Fanatics proprietor Michael Rubin REFORM Alliance hosts 76ers expertise

Michael Rubin joined rapper Lil Baby in a scrimmage game that featured the kids attending REFORM Alliance night.

Photo: Shareif Ziyadat and Studio 76

Throughout 2021, Fanatics Chairman Michael Rubin spent his time following his company $ 18 billion E-commerce empire.

He took over the trading card license of Major League Baseball, guaranteed $ 1 billion in sales, and also suspended baseball’s NFT rights. Attracted the Dallas Cowboys to e-commerce, he started one Fanatics China Operation and even got an investment from Jay-Z.

Hours before the Philadelphia 76ers, a team he co-owns, played a home game against the Miami Heat on December 15, Rubin put the deal aside and focused on something more significant.

“I think about business all the time, but I didn’t run around on the pitch,” said Rubin. “This is really amazing to me. I haven’t checked my phone for over an hour. I didn’t think about work. “

The reason: Rubin had to watch out for families who were affected by an unfair criminal justice system. He had to show his friend, hip-hop star Meek Mill, that he was still involved REFORM alliance, an organization created to drive change in the criminal justice system.

And Rubin, 49, also had to protect his basketball credibility and get the most out of another musical superstar who joined 25 children and families at the Well Fargo Center for REFORM Alliance night.

“He’s the only person who likes basketball more than me,” joked Rubin, referring to rapper Lil Baby. “I wouldn’t let Lil Baby outdo me in basketball.”

Make a call

Follow Rubin long enough and you will find that he memorized the story of Meek Mill.

Rubin explains how Mill’s ruling played out in front of the 76ers’ coach Doc Rivers in 2017. He spoke about it in a television interview while Josh Harris, majority owner of Sixers and co-founder of Apollo Global Management, was watching it closely.

“That means he’s going to find out,” said Rubin of Harris’ learning how to give back. “Josh is more focused than ever on giving back to the community.”

Mill, the Philadelphia-born hip-hop star known in the criminal justice system as Robert Williams, was sentenced to 2 to 4 years in prison in 2017 for a parole violation. The ruling attracted national attention, and Jay Z attracted more attention about an unfair system.

In a 2017 New York Times article, he wrote that probation was like a “landmine” and that an “accidental misstep” could have “greater consequences than the crime”.

Williams’ case also caught Rubin’s full attention when Mill invited him to follow the proceedings and “see what happens to blacks when they go to court,” recalled Rubin.

Mill’s story is well documented in a 2018 piece for ESPN’s The Undefeated. The article provides the details of Mill’s entry into the probation system since she was 19 while growing up in north Philadelphia.

Recalling the 2017 verdict, Rubin says, “The smartest thing he ever did was call me.”

In 2019 Rubin joined Mill, Jay Z and sports owners including Brooklyn Nets co-owners Clara Wu Tsai to Start REFORM Alliance. The organization wants to raise awareness of injustices within the criminal justice system. REFORM board members have pledged $ 50 million, according to CNN. And now-former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey increased that number with his $ 10 million donation in May 2019.

REFORM claims it has collected more since then, but CNBC did not want to provide an exact number. But since REFORM was introduced, Rubin said, 13 bills have been passed in eight states, including California, where the probation period for most violations is now limited to two years.

He added that legislation in Pennsylvania is now at the state Senate level.

According to the US Department of Justice, “Community supervision, “- those on parole or parole – fell from more than 4.1 million people in care to about 3.8 million in 2020. And just for parole, 8.3% the largest annual decrease for those who have been on probation since 1980.

Rubin said REFORM had made “good progress” in repairing a “broken” system.

“We don’t want people to do something smaller like smoke weed to get back to jail,” he added. “It’s a waste of taxpayers’ money and we’re ruining families and hurting people.”

“Mike learned a lot,” Mill told CNBC. “Now he understands the world I come from – where we come from,” he added, referring to this reporter, also from North Philly. “He understands poverty and I think he’s interested enough where he can go at this level.”

Fanatics owner Michael Rubin chats with families affected by unfair probation and probation laws.

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The conversation at the first table

To help raise awareness of REFORM and deliver an NBA Christmas experience, Mill and Rubin worked together to take in 25 children, ages 6-18 who have been negatively impacted by probation and probation violations.

Mill said he called Rubin with a simple request, “Can you help make some children in my ward feel special?”

“The holidays are part of it,” Mill told CNBC. “Young children who don’t have parents in the house may not have a good vacation.”

“Every child here has a mother or father who is currently in jail or has been jailed for a technical violation,” added Rubin. “You did not commit a crime, you went to jail.”

The young participants played a mini scrimmage game before the Sixers Heat game. It was Team Meek Mill versus Team Lil Baby. Rubin came to Mill so that he could compete with Lil Baby for most of the game.

The two dived on the ground for a loose ball, and the Atlanta musician got the most out of Rubin on the jump ball.

“I feel like they tried me,” joked Lil Baby.

Michael Rubin joined rapper Lil Baby in a scrimmage game that featured the kids attending REFORM Alliance night.

Photo: Shareif Ziyadat and Studio 76

When asked why he accepted the invitation to the REFORM event, Lil Baby replied, “I’ve been in some of these situations, so it definitely was for me. I come from that environment.”

The kids also took part in a question-and-answer session with Sixers trainer Doc Rivers and watched Sixers from a suite and the seats in the yard with Mill, Lil Baby and TikTok stars Charli and Dixie D’Amelio fell in the heat.

The children also received gift bags with NBA items.

“So that these kids are here and play basketball with Lil Baby and Meek Mill – we wanted to give them the best day of their lives,” said Rubin.

And the event also served as another opportunity for Rubin to hear more stories about the “broken system”.

During the REFORM dinner with the families, Rubin sat at table 1 and joined Recco Ford Sr., a Philadelphia native who was also sentenced to 2 to 4 years in prison in 2015 for being late for a parole session.

Ford said the conversation with Rubin at table 1 was “surreal” and “motivational”. When asked what he saw when he looked at the Fanatics owner, Ford replied, “I see someone who has a lot of influence and gives back and takes the time to help.”

A group photo taken at the REFORM Alliance night in Philadelphia.

Photo: Shareif Ziyadat and Studio 76

“This is a time to make real change in this country and I feel like the organization is at the forefront of that change,” said Robert Rooks, CEO of REFORM. “The business side of it: How can we do more of these events and stand up for our loved ones in the community.”

Back to business

After the scrimmage was over, Rubin retrieved his phone, but nothing significant had happened during the game.

MLB, Fanatics’ biggest sports customer, is still on hold. The chatter on Wall Street was slow, and the $ 18 billion company was doing fine.

“Eight text messages and only nine emails – it wasn’t as bad as I thought,” said Rubin. “I will go back [to New York] I’m more excited about this event than anything I’ve done in the business world today. “

When the fun was over and asked what he saw when he looked at Michael Rubin, Lil Baby replied, “A businessman all day, every day. And that’s why we click.”

Told Lil Baby calls him “my older guy,” laughed Rubin.

“He will call me and ask a lot of different things. ‘What do you think of this company? Should i invest? Shouldn’t i invest?

“He was in prison five years ago and is now one of the greatest artists in the world,” added Rubin. “His values ​​are insane.”

When asked what his Wall Street colleagues would like to take away from the REFORM Alliance event, Rubin urged them to give something back.

“When you talk about people on Wall Street, you are talking about people who are generally better,” said Rubin. “You have a responsibility to make a difference.

“Meek is lucky and I’m lucky,” added Rubin. “It is our responsibility to give back to our communities. Anyone lucky enough to be in a good position and not giving back is not a good person.”

Actual Wheels: ‘64 Corvette’s type fits proprietor

LIMA – The Beatles came to the United States in 1964 and completed “The Biggest Explosion in Rock and Roll History,” according to Rolling Stone Magazine. Despite being an ocean apart from America, the English captured the hearts of Americans with their music and their hippie lifestyle.

Chevrolet’s 1964 Corvette achieved roughly the same thing that year. The print advertisement for the Vette from 1964 read: “The Corvette Stingray has prevailed. Now it’s pretty much the most popular sports car sold in America. Regardless of the price. Or which side of the ocean it came from. “

Ken Payne of Lima brought his 1964 Chevrolet Corvette to the Car Cruise-In in downtown Lima. He has owned it since 2004.

His’ Vette has both a soft top and a hard top.

“I’ve always wanted a Corvette with this body shape,” says Payne.

The 1963 Chevy Corvette had amazing success, and the 1964 model year was just as popular. Why mess with a good cause? So, for the most part, the 1964 Vette would continue with the design features that had made the 1963 model so successful. One change was the removal of the split window in the background. The split window was replaced with clear glass for the 1964 model year.

Payne’s beauty includes a 327 engine, 365 hp with a four-speed manual transmission.

Although he’s always wanted a Corvette, he doesn’t drive it that much.

“It only has 40,000 miles on it. It is stored in winter. I probably don’t drive more than 100 km a year. I just drive it around town, ”Payne said.

Payne can be selective about which vehicle he drives as he also owns a 1969 Chevy Corvette, 1969 Chevy Camaro, and 1955 Ford pickup.

“Whatever mood I’m in, I drive,” said Payne.

Payne’s beauty includes a 327 engine, 365 hp with a four-speed manual transmission.

Ken Payne of Lima brought his 1964 Chevrolet Corvette to the Car Cruise-In in downtown Lima. He’s had it since 2004. “I’ve always wanted a Corvette with this body shape,” says Payne.

Hronis Racing Main Del Mar Proprietor For Races And Cash Gained – Horse Racing Information

Hronis Racing of Kosta, Stephanie and Pete Hronis of Delano, California were the leading owners at the 2021 Del Mar Summer Meet in terms of both money won and number of wins on the Del Mar, California coastal track.

This is the sixth time the Hronises have been the leading owner of Del Mar for the money won. They did it previously in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2014, and 2013.

Hronis Racing made $ 1,020,440 during the season, a large portion of that – $ 600,000 in fact – when their horse Tripoli won the TVG Pacific Classic on August 21. Hronis Racing also had eight wins, the most from all owners.

Second in cash were Red Baron’s Barn and Rancho Temescal for $ 499,951. Third was Reddam Racing for $ 442,140.

Nick Alexander and Kaleem Shah finished second in the victory division with seven first places each.

owner Starts 1 purses
Hronis Racing 37 8th $ 1,021,440
Red Baron’s Barn & Rancho Temescal 48 5 $ 520,852
I will be returning to racing 42 5 $ 442,140
Downstream racing 16 6th $ 424,890
LNJ Foxwoods 16 4th $ 406,320
Gary barber 39 6th $ 395,740
SF Racing, Starlight Racing, Madaket Stables,
Masterson, Stonestreet, Schönfarber, Waves Edge Capital,
Donovan, Golconda & Siena Farm
11 5 $ 393,200
Nicholas B. Alexander 25th 7th $ 392,800
My racehorse & Lavish farm 5 2 $ 316,500
CRK stall fifteen 5 $ 292,580
Kaleem Schaha 7th 3 $ 233,332
Willow Grace Farm & Petersen 2 2 $ 222,000

Proprietor of Austin-area buying facilities information for chapter; leisure advanced coming to Cedar Park and extra high space information

Washington Prime Group Inc. owns six shopping centers in the area, including The Arboretum. (Courtesy of the arboretum)

Read last week’s top business and community news from the Central Texas region.

Central Texas

Austin area mall owner files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Washington Prime Group Inc. announced on June 15 that it and its subsidiaries would file voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings in the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas.

Leander Cedar Park


• The Office of Police Oversight report finds that complaints against Austin police officers have increased but discipline has decreased in 2020
• North Pleasant Valley Road construction project in East Austin begins June 21st
• Austin Weird Homes Tour ends; Z’Tejas Shuts Down Restaurant Arboretum and Other News from Central Texas
• Travis County pledges to electrify its fleet and double its climate targets
• Indeed Tower in Downtown Austin is sold to a California real estate and development company in a $ 580 million deal

Pickleball, entertainment complex in Cedar Park

Cedar Park will be home to the first of three pickleball and entertainment complexes in central Texas.

Round Rock, Pflugerville-Hutto

RRISD parents request a public forum with the superintendent finalist and postpone the hiring

A total of 16 parents of Round Rock ISD spoke out on June 10th against the possible hiring of superintendent finalist Dr. Hafedh Azaiez without offering a town hall or a meeting.

In the Round Rock-Pflugerville-Hutto area, property prices are increasing year on year

The latest data from the Austin Board of Realtors shows that average house prices are reaching all-time highs in central Texas, including in the Round Rock-Pflugerville-Hutto area.


TxDOT is soliciting public opinion on proposed changes to I-35 in Georgetown

The Texas Department of Transportation is accepting public comments through June 26 on a proposed project in Georgetown to improve safety and mobility on I-35 between SE Inner Loop and RM 1431.

Brooke Sjoberg, Taylor Girtman, Brian Rash, and Trent Thompson contributed to this report.

Proprietor of stolen meals truck hopes to boost cash to get again on the highway

The owner of Turner’s Beltway Bistro – a food truck stolen in Montgomery County, Maryland – is hoping to raise money to get his business back on the road.

The owner of a stolen food truck in Montgomery County, Maryland, is hoping to raise funds to get his business going again.

James Turner was only days away from serving customers from his truck when he was stolen, gutted, and found in Charles County.

“It’s a shell of what it used to be,” said Turner. “It’s damaged a lot, it was stripped off, it was painted over.”

Now, a GoFundMe page has started and Turner hopes to start over. But he needs a little help since he spent $ 50,000 of his savings on the first truck.

“I plan to finish a truck. Unfortunately not the truck that I had, ”he said.

He’s waiting to get the truck back from the police to see the overall extent of the damage.

The GoFundMe page has a goal of $ 25,000 and raised approximately $ 5,000 at 2pm on Sunday.

Turner has been a chef and worked in kitchens for over 30 years, and since restaurants have been hit hard by the pandemic, he thought a food truck would be a great way to serve restaurant-quality food to the public.

“I’ll be out there again. I am determined to be out there. I’m not giving up, ”said Turner. “I have to dig deep and do the same thing all over again. It’s just work. “

The Turner’s Beltway Bistro food truck disappeared from Block 8800 on Brookville Road in Silver Spring on Memorial Day.

Turner said the police didn’t tell him much about how the $ 50,000 truck got to Charles County.

“The theft of the truck affects not only me, but also the people who would work with me.”

WTOP’s Matt Small contributed to this report.

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Varun Chibber – Proprietor of Apollo Dwell Leisure, Philanthropist and a visionary launches second meals distribution drive

Mumbai, India, May 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – After the ongoing crisis Varun Chibber has supported the families of the daily missions; He has looked after almost 2000 households and decided to distribute important food to them in the COVID crisis.

“We started this food distribution drive for the second time during this pandemic. We have found that the lockdown, followed by Mission Unlock, combined with the second feared spike in COVID-related cases and deaths, is putting a huge strain on the population . ” Life of the marginalized parts of our society. We have therefore decided to split our sales offensive into two categories:

  1. Food grain kits provide a balanced diet for the day laborers and slum dwellers struggling to survive the lockdown.
  2. Nutrition kits as a thank you to our frontline workers who took the risk of their own lives to fight this pandemic.

I firmly believe that no one should sleep hungry in this country where more food is grown than most other countries, and I and my team will work towards that belief, “says Varun.

In the current music and talent management landscape Varun Chibber is definitely one of the elite names in the business. He undoubtedly has the coveted quality of being a respected dramatic thespian. He is one of the few names who has consistently put his creative efforts into practice and managed to create an organization that has become an integral part of the entertainment business in India.

As a serial entrepreneur in the field of music and talent management, Varun founded Apollo Live Entertainment on 2nd August 2019 – focuses on bringing in many talents – each brilliant in their own creative field.

Apollo Live Entertainment is an amalgamation of entertainment with future technologies. The company harnesses the power of music to unite people by curating unforgettable musical experiences and memories, by hosting events, concerts and live performances for talented musicians who have a voice that deserves to be heard. Apollo Live Entertainment also helps young and aimless talent by offering its talent manager services.

In addition to entertainment, Varun has seriously devoted his life to serving people. He dedicated his 2020 to helping the disadvantaged who contracted COVID and will continue to do so in 2021.

Via Apollo Live Entertainment

Apollo Live Entertainment is an event management company run by Varun Chibber and was launched in 2019. With the aim of bringing people the best of live music through the most talented singers of the generation, every element is masterfully crafted and impeccably executed to create picture-perfect memories. The music industry thrives on the amalgamation of old and new talent. With that in mind, and to ensure the industry continues to thrive, we strive to provide aspiring singers, DJs and artists with a platform to show off their singing skills.

Website –

SOURCE Apollo Live Entertainment

Greg Eide, Longtime Proprietor Of Eide’s Leisure, Dies At 69.

PITTSBURGH, PA – Greg Eide, known for decades for running a business specializing in comics, records, and other entertainment products, died of coronavirus complications at the age of 69.

“It is with a heavy heart that we lost our fearless leader to COVID-19 this morning,” a post on the store’s Facebook page. “At Greg’s request, there won’t be a tour or funeral. We’re all at one
Loss for words. “

According to the Facebook page, Eide’s Entertainment is the oldest still-owned comic book store in the country. Established in 1972, Mr. Eide now exists as a four-story building in downtown Pittsburgh.

Mr. Eide opened his first store on Mount Etna and then relocated it to Federal Street on the north coast at the current location of PNC Park. The shop then moved to its current location.

The future of the business is unclear.

Supervisor claims he helped NY sub store proprietor kill employee over cash dispute

The manager of the sandwich shop in New York state confessed to helping his former boss kill a colleague over a money dispute in 2019.

James Duffy, 35, pleaded guilty to second degree murder last month and is expected to testify against former shopkeeper Giorgios Kakavelos, 52, in a trial for which opening statements are available on Wednesday.

Duffy told authorities he worked with Kakavelos to kill 22-year-old Allyzibeth Lamont on October 28, 2019. Then he helped hide her body and dispose of evidence like the baseball bat he used in the crime.

Kakavelos allegedly owed Lamont money for working at his Johnstown restaurant, the local number 9 substation. Instead of paying her, he hired Duffy, and the two of them planned their murder over three days, according to Duffy reported by the Daily Gazette.

But Kakavelos maintains his innocence and his lawyer said the police played Duffy “like a violin” during the questioning. Duffy admitted smoking crack and drank alcohol in the days leading up to the murder, and he killed Lamont in his own dispute over cash she owed him, said Kakavelos’ attorney Kevin O’Brien.

“Mister. Kakavelos entered a bloody, just terrible scene and Duffy threatened him and his family if he didn’t help get rid of the body,” O’Brien told The Post. Kakaevlos had a wife and children and owed Lamont no money, he said.

“Like a kid, Duffy gave in and tried to get someone else to do it,” he added. “If the government wants to use a drunken crackhead as the main witness, that’s fine with me.”

Duffy’s attorney could not be reached on Tuesday.

Duffy said the night of the murder he attacked Lamont with a bat, while Kakavelos helped with a garbage bag, according to the Gazette. Duffy then used a hammer and choked her, said Duffy’s testimony.

According to Georgios Kakavelos' attorney Kevin O'Brien, James Duffy allegedly killed Allyzibeth Lamont over cash she owed him
According to Georgios Kakavelos’ attorney Kevin O’Brien, James Duffy allegedly killed Allyzibeth Lamont over cash she owed him

The two allegedly buried Lamont’s body after midnight in Malta in a shallow grave covered with cement, manure and sticks.

In the days leading up to the murder, Kakavelos was charged with reloading supplies such as duct tape, bleach, and laundry detergent quoted by the Leader-Herald. He also paid Duffy $ 1,600 for three days, the newspaper said.

O’Brien said the items mentioned in the indictment were bought for routine maintenance at Kakavelos’ store but were used for cleanup because he was “afraid” of what Duffy would do if the shopkeeper didn’t help.

After Lamont’s disappearance, the two disposed of evidence and Kakavelos had the trunk of his Volkswagen Passat relined, cleaned and deodorized, according to the Leader-Herald.

Duffy and Kakavelos were arrested within days of Lamont’s disappearance, and Duffy led police officers to their body, reports say. On their first charges, they faced life in prison without parole.

Duffy’s April 30 plea came in return for a life sentence of 18 years. Fox 23 reported.

Leisure Complicated brewers Cisco Black Whale proprietor hiring individuals

NEW BEDFORD – As Cisco New Bedford nears its “most anticipated” opening on Memorial Day, the owner says the company is pulling out all the stops to hire 164 team members.

“We probably have about 50% of our needs,” said the owner Stephen Silverstein said. “But it was a 24/7 fight to get people. It was difficult to fill our rosters anywhere. “

Silverstein, founder of Not Your Average Joes Restaurants and owner of The black whalecalls his new company “An entertainment complex” and the “largest venue in the south coast”.

The building is located at 1480 Rodney French Boulevard in the former Davy’s Locker / The Edge and has been under construction since April 2019.

Repelled:The opening date of Cisco New Bedford has been postponed due to a pandemic

Partnership with Jay Harman from Cisco Brewers In Nantucket, the three-acre entertainment center will have a brewery, distillery, winery, 300-seat restaurant, outdoor grill, raw food bar, clam shack, outdoor kids’ area, fire pit, five harbor bars, moorings and a dock for arriving customers bid by boat and an open-air stage with live music daily from 3pm to 10pm

In May 2020, the opening was delayed due to COVID-19.

“There was no loss of enthusiasm or excitement,” Silverstein said in one 2020 interview with the Standard Times. “This has always been a long-term project anyway, it is not the end of the world that it will take another year.” Silverstein confirms it’s on its way to the opening of Memorial Day.

A massive job hunt

Last week Cisco New Bedford posted vacancies for chefs, managers, park attendants and restaurant professionals. On Saturday, April 17th, an interview process called the “job fair” took place. Silverstein said there will be another on May 1st.

“The American workforce, and certainly the restaurant industry, are trying to recruit new employees. But there just aren’t enough workers out there. “

Silverstein says that while he knows what the government had to do to help Americans through the COVID-19 pandemic, he believes this has now become “counterproductive” in getting people back to work . He never had to advertise for job vacancies.

The three hectare Cisco New Bedford entertainment complex is being built on 1480 Rodney French Boulevard.  The opening is scheduled for Memorial Day.

“In the past we were able to find people we need. In this case, however, we had to look up and down with the help of advertising and employment agencies, ”said Silverstein.

New look:Davy’s locker site for new life thanks to Not Your Average Joe’s founder and Cisco Brewer

Separately, Silverstein said that even if they fail to meet the hiring goal, it won’t delay the scheduled opening. “This could affect the number of hours we are initially open. For example, we could be open from Wednesday to Sunday, ”he said. “We’ll get around it.”

On Thursday, Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee announced plans to “phase out business restrictions and other mandates” by Memorial Day weekend. Silverstein is optimistic that Massachusetts will soon follow suit.

The three hectare Cisco New Bedford entertainment complex is being built on 1480 Rodney French Boulevard.  The opening is scheduled for Memorial Day.

However, aside from Cisco New Bedford’s 6,000-square-foot restaurant, the venue is entirely off the beaten track. Guests are still required to wear masks and social distancing within six feet, but he expects them to be at full capacity.

Nomination for Newsmaker of the Year:Stephen Silverstein has big plans for New Bedford

“I think it’s going to be amazing,” said Silverstein. “At 61, it’s kind of the high point of my life in the restaurant business and I just hope it comes out half as cool as I think it will.”

Individuals interested in applying for a job with Cisco New Bedford can contact or visit their official Facebook site.

Watch out for rip-off asking you for cash to show you’re proprietor of your house

by: Linda wagar,

Posted: Apr 24, 2021 7:00 AM HST
Updated: April 23, 2021 / 1:39 p.m. HST

INDEPENDENCE, Mon – You may have seen it in the mail. An official looking letter asking for money to confirm that you are the actual owner of your home. Do not follow the instructions on the letter. It’s a scam.

When Mabel Shapiro saw the letter in her mailbox, she thought at first that it was from the state. It had a return address from Jefferson City, Missouri, and the envelope officially appeared.

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It was a letter from Records Recovery Services asking her to send $ 87 for a copy of her deed to confirm that she actually owned her home. Shapiro was immediately suspicious.

“I thought they were going to steal my house if I didn’t pay what they wanted,” she said.

Instead of sending the money, Shaprio went to the Jackson County Recorder of Deed office in Missouri and showed them the letter.

Arkansas: Scammers seek out personal information with one-click text message bait

“They looked at it and said, ‘Oh yeah, this is a scam. Call the FBI, ”she said.

Shapiro called the FBI and FOX4 problem solvers.

Letters identical to those she received have been sent to homeowners across the country. A quick Google search showed warnings from county officials in several states telling people not to send money to Records Recovery Services.

The company, which allegedly has an office in Jefferson City, Missouri, was not registered with the Missouri Secretary of State. In addition, offices in other states, almost always in the state capitals, often go back to a PO Box.

The letter Shapiro received contained several disclaimers indicating that it is not a government agency. However, if you don’t read the letter carefully, you may miss it.

FOX4 problem solvers attempted to call the phone number provided for Records Recovery Services during normal business hours and intercepted a general message asking us to leave our name and phone number. The message didn’t even mention the company’s name.

Here’s the deal, no one has to spend $ 87 on a copy of a deed. All you have to do is contact your district government and request one.

At the Recorder of Deed’s Jackson County office, a certificate costs anywhere from $ 2 to $ 3, depending on the number of pages.