What to find out about planning a visit to Machu Picchu after the pandemic

The pandemic is causing changes in Machu Picchu, some of which may last long after the global outbreak ends.

The Inca archaeological site from the 15th ruined by crowds.

Perhaps the pandemic contributed to this. New rules now regulate how many people are admitted and what they can do inside, said Jose Miguel Bastante, director of Peru’s Machupicchu Archaeological National Park, in an interview with CNBC.

safety rules

Like other monuments around the world, Machu Picchu was closed to visitors in March 2020.

Visitors to Machu Picchu must wear masks at all times, including when taking photos.

Percy Hurtado | AFP | Getty Images

It reopened in November, but with new safety protocols such as the compulsory wearing of masks, restrictions on group size – no more than nine people, including a guide – and a requirement that groups stay at least 20 meters apart.

Less visitors

Over the past five years, Machu Picchu has received an average of up to 4,800 visitors a day. Basically everyone who arrived was allowed to enter, according to a 2017 report of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Machu Picchu’s ticketing website sold 3,700 tickets per day, but it did not include the 500 daily visitors who visited the website, according to the report. Additionally, the report states that additional tickets are being sold by tour operators and on the website itself.

We open at six in the morning and there were hundreds and hundreds of people wanting to enter …

Jose M. Bastante


In July 2020 the Peruvian authorities the number of website visitors in Machu Picchu is limited to 2,244 per day. But even this change did not solve the problem of people who preferred to visit at the same time of day, especially at sunrise.

“Everyone wanted to be the first in Machu Picchu,” he said. “We open at six in the morning and there were hundreds and hundreds of people wanting to enter, with queues that will be two hours.”

It was as if visitors believed that “the sun will come up super early and light up Machu Picchu like in a movie,” he said, adding that the best time to visit is actually the afternoon after the morning mist clears Has.

The park is still open 365 days a year from 6 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., but tickets are now being sold for certain times of the day.

Matthew Williams-Ellis | Universal picture group | Getty Images

Before the website reopened, the way tickets were issued changed. In the past, tickets were issued for half-day blocks – either in the morning or in the afternoon. Now visitors buy tickets for certain hours.

“If you have a 10am ticket, you have to enter between 10am and 11am,” Bastante said, adding that travelers who arrive outside of their time frame “cannot enter”.

Emotional outbursts

The new rules have sparked emotional reactions from tourists, some of whom may have crossed continents to see Peru’s most famous tourist attraction.

“We had people outside of the website complaining and crying,” Bastante said in an interview with the Getty Conservation Institute released this spring. “But we cannot go against our established capacities.”

Machu Picchu was built to accommodate about 400 residents with about 1,200 additional people during the festivals, according to archaeologist Jose Miguel Bastante.

prosiaczeq | iStock editorial team | Getty Images

Visitors now also spend a little less time on the website. The older half-day rule allowed them to explore the site for four hours, although it was not strictly enforced. Now they are allowed to stay until they have finished their chosen route, which can take anywhere from one to three hours, said Bastante.

The hourly quota system will remain – even after the pandemic subsides – because it has made crowd management more efficient, Bastante said.

“No more last-minute destination”

Planning a trip to Machu Picchu has also changed. Visitors can no longer expect to buy tickets on site or even a few days in advance as they sell out quickly.

Bastante recommends booking tickets a month or two in advance. He also suggests booking tickets before booking flights and hotels, adding that Machu Picchu “is no longer a last-minute destination”.

“There were people who came to Cusco and then they realized that … there are no tickets to Machu Picchu,” he said, referring to the Peruvian city about 80 kilometers from the site.

The authorities launched a new ticketing website in 2018. On it, travelers can see how many free slots are available for each hour. Most of the appointments in the next two months are already booked, but Tickets were more easily available afterwards.

Less trekkers on the Inca Trail

Authorities have also restricted the number of trekkers on the Inca Trail. The four-day trek from Cusco to the entrance of Machu Picchu is a popular way to get to the site, although most visitors travel by rail in a 3.5-hour train ride.

The Inca Trail can now only take up half of its previous limit, or about 250 hikers a day, said Fernando Rodriguez, operations manager for Undaunted travel in Peru.

Like visitors to Machu Picchu, the number of hikers on the Inca Trail has also been restricted.

Matthew Williams-Ellis | Universal picture group | Getty Images

Once the porters are captured, there will be 100-110 permits per day left for visitors, he said.

“We encourage travelers to book at least a few months in advance,” he said, “or longer if possible.”

The Inca Trail is subject to similar Covid-19 restrictions as Machu Picchu – group sizes of eight plus a guide, wearing a mask if social distancing is not an option – even when hiking and camping, Rodriguez said.

Closed routes

In 2019, four circuits or fixed routes were set up in the citadel to ensure better crowd control and location management. Previously, these routes were only recommended, and people could go back and explore more than one. Well, none of that is allowed.

There are four walking tours or routes in the citadel, the most depicted in photos of Machu Picchu.

Cris Bouroncle | AFP | Getty Images

The racetracks disperse the crowds and keep people moving, Bastante explained. The given paths mean that tourists cannot explore the entire site in one visit.

Bastante recommends doing an upper loop on the first day, staying overnight in Cusco, and returning the next day to visit one of the lower routes.

More tourists in the future?

Despite the new rules that limit the number of tourists, the site authorities plan to increase the capacity for Machu Picchu in the future.

A new visitor center, due to begin construction later this year, could allow around 6,000 visitors a day to tour Machu Picchu, Bastante said.

Machu Picchu is one of only eight mixed UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Latin America and the Caribbean, which means it has both cultural and natural significance.

Ernesto Benavides | AFP | Getty Images

The visitor center will be the starting point for new routes and will house a new museum and botanical garden, which Bastante said will more than double the current capacity of the site.

The center will have information on how visitors “should behave in a sacred space,” he said.

“Tourists … don’t understand that this was a sacred place for the Incas and the Peruvians,” he said. “You should behave exactly as you would in any sacred place of any other religion in the world.”

Love and Cash: Specialists weigh in on monetary planning for {couples}

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Almost one in five couples say money is the biggest challenge in their relationship, and more than half disagree on how much savings they need to meet their retirement goals.

With so many couples getting married this year after a long year of pandemic proposals and postponed weddings, Fidelity Investments is reminding couples to start “forever” on the right financial footing.

According to the Fidelitys Couples and Money Study 2021, 57% of couples say they are joint decision makers for retirement, but more than half of all couples disagree on how much it takes to meet retirement goals.

The study also shows that women need to be more involved in financial matters.

Stacey Watson, Senior Vice President of Life Events at Fidelity Investments, said, “One in five women says they have little to no retirement benefit, so our message is: Delegating is fine, but don’t be without it.”

Watson adds, “Staying involved in financial decisions … really helps both partners look to the future with confidence.”

The bottom line, she says, is making money a team sport in your relationship by picking a weekly financial appointment to discuss finances.

Watson also reminds couples to save their money as early as possible in the relationship.

Find more tips and tools for navigating a wide variety of life events here. here.

9 retirement planning tricks to keep away from operating out of cash

How can someone effectively plan their retirement so they don’t run out of money?

In order to give you the security that you will not run out of money even in retirement, we have asked financial experts and management consultants this question for their best advice. From opening a Roth IRA to investing in real estate, there are several tips that can help you Plan your retirement effectively so you don’t run out of money.

ALSO READ: This is how the growing wealth of women is affecting business

Here are nine retirement tips to avoid running out of money:

  • Double check your policy
  • Start as early as possible
  • Plan for inflation and additional expenses
  • Open a Roth IRA
  • Take into account time and resources
  • Find passive income investments
  • Invest in real estate
  • Review your company’s 401K plan
  • Work with a retirement advisor

Double check your policy

One of the first things that you should do before retiring is to make sure that your life insurance is still active. You also want to determine whether you can still maintain your policy with your retirement income and savings. The last thing you want is your life insurance to expire, especially when you need it most. It is also more expensive to get new life insurance later in life, so plan accordingly.

Chris Abrams, Abrams insurance solutions

Start as early as possible

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. With your first job, start investing in a retirement account and keep doing it until you retire. By consistently investing and diversifying your 401K investment portfolio, you should never have to worry about running out of money, especially when you need it most. It is not enough to simply put your money in the bank. If you have the opportunity, take advantage of your company’s 401K match. But if that’s not an option, start your own IRA and contribute as much as you can as early as you can.

Ronniba Pemberton, Markitors

Plan for inflation and additional expenses

A smart way to plan your retirement is to calculate the money you need during the inflation adjustment and then buffer that amount by an additional 20-25%. It’s almost impossible to calculate how much you really need, but a good rule of thumb is to assume that you need more than you expect. Be generous with yourself, not so much to live in opulence and luxury as to predict wisely that you will live longer, that healthcare costs could be higher, or that inflation could rise even in your golden years. Therefore, in addition to the standard daily costs, it is advisable to look beyond the obvious and anticipate many different costs that may arise in the future.

Anna Berkolec, CVLab

Open a Roth IRA

Not every first “real” job offers a retirement plan like a 401k. The best advice I can give is, once your paycheck comfortably covers your bills, open a Roth IRA and start stashing money. It is a tax free way to multiply your money and also withdraw the money. You could put away as little as $ 100 a month. Getting used to putting money away is a good habit and can help you understand how retirement planning works.

Bailey Mosley, Brewery Pedal House

Take into account time and resources

I’ve been helping clients with retirement provision for almost a decade. The most important factor is time because it is never too early to start saving. Start asap and don’t stop. The power of compound interest is amazing. A couple’s high earners should postpone social security for as long as possible, ideally until they are 70 years old. Pension and annuity). It is also important to know what your monthly expenses are and if they change as you retire. The monthly need is crucial to consolidate. We can then see how much is guaranteed and what the gap is, then we need to assess how much income we can get from investing to fill that gap, taking into account taxes and inflation as well. It is important to work with a professional who can assess your individual situation and advise you individually.

Alison Stine, Stine wealth management

Find passive income investments

Plan your retirement early and with solid passive income investments. You want to make sure you have good investments that can still bring you income after you retire. That way, on top of what you’ve already saved up for retirement, you have that little something extra. This method will also help you avoid running out of money in retirement.

Tri Nguyen, Network capital

Invest in real estate

One of the best ways to prepare for retirement is to invest in real estate. Real estate investing has the power to create passive income streams that don’t require your active participation, as would a 9-5 job. Monthly income from real estate can offset investors’ expenses and put money back in their pockets. Over time, the initial money earned on the investment will be paid back and a positive return will be achieved. The passive income that every investment generates enables successful investors to control their time and live the lifestyle and retirement they desire.

As Merrill, Fortune Builder

Review your company’s 401K plan

A person can effectively plan for retirement so that they don’t run out of money by starting their 401 (k) plan. Many companies offer their employees a 401 (k) plan that everyone needs. Some companies even offset your contribution. If your company offers this, make sure you deposit an amount that they can match with you. Setting aside money for your 401 (k) can provide an effective retirement as it is money that is deducted from your paycheck with no tax deducted. Hence, it is important not to touch any money in your 401 (k) so that it can be used properly and saved for retirement. In the end, a small investment in your 401 (k) will go a long way towards your retirement.

Jacob Dayan, Community tax

Work with a retirement advisor

A great way to plan your retirement so you don’t run out of money is to come up with a plan with the help of a professional pension advisor. They can help you come up with a thorough plan that incorporates inflation, your social security benefits, and other monthly income just enough so that you can put your money to work for you in retirement. The very thought of retirement can be scary for many people. So taking the time to work with a professional in the field can go a long way towards alleviating these fears.

Shaun Prize, MitoQ

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Maryville planning approves rezoning for fuel storage, leisure venue | Information

The Maryville Planning Commission on Monday approved the rededication of two companies looking to expand within the city limits and open a store, as well as the site plans for a new restaurant on West Lamar Alexander Parkway.

The commissioners unanimously approved a motion from Blossman Gas and Appliance, which already has a location on US Highway 411, to convert the property at 938 Celtic Road from commercial to industrial.

The company plans to set up several storage tanks in the region and required both a change in the future land use map and a district switch from high-intensity retail to industrial.

Commissioners unanimously voted to grant the company both reallocations, although Commissioner Fred Metz noted that this would make the property different from anything else: most of the land in this area is currently divided into commercial zones.

The city’s land development manager Michael Brusseau noted that city planners may later reassess the zoning of the area as an Atmos Energy natural gas pipeline runs through the area and may not be suitable for commercial projects.

A representative from Blossman told commissioners that there were no plans to construct a storage-only structure on the site – which is in a cul-de-sac and not near other buildings.

The Commission’s notes stated that another company was storing gas tanks in the countryside about 20 years ago. There are currently other natural gas plants in the region.

The commissioners also unanimously agreed to the abandonment of an alley between Ellis Avenue and High Street and the repurposing of packages for a project involving the building on Ellis Ave. 496 could be demolished.

Developer James Ryan made the request, and Lawler Wood’s Barry Brooke responded to commissioners’ questions about why the destruction was necessary. The old building is a 17,850 square foot warehouse that was built in 1940.

The property was renamed from the office transition district to the business corridor district on Washington Street on Monday, in part to regulate the appearance of Maryville buildings that tourists can see in the mountains, according to commission notes.

Developers say they plan to build a similar structure on the property because the current building is not safe enough for remodeling. “We are currently planning to rebuild the existing character of the building,” Ryan told the commissioners.

Brooke added it was a place for entertainment, including dining, bowling, simulated golf, and other activities. There will be two levels for indoor and outdoor dining, he said.

“It’s sad to see these old buildings being demolished,” said Keri Prigmore, Chair of the Planning Commission, adding a laugh. “But when you say ‘entertainment venue’ it means I don’t have to go to Knoxville.”

Commissioners also approved a site map for the Lim Dynasty Asian Cafe Express behind the Dollar General on 2025 Bridgeway Drive.

Commissioner Danmonth – also owner of LeConte Realty – abstained and Brusseau stated that it was because he was involved in the project.

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Planning COVID ‘revenge journey’ this summer season? 7 suggestions to save cash on that long-overdue trip

After a long and sometimes stressful year, Ilyse Rykus and her husband David are very much looking forward to their trip to the Pacific Northwest in August.

The couple travel with David’s parents, who travel to Oregon annually to visit family in the area. All of them have been vaccinated and they are all safe. One of David’s uncles died of COVID-19, which made the trip even more meaningful.

“We never joined them, but given everything that has happened over the past year, we thought it was a good move to be with the family,” said Rykus, who lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.

But the vacation is also an opportunity to relax – Rykus will be 30 years old this summer and will visit places she has never been to during the trip. “My husband and I can’t travel a lot together. When we do, we’ll try to make the best of it,” she said. “It will be exciting to explore with the people I love.”

Like many other Americans, Rykus and her husband have saved up on their travels, and the couple plans to use credit card points they’ve saved for nearly two years to pay for their flights. The hospitality family also helped the couple find deals on hotels.

“It will be exciting to explore with the people I love.”

– Ilyse Rykus

Research shows that this will be the summer of the “vengeance journey”. A survey by Charles Schwab
SCHW, -2.14%
found traveling was the top article on people’s spending lists, with 40% of people listing this as something they want to spend money on. Another 24% of people said they would like to take a longer vacation.

These results mirror other research showing just how eager Americans are to take to the streets – or to go to heaven. A study published by the travel website Skyscanner in late April found that more travelers booked trips in May and June of this year than in 2019. Another survey by research company Ipsos
IPS, -1.02%
found that half of Americans planning a trip plan a road trip, while 40% plan short breaks with flights.

Even in a normal year, the warmer months are not always the cheapest to travel. “Summer is always the most expensive time of the year to travel because you have nice weather and students, teachers and parents with children at school who can only travel during these times,” said Scott Keyes, founder of travel website Scotts cheap flights.

However, this is not a normal year. Many people were forced to cancel trips over the past year due to the pandemic, and many of them are sitting on travel credits they are dying to use. Airlines and other tour operators are working to ramp up operations in response to increased demand, but it will take time. And airlines will be cautious about putting more planes back into service to offer more flights in case the pandemic worsens again and demand for travel subsides.

“Summer is always the most expensive travel time of the year.”

– Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights travel website

Experts have therefore warned that travel could quickly become expensive this summer. For example, the latest US government report on consumer prices showed a record rise in airfares.

The long-awaited summer vacation doesn’t have to break the bank, however. Here are tips from finance and travel experts on how to save money on your post-pandemic getaways:

Book sooner rather than later

This may seem obvious, but summer is just around the corner. And although last-minute offers can arise, they are not guaranteed. The more time you give yourself researching hotel, flight, and activity prices, the more likely you are to get the best deal possible.

“If you wait until Memorial Day to book your summer flights, the chances of getting something cheap aren’t good at all,” Keyes said. He noted that there are still cheap fares, such as round-trip flights between the US and Athens, Greece, for $ 560.

But waiting too long can cost you. Once you know where and when to go, start monitoring the cost of air travel to that destination so you can spot a good deal and get it quickly.

Note that credit card points and airline miles can soon lose their value

Another reason not to wait: airline miles and credit card points could soon lose their value. With so many people sitting on unused points and miles from last year, airlines have an incentive to reduce their value, said Matt Schulz, chief industry analyst at LendingTree
TREE, -2.19%.

“It will likely happen slowly and gradually, but I think it will probably happen. So it is best for consumers to start using the points they have sooner rather than later,” Schulz said.

Do your travel planning in reverse order

When booking a trip, most people first think about where and when they want to go and only start to consider the price at the end of the decision-making process. Instead, Keyes suggests a reverse approach.

“If we put price as the last priority, it’s not surprising that we end up with some pretty expensive flights,” he said. Instead, he recommends figuring out which flights are cheapest from your local airport, then figuring out which destination seems the most attractive, and then figuring out when to travel.

Websites like Skyscanner
TCOM, -2.77%
and google
TogetL, -3.08%
provide opportunities to explore the wide range of options in this way. Of course, for this strategy to work, people need to be flexible about when to travel.

Enjoy $ 0 change fees while you’re still here

Don’t be afraid to change your travel plans if there’s a better deal. After the pandemic, the vast majority of airlines waived flight change fees to allow people to change their travel plans due to the pandemic. These guidelines still apply to many airlines. So if you see a better price, see if it’s free to switch. All savings will be returned to you in a voucher for future trips, Keyes said.

Make the most of flight vouchers

Nadine Marie Burns, CEO and president of the consulting firm A New Path Financial, and her husband had canceled three trips due to the pandemic. Like many people, they received vouchers for their unused flights. When the trip reopened, Burns began to work himself to put some trips together.

Eventually she called her airline Delta
DAL, -3.35%,
and the customer service representative helped her book a first class trip to Reno, Nevada for her and her husband using their e-vouchers and points. “Sometimes putting the puzzle together is a championship when we all seem to have so many different pieces, like e-tickets, points, companion rates and more,” said Burns.

Of course, people need to keep an eye on the fine print of any remaining flight vouchers. Many of the coupons have an expiration date, said Jordan Staab, president of SmarterTravel Media and Airfarewatchdog. In most cases, travelers must book their trips by that date, but can travel after that.

Flight vouchers from canceled trips often have expiration dates.

“A cool trick that we have successfully used is to book a flexible ticket with the voucher. You can change it at a later date if necessary so that you can stay in control beyond the expiration date,” said Staab.

Use reward credit cards wisely

Many people were able to save money and pay off their credit card debt during the pandemic, thereby improving their creditworthiness. Now could be a prime time to take advantage of a reward credit card.

“The credit card space is incredibly competitive right now, and that’s good for consumers looking for deals,” said Schulz. “Issuers know that there is an explosion of pent-up spending ahead and they are making good deals on new cards in the hopes of getting as much of that spending as possible.”

Finding great new credit card sign-up bonuses is easy, but there is a risk: credit cards can cause people to spend beyond their means. Given the high interest rates that credit cards have compared to other loans, it is not worth saving on a loan if you end up running into a large amount of debt. Buyers should try to pay their remaining balance in full on each payment cycle to avoid high interest rates.

Spending more can actually save you money

By spending a little extra money on a trip, you can have peace of mind when your plans change. Do you remember how airlines allow people to change their flights for free? In many cases, this policy does not apply to what are known as “basic economy” fares, which are the cheapest tickets you can buy.

“If you book a few months and then travel internationally, it can often be worth the extra $ 30 or $ 40 as it gives you the flexibility to change your dates,” Keyes said.

With that in mind, travelers should consider investing in travel insurance, especially for international travel, as border entry policies can change dramatically as the pandemic progresses.

“Many credit cards offer at least travel insurance, and that can be helpful,” said Schulz. “However, if you want maximum protection, consider paying a little more for it.”

These colleges are planning free summer season camps with stimulus cash

Teachers and administrators are considering how to set that up plagued by a pandemic The 2020-2021 school year is firmly in the rearview mirror by making schools better than before.

“It’s so exciting,” said Ebony Johnson, chief learning officer for Tulsa Public Schools. “We’ve been through as much as a country through the pandemic. And to get those dollars … it’s exciting because we can dream.”

Then districts can pay for nationwide programs and direct money to schools like the Monroe Demonstration Academy, a middle school in Tulsa.

“We can work with various organizations and give scholarships to teachers who want to work in the summer,” said Rob Kaiser, Monroe’s interim principal. “Resources that are normally not available in a typical year are now available to us to do this job and do this job really well.”

Monroe students, like all Tulsa public school students, will have access to free after-school care starting this year. There are free summer camps with academics, as well as activities such as cycling, and free one-to-one lessons for students who wish to do so. And for high school graduates, there is Operation Graduation, a program that helps students catch up in the evenings to make sure they can get their diplomas this year.

Growth planning

Many of the plans are aimed at helping students get back on track and cope with the academic and emotional consequences of distance learning. But they’re also the things that school systems like Tulsa have long wanted to do.

Tulsa Superintendent Deborah Gist said the federal money will “not only provide direct service to our children and families and ensure we help them recover from the pandemic, but it will also help us grow and expand.” . “

The debate about reopening schools is fierce and divisive.  This is where people come from on different sides of the problem

The school system will increase teachers’ pay for summer work and tutoring. School principals say this can help keep teachers working in the district.

The stimulus money from last month’s law is slated to run through 2024, though Gist hopes the changes it pays for remain even after the additional resources are consumed.

It will be a while before it is clear whether the stimulus money can change schools the way some principals hope it will. For a short time, some teachers are already breathing a sigh of relief.

Tulsa’s 2020 Teacher of the Year Laura Grisham, a speech and debate teacher at Monroe, said she was not involved in deciding where the money goes but was excited about the prospect.

“Things like our summer school programs, like our after-school programs that teachers can compensate for their time, can’t happen without this incentive money.”

Eased COVID-19 restrictions assist Raleigh stay leisure, occasion planning companies

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) – Standing behind his turntables on a Friday night is a feeling Joe Bunn has missed for almost a year.

“I mean, we postponed 350 weddings last year. There’s never been a worse year being a DJ, ”said Bunn, owner of the Bunn DJ Company.

However, this is not just true for DJs. The entire live entertainment and event planning industry suffered great success when it was forced to close its stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nicole Flynn, Marketing Representative at Catering Works, also felt the blow.

“We had to take pretty much all of our employees on leave. We usually have more than 100 employees here and now there are only 24, ”said Flynn.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel. Starting Friday, restrictions in North Carolina – including greater indoor capacity, a later curfew, and the ability to serve alcohol for longer – will ease not just for bar owners.

“Since the announcement, our phones have been ringing a little more, and we have received a few more emails and inquiries. I think my start is in early April and then it’s every single weekend until next year. I’m very glad about that. People really need to dance and listen to music now, ”said Bunn.

Many companies look forward to the chance to regain a little sense of normalcy in the midst of a business boom.

“People are becoming more confident and comfortable planning events again. There are still some concerns but we are going in the right direction which is great, ”said Flynn.

Both are aware that another shutdown might be possible in the future, but they are optimistic that people will continue to wear masks and keep social distancing.

ON THE MONEY: Monetary planning in a second marriage | Options

If you have children and are considering remarrying, your new marriage will be a mixed one because there are children from a previous marriage. Believe it or not, these relationships are more numerous today than traditional nuclear families, and experts believe that their number is likely to increase due to current social trends.

There is a lot of psychological pressure in mixed families as spouses try to provide for their new partner as well as their children from a previous marriage. There could also be children with their new spouse. When you throw in aging parents, grandparents, and others, the emotional and financial challenges can be enormous.

The first problem to be addressed is: How are ongoing family expenses treated and where does the money come from? In many cases, these ongoing expenses are linked to child support and / or child support – either paid to a former spouse or received from a former spouse.

Couples need to decide how to deal with these financial arrangements and what impact this will have on the mixed family. It is not a bad idea to have conversations with the ex-spouse (s) to discuss these issues and possibly have a lawyer work out a formal agreement to cover any financial issues that are in the divorce and alimony agreements not specially treated for children.

One of the most important tax questions that should have been addressed in the divorce decree is which spouse can claim the children as dependent when tax time expires.

Personally, I’m not a proponent of prenuptial agreements, but if there are significant assets on either or both sides of the new marriage, each spouse’s children could be a strong argument in favor of such an agreement.

In every new second marriage, it is also very important to recognize and appreciate differences in money management styles. Both partners must be aware that if they have shared their respective fortunes in a previous marriage, they will each bring luggage filled with suspicion and uncertainty. When the new marriage is new, each spouse can speak of “my money” and “your money” as the trust factor is not fully developed.

Other points to consider are:

• Who owes what money to whom and how is this debt repaid?

• Do your beneficiary names need to be changed or updated in your life insurance or retirement plans?

• How does your new spouse feel about the use of credit cards? Is he or she a shopper who may be using a credit card too freely?

• Do you have financial obligations to parents or others?

Finally, perhaps the most delicate problem for mixed families is: How should the respective assets of the mixed family be passed on to heirs and assignments after the death of each spouse?

When it comes to wealth significant, it’s always best to consult an estate planning attorney to make sure you don’t accidentally disinherit any of your children.

A time-honored approach to equalizing the distribution between current and former children and former spouses is to obtain life insurance for the life of one or both spouses. After death, the proceeds from all policies can be paid out. Income tax-free for certain beneficiaries. The technique would ensure that the deceased partner could pass the insurance proceeds on to the spouse and the rest of the property could go to the children.

Another way to make inheritance rights more just for stepchildren is to state in your will that stepchildren will be treated as if they were your birth children. It is also helpful to discuss your plans with your more mature children to avoid possible harsh feelings when you and your new spouse are no longer there to decide matters for your children.

Kawhi Leonard suggests NBA is prioritizing cash over gamers’ well being in planning All-Star Sport

Kawhi Leonard, MVP of last year’s All-Star Game, suggested the NBA prioritize money over the health of their players when planning the midseason exhibition in March.

“We all know why we play it,” said the Los Angeles Clippers star on Friday night. “It’s about money, it’s an opportunity to make more money. I’m just putting money on health now. “

The game and its skill contest will take place in Atlanta on March 7th, the league announced to its teams earlier this week. It remains unclear when players would need to report and how testing will work in Atlanta, or whether fans will be part of the game.

“We play games now and it’s still a pandemic to follow all of these protocols and rules, so I’m not really surprised,” Leonard said on a video call after the Clippers lost to Boston.

Sacramento security guard De’Aaron Fox said he thought the idea of ​​an all-star game to be “stupid” during a pandemic.

Lakers star LeBron James, who is the second largest fan voter behind Brooklyn’s Kevin Durant, said he wasn’t happy with the staging of the exhibition.

“I have no energy or excitement about an All-Star game this year,” said James. “I don’t even understand why we have an all-star game, but it’s the deal.”

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