Why Matthews’ shift in play type raises ceiling on his post-season success

The yardstick for our judgment Auston Matthews are weirdly high, so please keep that in mind when I say that something has looked … different in my eyes this season.

Since he won the Rocket Richard Trophy for the most goals in the NHL last season, I wasn’t sure I loved being different, so something felt a little weird to me. I still thought he looked good, maybe just a little less offensively dangerous?

If that were true, it would be reasonably understandable. He missed prep and training camp with an off-season wrist surgery and we’ve seen how the lack of camp has affected the players in the past. William Nylander struggled the year he missed camp and Elias Pettersson got off to an extremely slow start into the 2021/22 season.

So I went through a couple of Matthews videos (and some numbers) and came to a conclusion:

I’m an idiot.

Matthews was brilliant for the Leafs and actually did exactly what some fans wanted him to do after scoring one goal after the team’s disappointing post-season retirement where he only scored one goal in seven games. He’s playing a playoff game that’s different, but at least in theory it’s the kind of game that should be more sustainable when the checking is tight and all eyes are on him.

Matthews plays closer to the blue color and more on the road, using a tool he probably hasn’t squeezed the most juice out of in his career: his size. Since he is graceful and agile when he cuts his way through the neutral zone, it’s easy to forget that the guy is a giant. He is six feet tall and plays at a super lean 205 pounds this season. He is a strong, strong man with solid edges and balance, which means he can barely move.

Check out this tip-in goal he scores against the Ducks. Somehow, in their D-Zone coverage, the Ducks ended up with a six-foot right winger Troy Terry covering Matthews Low, which is defensive suicide.

If Matthews decides to post it, it’s like posting my five year old on his Fisher Price tire. The little guy can lean in and push what he wants, but I have to be honest, I barely know he’s there. I have complete control of the territory around the rack, and that’s Matthews versus Terry on this piece. The latter doesn’t even know where to start with the relocation project assigned to him.

Matthews forwards it home like Brodie is shooting a bucket full of pucks so he can practice tips.

Matthews taking this ice cream was a minor issue as he apparently is aware that once he gets there and has established a position two and three punches on it, most players don’t know how to get it away.

It hardly looks like the guy in that GIF is leaning on him at the top, but check out enough of his lower layers and that’s what you keep picking up on. People trying to eliminate him always seem to have done a bad job because he is strong and difficult to control. Watch another giant of a man, Anze Kopitar, take the hit and Matthews is stuck here below the goal line. He even reached out his leg to catch him below the goal line that Matthews crosses like a turnstile.

There appears to have been either an increase in physical comfort or actual mental acceptance that the area below the goal line (and on the net) can be his playground, and he uses that force like the tool it is. Watch Byram bend over and chase after him for just a second on the boards in Bowen Byram, which is why Mitch Marner even has the chance to make that slick little slip up.

If you’re someone who has criticized the Leafs’ top talent for not playing “grainy” enough, or for not playing “playoff style hockey,” Matthews exempted himself from that criticism. These aren’t the most accurate stats, but they stand firm, and his scores per 60 are at the highest level of his career, his hits per 60 are the second highest, and his hits per 60 have skyrocketed from the previous two seasons. The only point these things do for me is a general one, that he’s a lot in the middle of it this year.

Now, just looking at his raw stats, you might feel like things are being delayed a little. His goal and assist rates are below what they typically have per game, but these things are probably the product of the way hockey goes sometimes.

Last season, when he was on the ice for a goal, he scored a point more than 80 percent of the time. This year it was just over 60 percent, the lowest figure in his career. Some of it is luck. He’s also had a couple of seasons in his career where he’s shot over 18 percent (18.5 percent last year), and this year he’s at 14 percent even after hitting three pots in his last game. The points for Matthews will come in bundles, especially because he keeps the action on the ice.

The images below are unblocked rates of fire that took place while Matthews was on the ice for the Leafs. The higher the plus on the offensive, the better, the smaller the minus on the defensive. Shots for are good, shots against are bad. Here’s what Matthews did this season, via HockeyViz and which are very helpful Micah Blake McCurdy. If numbers aren’t your thing, just check out the pictures, which should speak volumes.

Last year the team with Matthews was exceptional in these two areas too, but as you can see, still not as good as this year.

It’s a bloodbath for the Leafs in the O-Zone with him on the ice this season, and it’s all over the other team’s kink and down zone.

So no, his raw scores aren’t his personal bests, but Matthews is currently setting personal bests on every game driving metric I know of. He’s at his best Corsi percentage, Fenwick, shots, chances and goals expected.

Somehow the guy doesn’t have any primary assists at 5v5 right now. How long do you think this will take?

The safe bet is “not very”.

We discussed Matthews Play on our podcast Real Kyper and Bourne (which you might like if your into Leafs stuff), and Nick Kypreos has argued that this is exactly what he wants to see from the big horse the Leafs up front. He notes that to have a good year he doesn’t have to win the Rocket, he has to adapt to a style of play that can prevail when the going gets tough. And so damn raw numbers, Matthews’ game so far has to be seen as a huge plus as I’d say he’s done just that this season so far.

The perfect hashish play is Revolutionary Industrial Properties

Poshmark: “You missed the quarter badly tonight, and it’s interesting because everyone else in this industry seems to be doing pretty well, so that’s what I call disappointing.”

Tandem diabetes care: “They are doing very well and I give you two things: I like Tandem Diabetes Care and I continue to support Dexcom. I think they are doing amazingly well.”

Innovative industrial real estate: “Everyone, if they try to get me to recommend Tilray or Canopy growth or anyone, I always come back and say the same thing. They are innovative industrial properties. Ben Stoto, my research director, and I keep talking about how this is the only one you can buy. One and only. Let’s stop thinking about it. ”

Big 5 sport: “They knocked the ball out of the park, and I’ll give you a two as well. … [Dick’s Sporting Goods] is fine too. Both are fine. Sporting goods didn’t stop as the pandemic subsided. We discovered nature and like it. “

Nokia: “I like Nokia. They’re making a comeback. Cheer up, Nokia is fine. I think you might have a winner.”

Vale SA: “No. We don’t buy iron ore. We think it’s late in the cycle.

The N.F.L.’s New Play: Embrace Betting Advertisements, Watch the Cash Pour In

Betting has long been a part of the National Football League’s DNA. Two of its founding fathers, Art Rooney and Tim Mara, were gamblers.

Rooney funded the Pittsburgh Steelers’ early years with a small fortune won at the Saratoga Race Course. Mara, his close friend, was a bookmaker and bought it New York Giants for $ 500.

For decades, however, NFL officials have gone to great lengths to distance the league from the tens of billions of dollars wagered on its games – legal in Las Vegas, but also offshore sports betting, office and bar pools, and illegal bookmakers. the NFL supported the Law on the Prohibition and Enforcement of Unlawful Internet Gambling from 2006, battling efforts by New Jersey to allow its casinos and racecourses to accept bets on football games.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure our games aren’t betting vehicles,” Joe Browne, an NFL spokesman, told the New York Times in 2008.

“We have been accused of allowing gambling because it is good for the game’s popularity,” he added. “If that’s true, then we’ve wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on gambling on our games.”

What the NFL once sold as principled has recently given way to a far more pragmatic one. As football betting became a multibillion dollar industry and state by state traded to legalize it, the NFL faced a blatant choice: continue to combat gambling in its games, or in exchange for a substantial cut accept casino marketing dollars.

And the money that the league once spent on lobbying against gambling? This season the NFL is getting it all back. And then some.

On its opening weekend, celebrities like Ben Affleck, Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx made commercials that aired during NFL game broadcasts offering bets with a WynnBET, DraftKings, FanDuel or BetMGM account just a click away. The NFL Network added betting lines to its ticker for the first time.

Belated or not, the NFL’s acceptance of gambling is, well, lucrative. League and industry experts expect the revenue of the NFL and its teams from gambling companies to be several hundred million dollars this season.

“This will represent an opportunity of more than $ 1 billion for the league and our clubs over the next 10 years,” said Christopher Halpin, NFL chief strategy and growth officer

Just over three years after the Supreme Court a federal law struck down who have banned sports betting in most states, sports betting providers are finding eager audiences. GeoComply Solutions, a company that uses geolocation to confirm online gamblers are doing so from places where wagering is legal, said it processed 58.2 million transactions in the United States on the opening weekend of the NFL, more than double what it handled during the same weekend last season.

“We expected high numbers of units, but what we saw still surprised us,” says Lindsay Slader, Managing Director of GeoComply based in Canada. “Demand in new markets like Arizona shows that consumers have been waiting a long time for the opportunity to legally place a sports bet.”

The company said the bets came from 18 states and the District of Columbia. More states are likely to join soon.

New York has approved online betting and is in the process of determining which operators can accept bets. And sports betting moves are being considered in densely populated states like California, Texas and Florida, where sports betting providers are spending a lot of money to gain a foothold.

“You have to look at the price,” said Craig Billings, CEO of Wynn Interactive. “I think this will be the same market size as the US commercial casino industry, $ 40 billion or more annually.”

That’s why he hired Affleck as a director and lead actor alongside Shaquille O’Neal in an advertisement, and his company plans to spend more than $ 100 million on advertising during the NFL season.

“It’s important to be part of the in-game broadcast – it’s our favorite sport with a core audience of early adopters who made offshore bets,” said Billings. “It’s a gun shot that you have to take.”

WynnBET is hardly alone.

As of September 9 of this year, DraftKings’ spending on national television advertising had increased by 98 percent compared to the same period last year, while FanDuel’s spending more than doubled, according to estimates by research company iSpot.TV.

Overall, gambling companies spent $ 7.4 million on advertising in the first week of prime-time games, 9 percent more than during last year’s opening games on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights, according to estimates by EDO, a platform for measuring TV advertising.

“The dollars are starting to add up,” said John Bogusz, executive vice president of Sports Sales and Marketing at CBS Sports.

The network saw an increase in advertising interest for NFL shows this year. Bogusz attributed “a good part” of the growth to sports betting advertising.

“Overall, volume has increased for all advertisers, but that has also helped,” he said. “I think it will keep growing.”

Dan Lovinger, NBC Sports Group’s executive vice president of advertising sales, said on a conference call that the surge in sports betting “is reminiscent of the opening of the fantasy category.”

In 2015, FanDuel and DraftKings spent millions flooding the airwaves with commercials to attract larger audiences to daily fantasy games where fans pay an entry fee to put together squads of real football players to compete against squads of other fantasy Line up players.

The flash worked. Somehow.

The campaigns drew customers and regulators alike, leading to complaints from viewers who grew tired of the repetitive advertising. Both companies spent fortunes on lawyers and lobbyists and went unscathed to focus on sports betting.

The average amount of actual game action during a three hour broadcast of an NFL game is approximately 11 minutes. Halpin said the league’s internal investigation showed that among fans ages 21 and older, about 20 percent were frequent sports bettors, who were mostly young and male, and that another 20 percent – mostly women over 55 – were “active Rejecting “were.

To bridge that sharp divide and convince those in the middle, the NFL decided to limit sports betting ads to one per quarter along with a prelude and half-time spot – a total of six per broadcast.

Talking directly about odds and spreads has also been largely avoided during the largest NFL game broadcasts.

“We have to avoid oversaturation of the game with sports betting talks or risk alienating the fans,” said Halpin. “My mom loves her NFL, but she doesn’t want gambling talk.”

Celtic star Callum McGregor reacts to Rangers’ type of play in Ibrox win

Photo by Soccrates / Getty Images

Rangers beat Celtic 1-0 at Ibrox on Sunday afternoon and Bhoys captain Callum McGregor has given his view on Rangers’ tactics.

Ange Postecoglou’s men have shown promise lately and wanted a clear win against their fierce rivals to really prove they can fight for the title.

Celtic had the best chance of the first half when Odsonne Edouard somehow brought the ball out from close range – and they had to pay for that miss.

What on earth is going on at Benfica ?!



What on earth is going on at Benfica ?!





Filip Helander’s superb second-half header gave the Rangers a 1-0 lead and they managed to hold out when Kyogo Furuhashi tested Robby McCrorie twice.

Celtic will be disappointed with losing so narrowly and will be desperate to strike back – both for the remainder of their league season and for the next game against the Rangers.

The Celtic skipper McGregor has now offered his opinion on the game and especially the tactics of the Rangers on Sunday afternoon.

McGregor told The Scottish Sun that he thinks the Rangers are a direct team and played a long ball against Celtic which made the game crap.

Photo by Ian MacNicol / Getty Images

McGregor, however, paid tribute to the Rangers for discovering and exploiting weaknesses in the Celtic team, believing that they simply did not allow the Bhoys to play their style of football.

“Rangers started the second half quite well. They like to go long. They fought for second balls and made it a junk, ”said McGregor. “We’re just not quite on the ball and we’re not adjusting it like we did in the first half. Thank you very much, you changed it and saw a problem there. “

“When they got there, we were a little blown away. But then we finished the game strong with a few chances. In those moments we have to be strong, stand up and try to turn the game around in our favor, ”he added.

Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images

In other news, Thomas Tuchel finds a word to describe Liverpool after the Chelsea draw

NCL opens regional play in fashion | Sports activities

WORCESTER – Julian Rivera performed the hidden ball trick on Wednesday even though the NCL American Legion baseball team’s shortstop didn’t get the referee’s call in the end.

But there was no magic formula for NCL to rise to the winning class of the Northeast Regional. Strong pitching, solid defense, and a couple of clutch hits were winning combo as they usually are.

Sam Beaudoin and Nick Gomes combined on a six-hitter and the defense behind them was flawless when NCL beat Portsmouth, New Hampshire 6-0 in the regional game on opening day at Fitton Field

“When we play in defense, when we play NCL ball the way we can play it, we don’t think anyone can beat us,” said Rivera. “I believe that. I will.”

NCL is expected to face hosts Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, in the final game on today’s board around 7:00 p.m. for a place in the winners’ round final on Friday. Claudio Santaniello, who threw a shutout in the regional qualifying round on Saturday, is expected to start for NCL on the hill.

Santaniello gave NCL a quick lead with an RBI single in the top of the first inning. Beaudoin hit seven in his four innings of work. When Portsmouth put the ball into play, the defense was ready behind him.

Center fielder Isaac Rosario stole additional bases from Owen Fox with an over-the-shoulder grab to open the second. Julian couldn’t figure out the hidden ball trick in the third as the referees ruled that NCL coach Ariel Rosario was given time out to discuss a seedy game. But his fine game of finishing fourth with runners on the corners and two outs kept NCL’s lead intact.

“I wanted to cover the bag because I saw the runner steal,” said Rivera. “The child hit it on my right while I walked on my left. I’ve lost my footing somehow. But I could only recover and get the guy. Everything went quickly, but I was confident that I could play a game. “

NCL broke it up in the fifth.

Manny Flores’ doubles made it 2-0 and the pick of an outfield player on Isaac Rosarios Grounder produced a run. With the loaded bases and two outs, Gomes’ drive to left outfielder Max Lalime eluded and cleared the bases for a 6-0 lead.

“I saw him slow down and camp under the ball and I thought ‘Argh’,” said Gomes. “It was a full base situation and I didn’t do my job. When I saw it go over his head, I was just amazed and rushed to second place. “

NCL struggled in the Northeast Regional when it was late building on its leads. The opportunity on Wednesday did not pass up.

“It was perfectly timed when we broke it up,” said coach Rosario. “This enabled us to remove Sam with less than 60 spaces, which means that he will be available for us on Saturday. We preach to the guys that they get early runs because they make our decisions easier. “

Beaudoin threw 57 pitches in his four innings of work. Gomes allowed three hits in three innings to complete the shutout and take the win.

It was NCL’s first regional game, but it played here as before.

“When we came through the Connecticut area, there was a big sigh of relief,” said Rosario. “At the time, our team had the feeling: ‘We belong here.’ We kept it easy as coaches to keep them relaxed. They treat each other like family, so it’s easier to go with the flow. “

at Fitton Field, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Hamburg, NY 5, Newport, RI 1

NCL 6, Portsmouth, NH 0

Beverly, Mass. 12, Old Town, Maine 0

Shrewsbury, Mass. 10, Essex Junction, Vt. 0 (5)

Game 5: Newport, RI vs. Old Town, Maine, 9:30 am

Game 6: Portsmouth, NH vs. Essex Junction, Vt., Noon

Game 7: Hamburg, NY vs. Beverly, Massachusetts, 4:30 p.m.

Game 8: NCL vs. Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, 7pm

Game 9: Winner of Game 6 vs. Loser of Game 7, 9:30 a.m.

Game 10: Winner of Game 5 vs. Loser of Game 8, 4:30 p.m.

Game 11: Winner of Game 7 vs. Winner of Game 8, 7 p.m.

Game 12: Winner of Game 9 vs. Loser of Game 11, 1pm

Game 13: Winner of Game 10 vs. Winner of Game 11, 7 p.m.

Game 14: Winner of Game 12 vs. Winner of Game 13, 1pm

Game 3: If necessary, 5 p.m.

The tournament winner will advance to the Legion World Series in Shelby, North Carolina.

Follow Carl Adamec on Twitter to cover all the sports in JI’s 18-city coverage area, as well as updates on the UConn women’s basketball team and head coach, Geno Auriemma: @CarlAdamec, Facebook: Carl Adamec, and Instagram: @CarlAdamec.

Seattle Kraken make their type of play clear in enlargement draft

The captain of the Calgary Flames, Mark Giordano, becomes team leader in Seattle. (Getty)

Well, Seattle Kraken’s draft expansion is on the books.

Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft Breakdown: Examine All 30 Tips Closely

History will ultimately tell how they did it. One thing is for sure – not all of these players will not be eligible for Seattle. Expect trades to be made.

Of course, the Las Vegas Golden Knights only put together the pieces of an NHL Stanley Cup finalist in their freshman year a few years ago, so I got a friend of mine who covers the Knights to think about what was different about the Kraken was draft and what was the key to the success of Vegas.

According to Steve Carp, Author of “Vegas Born: The Remarkable History of the Golden Knights“The rules for this draft expansion remained“ the same ”, even if not every NHL owner was happy about the spectacular success of the Knights. However, most thought it was a good thing to have an expansion team right away.

Two important things to keep in mind, as Steve put it: “How many additional draft picks have you got through the ancillary businesses, and second, how much cap space have you left for the future?

This information should come in the night of Wednesday.

A great show from the Kraken first of all, but ESPN2 not so much. In fairness, it’s an expansion design, but the scene and visuals the Kraken developed were top notch. But NHL commissioner Gary Bettman couldn’t even find out the name of the arena? Expect the boos to go on.

Longtime Calgary Flames defender Mark Giordano will be the captain – he’s a great player and reflects the defensive nature of the Kraken’s draft as the team went heavily on defense and combative two-way forwards.

The six players who took to the stage in the Gas Works Park should of course remain loyal to the club. Chris Dryedger, the former goalkeeper of the Panthers, signed a three-year deal with the Kraken. He has only 41 games of NHL experience, but the Kraken are betting that by the age of 27 he will be ready for the big time. It’s not an exaggeration how important the goalkeeper is, especially with this squad that has featured in many low-goal games on paper.

It’s a safe guess that 75% of the Kraken’s inaugural list will be made up of these players selected on Wednesday, so it’s time to get to know them. If they do justice to the show from Kraken’s advertising department, it’ll be very good from the start.

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Vidor quarterback Eli Simmons takes pleasure in Vidor’s bodily model of play – Port Arthur Information

VIDOR – Being a quarterback for the Vidor Pirates is different than playing under most programs under the center. In today’s game, quarterbacks typically throw at least 20 passes, with the high-end being around 50 per game.

At Vidor, the quarterback is asked to do a completely different job and would be lucky enough to throw 20 times in a season.

After playing the corner last season, Eli Simmons will take the lead for the Pirates and their triple option offensive this fall.

Eli Simmons, right, demonstrates a fake during Vidor’s summer practice. Chris Moore / The News

The pirates’ style of play regularly requires the quarterback to play the ball and play fakes that make him vulnerable. The triple option has a lot of backcourt movement to confuse the defense as to who has the ball. In the summer, the offense focuses on the counterfeiting of the forgeries and the exact timing of the rash attack.

“I’m going to be a completely different kind of player,” said Simmons. “I can block, run and throw. Other quarterbacks can step back and throw. Vidor quarterbacks have to go out and hit someone … I love it. People say we should throw more, but as Coach puts it, it will work. “

Vidor head coach Jeff Mathews said Simmons has taken over the team’s summer training.

“He’s an incredible leader,” said Mathews. “He leads through what he says and through what he does. In practice, when we deliver our fakes we tell them to run to the hash and he’ll run 5 meters past it. Because he raises the bar, so do everyone else. “

The quarterback said leadership was always a given, but the change of position added gravity.

“Everyone looks at me differently as a quarterback,” he said. “I have to get louder. If I don’t say anything, most of the time nobody would do it. “

Simmons comes from a Vidor soccer family. His eldest brother played quarterback for the Pirates in 2013 and his other brother played fullback a few years ago.

“Since my older brother played quarterback in college, that’s been all I wanted to do,” said Simmons. “The coach finally gave me a chance so I hope I can follow in their footsteps.”

After finishing last season 2-3 in the district and finishing fourth in the playoffs, Simmons said he is ready for the Pirates to take a leap this year and win the district title and make his mark on the program. The quarterback is confident in his team’s ability to make a deep playoff push.

“I want to be a team leader and make sure I will be remembered in Vidor,” he said.

Lengthy-lost play echoes space’s Finn heritage | Leisure

It’s not every day that the Astor Street Opry Company puts on a long-lost historical play.

But thanks to a recently found variety of Finnish plays, local residents can see a modern version of a 115 year old play. The Astoria Scandinavian Midsummer Festival and the Astor Street Opry Company have teamed up to offer a virtual screening of the play “Love & Politics” by the Finnish playwright “AT”.

The one-act play was released in Hämeenlinna, Finland, in 1906. The show centers around the widower Ketonen, who urges his daughter Hilda to marry his best friend Petola. However, Hilda is in love with Einar Salmela, a local socialist leader whom her father despises for his political ideology.

Despite the play’s title and conflict, the show isn’t political, said Michael Desmond, operations manager for the Astor Street Opry Company.

“(Salmela) could be a jazz singer. He could be a clown. He could become a baker. He could be anything that the father didn’t really care about, ”said Desmond. “This is just the foil for the father to not like the choice of the daughter as a suitor … In fact, the whole point of the play is that love and politics don’t mix, just because you don’t like which party someone belongs to, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let him marry your daughter. “

A replay of Love & Politics will be available through June 30th on the Astor Street Opry Company’s YouTube channel.

Discover the script

The building of the Finnish Socialist Club Astoria was completed in 1910. The Socialist Club building was four stories high and housed a theater run by a professional director from Helsinki, Finland.

When the Socialist Club burned down in 1923, the theater’s actors appeared on the stage of the Finnish Brotherhood. After all these years, the scripts produced on the stage of the Finnish Brotherhood were kept in the attic of Suomi Hall, where “Love & Politics” was found.

Janet Bowler, entertainment coordinator for the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival, said for years she heard that the Suomi Hall attic was keeping scripts. After speaking to Karen Van Cleave of the Finnish Brotherhood, Bowler soon had a shopping bag with about 19 scripts in her hand.

“I’m Norwegian, I don’t speak Finnish,” said Bowler. “So I asked Sirpa Duoos to look through them and see if they were suitable for Reader’s Theater … We usually have a Reader’s Theater performance as part of the (Scandinavian Festival).”

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, Duoos served as the chair of the festival’s Parade of Native Wear. The festival paid Duoos to translate the piece from Finnish and then paid the Astor Street Opry Company to produce the piece, using a scholarship from the Clatsop County Cultural Coalition and the Oregon Cultural Trust, the Astoria Scandinavian Midsummer Festival has been. Director Chris Lynn Taylor changed the script for Reader’s Theater.

In honor of the Nordic heritage

More than a third of Astoria’s population identified as Scandinavian by the early 20th century, according to the festival, with high concentrations of Finns also in Ilwaco, Naselle, and other settlements on the Columbia River. The Nordic community helped set the tone for the city in its early beginnings, Bowler said.

“We are producing the festival to preserve our heritage,” she said.

As part of the festival, the Reader’s Theater is typically designed to both entertain and inform, Bowler said. In the case of Love & Politics, its discovery and production testify to the Nordic communities that have settled in Astoria.

In addition to her role as entertainment coordinator, Bowler is also vice chair of the Astoria Nordic Heritage Park Committee, which plans to begin construction on the park this fall. Not only will the park commemorate the community’s Nordic heritage, Bowler said, but it will also honor the immigrant tradition to recognize those who have moved to the region for a better future.

“We know we are at a turning point between the generations,” said Bowler. “It was important to us to preserve this legacy now so that we can pass it on to the next generation.”

Ray Garcia is a contributor for The Astorian and Coast Weekend.

UN to play position in new technique of transferring Qatari cash to Gaza — report

The United Nations will play a role in a new agreed mechanism to facilitate the transfer of Qatari money to Gaza, a report said Saturday.

The Channel 12 News without sources report stated that the Palestinian Authority would not be involved in the transfer of the cash, but that it would instead be done through the UN.

In addition, the report states that the money will not be transferred in cash cases, as in the past, but will reach the enclave via “other routes” without giving any further details.

Shortly after a ceasefire between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas came into effect last month after eleven days of fighting, announced that it would allocate $ 500 million to rebuild Gaza.

In recent years, with Israel’s consent, Qatar has distributed hundreds of millions of dollars in cash to enable the Hamas rulers in the Gaza Strip to pay for fuel for the Strip’s power plant, pay civil servants and aid tens of thousands of impoverished families. The Gulf state had already pledged $ 360 million aid to Gaza earlier this year.

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However, the payment of millions of dollars has not been sent since last month’s conflict as Israel refused to let the money in the strip until the terrorist group released two civilians and two bodies of IDF soldiers they were holding.

Clockwise from top left: Oron Shaul, Avera Mengistu, Hadar Goldin and Hisham al-Sayed (Flash 90 / Courtesy)

Egypt also opposed resuming payments to Qatar, insisting that a new mechanism be used to transfer them to Gaza so they don’t reach Hamas.

Qatar denies frequent allegations that the money went to terrorist groups in the enclave and says Israel knows how the money is being distributed.

Hamas was reportedly frustrated by the delays in receiving the latest aid supplies, a factor that allegedly contributed to the recurrence of the terrorist group’s balloon arson attacks.

Firefighters are trying to put out a fire in southern Israel that was triggered on June 15, 2021 by a balloon-borne incendiary device fired by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. (Flash90)

Meanwhile, the new government’s senior security cabinet was due to meet for the first time on Sunday to reportedly approve operational plans for a possible resumption of hostilities in the Gaza Strip.

Channel 13 news reported that IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi and Defense Secretary Benny Gantz ‘plans were made on the premise that fighting in Gaza may not have ended and that preparations should be made for possible further rounds of violence.

The meeting comes after Israel carried out retaliatory air strikes in Gaza following balloon-supported arson attacks from the coastal enclave last week. The latest Strikes Thursday evening were far larger and more forceful than those launched earlier this week in response to similar air strikes from the strip, and appeared to be Israel’s most significant retaliation at fire balloons in three years since Palestinian terrorists used the tactic.

Masked Palestinian members of the Islamic Jihad terrorist group launch fire balloons from Gaza towards Israel on June 15, 2021. (Atia Mohammed / FLASH90)

After the strikes, a senior member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad said On Saturday, Gaza terrorist groups sent a message to Egyptian mediators warning of a violent reaction if Israel continues to launch attacks on the strip in response to attacks that have burned crops and open land in southern Israel.

Khader Habib told the Al Ayam newspaper that if the retaliatory strikes and blockade of the Strip, which Israel deems necessary to prevent terrorist groups from building military capabilities, continue, “the [terror] Organizations will react in a similar way. “

“We will not allow the Israeli government to impose conditions on the resistance or isolate Gaza,” Habib said, according to public broadcaster Kan, adding that the terrorist groups have already drawn up a plan if Israel continues its actions.

Judah Ari Gross contributed to this report.

I am proud to work at The Times of Israel

I am telling you the truth: life here in Israel is not always easy. But it’s full of beauty and meaning.

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Timothée Chalamet to play Willy Wonka in origin story | Arts & Leisure

NEW YORK (AP) – Timothée Chalamet will play Willy Wonka in a musical based on the early life of Roald Dahl’s eccentric chocolatier.

Warner Bros. and the Roald Dahl Story Co. announced Monday that 25-year-old Chalamet will star in Wonka. The studio said the film will “focus on a young Willy Wonka and his adventures before the world’s most famous chocolate factory opens”.

Paul King (“Paddington”, “Paddington 2”) will direct from a script he wrote with Simon Farnaby, with Harry Potter producer David Heyman producing. Warner Bros. set a release date in March 2023 earlier this year.

Gene Wilder starred in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” in 1971, based on Dahl’s famous book. When Tim Burton rebooted in 2005, Johnny Depp starred Wonka in a Warner Bros. release that grossed $ 475 million worldwide.

Taika Waititi (“Jojo Rabbit”, “Thor: Ragnarok”) is making a separate pair of animated series for Netflix, one that focuses on the world of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and one that is based on the Oompa Loopmas.

Chalamet, the Oscar-nominated star of Luca Guadagnino’s “Call Me By Your Name”, has a number of high-profile projects in the pipeline, including Denis Villenueve’s “Dune”, Wes Anderson’s “The French Dispatch” and Adam McKay’s “Don’t Look” Up “and Guadagnino’s” Bones & All “.

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