The “previous cash aesthetic” and darkish academia are taking up TikTok and Pinterest

From the seventh grade to the second year of high school, my outfit on the first day of school was almost always the same: a denim mini skirt that barely adhered to the rule of “has to reach the end of the fingertips”, ballerinas, a pearl necklace, and an Abercrombie polo. It was the mid-2000s […]


Toronto-style style and decor tops checklist of developments on Pinterest for some cause

Pinterest and its seemingly endless wealth of content has been inspiring housewives, artisans, fashionistas, foodies and more for more than a decade, with millions of user-created vision boards growing and changing all the time. These boards can be used for all sorts of things including style and interior design, which a UK-based financial comparison site […]


All the things You Must Know About Ardour Twists, the Protecting Type Taking Over Pinterest

Passion turns ideas hairstyle protective beauty hair Instagram, @symphanisoto, @beautybybeemarie, @shinestruck When you have naturally textured hair, you know that styling and grooming can be a challenge. That’s why we created The curl corner, a monthly column celebrating the versatility of textured hair. Here we cover everything from the right design of your coils to […]


This Is the Most Pinned Inside Design Fashion on Pinterest Remember when your search for interior design inspiration included stacks of dog-eared magazines? This chaotic, crowded world has been changed by the internet’s mood board. PinterestThis has created a whole new way of finding and organizing design inspiration. With so many designers and such a range of styles to choose from, it seems impossible […]