Pupil wonders about profession based mostly on ardour or cash | Existence

DR. WALLACE: I’m starting my senior year at Northern Illinois University. In less than a year I will be entering a very “confused” job market. Please tell me what you think about my very worrying situation. I understand that restaurant jobs are easy to find at the moment, but I’ve heard that good career “leadership” jobs are difficult to find because a lot of those people have been laid off and even more now through zoom conferencing and teleworking from to Can work from home.

This job market worries me at the moment, but I believe that things will return to normal over time. What do you think is most important: pursuing your passion or making lots of money while building a stable career? – NIU student, by email

NIU STUDENT: As a retired educator, I would be inclined to seek an enjoyable career in an area I was passionate about and avoid the stress of only making decisions that are 100% money driven.

My educational career began in the very small and beautiful town of Kirkland, Illinois, and ended in Orange County, California before I began writing this column for teenagers, their parents, and relatives.

Working with teenagers is and always has been my “passion”. The NIU did a huge part in giving me this opportunity by awarding me a Masters Degree in Education which helped me kick off my administrative career in education. I loved the early days as a basketball coach in college, and I also enjoyed being a high school principal. Both gave me the opportunity to work with young people, to guide and encourage them to achieve their goals.

DR. WALLACE: I’ve been reading your column since I was 12 years old. I’m 20 now. I agree with most of the opinions you’ve given on your columns, especially the “evils” of drugs, smoking and excessive alcohol use. But I disagree with encouraging obese teenagers to reduce themselves for health reasons.

Why do you think obese people are unhealthy? I happen to be what society may think of an obese person. But I can eat what I want, when I want and as much as I want. Eating is fun! I love to eat and guess what; I consider myself a healthy young woman. I am employed. Every week my employer tells me what a good employee I am and how lucky the company is to have me on the team.

I am healthy and have never had a day of sickness. Please refrain from scolding overweight teenagers in the future. I’m sure most of them enjoy being overweight and wonderful lives and food like me. – Happy as I am, by email

HAPPY AS I AM: I support your optimism in life and congratulate you on having an excellent, valuable employee in your job. But I have to honestly say that your letter is an exception. Most of the overweight teenagers who contact me are unhappy and are actually looking for advice on how to shed the excess pounds they are trying to get rid of.

I encourage them to come up with specific plans to reach their ideal weight and be healthier in general.

Approximately 1 million American teenagers have metabolic syndrome, which is defined as three or more of the following conditions: high triglycerides, low “good” cholesterol, high blood sugar, or high blood pressure. These factors increase your risk of heart disease, which is one of the most important conditions that shorten life.

When asked, I tell teenagers that the best way to lose weight is to eat nutritious foods – like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats -, get adequate rest (at least eight hours a night), and four times a day Exercise week. But of course, always ask your family doctor before embarking on any weight loss program.

All the things You Must Know About Ardour Twists, the Protecting Type Taking Over Pinterest

Passion turns ideas hairstyle protective beauty hair

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When you have naturally textured hair, you know that styling and grooming can be a challenge. That’s why we created The curl corner, a monthly column celebrating the versatility of textured hair. Here we cover everything from the right design of your coils to protection – and give expert tips for all kinds of curl patterns.

A hot, vaccinated girls summer is just around the corner, and that means vacation, warm weather and for natural girls: Protection styles. When our Pinterest feeds point out popular trends, it’s safe to say Passion turns are on the rise again. While the hairstyle isn’t particularly new, it seems to make a more triumphant return every time the sun comes out as people look forward to warmer weather and tropical vacations.

Passion Twists were conceived and mastered by Miami Barber Kailyn Rogers in 2018, and since then the look has taken various forms – it just gets better over time. If you’re not familiar with Passion Twists, check out the eye-catching protection style that looks great on everyone.

What are Passion Twists?

While passion twists may look like Senegalese twists at first glance, the styling is more or less the same, but what sets it apart is the braiding hair used. “Passion twists especially use silky hair Freetress water wave, ” Hairdresser from Maryland, Saneit Lett, says HelloGiggles. She says it doesn’t take on a straighter texture, but is much more straightforward and creates the unvarnished look you want. However, when it comes to styling, the same general twisting motion remains, although passion twisting requires a touch more force. “Add more tension than you normally would,” says Lett. “This creates a rugged, messy look that is different from other twist styles. Do this down to the hair shaft and secure the hair as you normally would.”

The story goes on

How long does it take to create Passion Twists?

As with any other style of protection, take your time, especially if you are doing handicrafts yourself. “The look typically takes four to eight hours, depending on ability and size,” says Olivia Braithwaite, a Based in Brooklyn Hair salon owner. When doing your own hair, she says to make sure your sections are evenly and properly parted when you want a clean look. While the style takes some time to complete, it will last over a month. While this can be a shorter lifespan than other protective styles, given the extreme silky nature of the braided hair, it is significant.

What’s the best way to keep passion twists going?

This silkiness looks even better over time as it creates a more bohemian appearance. Therefore, proper maintenance is key. For best results, Lett suggests spraying the scalp with it Leave fabric softener in weekly or biweekly and sleep with an edge scarf to flatten your edges. “While the twists themselves should get sturdier, you want to make sure the look continues to look fresh and new – you do that with correct edge care,” She says.

What’s the best way to remove passion changes?

Once removed, follow the same steps as for any other degree of protection. First, cut the style below where your natural hair falls. (Pro Tip: An easy way to tell is to see where the texture is changing.) Then your natural hair will begin to separate from the braided hair, resulting in a frayed look. Just below where the fray ends, you should cut. After complete removal, the goal should be to maintain the length and health of your natural hair. So be sure to untangle, properly shampoo, deep condition, and keep hydrating.

Whether you’re a hair expert or a true beginner, we can all agree that Passion Twists are for everyone – so prepare to perform in style with you.

Shepherd provost remembered for fashion, aptitude and fervour throughout celebration of life | Journal-news

SHEPHERDSTOWN – The Butcher Center at Shepherd University that was set up the day before, Alan Gibson looked at the balloons with a bittersweet smile on Sunday night.

Gibson remembered the excitement of the late Shepherd Provost Dr. Scott Beard – and Gibson’s 30-year-old life partner – was said to have ordered these decorations for graduation.

“Scott, you are fantastic,” said Gibson.

Friends and family, co-workers and former students filled the butcher center Sunday afternoon to remember Beard again. He died unexpectedly in March at the age of 56.

In true keeping with Beard’s style and passion for life, the arts, and nursing, the festival of life was just that, a festival of all the good memories that those who gathered shared with Beard, Gibson shared these the most. Gibson said no one loved a celebration more than Beard, so those who loved him the most worked once again to honor the man they loved in every possible way, from costume changes and songs to piano performances and a flash mob.

“I know he would be just as touched as I am,” said Gibson, looking at the sea of ​​those who were touched by Bart’s presence and heart.

Gibson shared funny stories of Beard’s love of clothing, including a trip to India that ended with Beard taking home a perfectly tailored, handcrafted suit. To honor his love, Gibson wore some of Beard’s favorites, including a black sequin jacket that he wore called “the Liza Minnelli jacket.”

“Scott was born to wear cock,” Gibson said sometime between musical performances, wearing one of Beard’s performance jackets.

While the funny stories recalled the sparkling personality and loving person that Bart was, it was the performances of his students and the speeches of those closest to Bart that brought to light the hole in everyone’s heart.

Shepherd Faculty Senate President Dr. Heidi Hanrahan, remembered the day after Beard’s death, and began each class by acknowledging the profound loss in the Shepherd community.

“Believe me, he worked so hard for each of you,” she said to her students.

Commenting on the energy, cheers and skills of Beard in his work, Hanrahan emphasized that the success of his students and their journeys through life are Beard’s legacy that he lives on through the lives of everyone he touches.

“It was so strange not to see him here (at the beginning),” Hanrahan said, looking at the balloons Beard had commanded for joy, “but he was here. Scott loved Shepherd and made it a better place.”

“I miss him so much, but I know his work will continue. He inspires us to keep going and we will. Scott, thank you and Alan, thank you.”

When Hanrahan’s story of Beard, who broke up a well-deserved vacation in Paris with a Zoom meeting to bring up something at Shepherd, gave way to Gibson’s memories of traveling together, a period continued to ring in every sentence, word, and pause as the Hearts ached loss: Bart’s zest for life, which was evident in so many areas of life.

Gibson told the story of Beard repairing a piano while on vacation in Costa Rica, placing pencils between un-tuned strings. These pencils later showed up with the audience during an impromptu performance at their hotel. He shared Beard’s love of figure skating, which sparked a phone call from Brian Boitano and a friendship with Dorothy Hamill, who sent out a video message to commemorate the celebration.

Shepherd faculty representatives and staff who knew Beard well, many calling him more than a colleague but a friend, thanked him for the legacy he had left, especially those who benefited the music and nursing programs. An endowed scholarship, the Scott Beard and Alan Gibson Music and Nursing Student Endowment Scholarships, have been created in his honor to support those who care about Beard.

As former students shared memories of visiting his home for class, turning to him for advice, honoring Beard through their performances and the voices he led them to, the celebration began to wane, tears formed in the eyes and a gloomy feeling in the.

As the final performance, a flash mob with many of Beard’s former music students, Gibson ended the event with a voice break and tears when a final photo of Beard appeared on the nearby screens offering a thank you and a Miss You before leaving Was greeted by hugs and condolences from those nearby.

“I’ve learned so much in my life with Scott,” said Gibson, “and I’m still learning.”