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Kimberley Kates

Kimberley Kates, Founder and CEO of The Princess Network

Diane Franklin, Gretchen L., Sarah S., and Kimberley Kates

The Princess Network team. Diane Franklin, VP and Co-Founder (seated), Gretchen L., Creative Director (standing), Sarah S., Marketing Director (standing) and Kimberley Kates, Founder and CEO (seated)

Diane Franklin and Kimberley Kates

kk and Diane

Princess Network founders Diane Franklin, VP, and Kimberley Kates, CEO Beverly Hills, California, February 2021

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., February 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Adorable new lifestyle brand The Princess Network is proud to announce its grand royal opening.

As a partner in production firm Big Screen Entertainment Group (OTC: BSEG), the majestic company features an online fashion store, interactive blog, streaming TV content, and more to encourage customers of all backgrounds to embrace their inner princess.

It’s all the creation of a real movie king – Kimberley Kates and Diane Franklin, who played the legendary princesses Joanna and Elizabeth in the popular historical adventure film “Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure” and have loved the princess’ lifestyle ever since.

With their royal credentials, the entrepreneurial couple combined their enterprising and creative backgrounds to build a truly magical brand that embraces the magical feel of a princess no matter who you are.

“Building this business was a wonderful fairy tale for us, and now we are ready to bring happy magic to people all over the world. We are fully inclusive, anyone can be a princess regardless of gender, age, race or size. We are excited to share this adventure of compassion and kindness with everyone. There are endless possibilities for the potential of this company, ”said Kimberley Kates, who is also CEO of partner company Big Screen Entertainment Group.

The website at offers elegant royal accessories and tips for living like a princess. It is designed as a portal to realize everyone’s royal fantasies.

“I am very happy to be part of this excellent adventure with Kimberley. We wanted to create a world where anyone can be a princess regardless of status. Empowering others to feel beautiful, confident, and capable is what we’re all about, ”added Diane Franklin, whose many other notable film roles include Amityville II and Better Off Dead.

The Princess Network team, based in Beverly Hills, California, includes businesswomen Gretchen Landin and Sarah Starling, who worked on products, content and designs. Gretchen’s career in design and Sarah’s professional writing story are perfect for creating this brand.

Expansion plans include fairytale movies and TV shows with tethering, trips to royal castles, royal pet products, strategic partnerships, educational products, and a streaming channel.

Big Screen Entertainment will produce the media projects for The Princess Network, BSEG is also a partner in the goods sector. A new fairytale film is slated to begin this year.

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About Big Screen Entertainment (BSEG)
Big Screen Entertainment Group is an established Los Angeles-based distribution and production company that turned 15 this year. The company specializes in production, post-production and sales in the US, international and China. It continues to grow and develop into new business models in a constantly changing media world.

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