TN invoice permits school gamers to generate profits off picture & likeness

With House Bill 1351, athletes could earn money with their name, image and likeness. It goes to the desk of the Tennessee Governor Bill Lee.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee – This week Tennessee lawmakers passed law giving college athletes the opportunity to make money off their name, image, or likeness. Athletes say it will take a long time.

For the basketball player Ferrakohn Hall, playing in front of his family, friends and fans is a unique opportunity. To be able to make money on his name, image and likeness while playing the games University of Memphis would have meant being able to feed his family better.

“To capitalize on and be able to provide for my family would have put more on my plate to say that I have an opportunity here to do something for my family,” said Hall.

The The NCAA is currently reviewing a nationwide framework for name images and similarities.

A bill that would allow athletes to make money using their name, likeness, and image is sent to the governor’s desk to be signed. Former college athletes like Ferrakohn Hall and @ T_Harris_14 say it’s long overdue. @ LocalMemphis

– Rebecca Butcher ? (@ Local24Rebecca) May 1, 2021

Proponents of the legislature argue that college athletes should be able to make money on endorsements, saying that Tennessee colleges could run the risk of being left behind in recruiting if they are not signed by law.

“Without that bill, if Tennessee doesn’t act, we’ll be left behind on the recruiting path,” said the bill sponsor Senator Brian Kelsey. “We’ll be in the SEC’s basement.”

“It’s the freedom to be able to take advantage of as much as we have taken advantage of for athletes,” Hall said. “It gives you the opportunity to capitalize, and society builds on that.”

Former All-American Tony Harris of McDonald’s, who played for the University of Tennessee basketball team, spoke to representatives on the subject in 2014, calling House Bill 1351 “monumental”.

“I’ve played thousands out of 10,000, 20,000 before,” Harris said. On CBS, ESPN and Fox Sports. From someone outside watching me on TV, they’d think I’d have it all, but I was actually broke. ”

Harris argues that passing the bill would encourage athletes to reflect on their image.

“I think this will be great for these student athletes because it gives them a path of professionalism from a young age and that is good for these universities.”

The bill now goes to the governor’s desk to be signed. It would come into effect on January 1, 2022.

Granato’s teaching type permitting younger Sabres gamers to flourish

March 17th is better known for St. Patrick’s Day, but for Buffalo ice hockey fans, March 17th marks the end of one of the year’s up and down coaching terms Buffalo sabers History. Most Sabers fans saw Ralph Kreuger’s shooting as a relief after his docile and relaxed coaching style resulted in a team that seemed downright unconventional and incompetent.

Last off-season, this team had so many people who – once again – believed the team might be tied to the playoffs. It seemed like the team had made a real attempt to fight for one of the top 4 spots in the division. Unfortunately, after a terrible start to the season, the Sabers had more of a contender for their first overall victory than a playoff spot. Then, on St. Patrick’s Day, Ralph Kreuger was fired and Don Granato was appointed interim coach.

In the first six games after Granato was appointed interim coach, the results were the same as when Kreuger was still head coach. Sabers fans saw Don Granato’s first win as the Sabers head coach, with some less than stellar results for the team soon after. However, what became apparent to even the most casual of fans was the fact that the team now looked more competitive than they had all season before Kreuger was fired. Although there had been some one-sided results, we saw a team that at least partially resembled a fast-paced, aggressively coordinated ice hockey team.

Even during those first six games of Granato’s tenure with the Sabers, the team still allowed more goals than one would have hoped. But after the first few games, the team’s defensive style seemed to be moving in the right direction. The players are no longer afraid to attack the puck carrier in the neutral / defensive zone and now try to surprise their opponents. The snack to giveaway ratio rose dramatically when Granato took over as interim coach, and the overall aggressive and more offensive defensive game continued to improve.

The teams are no longer harassing the Sabers at the head of the net, and the players have worked together to block the fast lanes to break open and intercept the passes. In the offensive end and the neutral zone, Buffalo players swarm harder to put pressure on the puck bearers and primary pass options. That allowed Casey Mittelstadt, Days Thompson, and Arttu Ruotsalainen to achieve their success in the last few weeks. Don Granato made the most of this young group of Sabers called up for a late-season friendly and the results and the overall game were impressive.

It seems obvious that Ralph Kreuger preached a more structured defensive game while in Buffalo. There’s nothing wrong with this approach as many traditional old school coaches prefer this as the main focus of a team. However, the tactic in implementing his system was to be more passive, not incurring unnecessary penalties, and letting the opponent make the first mistake.

While this system makes sense in theory, the ebb and flow of hockey games today do not allow this system to work the way Kreuger envisioned. Hockey teams are aggressively faster and more aggressive today than ever before. By letting your team play passive hockey, you allow the aggressive opponent to use the passive game of defense against them – essentially handcuffed.

During Kruger’s tenure, an opponent was often seen taking the puck into the offensive zone while the Sabers defenders continued to give the opposition ground instead of challenging at or around the blue line. When this happens and the Sabers defense returns so quickly from the offensive, the zone opens up from the diamond markings along the circles to the blue line that only beckons to an opposing player like a “Kucherov” or a “Pastrnak”, to enter and shoot through screens.

At this point, when things like that kept popping up night after night, it wasn’t so much what the opposition did to beat this Sabers team, it was the Sabers who beat themselves, how they embraced the system from the point of view of the System approached. However, it was Ralph Krueger’s credit that this passive defense approach was a major reason the Sabers had imposed so few penalties throughout the season.

It has been said that Don Granato allows his players to play the way they can – unlike Krueger, who contented himself with getting Rasmus Dahlin to stay behind and stay home more and get Jeff Skinner to grind and begin most of his shifts in the defensive zone rather than being put offensively in more favorable situations Granato is respected by his players, also because he expects them to play responsibly.

The Sabers will miss the playoffs again but it’s hard not to see the silver lining at the end of this season. Don Granato’s ability to inspire and motivate and his instinct to know when a player should be who he is rather than trying to make him his ideal hockey player like the old school “Ralph Kreuger-like” coaches do League tries to do.

The Sabers face many important decisions about this ice hockey team and what the future holds for them during the off-season. I hope that Kevyn Adams embodies Granato’s hands-off coaching style in the best possible way and gives Don the opportunity to keep moving in a positive direction with this ice hockey team.

An Indiana booster’s $10 million for a brand new coach exhibits cash talks, however when gamers stroll, is it value it?

Indiana sacked coach Archie Miller on March 15, announcing that a super rich booster had agreed to give the school $ 10 million to cover its buyout. Nine days later, Indiana doesn’t have a new coach.

In fact, it hardly has a team.

That’s because Race Thompson On Wednesday, the third IU starter – not just players, starters – since the end of the season entered the transfer portal and joined Armaan Franklin and Aljami Durham. These three points averaged 31.8 points and 13.4 rebounds last season. They finished second (Franklin), third (Durham) and fourth (Thompson) on the team in the ranking, second (Thompson), third (Franklin) and fourth (Durham) on the team when rebounding. So these are not people who are at the bottom of the bank or out of rotation. You are important. And while it’s true that any (or even all) of them could leave the transfer portal and return to Indiana after the school hires their next coach, these things usually don’t work that way.

So are we sure the money was well spent?

To be clear, it’s not my money so I don’t care. But if you put it in a practical way, when it’s all over and everything is sorted out, how likely is it that Indiana is actually in a better place than it was two weeks ago? When the school hires Texas Tech’s Chris Beard or Baylors Scott Drew or Arkansas‘Eric Musselman or earlier Michigan Coach John Beilein, maybe everything will be fine, even if it looks like one of them is getting off to a difficult start given the status of the squad. However, there is a growing feeling in college basketball circles that Indiana is more focused on hiring someone with Indiana connections – perhaps a former player like Mike Woodson, assistant to the New York Knicks, Calbert Cheaney, assistant to the G-League. Michigan State Assistant Dane Fife, UCLA Assistant to Michael Lewis or earlier NBA Trainer Keith Smart.

Any of them could be great I think.

At this point, however, one may wonder if this process could turn into a net negative that resulted in Indiana paying $ 10 million to end up with an inferior coach and squad. Again, any of the candidates with strong IU ties could be great here. Personally, I don’t know all of them, but the ones I know I like. So I’m ready to stay open. But that means, and that’s just the truth, none of them would be currently a candidate for any other job comparable to the Indiana job. If Indiana had gone that route, it would have spent $ 10 million – plus everything it took to hire the next coach and staff – to replace Miller with someone much more gambling than Miller when he was hired appeared in March 2017, and Miller’s successor would likely have a worse roster in the first year than Miller in the fifth year.

Again, it’s not my money. So I don’t care.

And if school just wanted to be done with Archie Miller, no matter what, the way it wanted to be done only with Tom Crean before, no matter what, fine. My only point is that there are several reasons to believe that Indiana really only spent $ 10 million to put itself in a worse position in the future.

The coach that IU wanted to have gone is gone – but also three starters and a sit-out transfer Parker Stewart, who would have come into question in the next season after an average of 19.3 points at UT-Martin in the second year. And who knows what effects all of this could have Trayce Jackson-Davis? He’s averaged a team high of 19.1 points and 9.0 rebounds that season while shooting 51.7% off the field. He’s the best player in the Hoosiers. And while the 6-foot-9 forward isn’t guaranteed to be picked when he enters 2021 NBA draftWill he really want to return to Indiana to play for a new coach and what is likely to be a bad team? May be. But I promise you that other employees will take advantage of this coachless window that Indiana is currently going through, planting seeds with Jackson-Davis and / or the people around him, to see how the transfer portal could be in his best interests too, especially if he really wants to play in the NCAA tournament.

As always, we’ll see.

The final verdict on all of this, of course, will not be known for a while. I look forward to revisiting it later. But with four Indiana players, including three starters already on the transfer portal and Indiana still in need of a coach, and since there is no guarantee that Indiana fans will want a self-made attitude at all, it is reasonable to wonder if this is possible to turn into a situation where a school paid a lot of money to make itself worse.

2021 Gamers Championship purse, prize cash: Payouts for every golfer from huge $15 million pool

Justin Thomas earned the equivalent of a solid 40-year career for most people on Sunday by taking home the 2021 Players Championship. The largest prize pool in golf was there again this year. The TPC Sawgrass champion received a staggering $ 2.7 million.

In some ways, it’s about what Johnny Miller has done throughout his career.

This year’s top 45 finishers all cleared $ 50,000, and those who made the cut were guaranteed $ 30,000. While the big championships have gotten into the waters to pay the winner $ 2 million or more, no tournament up and down pays off better than The Players.

This wallet is the same as the 2020 edition which never paid out because the tournament didn’t complete. It dwarfs every other prize pool in the game. The US Open is closest at $ 12.5 million. For example, the Arnold Palmer Invitational last week totaled $ 9.3 million.

It is sure to be a week to make your unique choices wisely! Here you can see the payouts for all 65 golfers.

1. $ 2.7 million – Justin Thomas
2. $ 1,635,000
3. $ 1,035,000
Fourth, $ 735,000
5. 615,000 US dollars
6. 543,750 USD
7. $ 506,250
8. $ 468,750
9. $ 438,750
10.408,750 USD
11,378,750 USD
$ 12,348,750
13: 318,750 USD
14. 288,750 USD
15,273,750 USD
16. 258,750 USD
17,243,750 USD
$ 18.28,750
19. $ 213,750
20. $ 198,750
21: 183,750 USD
22nd $ 168,750
23: 156,750 USD
24. $ 144,750
25 $ 132,750
26. USD 120,750
27. $ 116,250
28. $ 111,750
29. $ 107,250
30. $ 102,750
31: 98,250 USD
32 .: 93,750 USD
33 .: 89,250 USD
34 .: 85,500 USD
35.81,750 USD
$ 36.78,000
37 .: $ 74,250
38 .: 71,250 USD
39 .: 68,250 USD
40. $ 65,250
41. $ 62,250
42: 59,250 USD
43. $ 56,250
44. $ 52,250
45 .: 50,250 USD
46 .: 47,250 USD
47 .: 44,250 USD
48: 41,850 USD
49: 39,750 USD
50. $ 38,550
51. $ 37,650
52. $ 36,750
53 .: $ 36,150
54 .: 35,550 USD
55.: 35,250 USD
56 .: $ 34,950
57 .: 34,650 USD
58 .: 34,350 USD
59 .: $ 34,050
60 .: 33,750 USD
61st: $ 33,450
62 .: $ 33,150
63 .: $ 32,850
64 .: 32,550 USD
65. $ 32,250

Guardiola on Man Metropolis success: We’ve got some huge cash to purchase unbelievable gamers

The Spanish manager joked about his team’s recent run in 19 games and secretly shot his team’s critics

Pep Guardiola jokingly said that money is the main reason Manchester City are successful as the club continued their undefeated run.

With the win on Wednesday against Borussia Mönchengladbach, City has now won 19 games in all competitions.

Thanks to their recent run, Guardiola and Co. are currently leaders in the Premier League and thanks to a 2-0 win on Wednesday they have come one step closer to a place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

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What did Guardiola have to say?

“We have a lot of money to buy a lot of incredible players,” Guardiola said at his post-match press conference when asked how his team won 19 in a row.

He added: “It’s true. We can’t do it without good players. The humanity of this group, the players are fantastic and have an amazing relationship. They play every game to think they’ll win this game.”

“Enjoy the night tonight and then think about West Ham. When people talk about the second leg, the second leg is in three weeks and now the next goal is West Ham. That’s all I care about.”

How much money did City spend?

Over the past 20 years, Manchester City has spent nearly £ 2 billion ($ 2.8 billion) as the club has become multi-year competitors at both national and European levels.

The club has spent over £ 500 million ($ 707 million) since taking over Guardiola in 2016, hiring players like Ilkay Gundogan, Gabriel Jesus, Leroy Sane, Bernardo Silva and RIyad Mahrez.

However, the club’s biggest overhaul has taken place since the Spaniard’s arrival. In Manchester City, Kyle Walker, Aymeric Laporte, John Stones, Ruben Dias, Joao Cancelo, Nathan Ake and Benjamin Mendy have been involved in recent years.

What’s next for Manchester City?

Manchester City remain the Premier League leaders after taking a 10-point lead over runner-up Manchester United.

Next up is a clash with West Ham on Saturday before meeting the wolves on Tuesday.

However, on March 7th, Manchester City will face one of the most important games of the season as Manchester United is welcomed to Etihad.

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Kawhi Leonard suggests NBA is prioritizing cash over gamers’ well being in planning All-Star Sport

Kawhi Leonard, MVP of last year’s All-Star Game, suggested the NBA prioritize money over the health of their players when planning the midseason exhibition in March.

“We all know why we play it,” said the Los Angeles Clippers star on Friday night. “It’s about money, it’s an opportunity to make more money. I’m just putting money on health now. “

The game and its skill contest will take place in Atlanta on March 7th, the league announced to its teams earlier this week. It remains unclear when players would need to report and how testing will work in Atlanta, or whether fans will be part of the game.

“We play games now and it’s still a pandemic to follow all of these protocols and rules, so I’m not really surprised,” Leonard said on a video call after the Clippers lost to Boston.

Sacramento security guard De’Aaron Fox said he thought the idea of ​​an all-star game to be “stupid” during a pandemic.

Lakers star LeBron James, who is the second largest fan voter behind Brooklyn’s Kevin Durant, said he wasn’t happy with the staging of the exhibition.

“I have no energy or excitement about an All-Star game this year,” said James. “I don’t even understand why we have an all-star game, but it’s the deal.”

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Langer’s teaching fashion not appreciated by gamers, coach defends himself: Australian media report | Cricket Information

MELBOURNE: Australia Head Coach Justin LongerThe intense coaching style of “micromanagement” apparently did not go down well with many players, although the earlier opening described the allegations as something that “couldn’t be further from the truth”.
The cracks in the Australian camp came open after a weak India returned from behind to hammer Australia 2-1 into its own cave.
According to a report in the ‘Sydney Morning Herald cites several sources close to the Australian construction. Some players appear to be dissatisfied with Langer’s leadership style due to his intensity and mood swings.
According to the report, Langer is no longer able to meet the requirements of a three-format coach.
“Sources in the locker room say Langer’s leadership style weakened during a busy summer with some players who not only had to live in a bubble for months but were also exhausted from its intensity and mood swings,” the SMH reported.
“… some older players are frustrated with the atmosphere in the team, affected by the coach’s shifting emotions and what they see as being overly micromanaged. They say bowlers bombarded themselves with stats and instructions about it where to go. ” Bowl during lunch breaks, including during the fourth and final test against India in the gabba, “the report continued.
However, Langer denied claims that his relationship with the players had grown dramatically.
“Couldn’t be further from the truth,” he added. “Leadership is not a popularity contest.”
“If the players just want someone to tickle their stomach all the time, then I’m not doing my job.
“It’s actually the opposite of what’s happening. I never talk to the bowlers about statistics. I don’t go to any of the bowler meetings. That’s what the bowler trainer is supposed to do,” he said.
“I don’t do any of this. I never speak to any of the bowlers about things like that. And the realizations over the past few months are that I should take a closer look.”
Langer has 18 months left in his contract and the 50-year-old former left-handed opening partner of Matthew Hayden said he had no problems with his workload.
“The job is stressful. It’s a great job,” he said.
The report goes on to say that many current Australian team players have now developed an affinity for the assistant coach Andrew McDonaldwho they feel is more accessible.
“The players believe Langer means well and respect his legacy in the sport, but some have turned to assistant coach Andrew McDonald for support because they increasingly don’t know where they stand with the boss,” it says in it.
“During the Brisbane Test, Langer ordered a player not to keep the habit of putting a toasted sandwich in their pocket to eat on the field.”
“… the headmaster-like nature and difficulty of the coach in dealing with pressure became increasingly incompatible with a team that was mostly made up of experienced players in their late 20s or 30s.”
But Langer defended the decision, saying such a habit was unacceptable for a national cricketer as the team was aiming for a friendly win over a team like India.
“You’re up against India, we’re trying to win a friendly and one of our players goes on with a toasted sandwich,” said Langer.
“I talked to (the player) about it at length yesterday. I said, ‘How do you think it looks, buddy?’ Shouldn’t I say that? ”He said without revealing the player’s name.