Nationwide Enquirer writer to pay $187,500 advantageous for Trump hush cash fee

The editor of the National Enquirer has agreed: a $ 187,500 fine after the federal electoral commission found it “knowingly and willfully” violated campaign law by paying $ 150,000 to a model who said she had an affair with Donald Trump in order to remain silent during the 2016 presidential election to preserve, according to records released by a campaign finance monitoring group.

The FEC announced the penalty on Tuesday in correspondence with Common Cause, the Filed a complaint Against the Enquirer publisher AMI, Trump and the Trump campaign over the hush money payment to Karen McDougal after news of the supermarket newspaper’s unusual payment to silence a lewd story called “Catch and Kill” became public.

The complaint alleged that the payment was made “for the purpose of influencing the 2016 parliamentary elections”.

In one Letter to Common Cause Paul S. Ryan, vice president of Policy and Litigation, told the agency the board had “reason to believe” that AMI was violating campaign law, but “there were not enough votes to give reason to believe” that the remaining respondents “- the former president and the Trump election campaign -” are in violation of the Federal Campaign Act of 1971 “.

In one signed agreement With the FEC forwarded to Common Cause, an attorney for AMI’s successor A360 LLC agreed that the company would pay the fine and upheld “the Commission’s reasonable belief that these violations were knowledgeable and intentional,” but said that this is not the case to admit the knowing and deliberate aspect of these violations. “

The FEC is expected to publish its results within 30 days. The agency did not want to comment on the documents on Wednesday.

A360 and Trump officials did not respond to requests for comment.

Ryan hailed the fine on AMI as a “win for democracy” but said that “the FEC’s failure to hold former President Trump and his campaign accountable for this violation exposes the FEC’s dysfunction.”

“All other actors were held accountable, but still no responsibility for former President Trump,” said Ryan.

AMI had previously confirmed Pay McDougal, a Playboy model, under a non-prosecutor’s agreement with federal attorneys investigating former Trump attorney Michael Cohen for campaign violations.

Finally Cohen pleaded guilty to help orchestrate the payment to McDougal, as well as a payment to another woman, porn star Stormy Daniels, who said she slept with Trump on a federal criminal case that put him in jail.

Last month the FEC dropped an investigation into whether Trump should face sanctions for paying Daniels after two Republican commissioners voted against the procedure and a third withdrew. The Commissioners who voted against noted that the Commission was facing a significant backlog, arguing that the case was “limited risk” and “not the best use of the Agency’s resources”.

In a comment last month in the Washington Post, one of the Democratic commissioners, Ellen Weintraub, agreed that the agency had a lot of catching up to do, but asked, “Are we too busy to enforce the law against the former President of the United States for his brazen violation of campaign finance laws? on the eve of a presidential election? No.”

Trump has denied having relationships with the model and actress and defended the payments in a 2018 Interview with Fox News.

“They weren’t campaign funding,” he said. “They came from me,” added, “They did not come from the campaign.”

It is believed that the Manhattan Attorney’s Office made payments as part of their Investigation of the finances from Trump’s company Trump Organization.

The six-member FEC board of directors consists of three Republicans, two Democrats, and one Independent. Four commissioners have to agree for a case to go ahead.

Ryan said he was stunned by how the commission could vote for a fine against the Enquirer rather than Trump.

“It is a good use of funds to hold a tabloid to account, but not a former president. That is an amazing and absurd result,” he said.

Ben Kamisar contributed to this.

Stimulus examine standing replace: IRS cost schedule, when your plus-up cash will arrive

The $1,400 stimulus checks are still going out, but you might find yours is only a partial payment, or delayed.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Whether you’re waiting for a new stimulus check or a plus-up payment because the IRS still owes you money (calculate your stimulus total here), we have answers that can help you know what to expect about the IRS’ plans for stimulus check delivery going forward, and what could hold up or stop your complete payment. For example, if you’re sure you meet the requirements, but got a smaller amount than expected or feel there’s an issue with your check, we can help explain what the problem might be.

We’ll go over:

Read on for more details. In the meantime, here’s the current discussion on a fourth stimulus check and student loan forgiveness. You might also get more stimulus money from the American Rescue Plan Act through upcoming child tax credit 2021 payments (here’s how much money you can get and who’s an eligible dependent) and savings on health care and insurance. This story was recently updated.

Stimulus plus-up payment: What is it and when yours could arrive

A plus-up payment is a supplement to the stimulus money the iRS already paid out. But if you didn’t get the right amount the first time, the agency is sending automatic pay bumps to correct the error. You might get a plus-up payment if the IRS used your 2019 taxes to calculate your third stimulus check and then finds it underpaid you after processing your 2020 taxes. For example, perhaps you had a lower AGI this time — or added a new dependent.

If you got your stimulus payment via direct deposit, that’s how you’ll get your plus-up money, too. If the IRS doesn’t have your details on file, you may receive a paper check instead.

Plus-up payments will continue on a weekly basis as the IRS processes 2020 tax forms and reevaluates checks. The batch going out this week includes 1 million plus-up payments totaling more than $2 million.

Stimulus check payments so far

Direct deposit Paper checks EIP Card Direct Express Card Plus-up
First payment batch — March 17 90 million ($242 billion) 150,000 ($442 million) Not released Not released Not released
Second payment batch — March 24 17 million ($38 billion) 15 million ($34 billion) 5 million ($11 billion) Not released Not released
Third payment batch, including Social Security — April 3 2 million ($5 billion) 2 million ($5 billion) Not disclosed Up to 30 million to come Not released
Fourth payment batch, including “plus-up” money — April 7 24 million ($33 billion) 1 million ($3 billion) Not disclosed 3.1 million 1 million ($2 million)

This is how the IRS will send your stimulus payment now

If you’re getting your new stimulus check delivered now (and not a plus-up), expect to receive it in the mail (how to track it) as a paper check or EIP debit card. However, if you’re an SSI or SSDI recipient who has a Direct Express benefits card, you should get an electronic transfer. Otherwise, look for a check in the mail, but not an EIP card, according to the SSA. (More details below.)

Note that it could take days between the date the IRS or Treasury processes your stimulus money and when you receive it, especially if your check is arriving through the mail. If you moved recently, you need to tell the IRS and USPS.

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Stimulus check 3: How much money you’ll get


Track your payment online and in the mail like this

The IRS updates its Get My Payment tracker tool for stimulus checks daily. This online app shows the status of your payment, including when a check is scheduled for delivery. You can also use a free tool from the USPS to track your mailed stimulus payment.

The IRS portal also flags if there’s a problem with your payment that you may need to address, but it doesn’t tell you the amount you’ll receive. You’ll see your payment status in the tracker if you receive SSI and SSDI benefits. VA beneficiaries who are veterans and don’t file taxes can check the status of their payments the weekend of April 10 and 11. 

Why all or some of your stimulus money could be delayed

Here’s more information on problems you might encounter with your stimulus check.

Stimulus check delivery start and end dates

Stimulus bill signed into law March 11
First direct deposits made March 12 (provisional), March 17 (official)
First paper checks sent Week of March 15
First EIP cards sent Week of March 22
Last day to get direct deposit March 24, unless you receive a “plus-up” adjustment for 2020 taxes
First Social Security, SSI, SSDI payment sent Weekend of April 3, most arriving April 7
First plus-up payments Weekend of April 3
VA benefits for veteran nonfilers April 14
IRS deadline to finish sending checks Dec. 31, 2021 (mandated by the bill)
Last date to receive a check January 2022 (if mailed checks sent late December)
Final claims for missing stimulus money 2021 tax season likely (in 2022)

What if you’re missing stimulus money from your $1,400 check?

There are several reasons the IRS may owe you stimulus money after it sends out the third round of checks.

For example, the agency may have processed your 2019 tax return before it received 2020 tax forms and you’re entitled to a bigger payment. If this is your situation, the IRS said it will automatically evaluate if you qualify for more money after it receives your 2020 tax return. It will then send you a supplemental payment for the difference between what you originally received and the amount you now qualify for. You don’t need to take any action to receive this supplemental payment, according to the IRS.

If you had a baby or added a dependent in 2020, the IRS said it will also automatically send you a supplement payment once it receives your taxes this year.

But what if a clerical error accidentally left out a new dependent? Or perhaps your payment never arrived or was accidentally garnished? The IRS may provide a way to file for missing stimulus money before the Dec. 31 deadline. If not, you might have to wait a year to claim it, when you file your 2021 taxes in 2022 (even if you’re a nonfiler who isn’t typically required to file taxes).


If you don’t get all your stimulus check money right away, you may need to address the issue down the road.

Sarah Tew/CNET

How to report a payment problem, and what not to do

The IRS doesn’t want you to call if you have any issue with the delivery or amount of your stimulus check. So what to do instead? Our guide walks you through how to report stimulus check problems, including checks that never arrive (try filing a payment trace), direct deposit payments that go to the wrong account and other issues.

Social Security, SSDI, SSI and veterans: More to know about your stimulus money

After a weeks-long holdup, the IRS is now making payments for SSDI and SSI recipients and retired railroad workers, many of whom automatically qualify for the third check. The first payments started going out April 3, with the majority of payments made electronically — either through direct deposit or to existing Direct Express cards (PDF) — by April 7, according to the IRS.

For those who receive veterans benefits, the IRS said it’s reviewing data for Veterans Affairs benefit recipients and expects to start making payments by April 14. VA beneficiary payment information will be available in the Get My Payment tool this weekend, the IRS said.

Note that you’ll most likely get the electronic payment transfer if this is how you normally receive benefits, and if you didn’t file taxes in 2019 or 2020. But some in this subset of nonfilers could receive an automatic payment sooner if they got a previous check by using the IRS’ Non-Filers tool, which is now closed. The SSA says this group will not receive an EIP debit card. Here’s our complete guide to stimulus checks for people receiving Social Security benefits.


Millions may wind up getting a smaller check than they’re owed, depending on their 2020 taxes.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Why your 2020 tax return is tied to this stimulus check

Taxes are now due May 17. So how will the IRS figure out how much it owes you? It will calculate your total (you can also do that here) based on the most recent tax filing it’s processed at the time it’s ready to tabulate the amount of your stimulus check.

If you filed your 2020 taxes early and you know your tax return was already processed, your total will likely be based on your 2020 adjusted gross income, not on your 2019 AGI. That presents complications if the difference between the two years disqualifies you from getting a third stimulus check

On the flip side, if the IRS uses your 2019 taxes and you’re owed more money based on your 2020 AGI and dependents, you’ll need to claim the difference at a later date. Note that if you filed your 2020 taxes after you got your stimulus payment, this IRS is now sending the catch-up payments now. (Learn more about some of the stimulus check exceptions and catches here.)

Stimulus money could still arrive through the end of 2021

Although the IRS and Treasury are sending stimulus checks now, the agencies have until Dec. 31 to complete distributing the third payments. That’s good news in the sense they aren’t facing a compressed deadline to send out all the checks, as they did for the second stimulus check in December, which only gave them a 17-day window to get the payments out. 

On the other hand, the nearly nine-month delivery window also means some people may find themselves waiting for their payment, for a variety of reasons. We’ll have to wait and see how the IRS deals with any fringe issues that arise, such as the need to claim missing money. 

Additional information for people in these payment groups

Stimulus checks aren’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all situation. Here are additional guides for:

And here’s everything you need to know about the third stimulus check, how to calculate your stimulus total and every way the stimulus bill can bring you more money.

Hartford Man Urges Warning With Fee App After Cash Reaches Mistaken Person – NBC Connecticut

More people than ever are picking up their phones to make payments. And with the coronavirus crisis, more money is changing hands at a social distance thanks to money transfer apps. But one Hartford man has a warning because hundreds of his hard-earned dollars didn’t make it into the right hands.

“I mean, I was a huge Cash App fan,” said Eric Crawford, who currently runs a family resource center in Hartford.

The former member of the State Board of Pardons and Paroles joined NBC CT Responds after experiencing a problem with the money transfer app.

“$ 500 for anyone is a decent amount of money, but it didn’t change my life, but life would have changed for someone in my community.”

Crawford said he sent a $ 450 payment to his son Kevin’s fitness trainer earlier this year through the Cash app, a payment he’d made periodically to Kevin through that app.

“The coach calls me and says, ‘Eric, you didn’t pay the money for your son.” And I said, “Yeah, I did.”

Crawford said after checking his Cash App account history, he found that the Kevin who received the payment wasn’t the same Kevin he was in his phone contacts.

“No phone number, nothing, it was just like someone immediately put some kind of fake Kevin on the screen to throw you off,” Crawford said.

Crawford contacted Cash App customer service via email but said that after investigating his account history, he closed the case for authorizing the transaction.

Even though the money was withdrawn from his bank account, the payment appears to be pending in the app to this day.

“Where’s the money? He never got it. There’s no email confirmation that I even sent it to the wrong person,” Crawford said.

NBC Connecticut can’t confirm if the other Kevin ever received the money, what that person’s intentions were, or if it was a user error, but Crawford firmly believes it wasn’t his fault.

The Cash app says that if a customer sends money to someone they think isn’t on their contact list, they’ll send a double prompt to make sure they want to send money to the account.

Crawford says it didn’t and his transaction didn’t trigger the typical email notification he usually receives when making a payment.
Cash App will not comment on individual cases, but emails to Crawford suggested that their account should continue to be secured.

In a statement, a Cash App spokesperson said: “Fraud prevention is critical to Cash App. We continue to invest in and strengthen anti-fraud resources by both adding staff and introducing new technology. We are constantly improving systems and controls to prevent, detect and report bad activity on the platform. “

The Attorney General and the Ministry of Consumer Protection warn that there are risks associated with using online payment apps.

“Remember, when you sign up for a credit card or bank account, there is usually adequate protection for those products that you are paying for, by the way,” said Connecticut Attorney General William Tong.

He says there’s a reason this app and others like Venmo and PayPal have minimal fees.

“When you sign up for something that’s faster, cheaper, easier, everything is faster, cheaper, easier.”

And with that, says Tong, you can’t expect great customer service either.
Tong’s office says they have received eight complaints about Cash App since this summer.

“We’re definitely looking into it and I’m talking to other states about it because even if it’s not illegal it doesn’t make it right, but at the end of the day you’re the downside of that with something that’s an online app. It’s not a bank. It’s not a credit card company, ”said Tong.

He and the state consumer protection ministry urge users of these apps to be careful.

“When you make payments through an app, the entire responsibility rests with you,” said DCP Deputy Commissioner Arunan Aulampalam.

They say double and triple check whoever you’re sending money, including all of the username details.

DCP also warns against sending money to people you do not know.

“Make sure you double-check wherever you’re sending the money, as the same way it will give an envelope to someone you don’t know. You are literally passing money on to someone else, and once that money is out of your hands, it’s a lot harder to get back. “

In addition, it is important to use passwords that are as secure as possible and two-factor identification whenever possible.

Crawford says his bank fortunately made up for his loss, but he hopes telling his story will educate the community and help make changes with these apps in the future.
If he had known what he knows now, he would never have used a money transfer app.

“This is our hard earned money. We already have this pandemic and everything else is underway, ”he said.

From now on, he’s going to pay Kevin the old-fashioned way.

“I’m going back to the old checks and paying cash. I think that’s the safest thing to do. “

Cash App will notify NBC Connecticut that if you believe you may have been a victim of fraud you should contact NBC Connecticut through App Support or their website. They say the Cash app never asks customers to send them money. Additionally, they said they will never request a customer’s PIN or login code outside of the app.

What Ought to You Do With Cash You are Saving for a Down Fee?

You cannot afford to make the wrong choices by these important resources.

When you buy a home, most Mortgage lender You need to pay at least one deposit. And ideally, you will be reducing the value of your home by 20% to avoid private mortgage insurance and qualify for a loan at the best interest rate.

Since a house is an expensive purchase, a small one too deposit can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. It will likely take time to save enough money to cover it. And when you save it, you have to decide where to put the money. This decision is important because you want to avoid making the wrong choice and putting your ability to buy a home at risk.

Where should you put your down payment savings?

While you have several options for how to handle your down payment, in almost all situations, putting the money in a high-yield savings account is your best bet.

ON High yield savings account offers the perfect solution, as your money is in a separate account reserved for your deposit. That means you are less likely to rob the funds. You deserve a better price than one checking account or most traditional savings accounts and you can take the money out when you need it. Mortgage gives you $ 150 off closing costs

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There are a few main reasons this is your best option.

First and foremost, within months or years, you will likely capitalize on the down payment savings to buy a home. No matter how long you hold onto the money, you cannot afford to invest in the stock market for such a short period of time because you may buy at the wrong time and experience a market crash that will deplete the value of your funds.

While restores are inevitably the result of crashes, it can take some time and you may not want to postpone your home purchase while waiting to get back the money lost in the market. By tying up your money in investments, you are taking the chance in not being able to access it when you are ready become a homebuyer. Why should you jeopardize your home ownership dreams?

Other investments where you need to freeze your money for a certain period of time, e.g. B. Bonds or Certificates of depositmay also not be the best choice as you may need your money on a shorter timeline. When the perfect opportunity for a home arises, you don’t want to be prevented from giving it away while you wait for your loan to mature or imposing an early withdrawal penalty.

You also don’t want your deposit in your regular checking account to be mixed up with your other funds. Doing this increases the chances of spending it on other immediate priorities rather than leaving it alone until you find the perfect home. It may take you longer to become a homeowner when you spend your down payment because it is too accessible to you.

Take the time to research savings account options to find the one for you, and put your money back on a regular basis so you can build the down payment you need to buy the home of your dreams.

9 methods the following stimulus cost may deliver you more cash

There may be more incentive money coming your way. Here are all of the ways you can see a larger third check.

Sarah Tew / CNET

ON Counter proposal (PDF) to President Joe Biden $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package and be third stimulus test for up to $ 1,400 per person would create one more targeted stimulus check fewer people would run out of that. But Democrats are supposed to prepare a process that will be called Budget reconciliation to enforce Biden’s check, either modified or as is. Any changes to the maximum alone can affect whether you receive full, partial, or no payment.

When a $ 1,400 stimulus check that follows the same Formula as the first two tests were approved – or any stimulus check greater than $ 600 – it would be clear Bring more money to your household overall, compared to the second stimulus payment.

A. Change to stimulus qualifications or development in your own circumstances could get you and your family too more money in a third check than you in the second round. We will set out what could hypothetically happen. This story has been updated.

Biden’s plan could result in more loved ones being eligible for a payment

Who counts as dependent? That depends on the definition in the next stimulus package. For the first and second examA dependent is any child aged 16 or under. However, previous Democratic proposals are aimed at expanding the definition to include anyone you can claim Your tax returns – like children over 16 and adults under your care.

If Congress approves Biden’s proposed amount – and all of this is currently still in negotiation – it could add an extra $ 500 or $ 600 to a family for each person you support, based on the child support reviews set out in the first and second reviews, respectively . It is not clear whether there is a limit to the number of dependents you could claim in this situation or whether new qualified dependents may be of higher quality.

It is also not clear whether the new qualifications would only apply to people who were excluded as a make-up payment in the first two rounds, or whether every third stimulus check would also involve a new cash injection per loved one.

A quick calculation: if you have one addict who qualified in the first two rounds and three who qualified in the third, this would add $ 1,000 to $ 1,200 for your family if you have no other changes. Try our third stimulus test for an estimate.

Could you get more money for a dependent child this time around?

Biden’s stimulus plan has not yet outlined how much money would be used for children, but its involvement of loved ones of all ages signals that there would be extra money for this group in the next round.

A proposal from the White House in October offered Keep the same age limit for kids, but double the payout to $ 1,000. In this particular and very hypothetical scenario, if you have an addict, your third check may be $ 500 higher than the first check ($ 500 per child dependent) and $ 400 higher than the second check ($ 600 per qualified dependent).

A new addict could also make more money for your family

If you’ve had or adopted a new child, or if an elderly relative moves in, or if you’ve received a dependent for any reason since the last check, you may also see $ 500, $ 600, or $ 1,000 more, depending on the invoice text set in the final . It is likely that the third stimulus check would do this Use the numbers from your taxes for 2020.

More families with mixed status could qualify for payment

According to Biden’s stimulus plan, more Families that are considered “mixed status” would be eligible for a stimulus test. The The second payment expanded the rules for the first review by allowing for families where One spouse is a US citizen be eligible for a check. Biden’s suggestion would work with more scenarios; For example, it would potentially incentivize check checks to a household of children who are US citizens and parents without citizenship.


Did you recently get married or have a baby? That could mean more money in a third stimulus payment.

Sarah Tew / CNET

What does it mean to you if your employment status has changed this year?

If you got unemployed or your wages fell this year, it could be lower your adjusted gross incomethat you use to determine your payment. For example, if you got a partial payment on the first or second check, a third check can make full payment when you are no longer busy.

How are you affected when you are newly married?

A change in marital status may result in a greater review, depending on several variables including your spouse’s enrollment status and any new loved ones. For example, if you were single and filing on your own, the first time you received no more than $ 1,200. Married, you could be eligible for up to $ 2,400 since then The IRS Formula for Determining Your Total Stimulus Money is based on your combined household income.

If a third stimulus check comes in for $ 2,000 per person, your spouse could double it to $ 4,000. Alternatively, if your AGI employees would only bring you one partial stimulus check payment Filing alone with a spouse whose income is below the threshold allows you to qualify for the full check amount.

Joint custody of your child can affect your payment

If you meet certain qualifications, you and the other parent of the child are both may be entitled to claim additional incentive money. That means you could get an additional $ 500 or more on the third stimulus check, especially if something has changed in your situation between the time you file your 2019 tax return and your future 2020 tax return. The third check allowance is based on yours last tax return.

A rule change involving inmates could become permanent

A federal judge decided that The IRS owes stimulus checks to inmates in the prison who qualify. If the judgment is valid, these individuals may be eligible for a third stimulus check as well as the first two, with more potential money available for loved ones.

Not yet known: status of stimulus testing for undocumented people

Democrats suggested that Undocumented US citizens should be eligible for stimulus relief Means if they pay taxes (via an ITIN number). That determination was Part of the Heroes Act that happened to the House of Representatives in two forms, but that is not a law. Currently, you need a social security number to be eligible for a stimulus test.

If a third stimulus check arrives, it would mean that this group could potentially get a check for thousands of dollars. For a couple with two young children who missed the first check, the third round could potentially bring in as much as $ 3,300 for a couple that receives the full benefit of $ 2,900 and one that goes for $ 600 Dollar is dependent.

Everything else here is you need to know about stimulus checks todayincluding what to do if your The second check doesn’t make it until January 15th and how Contact the IRS about your missing payment.