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You can always rely on nature to bring families together.

See for yourself when you stop by the Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness Family Fun in the Forest events. Come to the games and hands-on activities. Stick around for all the practical information and outdoor know-how you will take with you on the go!

The first Family Fun in the Forest event will land on Sunday, June 13th, 2-4pm (Pacific time) in the Lakeview Park Pavilion. The event, sponsored by Sandpoint Parks and Recreation and FSPW, is focused on learning more about the plants and animals in the community’s wild backyard. After all the fun and games, FSPW officials said, you will discover and identify the plants and animals that make Scotchman Peaks so great. Skulls, antlers, fur skins, and other learning tools will enable people to grapple with nature’s coolest facts, a press release said.

After the event, residents are invited to contribute some of this new knowledge when FSPW employee Kelsey Maxwell leads an ecology expedition to Goat Mountain on Wednesday June 16. The expedition is the perfect time to put this identification knowledge to the test. While the trail is steep the pace becomes slow and there are plenty of breaks to talk about the trees, plants, and animals on the mountain.

“Are we going to make it to the top?” FSPW officials said in the press release. “Probably not, but that’s fine because the journey is what counts. It all starts at 9 am at the Goat Mountain Trailhead.

There are more family fun hikes in summer. FSPW hosts a wildflower walk along Blacktail Creek, adventures in Ross Creek Cedars, blueberry hikes on Pillick Ridge, and more. And if you can’t do the Family Fun in the Forest event at Sandpoint this weekend, there is another on Sunday June 27th.

Each Family Fun hike includes a different level of difficulty and new educational topics. Regardless of the overall challenge, the hikes will be slow as the group examines the surroundings and smells the flowers – literally! visit to find out all the details about each hike and event.

Are you looking for more ways to explore your wild garden this summer? Keep an eye out for more great events!

Packed parks, lurking virus? Worries mount as Italy reopens | Your Cash

MILAN (AP) – Italy’s gradual reopening on Monday after six months of rotating virus locks is not satisfying anyone: too cautious for some, too hasty for others.

It’s too late to eat too much outdoors for Italy’s restaurant owners, whose survival has been threatened by more than a year of recurring closings. The country’s ongoing 10pm curfew is dampening the theater’s reopening and is seen as poor public relations for Italy’s main tourism industry, which is hoping overseas visitors can finally return in the second summer of the pandemic. The government has also faced strong pressure to reopen from Italy’s right-wing parties.

However, the country’s tired virologists and medical workers fear that even the provisional reopening planned by Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government will invite a jack-of-all-trades who risks a new virus surge before the current one is really suppressed.

“Unfortunately, as I have had to repeat many times: the virus does not negotiate. In addition, the virus has managed to adapt, become more aggressive and widespread, ”said Professor Massimo Galli from Sacco Hospital in Milan.

In a preview of what many fear, Italians crowded the streets, squares and parks of cities from Rome to Turin, Milan to Naples on Sunday – a day before virus restrictions were eased – as the warmer weather made an unusually cold one Spring pushed aside.

The Italian Interior Ministry recognized the risks and on Sunday directed law enforcement officers to ensure social distancing and the wearing of masks are enforced so that the easing of restrictions does not lead to a new virus spike.

Italy has the second deadliest pandemic in Europe after the UK with over 119,000 confirmed deaths. And experts say the number is low because more Italians suspected of having COVID-19 died in the spring of 2020 before they could be tested.

By Monday, 15 of Italy’s 21 regions and autonomous provinces will have the lowest coronavirus restrictions. For the first time since autumn, interregional travel is allowed. The number of people who can visit friends and family at the same time doubles from two to four. In restaurants and bars, people can dine al fresco. Contact sports can be resumed outdoors.

However, plans to fully reopen Italian high schools in the last six weeks of the school year ran into inadequate public transport and had to be reduced to at least 70% of personal school attendance for the upper grades.

Four southern regions – Basilicata, Calabria, Apulia and Sicily – as well as tiny Aosta on the French border in the north continue to be subject to stronger second-tier virus restrictions.

The Italian island of Sardinia – the only region completely free of restrictions this winter – was plunged into the red zone in mid-April after the all-clear signal led to a surge in new infections. Sardinia has become a cautionary story quoted by Italian virologists.

The reopening will take place even if the intensive care units in Italy remain above the alarm threshold of 30%. Italy’s vaccination campaign is also still far from its target of 500,000 shots a day and is only now trying to protect people between the ages of 70 and 79. The World Health Organization says people over 65 caused the vast majority of COVID-19 deaths in Europe.

“There are two words that should guide us in the next few days,” said Health Minister Roberto Speranza on Sunday. Trust, because the measures worked, and be careful. We have to take it step by step, take it step by step and evaluate the development day by day. “


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Judy Garland’s film profession was brief however full of marvels | Leisure

Judy Garland plays a huge role in the history of films, despite the fact that she only thrived on the big screen for a decade.

She cameo with a movie cameo on Broadway Melody of 1938 and she is great on Love Finds Andy Hardy, but it is “The Wizard of Oz” from 1939 that earned Garland’s place in cinema history. Frances Gumm, who was born in Minnesotan, would make 20 feature films in the next ten years, culminating with “In the Good Old Summertime”. But because of the behavior that emerged from the top and bottom of the studio manager, she was a persona non grata in Hollywood by then. She would live another 20 years but only complete seven more films.

Garland’s filmography seems bigger because she was so productive in the 1940s and because she became such a young star (she was 14 or 15 on “Broadway Melody”). All chronologies are skewed for Garland, whose death in 1969 at the age of 47 seems to transport her to an earlier era in film history, though if she were alive today she would still be a bit younger than Betty White.

Renee Zellweger’s Oscar-winning 2019 performance in “Judy” reveals two ways to look at Garland’s legacy. It’s a tragedy because she was in such bad shape at such a young age that we’ll never know how many opportunities she missed, with tantalizing stories about her as an opportunity in Valley of the Dolls and the video Proof from “Annie Get Your Gun,” which she was fired from in 1949. But we don’t know what films she might have made.

The downside is that her decade at the top is one of the best in film history. There are a number of musical all-timers best remembered for their iconic songs: “On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe” in “The Harvey Girls”, “Get Happy” in “Summer Stock”, ” I Got Rhythm “in” Crazy Girl. “

There were also dramas and comedies that showed the indelible timing that would dazzle audiences as she turned to the concert stage. And even in the last few decades of her life, the Minnesota native, whose story is told at the Judy Garland Museum there, received some excellent screenings.

“The Wizard of Oz” (1939)

Garland’s training in the studio system helped her achieve greatness in her first lead role. In fact, she got there within minutes of starting “Over the Rainbow,” the signature song that meant many things throughout her career. The classic status of “Oz” feels predetermined, but its production has been chaotic, actors have been replaced and five men cycled through the director’s chair. Garland was surrounded by beloved performers, but their naturalness and warmth make it so unforgettable.

“A star is born” (1954)

After her run in the 40s, Garland would only do three musicals, this is undisputedly the best (surprisingly, it’s her first competitive Oscar nomination). Garland had lived through enough Hollywood scare to know this story of one career on the way up and another on the way down in her bones. She was fortunate enough to have director George Cukor guide her, especially when singing “The Man That Got Away,” which he lets her play in a single take, knowing that she is damned the woman who it was would behave like that again through the mill. “

“Meet me in St. Louis” (1944)

Hard to find the best number in this jam-packed musical: the theme song? “The trolley song?” I would go with a sad Christmas carol “Have a Merry Christmas”. I can never see the scene where Garland’s character comforts her younger sister without wondering what Garland, barely from her own childhood, thought of young co-star Margaret O’Brien.

“Judgment in Nuremberg” (1961)

Garland’s second and final Oscar nomination was for a drama about trying to bring prominent Nazis to justice. Declamorized, song-free and fascinating, she plays a German woman who is forced to testify about her friendship with a Jewish man.

“In the good old summer time” (1949)

When we meet Garland’s Veronica, she is wearing a hat with fake birds on it, attracting the attention of co-star Van Johnson, who is fooling around with the birds that suddenly turn out to be real birds. Buster Keaton himself invented the surreal piece, which is funny but also shows why the romantic lead roles in this remake “Shop Around the Corner” hate each other. Garland’s hilarious / exasperated execution of the physical comedy is just as perfect as her delivery of a handful of melodies.

“The Clock” (1945)

Nobody understood Garland’s attraction better than Vincente Minnelli, who staged her several times (“St. Louis” belongs to him too), she married and had daughter Liza Minnelli. He showed Garland’s humor and vulnerability in her first big, non-singing role as the quirky woman who meets and marries a soldier on leave.

“The Harvey Girls” (1946)

The story of the “girls” who helped colonize the American West is extremely old-fashioned, but I don’t care because it’s so fun to see Garland with Ray Bolger, the co-star of “Oz”, and the song ” Atchison ”again. with a literal cast of thousands is such a show stopper.

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