Coach Barry Switzer Goes From Pigskin To Pigskin To Elevate Cash For Native Group

For Coach Switzer, this is a story that is literally about switching from pigskin to pigskin.

“When I say search and rescue, people say I’m saving dogs … and I’ll wait a minute. We’ll take our dogs and train them to save people,” said Barry Switzer.

Ground Zero is a non-profit organization based in the heart of Oklahoma. This emergency training center prepares dogs to rescue people from natural and man-made disasters.

“Our dogs are trained to find people who are buried under tornado debris and rubble,” said the Swiss woman.

These Heisman-level dogs also travel around the country with first aiders.

“We have produced front runners, and that’s why people come here,” said the Swiss.

This organization draws attention to itself, but needs to raise more money.

“We want to build a dormitory. When these firefighters come, first aiders come here,” said the Swiss woman.

This bunkhouse offers traveling first responders the opportunity to come, train, socialize and have easy access to the Ground Zero campus.

Penelope the pig takes part here.

“I wanted to kiss a pig,” said the Swiss woman.

It is good that he was excited about this because after reaching the fundraising goal, the king had to leave.

This organization has big goals for 2021. Not only do they want to build this huge sleeping house, but they also want to keep educating the students about these rescue dogs.