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This brindle beauty is more than ready to flee the animal shelter to a loving nursing home or home forever. She dreams of a life full of comfort, snacks and love from her human family. At the shelter she has become a favorite of the employees and can often be spotted on a walk in our field. She tries to squeeze herself into a lap while the staff work on the computer or demonstrate their training skills in the yard!

Elaine has the petite back end, the deep chest and the energy typical of a boxer! She says the Libra lies and often huddles in a basket, bed, or human lap that is large for a dog much smaller than her. Their funny antics are sure to make every family laugh. She enjoys running, jumping, and lounging in the pool! She’s so excited to be with her people that she’ll jump high in the air to kiss your face! While many think it’s adorable, it would probably be too much for young children.

Elaine can be quite vocal when she is initially alone in her kennel. She loves her people and doesn’t want to see them go. Because of this, residential homes may not go well together. Your new family needs to take some time off so they can feel comfortable in their new home before leaving them alone. Our TSPCA trainer can explain how to prepare sweet Elaine for success!

Elaine has gone to dog parks and done well but can be a bit overwhelming so she needs a tolerable or gentle canine sibling in a home. We also believe she would be more than happy to be a pampered dog!

Elaine is a boxer mix. She is around 2 years old and weighs 45 pounds. She has been spayed, vaccinated, tested for heartworms (negative), microchipped and is currently in the field of parasite prevention.


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