YouTube’s outline-style icons arrive on Android TV participant

YouTube’s updated outline-style icons were introduced to the Android and iOS apps last year and are now available in the main player view of the Android TV version of the streaming platform.

Over the past few months there has been a steady rollout of YouTube outline style icons, first with the above mobile apps for iOS and Android, then with the YouTube Music app and desktop versions, and now with Android TV. It’s a subtle tweak that ties all of the different platforms and the main user interface together.

The YouTube sidebar has been showing the new icons for a while, but the actual video player icons have been updated across a variety of devices over the past week and brought to our attention by the at team Android police. We’re seeing the new icons on YouTube for Android TV on multiple Chromecast with Google TV devices and some generic Android TV set-top boxes. It’s a humble change that you may not even have noticed before.

In the main view of the player, when you expand the on-screen menu, new icons and a direct display for video resolution and frame rate are now displayed, which updates one. introduced in 2020 to quickly find out what quality the YouTube video in question is being streamed in. This saves a lot of time, especially when troubleshooting or tweaking settings for the best experience.

The thinner symbols look particularly sharp on a 4K UHD television, but can be harder to see from a normal viewing distance of a few meters. That’s pretty much the only thing we can really say about this very small UI change, as it has very little effect beyond adding that resolution switch.

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Define-style icons showing in YouTube Music for Android

According to a Quick test earlier this week The main YouTube Music for Android website is now increasingly displaying outline-style icons.

This change starts at the bottom bar, with Home, Explore and Library slightly tweaking to suit the new style. The top app bar shows thinner cast and search icons. On the Library tab, the icons for downloads, playlists, albums, songs, artists, and subscriptions are updated.

Various overflow menus throughout the app have also been updated. Finally, this change modernizes the Now Playing screen with Like / Dissimilar, as well as modifying anything that appears when you tap Cover Art.

YouTube TV has yet to be updated, but the direction towards consistency and consistency is clear. With YouTube Music, the outline style doesn’t make a significant difference other than making the app feel lighter – and a bit more general. For some, the lines are a little too thin, but it doesn’t affect muscle memory. Visibility is improved in one respect because the stronger outline against a dark background is much clearer than the previous gray.

These outline style icons aren’t widely used yet, but they’ll show up for more YouTube music Android Users today after a server-side update. Try stopping and reopening the application.

New symbols

Ancient icons

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