St. Sabina Catholic Parish withholding cash over Rev. Pfleger probe

CHICAGO – Church officials in the St. Sabina Catholic Ward have placed additional pressure on the Archdiocese of Chicago to close the investigation into Rev. Michael Pfleger.

Church leaders announced that starting Monday they would withhold the Church and school assessments that the archdiocese would pay each month.

The announcement made during Sunday mass in the Catholic parish of St. Sabina received an ovation from the parish.

The prominent Chicago believer and outspoken social justice activist was accused of sexually abusing two minors, ages 12 and 13, more than 40 years ago.

Rev. nurse has emphatically denied the allegations.

The Department of Child and Family Services concluded that the allegation was “unfounded”.

Now the Archdiocese of Chicago has launched its own investigation into Rev. Michael Pfleger, and the community wants a solution soon.

The Church says the withheld funds will be paid out in full when the investigation is completed.

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