Brewer college students increase cash for meals pantry by way of penny struggle

BREWER, Maine (WABI) –

The students at Brewer worked hard to raise funds to help tackle food insecurity in the city.

The war has started at Brewer Community School in the past three weeks.

A penny war that benefits the Brewer Food Pantry.

Usually the school donates food directly to the pantry, but the pandemic has had to change their approach.

“We tried to find another way to involve the children and the school faced the great challenge of friendliness in February. So we started this as part of our Kindness Week, ”said Thomas Burby, a 7th grade teacher at Brewer Community School.

“You can do so much more with donations, so we’ve tried to maximize what we can do for the community this year and it’s helping the people right in Brewer town,” added Burby.

Brian Estes, who is also a teacher at the school, dresses up as Batman at such events in order to take part.

“Any time we can get our students to serve the wider community, I think we are expanding their experience as humans,” said Brian Estes.

“This is a way for them to take a step forward and do something, to bring in a penny, a quarter, a dollar and know that this is going to go into someone’s stomach at some point,” said Burby.

The class that raises the most money for the pantry can get a sweet victory with an ice cream party.

The Penny Wars ended Friday afternoon with Brewer students raising over $ 4,400 for the pantry.

The classes that won the ice cream party were Pre-K and Grade 6.

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Penny Lancaster threw males’s pants at Sir Rod Stewart | Leisure

Sir Rod Stewart’s wife Penny Lancaster once threw him a pair of men’s underwear on the stage.

The hitmaker “I Don’t Want to Talk About It” is used to having women’s underwear thrown at him, and while performing in Las Vegas, he remembered his wife throwing him men’s pants from the audience.

On Harry Redknapp’s podcast, he said, “I was singing away in Las Vegas and a pair of men’s underpants showed up. They were really awful. It was my wife who vomited them! She was hiding in the audience, throwing up a pair of men’s underwear … I’ll still have thousands of women throwing their panties up. “

Meanwhile, Rod recently admitted that he is “stunned” that his wife had held him for two decades.

He said: “I am stunned that Penny kept me for 20 years.

“They didn’t make up the words for how I felt about them. She’s everything … It took me a while to learn because I’ve been a Scallywag in the past. But I’d say the most important things are good ones Manners – This is what I try to teach all of my boys. You can wear the best suits in the world, look great and have the best carpet, but you still need to show manners. Open the door for a lady, stand on when a lady goes to the bathroom when you have dinner. “

And Rod – who has eight children, including Aiden, nine, and Alastair, 14 with Penny – believes he gave his wife “a lot of confidence” to do her television work and her own career.

He said, “I’ve given her a lot of confidence. She does a lot of television work now and when we first met she was just a shy little person who didn’t talk a lot. I gave her the confidence. I’m sure it would they tell you. And she is there for me. “