The “previous cash aesthetic” and darkish academia are taking up TikTok and Pinterest

From the seventh grade to the second year of high school, my outfit on the first day of school was almost always the same: a denim mini skirt that barely adhered to the rule of “has to reach the end of the fingertips”, ballerinas, a pearl necklace, and an Abercrombie polo. It was the mid-2000s and that was the height of cool in my opinion.

I think of this outfit genre a lot, not because it looked particularly good, but because arguably the biggest fashion trend right now is Y2K, or a modern take on the bright, busy chewing gum styles of the early 2000s, influenced by those 70s psychedelics and themselves overt sexiness. This style is loving at times referred to as “waste”. It’s in contrast to the aesthetic I’d say it played a more crucial role in the 2000s, at least for other middle-class white girls in New England: preparation.

Nobody really uses that word anymore, but in the past few years I’ve started seeing his offspring on TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram. Smooth whites in khakis and oxford shirts laze on a sailboat; Tweed blazer inside a Ivy League library; Tennis skirts and croquet in front of someone’s summer house; Blair Waldorf and The talented Mr. Ripley. It goes online under various monikers, sometimes categorized as dark science (or light science if it’s a picture of a sunny setting), the WASP look, or the celebrity lifestyle, but the most common descriptor I see is “Altgeld Aesthetics”.

It’s kind of a hilarious name on the nose; “Old money” sums up what all fashion trends are, namely abnormal consumption. And yet it seems to arrive on time, as a counterweight and companion to the loud, whimsical design associated with Gen Z and the name brand-heavy “California rich” Look how the Kardashians were made inevitable.

While GQ predicted the preppy Comeback in 2018, it referred to menswear brands pairing prep with streetwear in a semi-ironic nod. This is not what #oldmoneyaesthetic pictures and videos crave for: you want to the uncompromisingly presumptuous Ivy League-Slash-Oxbridge Kennedy’s fourth cousin Country club Mood. They want to name their children like “Thrive” and “Montgomery”, after the many old money baby names TikToks that are out there. “WHY BE LA RICH, IF YOU CAN BE SO RICH?” Reads a comment below such a video (although the fact that many of them are set to Lana Del Rey adds an additional absurdity).

Unlike the years I’ve had several Abercrombie tote bags pinned to the inside of my closet as a kind of deranged shrine, the difference is that there are people out there who have context about the less Pinterest-friendly story of. deliver prepared and rooted wealth on the same platforms on which it spreads. It’s not that no one noticed how racist and classicistic the Abercrombie aesthetic is (remember, terrible “look politics”?) was at the time, but the review didn’t necessarily reach its target audience of teenagers obsessed with the brand. Social media has helped change that: on TikTok, for example, the popular story and film account @deadhollywood made a recent video about how the trappings of the leisure class are actually “the high point of white supremacist fashion, not rednecks and camouflage”.

“This style is the absence of flesh, the absence of blackness, the absence of extravagance. And that’s why it’s so damn boring, ”she explains. “It particularly relies on the slimness, refinement and elegance of white women as opposed to the fleshy, maternal, non-sexual but overly sexual body of the black woman.” The slightly fascist influences of minimalism and Coco Chanels Relationship with the Nazis. While the biggest indictment of the 2000s preparation came from places like Curtis Sittenfeld’s novel of the same name, in which the protagonist recognizes the emptiness of boarding school hierarchies on the east coast, the backlash this time around is much more direct.

Prep has always been conservative by nature, although a lot of young, progressive blacks and queer people are embracing the 2021 iteration online. Ana Quiring argued in the LA Review of Books Earlier this year, that an aesthetic like dark science “de-exceptionalizes the elite school environment as much as it romanticizes it,” and argued against the cynical view that the visual subculture glorifies photos of books and libraries rather than the actual books themselves, or the longing for the old money lifestyle only serves to revere the upper class.

Beyond that, however, the old money aesthetic strikes me as a pendulum swing against the ubiquitous display of wealth in society today, much like the way Prep was both a backlash and an inclusion of “Trashion” in the 2000s. Billionaires and influencers, both symbols of “new money”, set the standards and expectations for a dignified lifestyle, while old institutions such as royalty and high society buckle under the weight of social and economic change (see also: Society of New Yorkers complain that the Met Gala has too many influencers and wealthy Hamptons residents resent their even richer new neighbors). The new upper class doesn’t seem to care or care about good taste even dress yourself. Note to the tech bros: If you want to secure your place in cultural history, you might want to dress better.

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Toronto-style style and decor tops checklist of developments on Pinterest for some cause

Pinterest and its seemingly endless wealth of content has been inspiring housewives, artisans, fashionistas, foodies and more for more than a decade, with millions of user-created vision boards growing and changing all the time.

These boards can be used for all sorts of things including style and interior design, which a UK-based financial comparison site researched to see what aesthetics consumers prefer when it comes to home decor and fashion.

And strangely enough, it seems Toronto, the people who call it home and the rooms they live in all have a look that people all over the world seek.

During the examination 34,000 public clothing and home style boards on Pinterest, found that Toronto is one of the coolest and most famous cities in the world in the eyes of many.

While LA was named the top city for fashion and decor inspiration because of this crowdsourced data, Toronto surprisingly also landed pretty high on both lists, beating such major fashion clubs as Paris and Madrid (places like Milan and New York City kind of). didn’t make either list).

When it comes to clothing, Toronto appears to be the fourth-chicest city, with 787 Pinterest boards devoted to city fashion alone (compared to 997 for LA), though those of us who live here are ours Maybe not able to imagine a city with its own defined – and coveted – atmosphere.

As for home furnishings, people found Toronto’s interiors to be the third most inspirational of all cities, with 646 panels dedicated to the city’s decorating trends (compared to the cool 1,000 for LAs).

As the company notes, TO is currently “leading the way in bringing the wellness benefits of the great outdoors into our own homes, with lots of pins showing trends like dark-stained wood and biophilic wallpaper”.

While the exercise was more fun than anything official, it’s nice to know that when people all over the world think of Toronto, they think of sophisticated outfits and well-appointed interiors, not just “COVID-19 lockdown capital of the world” and “Crack-smoking Mayor. “

All the things You Must Know About Ardour Twists, the Protecting Type Taking Over Pinterest

Passion turns ideas hairstyle protective beauty hair

Instagram, @symphanisoto, @beautybybeemarie, @shinestruck

When you have naturally textured hair, you know that styling and grooming can be a challenge. That’s why we created The curl corner, a monthly column celebrating the versatility of textured hair. Here we cover everything from the right design of your coils to protection – and give expert tips for all kinds of curl patterns.

A hot, vaccinated girls summer is just around the corner, and that means vacation, warm weather and for natural girls: Protection styles. When our Pinterest feeds point out popular trends, it’s safe to say Passion turns are on the rise again. While the hairstyle isn’t particularly new, it seems to make a more triumphant return every time the sun comes out as people look forward to warmer weather and tropical vacations.

Passion Twists were conceived and mastered by Miami Barber Kailyn Rogers in 2018, and since then the look has taken various forms – it just gets better over time. If you’re not familiar with Passion Twists, check out the eye-catching protection style that looks great on everyone.

What are Passion Twists?

While passion twists may look like Senegalese twists at first glance, the styling is more or less the same, but what sets it apart is the braiding hair used. “Passion twists especially use silky hair Freetress water wave, ” Hairdresser from Maryland, Saneit Lett, says HelloGiggles. She says it doesn’t take on a straighter texture, but is much more straightforward and creates the unvarnished look you want. However, when it comes to styling, the same general twisting motion remains, although passion twisting requires a touch more force. “Add more tension than you normally would,” says Lett. “This creates a rugged, messy look that is different from other twist styles. Do this down to the hair shaft and secure the hair as you normally would.”

The story goes on

How long does it take to create Passion Twists?

As with any other style of protection, take your time, especially if you are doing handicrafts yourself. “The look typically takes four to eight hours, depending on ability and size,” says Olivia Braithwaite, a Based in Brooklyn Hair salon owner. When doing your own hair, she says to make sure your sections are evenly and properly parted when you want a clean look. While the style takes some time to complete, it will last over a month. While this can be a shorter lifespan than other protective styles, given the extreme silky nature of the braided hair, it is significant.

What’s the best way to keep passion twists going?

This silkiness looks even better over time as it creates a more bohemian appearance. Therefore, proper maintenance is key. For best results, Lett suggests spraying the scalp with it Leave fabric softener in weekly or biweekly and sleep with an edge scarf to flatten your edges. “While the twists themselves should get sturdier, you want to make sure the look continues to look fresh and new – you do that with correct edge care,” She says.

What’s the best way to remove passion changes?

Once removed, follow the same steps as for any other degree of protection. First, cut the style below where your natural hair falls. (Pro Tip: An easy way to tell is to see where the texture is changing.) Then your natural hair will begin to separate from the braided hair, resulting in a frayed look. Just below where the fray ends, you should cut. After complete removal, the goal should be to maintain the length and health of your natural hair. So be sure to untangle, properly shampoo, deep condition, and keep hydrating.

Whether you’re a hair expert or a true beginner, we can all agree that Passion Twists are for everyone – so prepare to perform in style with you.

This Is the Most Pinned Inside Design Fashion on Pinterest

Remember when your search for interior design inspiration included stacks of dog-eared magazines? This chaotic, crowded world has been changed by the internet’s mood board. PinterestThis has created a whole new way of finding and organizing design inspiration. With so many designers and such a range of styles to choose from, it seems impossible to pick a favorite, however Budget direct home insurance has tried. The company recently put the numbers together to find out the most popular interior design styles on Pinterest, as well as the best interior designers. Did your favorites make the cut?

The most tackled interior design style

Budget Direct used to make a comprehensive list of interior design styles, then tapped its own data scientist to find out how many times each style was pinned on Pinterest. They found that vintage is the most popular among the top 10 design styles on Pinterest with 2,665,779 pins. Given the style’s long history and the many images available on the internet, it’s no surprise that vintage comes out on top.

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Budget Direct found Indian-style interiors to be the second most popular due to their ornate wood furniture and rich colors and patterns. Arts & Crafts, Modern and English complete the top 5.

The most influential “pinterior designer” in the world

After Budget Direct compiled a list of the most influential interior designers in the world, it calculated the number of times each was pinned on Pinterest. Joanna Gaines, known as the “better half” of the duo in the popular reality TV series “Fixer Upper”, took first place with 238,163 pins. The interior designer at Pinterest is also famous for her penchant for farmhouse chic.

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Country Kitchen Scandinavian Style Image ID1301944944

American designers dominate the top 10

In the list of the 10 most influential interior designers in the world, American designers grabbed all but one point. Thomas O’Brien falls behind Joanna Gaines with 168,999 pins. Nate Berkus, Michael Taylor and Tony Duquette round out the top 5. The most pinned interior designer outside of America is Belgian Axel Vervoordt with 69,416 pins. Greg Natale is the most pinned designer in Australia with 11,985 Pins, and the most pinned designer in the UK is Zaha Hadid with 57,168 Pins.

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