find out she’d won the race until later that night.

Gacek, a two-time U.S. Olympic marathon qualifier who has run both the Grandma Marathon and Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon in Duluth, said the Park Point 5-miler last year saw the first time in at least 10 Years, maybe longer. She came back to the race a year ago, partly out of curiosity, as she herself is the race director for a 5K race with 400 runners.

Aiden Kilibarda (right) of Afton, Minnesota jumps to warm up in the starting area of ​​last year’s Park Point 5-miler, which starts and ends at the end of Park Point in Duluth. Last year’s run, the 49th run, took place in socially distant waves between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. The 50th run this year will be the normal mass start again. (Clint Austin / file /

“As soon as Park Point brought this out, I thought,” I need to go upstairs and A) see how they do it and B) support them, “said Gacek, 45, of running a year ago. “Even if it wasn’t an ideal situation, I was excited to have something to do.

“I was very impressed. It was very well organized. I couldn’t imagine how much work that was for the employees.”

Gacek is back for this year’s 5-miler despite saying she doesn’t expect to defend her title with so many other fast runners in the state.

By Monday morning, Haapala announced that 470 racers had registered for this year’s event, which often entails a significant number of walk-ups when the weather is nice. The event is limited to 900 participants.

The weather forecast for Sky Harbor Airport at Park Point predicts a mostly sunny day for Thursday with a high near 74. There is a chance of showers and thunderstorms while the northeast wind is 10-15 mph with gusts of up to 20 mph.

Minnesota Avenue, which begins on 22nd Avenue at Park Point, will be closed to traffic for Thursday’s 6pm to 7.45pm race.

JDRF One Stroll held in Excessive Level to boost cash for juvenile diabetes analysis

HIGH POINT, NC (WGHP) – The JDRF One Walk was held at High Point on Saturday to raise funds for type 1 diabetes research.

Instead of a traditional walk like in previous years, a celebration took place in the new Congdon Yards.

Brad Jones and Emily Byrd were there to host.

Many of the families who usually attend were there too, including some who have been taking the walk for 20 years.

Several of the top donors were awarded special prizes.

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Degree Up Leisure Opens New Somers Level Retailer

SOMERS POINT, NJ – Level Up Entertainment has opened a new store. The retro video game and comic book store in Mays Landing has opened a second location in Somers Point.

The store plans to expand its program of events at its new location in Ocean Heights Plaza.

“With this new location, we can do more of what we already love. We’ll have more space, which means we can stock more great comics, video games, statues and more,” the store announced website. “We have many plans to expand the types of experiences we can offer once Covid is under control. So keep an eye out for these!”

Level Up Entertainment offers a wide variety of retro video games and systems including Atari, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Playstation and Xbox.

The store also offers a full comic book selection and comic subscription service.

Level Up Entertainment’s new store is located at 319 Bethel Road in Somers Point.

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Rocky Level ranch-style house lists for $339,996

A two-bedroom, one-bath ranch-style home in Rocky Point is $ 339,996.

The eat-in kitchen has granite counter tops and white cabinets, plus an attic above that can be used as a seating area, computer room, or play area, says listing agent Laura Cochran, H&G Realty.

“The reason the house is a rare find is because there are rarely 0.46 acres of land in Rocky Point,” says Cochran. “It’s usually 50 times 100 tickets; 60 times 100 tickets; 40 times 100 tickets. So it’s unusual to find something this big: multiple times.”

The eat-in kitchen has granite counter tops and white cabinets, plus an attic above that can be used as a seating area, computer room, or play area, the agent said. Photo credit: Long Island Real Estate Photography / Brian Botticelli

Built in 1931, the home has hardwood floors, cathedral ceilings in the kitchen and dining room, a fireplace surrounded by built-in bookcases in the family room, custom colors throughout, and front and rear porches. The roof and heating have recently been updated.

The home has an extended driveway that is also unique to the Rocky Point area, where most properties don’t have adequate parking, notes Cochran.

The fully fenced property has a deck and shed as well as beach rights at nearby Friendship Beach on Long Island Sound.

“It’s just a short walk to the beach,” says Cochran.

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The home is also near the Rocky Point State Pine Barrens Preserve and State Forest, and not far from Brookhaven and Wildwood State Parks.

Annual property tax is $ 7,121.

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NSU basketball: they’re taking part in with home cash at this level

At least that was what head coach Robert Jones suggested when referring to the pressure on his team.

INDIANAPOLIS – The Norfolk State Spartans fled Monday. It was the first time they left their rooms in Indianapolis. What better way to get away than to go to the practice area?

NSU only has a few days to prepare for March Madness. Her first foursome with Appalachian State gives a tip on Thursday night.

Head coach Robert Jones is trying to keep that focus on the first game, despite number one Gonzaga in the country waiting for the winner on Saturday.

Jones took a moment to look ahead. Of course, the Spartans got the shock over Missouri in the first round in 2012. According to Jones, it’s a completely different game than Norfolk State-Missouri. If we play this game, they’ll have to make a statue of Echols in front of them. “

But he quickly added, “First things first, Appalachian State.”

The main part of Monday’s training was getting back into rhythm. They looked relaxed. When asked if there is additional pressure now, Jones said, “I’ve had more pressure to play Central and Morgan than now. I’m not saying I’m relaxed because I’m a competitor and I want to go all the way.” to the last four if I can. “

Jones says of those who automatically qualified, like the Spartans, “All of us, not just us, are playing house money at this point because it’s so hard to get there. Now it just goes off.”

In such an odd season where almost everyone has postponed a handful of games due to COVID, there is great uncertainty about the NCAA tournament. Jones ponders, “It’s really open to anyone who is honest. And we hope we can be anyone who does the run. Why not us?”

Cedar Level Providing Full Season of Leisure in 2021

Sandusky, OH – Cedar Point has a full season of entertainment in 2021, including celebrating its 150th anniversary in the heart of summer.

With the health and safety of guests and staff at the forefront, Cedar Point is excited to offer a full season of entertainment in 2021.

Also returning are special events, a spectacular nightly parade and party, a new family river adventure trip and the chance to win the unparalleled ticket of a lifetime.

Border festival

Celebrating Hope, Health and Harvest, the Frontier Festival kicks off the season on opening day, Friday May 14th. Frontier Town transforms into a Wild West hootenanny full of live music, interactive games for adults and children, festive decor and street performers, and a delicious menu and drink menu.

The Frontier Festival takes place on the weekend of May 14-16 and May 21-23, then every day from May 28th to June 13th.

Snake River Expedition

Parents, children, grandparents, and thrill seekers can join the mission to smuggle valuable goods around Adventure Island on the new Snake River Expedition cruise.

The Snake River Expedition is scheduled to open on May 29th and will be in operation through Labor Day on September 6th.

Celebration of the 150th anniversary

The heart of summer is set to warm as Cedar Point’s 150th anniversary continues. The centerpiece will be the Celebrate 150 Spectacular Parade and Night Party, with larger-than-life floats (some more than two stories high) depicting moments in the park’s rich history, talented dancers, acrobats and performers, an energetic soundtrack, and a grand finale like Nothing else.

Special commemorative items will also be available during the celebration, including limited edition buttons, collection pens, 150th anniversary logo items, books and more.

The 150th anniversary celebration takes place daily from June 26th to August 15th.

Ticket of a lifetime

This summer, guests have one last chance to win a Cedar Point Ticket of a Lifetime, an exclusive ticket that allows each winner (along with three guests) free entry to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores for the rest of their lives Waterpark has.

Guests have the chance to win one each day by scanning their mobile devices at the Courtesy Corps guest information kiosks throughout the park. Every day, guests who register have five chances to win the ticket of a lifetime. You also have the option to be one of 150 winners per day to be upgraded to the CP 150 VIP Club which gives you access to two exclusive VIP areas, several one-time Fast Lane passes, VIP tour of the parade and night time get party and more. During the celebration of the 150th anniversary from June 26th to August 15th there is the opportunity to win a Ticket of a Lifetime every day in the park.

Cedar Point Nights

The summer season culminates in Cedar Point Nights, the park’s nightly celebration at the place where it all began – Cedar Point Beach. The annual festival features a new dining in the dark experience, interactive beach games, fire pits, glow games and décor, live entertainment and the electric nighttime atmosphere of the world’s best rides and roller coasters.

Cedar Point Nights will be held while the park will operate from August 6th through Labor Day September 6th.

For more information on Cedar Point, see

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New salon HBAR brings type to Stamford’s Harbor Level

W.What do you do when your long-cherished dreams of opening your own business finally come true – and then a vicious pandemic strikes?

If you’re Antonio Rende, delay opening for about eight months and hope for the best.

“Starting a new business is always risky and scary – but that was more than anything I could have imagined,” said Rende.

Antonio Rende.

He can afford to be more cheerful now that his HBAR Salon & Spa, which was originally scheduled to open last March, will finally be in Stamford’s Harbor Point development on November 6th with a ceremony chaired by Stamford’s Mayor David Martin did.

“We did pretty well, especially when you consider,” Covende said. “We all hit our numbers and I was fortunate enough to have many of my clients following me from New York. You drive 45 to 90 minutes to see me which is really a blessing. “

The salon is now welcoming many new customers, both women and men, he noted.

The 2,000 square foot salon at 140 Washington Blvd. Four stylists work simultaneously with a beautician, a nail technician and a massage therapist. Once HBAR is able to operate at full capacity, it will likely have around 15 employees.

Rende said he was also lucky enough to design the space as the idea has always been to have the chairs far apart.

It’s kind of homecoming for the owner and stylist, who grew up in Stamford and regularly accompanied his mother to a salon.

“I’ve been in hair salons since I was four,” he said. “I’ve always loved the atmosphere – but hated the smell!”

His travels include years in other salons in Manhattan and a while in Seattle, where his husband got a job. Even then, he said, he would fly back to New York every three weeks to take care of my clients.

“It took me 15 years to build my clientele,” he said, “so Seattle just wasn’t the last stop.”

At first he considered a place in Greenwich, but when it failed he was given a tour of Harbor Point.

“I was blown away by the turnaround,” he recalled. “We weren’t even allowed to go there when we were kids.”

After Rende signed a lease there on March 6, he said he felt helpless as Covid continued to spread and forced salons to close – and with seven days’ notice to withdraw quickly.

“When we hit the eight-day mark, I started to panic,” he said. “But (landlord) BLT worked with me and we did it.”

For the leap to entrepreneurship, he said, “I always wanted to open my own salon and the timing felt right.”

In addition to the standard protocols mandated by Covid – something doubly important when it comes to providing massage services – Rende believes that HBAR will take another one with products that are ammonia-free, vegan, and paraben-free and recognized as cruelty by Leaping Bunny and PETA Step further goes free.

“That has always been a big priority for me,” he said. “So many people have sensitivity problems and often there can be problems with moisturizers, shampoos, and even towels. This way they can have a “normal” experience without having to question anything. “

As for the HBAR name?

“Personally, I’ve always thought that naming a salon after someone was a bit tricky,” he said. “Everyone I know says, ‘But that can give you a real sense of pride.’ Fortunately, my husband solved the problem by developing HBAR – which does not stand for “Hair Bar” as many people think, but for “Hair By Anthony Rende”.

“That works for me,” he said.