Eternals Star Shares Picture of Harry Kinds’ Deleted Scene

Eternal shocked Marvel fans everywhere by the introduction Harry Styles as Eros, the beloved cosmic figure better known to the audience as Starfox. Although the character appears in a mid-credits scene – but alongside Patton Oswalt’s Pip the Troll – he was originally supposed to appear in a different scene in the film. Now fans could check out the scene in question after Eternals star Lia McHugh posted a series of pictures on her Instagram account on Sunday night.

In the first picture, McHugh can be seen alongside Richard Madden and Styles. The trio can wear the robe-like clothing that the entire group wore in the opening scene of the film. Styles, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found in this sequence. You can see the picture for yourself below.

“It’s interesting. Starfox, Eros, I like this character a lot, but he’s very problematic with release for reasons that even the She-Hulk Stuff is investigating which I find interesting,” Eternals producer Nate Moors previously told about Styles’ casting. “But when we decided to turn to Eros, the idea of ​​a man whose power lies in seduction and emotion control, that’s a pretty specific requirement for a piece of talent. And we talked about gender swapping, because really, Eros doesn’t have to be “a guy but he’s a guy but it could be anything.” It really is who is seductive just by being close to you. And that’s a pretty short list, and Admittedly, Chloé is a huge Harry Styles fan. And at first we were really like it? ‘ But I promise if you ever get the chance to meet Harry Stiles it will be true. “

“‘You just think I love this guy. I love this guy. I don’t know what it is. I love him.’ He’s funny. He’s charming. He’s nice to everyone. He’s kind of Eros, “Moore continued. “And it was an easy conversation. I think Harry Styles is at greater risk in being in this film than we are in casting Harry Styles. Because he has such a specific following and is a musician, and now he’s going to be an actor, but that’s not necessarily his core concern. And taking a flyer on this really random character he also knows is vaguely problematic, I think that was a bigger leap of faith for him. But I think the idea of ​​Eros in the MCU is so much fun. Definitely worth it. “

Eternals is out in theaters now, while Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings are streamed on Disney +.

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America Ferrera Returns for ‘Superstore’s Upcoming Finale: First Look (PHOTO) | Leisure

they thought Superstore would close his cloud 9 doors without a final appearance from America Ferrerais amy?

We thought it could too. But luckily, Ferrera will be returning for the NBC comedy final goodbye on Thursday March 25th, as shown in a first photo above. The actress played on the show until season six.

When she left the show, due to the plot, she left her home base for a higher corporate position at Zephra – Her narrative seemed incomplete, especially when her friend Jonah (Ben Feldman) was supposed to be moving west with her and she was startled when he tried to propose.

Will their return give way to a happier ending, or at least a closure? Either way, she’s back for the hour-long series finale and we couldn’t be happier. While saying goodbye is never easy, this announcement makes saying goodbye more bearable.

Greg Gayne / NBC

While there was talk of a possible superstore ground out Nothing was set in stone with Cheyenne (Nichole Sakura) and Bo (Johnny Pemberton).

Don’t miss the reunion and look forward to executive producers Justin Spitzer, Gabe Miller and Jonathan Green, who renewed their contracts with Universal Television last year. Spitzer is already working on an upcoming series on NBC called American Auto. Keep an eye out for updates.

Superstore, Series Finale, Thursday March 25th, 8 / 7c, NBC

YK Osiris & 21 Savage Finish Their Type Wars With A Picture

After some social media beef revolving around a custom Gucci jacket, YK Osiris and 21 Savage have finally eliminated their stylish differences by posing as a movie together.

The month started with YK Osiris and 21 Savage are literally playing about clothesbut it looks like they decided to leave their little January fashion fight and be friends for February.

At least for now.

Image: Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

Osiris posted the photo he took yesterday when he was 21 on his Instagram and added a caption that reads: “4L ð ?? ¤ ?? ð ???? ¾ hold yourself to real n * ggas ð ??? ??? @ 21savage. “” Fortunately, they both looked fresh in black and white clothes, almost ironically fitting, although a large part of his 2.7 million IG supporters didn’t want him to forget the earlier “style wars” between the two presenters One commenter wrote, “He likes your jacket now?” Which got just over 1,000 likes, while another person tried to keep the roast session going by writing “yal look like yal fix cars”. [sic].

Image: Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Her fashion choice actually turned out to be a huge focus for a lot of people in the comments, like one person who said, “Now let’s talk about the big butt-bubble vest he put on,” another who kept it all real by writing . “I don’t know if they’re fixing my car or stealing it,” and finally a person who simply dropped facts by adding, “This n *** a called you a suitcase ð ?????? ð ?????? ð ??????. “That was, admittedly, one of the coldest comebacks in all of the beef, so we definitely respect the maturity of YK Osiris’ ending, just playing the ‘If you can’t beam them, join in’ card.

Look at the photo of YK Osiris and 21 Savage Be kind below and then check out both of the photos we added above and let us know once and for all who is the freshest of them all when it comes to these two. Listen to your opinions, thoughts, and roasts below!

Photograph of Bernie Sanders sporting mittens at inauguration turns into cash maker

Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Previewed his priorities as the Chair of the Budget Committee. Edward Lawrence of FOX Business with more.

The picture of Sen. Bernie Sanders wear Mittens made from recycled materials and a warm winter jacket as casual inauguration Outfit first went viral online last week and is now generating a lot of money.

The “Bernie’s mittens crochet doll Bernie Sanders meme handmade collectible doll” sold on eBay for $ 14,900 on Sunday afternoon.

The doll, whose proceeds will go to charity, is a replica of a masked sander sitting in his folding chair with his arms crossed and wearing comfortable gloves – a moment that was great fun and celebrated on social media.

New York University student Nick Sawhney tweeted about his new website This uses the street view from Google Maps to place the Sanders image at any address.

The tweet was retweeted over 48.6,000 times and was liked 248.7,000 times.

“Oh my god, I wasn’t expecting that. I am overjoyed that so many people like it! I’m trying my best to keep it from crashing! “Sawhney said in a follow-up tweet.


The money maker meme contained everything from bobble heads and stickers to paintings and drawings.

There are even links through which consumers can purchase the high fashion versions of Sanders’ outfit.

Lots of people were quick to highlight the looks of the 79-year-old independent Vermont senator and create endless memes from Wednesday’s inauguration Joe Biden and Kamala HarrisHe was more about keeping warm than fashion.

“You know, in Vermont we dress warm, we know about the cold and we’re not that concerned about good fashion, we want to keep warm. And I did that today, ”Sanders told CBS on Wednesday.

People were especially fond of Sanders’ gloves, which were made by a Vermont elementary school teacher who also makes gloves from recycled wool.

“I love that he loves them and that he wears them,” said Jen Ellis, an elementary school teacher NECN-TV. “And I’m totally honored that he wore it today.”


Sanders fully embraced his viral moment when his team recently unveiled a Chairman Sanders Crewneck pullover on a product page in the Bernie Campaign Store, which is reportedly made in the US from ring-spun organic cotton.

It’s snowing sold out, and a warning The website states: “*** Due to the overwhelming demand for this item, it will take 4-8 weeks to receive your sweatshirt. *** “

Chairman Sanders Crewneck sold for $ 45. However, according to Sanders’ campaign website, 100% of the proceeds will go to Meals on Wheels Vermont.