See the US Open and Manhattan in grand model with this particular premium resort bundle

The Benjamin Hotel

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When the US Open tennis tournament kicks off in Queens next week, why not live and enjoy like a Grand Slam champion?

The Benjamin Hotel in the heart of Midtown Manhattan offers a one-of-a-kind Serving Up New York hotel package that includes tournament tickets, luxury accommodations and a meet-and-greet with some of the best tennis players in the world.

The hotel package includes an overnight stay in one of the Benjamin Hotel’s one-bedroom suites and a pair of tickets for the US Open on August 31 or September 2.

Book a suite for August 31st and attend a meet-and-greet with tournament participants Karen Khachanov or Jessica Pegula. There’s also a meet-and-greet with Khachanov (subject to schedule) for guests on September 2nd, but regardless of that, those who book a suite that day will receive a signed tennis racket.

Both packages offer car service to and from the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens and champagne in your suite. You also get access to world-class Midtown amenities.

The August 31st Suite package is $ 699 while the September 2nd package is $ 799.

Find out more about the specials by visiting To book a suite, send an email to

The Benjamin Hotel is located at 125 East 50th St., three blocks from Rockefeller Center and an 11-minute walk from Grand Central Station.

Unusual package deal from followers obsessive about Kim Kardashian West’s safety “interception” | Leisure Information

Kim Kardashian West security forces reportedly intercepted a package of diamond rings and contraceptives from obsessed fans.

According to TMZ, the package appeared on June 3 and contained a note asking him to visit him.

He also claims the person allegedly molested a 40-year-old reality star on social media.

The press claimed he made a fake marriage certificate for him and Kim and sent a message like this:

The same person reportedly went to their condominium in February and said a few weeks later he was there to have the Kardashian Family Celebrity Life star for dinner.

The website reported that Kim intends to file an arrest warrant for men.

Just last week, Kim received a temporary ban on a stalker who wanted to “have a physical relationship” with her.

Charles Peter Zelenov, 32, managed to find her home and “record a video off the edge of her property,” claiming that she is “increasingly frustrated not to get in”. Later, the intern’s lawyer remained “frustrated”.

Kim is particularly concerned “because I never shared my address.”

The judge ordered Zelenov to be 100 meters from Kim.

Strange package from fans obsessed with Kim Kardashian West’s security “interception” | Entertainment news

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Weak jobs report may spur, sluggish Biden’s large cash package deal

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Joe Biden’s promised economic comeback hit a pace on Friday with the April job report that saw modest job gains of 266,000, complicating his $ 4 trillion boost to infrastructure, education and children.

The employment report did not show that the US economy, much as it appeared to be stuttering, picked up as the unemployment rate rose to 6.1%. Economists had forecast around a million additional jobs last month, and the humble attitudes indicated that the $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus aid package has so far provided an uneven boost.

The numbers pose a new challenge for Biden at a critical moment in his presidency. He insists that an open embrace of massive government spending will help resolve the country’s public health and financial turmoil – and improve the political outlook for Democrats en route to next year’s election. But the disappointing employment numbers could also encourage critics and heighten Republican resistance to the infrastructure package that Biden is trying to push through Congress.

Biden responded to the report and tried to allay the concerns.

Biden delivers an infrastructure message during the trip to Louisiana

“We knew this wasn’t going to be a sprint – it would be a marathon,” he said. The Pandemic Aid Package “was designed to help us over a period of one year, not 60 days. A year. We never thought that after the first 50 or 60 days everything would be fine. Today there is more evidence that our economy is moving in the right direction. But it is clear that we still have a long way to go. “

Biden’s opponents say the legislation has exacerbated the problems in at least one way, with increased unemployment benefits giving the unemployed a reason to stay home instead of looking for work.

The president said the job data doesn’t show that. And proponents of its plans can argue that the report shows that more spending is needed to keep the economy going.

There are also problems with supply shortages for computer chips and lumber, which are holding back growth. This is a reminder that the world’s largest economy seldom perfectly matches the wishes of the legislature.

The fate of the president’s agenda could depend on how the public processes and understands the April job report in the coming weeks, said Jon Lieber, executive director of Eurasia Group, a political risk consultancy and advisory firm.

Biden wants 70% of adults to get at least one shot by July 4th

“Can Republicans use this to say, ‘This is what happens when the government interferes with the economy and messes things up?’ Or does the public see this as a need for more government support? “Said Lieber.” That is the argument for the next month.

A clear aspect across the partisan borders was the need for caution in interpretation. A single monthly report can be volatile. The three-month average employment growth is still a healthy 524,000.

Michael Strain, an economist at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, noted that many companies have reported that they cannot find work despite increased hourly wages. Strain said he plans to monitor upcoming reports to see if this pattern is a worrying sign of Biden’s vision of how government spending can drive growth.

“If we continue to hear a growing chorus of companies complaining about labor shortages, and if wages keep rising, it will be tempting to conclude that many of the 8 million jobs we are currently missing are not returning,” said Strain.

The US Chamber of Commerce calls for the termination of the additional $ 300 per week unemployment benefit

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which represents companies, blamed the relatively generous unemployment benefits Biden provided as part of his relief package. The group said the controls prevent people from taking jobs.

“One step that policymakers should take now is to end the $ 300 additional weekly unemployment benefit,” said Neil Bradley, chief policy officer for the chamber. “Based on the Chamber’s analysis, the $ 300 benefit means that roughly one in four recipients takes home more unemployment than they earned.”

Jared Bernstein, a member of the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers, said he heard that companies were having difficulty finding workers, but he did not see those concerns in the employment report. For example, restaurants and bars created 187,000 jobs in the last month, although in theory workers in this relatively low-wage sector would have an incentive to just collect unemployment.

The job report pointed to other factors that could bolster Biden’s agenda. It showed losses to women forced to care for children and relatives due to the pandemic. The family demands prevented them from working outside of jobs.

There was a drop of 165,000 among women over 20 who had or were looking for work in the past month. In contrast, men saw labor force participation increases by 355,000.

One way to bring women back could be Biden’s plans to fund childcare, set up a national family vacation program, and expand child tax credits through 2025. The idea is that government action is needed to open up the labor market.

“Apparently, when you start blinking at this data to find out what’s going on, you need more government to tackle a labor shortage,” said Michael Madowitz, an economist at the Liberal Center for American Progress.

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi cited the “disappointing” job report as evidence that Biden’s $ 4 trillion agenda must be approved quickly.

“The evidence is clear that the economy requires urgent action and it is not preventing or delaying Congress from making transformation investments for the people,” said the Democratic leader of the Congress.

Extra restaurant jobs and the stimulus package deal foreshadow the business’s coming restoration

Restaurants and bars gained 286,000 workers in February After several months of job losses, the latest sign is that the industry is recovering from a long, cold winter.

Freezing temperatures, combined with a resurgence of new Covid-19 cases, hurt restaurants in late 2020 and into the new year.

“As of now in 2021, I’d say it looks worse than October and November,” said Amit Sharma, senior analyst at Rabobank.

But after severe winter storms, some parts of the country are starting to get warmer. The vaccine distribution, which started slowly, has picked up rapidly over the past month. More than 54 million Americans – about 16% of the total population – received at least one dose Thursday morning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Approval of the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine that is distributed with the help of Merck, will further accelerate these numbers.

“If you look at our forecast for the future, a big part of our view of the rest of 2021 and even through 2022 is the speed at which this vaccine will be introduced,” said David Henkes, Technomic senior principal.

In response to the accelerated distribution of vaccines, states have begun relaxing or even preparing capacity limits in restaurants and other venues, despite the fact that officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have done so recommended slowdown Low the rollback of restrictions. Since the beginning of March, at least 35 states have eased restrictions in some way. Connecticut, for example, is planning Restaurants can operate at full capacity until the end of March.

However, a recent industry survey revealed palpable signs of pain. The National Restaurant Association surveyed 3,000 restaurant owners between February 2 and 10. Respondents were pessimistic about the industry’s recovery efforts. About a third said it would take seven to 12 months for business conditions in their restaurant to return to normal, and 29% said it would take at least a year.

Only weeks later the mood feels a little brighter, also because of the Progress in approving the latest stimulus package. If the bill were passed, $ 1,400 would be deposited into the bank accounts of many consumers who may be spending at least some of that money on food while still feeling uncomfortable while traveling. Democrats are working on it approve the plan by March 14th.

“What we saw when these were on display is that restaurants were a beneficiary,” said Henkes. “There’s a pent-up demand from consumers.”

Additionally, the stimulus plan includes a program that grants restaurants up to $ 10 million in grants if they lost money last year. These funds could help independent restaurants pay bills, hire staff and stay afloat in time for the warmer spring temperatures. Fourteen percent of NRA respondents said they would likely or definitely close their doors within the next three months if they did not receive government support.

Even with another stimulus package, Sharma doesn’t expect the restaurant industry to snap back immediately once everyone has access to the Covid-19 vaccine, based on Australia’s recovery.

“After their cases hit single digits in July and August, it took them another six months for their total food service sales to approach pre-pandemic levels,” he said. “Cases – as vaccines go up – will fall and there is some catching up to do and excitement, but it will take time for consumers to get back to their pre-pandemic habits.”

Technomic’s latest forecast predicts that the average annual growth rate of restaurants and bars will only decrease by 3.6% between 2019 and 2021.

Based on discussions with restaurant operators, Sharma expects the second quarter of this year to see the highest year-over-year growth. Not only was it the hardest hit quarter of last year due to lockdowns, but stimulus checks and vaccine distribution should drive sales.

Henkes said he sees July 4th as a tipping point where the restaurant industry’s recovery will really accelerate.

At the moment the trends are still looking crooked. Fast food restaurants recovered faster than full-service restaurants thanks to lower prices and take-away expertise. Full-service restaurants were also impacted by indoor restrictions and fewer outdoor customers in the winter. Additionally, chains have outperformed independent restaurants and gained market share as mom and pop businesses close their doors permanently.

By the time most U.S. consumers are ready to resume their pre-pandemic routines, the U.S. restaurant industry landscape could look very different.