Newcastle backtrack on Arab-style clothes plea

Newcastle have made a U-turn, telling fans they won’t be discouraged from wearing Arabic clothes to games.

After some fans wore robes and headgear in the Premier League defeat by Tottenham last weekend following the Saudi Arabia-backed takeover, the Magpies issued a statement urging fans to refrain from such honors.

The club has changed its mind, however, and another statement shortly after the kick-off between Newcastle and Crystal Palace in Selhurst Park was: “The new owners were overwhelmed by the welcome from the local community after taking over the club two weeks ago.

“The fans celebrating with culturally traditional clothing, including headwear, were part of that greeting.

“Anyone who would like to support the association by wearing appropriate culturally inspired clothing should do so at their own discretion. We are inclusive for everyone.

“To reiterate what we said before, neither the club nor its new owners were offended by the clothes they were wearing and appreciate the open declarations of support and acceptance by our great fans.

“Newcastle United FC and its new owners continue to support the Premier League’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, including No Room for Rassism.”

Newcastle’s previous statement was supported by Kick It Out who said: “We support the club’s proactive steps to ensure that all fans are welcome to the games at St James’ Park.”

Saudi Arabia’s human rights record has made the deal extremely controversial and some Crystal Palace fans held up a large banner criticizing the takeover.

Confusion mounts over vaccine booster as Rapper Juvenile points 90s-style plea to get vaccinated

HAMPTON, Virginia (WAVY) – In a rework of the 1999 hit, rapper Juvenile is now narrating “Girls, you look good when you spice it up.”

Juvenile’s message is sexy and clear, but what isn’t clear is vaccine maker Pfizer’s message. It now plans to offer a third shot – a booster – as the nation faces the highly transmissible Delta variant.

(Getty Images)

Concerned about the statement the CDC and FDA issued a joint statement said, “Americans who have been fully vaccinated currently do not need a booster vaccination.”

The NAACP president from Hampton is involved in ongoing efforts to encourage people of color to receive the life-saving vaccine. She hopes she can avoid additional confusion and hesitation caused by the booster announcement.

“The CDC has not yet recommended a booster. You announced that you don’t need a booster right now, ”said Gaylene Kanoyton, NAACP president, Hampton.

(WAVY Photo / Regina Mobley)

Right now, most of the COVID-19 deaths in the United States involve unvaccinated people. For this reason, the New Grafton Baptist Church, in partnership with Hampton University, offered vaccinations on Friday.

(WAVY Photo / Regina Mobley)

After receiving her second Pfizer syringe, Catherine Wilkins was stunned to learn that the pharmaceutical giant was preparing to apply for approval for a third syringe.

“I don’t think I’ll be coming back, I think I’m done,” she said with a laugh. “I’m done.

(WAVY Photo / Regina Mobley)

After receiving his first vaccination, Raymond Lyons said that instead of a booster shot, Pfizer needs to work on getting the current vaccine fully approved.

“Now Pfizer says she does [want approval of] a booster dose, but we’ve never heard of the vaccine being approved, ”said Lyons.

(WAVY Photo / Regina Mobley)

Congressman Bobby Scott (D-Va.) Was on site for the New Grafton Clinic on Friday. He urges voters to follow the science of the CDC and FDA.

“Because they put the evidence together and make the decision based on the evidence, and that’s what we should follow,” said Scott.

(WAVY Photo / Regina Mobley)

The NAACP hopes the mixed messages will not interfere with their ongoing efforts to get more shots into the arms of minorities.

“If you look at 15% of African Americans who have been offered the vaccine, that’s very low, so we need to get more people vaccinated,” said Kanoyton.

On July 9, Black Virginians made up 16.1% of the total number of vaccines administered in the state. The percentage of the black population vaccinated with at least one dose at this point was 38.9%.

Help is apparently on the way, thanks to Juvenile and a troop of rumpshakers.

“I love it – I think it’s fantastic – if we could get more rap artists to develop rap songs for the vaccine, it would be great,” said Kanoyton.

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