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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Lucifer Season 5 Episode 15 “Is This Really How It’s Going to End?!”]

We’ll be honest: we kind of deny what happens in the penultimate episode of Lucifer season 5.

As Lucifer (Tom Ellis) tries to garner votes for his offer to be the next god, with Michael (Ellis) also wanting the job, Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) plans their next steps, which is to say goodbye to the NYPD. (She will now work as Lucifer’s counselor to support her partner.) But the events that occurred during her last fall could very well change everything.

Hey, at least there’s a moment of ease when a suspect’s alibi is her giving a reading to a program manager at Fox (the network that canceled Lucifer). “Good luck with that,” jokes the devil.

Lucifer would be a good god … right?

Unfortunately, his brothers and sisters don’t believe this is the case, even if they hate Michael (and even with the bribe of having access to a favorite chef). He’s been running the place practically since he was finally in heaven with God. “Are you seriously telling me that Michael has your voice because he’s the devil you know?” Lucifer asks one of his brothers in disbelief. “Do you have any idea how ironic that is?”

As he begins to doubt whether he will become God, Chloe believes in him. “If anyone in the entire universe can convince them, it is you,” she assures him. Maybe he can, if he’s honest about why he wants to take over. He tries Zadkiel. “I do it for love, and it gets worse: I do it for a person’s love,” he reveals. “I’m trying to be God so I can finally be worthy of her.”

One last case

The murder of a technician from the ME office exposes a scam committed with a clairvoyant who claimed to find lost items from dead relatives. They sold the belongings of the families that didn’t bite in the black market with a fence, TJ.

When Chloe announces her retirement plans, Detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) understands, while forensic scientist Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) doesn’t handle it well. (She also believes Lucifer and Chloe are going to Alabama as they said they would be north of Florida, the cover story for his family business location. Seriously, someone, please tell Ella the truth already!)

John P. Fleenor / Netflix

But could the LAPD get a familiar face? Amenadiel (DB Woodside) stops by to see Dan playing cards with his daughter Trixie (Scarlett Estevez), and the angel shares his plans to become a cop. Dan is not as supportive as Amenadiel hoped.

It turns out they have a much more worrisome problem: when Lucifer and Chloe track down the fence, TJ is super powerful and lets the devil fly through a coffee table. Is he a heavenly one?

The killer appears to be after something he’s fenced in, so Dan offers to help, since this is Chloe’s last case, and track down TJ’s clients. Then he gets into serious trouble. After suspecting a possible home invasion, when one of the customers opens her door, Dan calls her only to be taken by an armed man. But he manages to leave a clue on the others: dog tags that lead back to a mercenary, Vincent Le Mec (Rob Benedict, Supernatural God, who unfortunately misses Lucifer’s version, played by Dennis Haysbertto an episode) and his group.

The demon maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt), of course, plans to only kill the person in charge, but Lucifer needs them to instead focus on finding Dan, which means he demands all the favors criminals owe him. And they better hurry because Dan is in dire straits, bloody and tied to a chair. Vincent wants to know where TJ is (Dan says he doesn’t know him) and shows him a photo of a grave.


As it looks like Dan has the upper hand – he breaks free and takes Vincent’s muscles off – and is going to escape, he is being shot from behind. When he turns around, Vincent shoots him twice more. When Chloe finds him, he bleeds to death and insists on telling her a few things: Make sure Trixie knows he loves her and the name Caleb. The EMTs rush by and …

Saying goodbye

There is nothing that anyone can do. Just as the doctor brings Chloe the heartbreaking news at the hospital that Dan didn’t make it, Trixie goes into the waiting room and asks where her father is. She refuses to believe that he is dead and even asks Lucifer to tell her that it is not true as he never lies. (Good luck with dry eyes in this scene!)

To Lucifer’s surprise, Amenadiel knows what Caleb means: the boy he tried to help, who was killed. The angel buried him with his necklace, the key to the flaming sword. The scammers must have taken it, and that gave TJ his superpower. The brothers realize that Michael had to pick up Gabriel’s blade from the goddess.Tricia Helfer) Dimensions. He’s trying to assemble the sword, which means he’s preparing for a war, not a choice.

This leaves Lucifer in doubt as he doesn’t have the greatest track record of wars in heaven. He even admits to Chloe why he wants to be God, and she is upset that her daughter is growing up without a father because Lucifer still doesn’t know how she feels about him. (Ouch.)

DB Woodside Lucifer Season 5 Episode 10 Amenadiel

John P. Fleenor / Netflix

At Dan’s funeral, Amenadiel has bad news for Lucifer: her friend is not in heaven. “Dan has dealt with his guilt. He told me that too, ”argues Lucifer. It’s not that easy. But when Amenadiel delivers the eulogy, he says Dan is in “a much better place” and makes Chloe believe he is in heaven.

“He taught me how to be a good man because he’s a good man. The sad thing is that he sometimes forgot, but he was a good, good man who always tried to please others, always tried to do better, even though he was already the best of us, ”he says Angel.

Then, after Maze finds a place for Vincent and his men, they get them out – it’s terrifying and so, so good – and Ella and Lucifer sing “It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday” at the funeral.

But while he made the people who killed Dan pay, Lucifer isn’t done yet. He may have wanted to be God before for all the wrong reasons, but now he knows he has to be God, he tells Dr. Linda Martin (Rachael Harris). And that means they’re going to war.

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