Peebles Elementary College honors academics, Hollywood fashion | Training

For a year like no other, an elementary school rolled out the red carpet to celebrate its teacher stars in Hollywood fashion.

Peebles Elementary School turned their regular weekly professional development into an Academy Awards to round off a week of teacher appreciation.

The school’s teaching staff mixed fun and stupidity with a dash of truth and voted on a creative list of award winners.

Bilingual fifth grade teacher Maribel Carraballo was voted the most likely speaker in the staff room.

She liked to take a moment to laugh and think, saying that this school year has shown the resilience of teachers and students.

“This year has been a challenge and a blessing,” she said. “We have proven that we can adapt and overcome. We made it through the year and the kids are happy. “

Interventionist Laura Foster, a 29-year-old educator, echoed these feelings. She was voted the most likely person to knock on your door during the admission.

“I’m overwhelmed,” she said over the red carpet, the gold stars with the teachers’ names and a spectacular cake depicting Peebles ’61 years of service. “Everything is so beautiful.”

“It’s been a year like no other,” she said. “We all appreciate the effort to show appreciation. It warms our hearts when colleagues honor our service. I am amazed at what we did. “

Headmistress Carol Correa called each teacher and praised her hard work during the challenging year before firing them earlier than usual to continue visiting or leaving for the day.

“We have adapted throughout the year,” she said, remembering the “180 degree” spin that teachers had achieved to teach virtually with the advent of COVID-19.

“We wanted them to feel like VIPs,” she said. “It’s really part of our culture here, but we wanted to make it a little better.”

“We are blessed to be appreciated this year,” said teacher Denise Zamora. “It makes a difference. We can see that the hard work is paying off. “

The following Academy Awards went to the following Peebles teachers, most likely:

  • Come sick to avoid planning for a Christie sub-wife
  • Forget her lunch – Ms. Mena
  • Visit during your conference time – Ms. Spikes
  • Be called if something breaks – Ms. G. Rodriguez
  • Spend your money on school supplies – Ms. Seguinot
  • Go all day without going to the bathroom – Ms. Grubb
  • Finish her lunch in 10 minutes or less – Ms. Vazquez
  • Do you know the name of every student – Coach Brown
  • Knock on your door while you record – Mrs. Foster
  • Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer – Ms. Zamora
  • Have the last car in the parking lot – Mrs. Blanes
  • Have the most organized classroom – Ms. Montero
  • I heard talking in the staff room – Ms. Caraballo
  • Correct your grammar – Ms. N. Johnson
  • Silence a room with just one look – Mrs. Smith
  • Confused with a student – Mrs. Lau
  • Dancing in the hall – Coach Dominowski
  • Do you need technical support – Ms. Wilkey
  • Prank her student – Mrs. Ingraffia
  • New hairstyle – Ms. Ortiz
  • Win danger – Mr. Burkhalter
  • Pack your bags and travel the world – Mrs. Laurenson
  • Provide best advice and wisdom – Ms. Rosas
  • Stay late on lesson planning – Ms. Madera