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Start your new chapter in the sky with Crew Aviation

By Shannon Weidekamp
Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Whether you are traveling to an exotic destination, a romantic resort or a familiar vacation spot to start a new life together, Crew Aviation can help make it a once in a lifetime experience.

What are the most important things couples should consider when planning their honeymoon?

A great experience starts with knowing your travel budget. But even if you have unlimited cash to spend, it can turn into a travel nightmare if your travel planning doesn’t include understanding the possible restrictions and providing the necessary documents for your trip. If you are traveling outside of the United States, you need to know the current restrictions in your destination. Some countries not only require COVID vaccinations for entry, but other vaccines may be required or strongly recommended. Yellow fever, malaria, typhoid, and other vaccinations are recommended in many countries and can be purchased from your local health department or your GP. A passport is required for travel outside the United States and current turnaround times can be lengthy. So plan accordingly. Most countries have restrictions that your passport cannot be issued within six months of its expiration. If in doubt, check your travel details with your current passport. Travel visas may also be required and there may be longer waiting times. With COVID restrictions changing on a daily basis, it is best to check back regularly to make sure you have all of the necessary documentation. Crew Aviation employees receive updates on travel restrictions, health and wellness and safety several times a day in order to inform our passengers in advance of their planned trip.

What are the advantages of private traveling with a crew for a newlywed couple?

Crew Aviation offers a bespoke experience where the couple can choose flight time, destination, amenities and travel details. There are no TSA lines, no ticket counters, lost luggage or angry passengers. Passengers can travel with their luggage and items that they want to take with them for recreational activities, such as golf clubs, ski equipment, snorkeling or diving equipment, hiking or trekking – really the sky and the luggage space are the limits! On return, most items purchased can be brought on board and secured for the journey home. Many newlyweds buy items to commemorate their trip, and private flights can easily accommodate a wine box, framed artwork, or treasure from an antique or design store that needs to be part of their home. The beginning of a new life together should be relaxing and romantic with the opportunity to make memories.

Which special services are still offered?

Our employees can coordinate a farewell party in our private VIP hangar with family and friends. Special items can be arranged for the flight, such as champagne, a personal wedding or honeymoon cake, a catering menu or the placement of gifts. We have an in-house travel expert who can book an entire trip including hotel, tours, meals, ground transportation and activities. Upon request of individual services, we can book rental cars, chauffeur-driven cars or limousines, island transports, and seaplanes or helicopters. We also have exclusive partners for luxury yachts, sailing boats or other excursions upon arrival at the destination. With a global network of companies and trusted contacts, we can help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Can we add a Crew Aviation flight to our honeymoon registration?

Sure! Usually trips can be planned 12 months in advance, leaving enough time to leave gifts for your memorable trip. We can help you plan a registration budget or create an account that allows guests to contribute directly without the fees associated with most online sites. Contact us for restrictions and limitations so that you can decide which method is best for you.

Are there other options when using Crew Aviation?

Yes, we can offer transport to connecting locations. Perhaps your dream honeymoon is a cruise. We can fly you to the destination where your ship departs and return when your adventure is complete. Often times, couples are given airline tickets or airline miles for travel. If you fly commercially to Europe, Hawaii, Australia or Tahiti, we can connect you with direct international flights such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles or Seattle.

Whether we offer round-trip transportation or a connection to your entire honeymoon travel experience, we always offer Stellar service.

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Austin suburb rolls onto Cash’s listing of finest locations to dwell in 2021

According to a major US publication, a suburb of Austin is really rocky.

Round Rock, the booming community north of Austin, is ranked 25th in the new issue of Money magazine List of 50 best places to live in USA

Money notes that Round Rock – who, yes, folks, was named after a literal round rock in the 19th century – ranks widely on the national list for its abundance of housing options, robust educational opportunities, and low property taxes, which is likely what the nearby Austinites are likely to do covet.

In addition to its # 25 ranking, Round Rock, home of tech giant Dell, ranks first on the Money list in terms of projected employment growth through 2025. This is all good news for the suburb that doesn’t even deserve a spot on the list last year.

Other Texan communities that Money has named on its list of top places to live include the Dallas suburb of Flower Mound (No. 4) and Frisco (No. 19), although Money says it is “to keep the list interesting” , the top disqualified five finishers as of 2020, including Texas Spot Rockwall.

Chanhassen, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis, ranks # 1 this year.

For the list, Money looked at communities with a population of 25,000 to 500,000. Around 133,000 people live in Round Rock, according to the US Census Bureau.

The magazine then narrowed the list down to 50 cities based on factors such as:

  • Crime rate.

  • The middle income.

  • Growth of population.

  • Diversity.

  • Cost of living.

  • Economic opportunity.

  • Education.

  • Furnishing.

  • Health and safety.

  • Real estate market.

  • Life quality.

Martinez in Columbia County ranked #21 on Cash’s 50 Greatest Locations to Dwell

First Evans, now Martinez.

For the second year in a row, a Columbia County township was named Money magazine’s Top 50 list of places to live in the United States.

Among the cities and towns with a population of 25,000 to 500,000, Martinez was ranked 21st on the publication’s 35th annual list.

Growth of population:This is how Columbia County got bigger in 2020

“Things are going well in Columbia County, and that’s putting Martinez back in the spotlight,” said Kerry Bridges, chairman of the board of directors for Columbia County’s Development Agency.

“We’re excited to have Martinez named one of the best places to live in the United States,” said Doug Duncan, chairman of the Columbia County Board of Commissioners. “It’s not just a testament to just how successful Columbia County is, it’s the entire Augusta region.”

In 2020, Evans took first place on the list.

According to Money, the rankings are based on “nearly 100 different metrics,” which include data that falls into nine categories – cost of living; economic opportunity; Diversity; Education; “Fun” (or convenience); Health and safety; Real estate market; Income and personal finances; and quality of life.

Evans didn’t make the list this year because the list’s editors and researchers disqualified last year’s top five churches in an effort to “keep the list interesting” in 2021. In addition, winners were limited to one per county and three per state.

Two other Georgia cities, both in suburbs of Atlanta, made the list – Peachtree City at number 24 and Woodstock at number 31.

The $ 140,000 Question:Could You Be a Columbia County Homeowner?

It’s not uncommon for the same county on the money list to spawn a top 50 community in recent years. This year, 21 counties in addition to Columbia County completed the feat.

It is also not the first time that the unincorporated communities have been highlighted in the magazine. When Money curated a top 100 list of the best communities, Evans was ranked 32nd in 2005 and Martinez ranked 76th in 2007.

When describing Martinez, the magazine highlighted many outdoor recreational spots like the Savannah River and several trails for hikers, joggers, and cyclists.

“Aside from its extensive outdoor offerings, Martinez is among the top 5 for economic growth opportunities among the 1,200+ locations we considered for our list this year,” the magazine wrote in its new issue. “Of the 50 positions that have made it, it is No. 6 for job creation in the (past) five years. The suburb also had the third lowest unemployment rate of any city on our list in June at just 3%, well below the 5.9% for the country as a whole. ”

The magazine also cited Fort Gordon’s U.S. Army Cyber ​​Command and Columbia County’s new Amazon facility as evidence of Martinez’s growth potential.

According to the numbers

Columbia County’s Martinez Ward, as reported by Money magazine:

Population: 37,997

Median household income: $ 82,027

Median house price: $ 180,712

Unemployment rate: 2.6%

7 locations to search for free cash | House & Backyard

Several years ago I received a funny letter from a reader who developed a hobby of looking for money in gutters, parking lots, streets, sidewalks, and other public places. And he keeps track of things. He enclosed a copy of his “Free Money Journal” from the previous year.

He recently sent an update showing that he is now making an average of $ 50 a month. Not bad. But I couldn’t help but wonder how his payout could increase if he knew of other places that host free money.


Not so long ago I checked out my jewelry box. What a scream! I now found a piece of gold chain, a bracelet and several orphaned earrings – all gold from the 80s that I no longer wear. Something tells me you might find something similar by going through your drawers and old jewelry boxes. Provided you have at least 10 carats of gold (but not gold-plated), it’s like cash-free money. Go to three jewelry stores or local coin stores in person to see what they pay for them, then choose the highest bid. Never send your junk gold to a “gold dealer”.

Vending machines

Pay attention to the coin return compartments of the machines. Most machines have a clear plastic coin return so you can easily see what’s in there. And winter is the best time to clean up coins as people often wear gloves and cannot feel the coins they are leaving behind. Because there is no way to find this unfortunate person, it is finders, custodians – free money. The same goes for ATMs.


If your house is similar to 99 percent of all houses on earth, then you have at least one trash drawer. Go on a gift card hunt. It’s easy to call the number on the back of the card to find out how much value is left. This is free money held hostage in plastic. Use it or you could lose it.


US savings bonds worth more than $ 27 billion have matured and have not been claimed by their owners since December 2020, reports the US Treasury Department. The search engine “Treasury Hunt” under the department You can use your social security number to search for bonds that are due.


Is it possible that you or someone in your family worked for a company that had a retirement plan and then quit because the company went bankrupt or was bought by another company? You or that loved one, even if they have since passed away, may be eligible for benefits from the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, a US government agency.

The company has approximately $ 400 million in unclaimed benefits to more than 80,000 people. That’s an average of $ 5,000 per person. To see if anything is getting in your way, you can do a search under “Finding a Lost Pension” on the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation website.


You or someone in your family may be short of money because of losing sight of a refund, discount, security deposit, insurance dividend, or the proceeds of a class action lawsuit. It happens. To search online, visit this US government website as well (Scroll down to find the US map, then click individual states to go to that state’s unclaimed real estate webpage) and You shouldn’t have to pay upfront fees to reclaim assets. So if you click on an ad that requires payment, don’t let that seduce you. You can do this yourself without paying anyone else.


Now may be a good time to wipe down that metal detector that you got for your birthday many years ago. Ha! If you weren’t that happy, don’t worry. You can buy a decent metal detector for less than $ 75.

Metal detection is a fun hobby that the more you participate, the luckier you will be. Do you want to mean it? To join a club. Find other enthusiasts. And make sure you keep a journal of your achievements. Visit the Kellyco Detectors website. There you will find a community treasure trove and discover guides on where to hunt, forums, and just plain fun with free money.

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