Zendaya put diamonds on the coronary heart of Oscars outfit | Leisure

Zendaya’s jewelry was the “star of the show” for her Oscar outfit.

The 24-year-old actress walked the red carpet in Los Angeles on Sunday (4/25/21) wearing a bold yellow Valentino gown combined with matching platforms by Jimmy Choo and a natural makeup look, but the focus was on her statement diamond necklace.

According to her stylist Law Roach, the “Greatest Showman” star was the first to bring out a necklace from Bulgari’s upcoming Magnifica high-jewelery collection, which will be released later this summer. The piece consists of two diamond collars and a detachable center brooch and tassel, complete with a six-carat yellow cushion-cut diamond. She has also outfitted with yellow diamond teardrop earrings, a yellow diamond ring, and another ring with an emerald cut stone. The jewelry has a total value of around $ 6 million.

Law said to Harper’s Bazaar, “The inspiration was all about this jewelry.

“We have a beautiful dress, but we had quite a few of these incredible, incredible pieces from Bulgari in the fit, and the jewelry literally became the star of the show.”

Zendaya loved choosing her accessories.

Law added, “When it was time to just try on jewelry, there was one piece that Zendaya was absolutely in love with that we saw on a sneak preview. We went into the store about a week ago and saw it and she said : “Oh my god, this is amazing. This could be the one. “

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“One of the cool things about Bulgari is that the jewelry always has a little secret.

“Things can be taken off and things can be added, and I think we were just starting to play, and then we created this really great jewelry story with some of the pieces. It’s about layering all of the jewelry in one way, and put together where it just feels really seamless and organic. “

The stylist believes he and Zendaya work well together because they know they can “trust” each other.

He said, “It’s such a collaborative process, but in the end I always get what I want.

“The stylist knows best! But no, I think Zendaya and I, our relationship is just filled with so much trust. It depends on how much or how little she puts it in in any situation. I like to joke and think that it’s me boss, but she really is boss.

“She trusts that I will bring her the things that I think are best and that really suit her and that really speak to her as she is this fashion phenomenon.”

‘One other Spherical’ wins greatest worldwide movie on the Oscars | Ap-entertainment

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Raise a glass for “One More Round”.

The film from Denmark, directed by Thomas Vinterberg, won the Oscar for best international feature film.

“This is more than anything I can imagine,” said Vinterberg on Sunday evening from the stage at Union Station in Los Angeles. “Except that’s something I always imagined.”

It is the fourth time that a film from Denmark has won this category. The last one was “In a Better World” in 2010.

In “Another Round” Mads Mikkelson is part of a group of school teachers who try to stay slightly drunk all day in order to break out of their midlife malaise.

Vinterberg is also nominated for the best director on Sunday evening.

He dedicated part of his speech to his daughter, who he said died in a motorway accident four days after filming Another Round.

“In the end we made this film for her as her memorial,” said Vinterberg. “So Ida, this is a miracle that just happened.”

This story has been updated to correct the spelling of Thomas Vinterberg’s last name.

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Oscars Newest: Arrivals start for an uncommon Academy Awards | Leisure


The show producers hope to bring some of the traditional glamor back to the Oscars even in a pandemic year.

The red carpet is back, but not the crowd; Only a handful of media are allowed on site. Casual wear is a no-no.

If you pull the musical interludes (if not the in-memoriam segment) from the three-hour broadcast and drastically cut the time it takes the winners to reach the podium, there will be plenty of time for the ceremony. And producers under the direction of filmmaker Steven Soderbergh promise a reinvented television show.

The Oscars will look more like a movie, Soderbergh said. The show will be more widescreen and the presenters – including Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, Harrison Ford, Rita Moreno and Zendaya – are considered “performers”. The first 90 seconds of the broadcast, according to Soderbergh, will “immediately announce our intention”.

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A viewer’s information to tonight’s Oscars | Leisure

In the Oscar nominations for 2021, announced on March 15, two women were nominated for the first time in the history of the Oscar for best director. Netflix’s hit “Mank” received ten leading nominations, including “Best Picture”. Six nominations apiece went to “The Father”, “Judas and the Black Messiah”, “Minari”, “Nomadland”, “Sound of Metal” and “The Trial of the Chicago 7”.

Regardless of which films or individuals win a prestigious Oscar, there is inevitable disagreement between observing critics and viewers of the annual Academy Awards on television. Art is inherently subjective and cinema is no exception. Since films are a very popular and lucrative art form, public control over important awards is intensifying. With the 93rd Academy Awards on April 25, 2021 Forklift revisits some of the most controversial Oscar wins in the history of these awards shows.

The most common source of controversy about Oscar winners is that viewers believe there was better competition this year. While the Oscars can be criticized as predictable by viewers, some award winners have created issues that cast doubt on the academy’s voting process. Awards season campaigns have been rampant over the past few decades, leading the cynic to believe that the Oscars are awarded based on behind-the-scenes producers’ handshakes rather than objective quality.

In other cases, personal factors can weigh on observer discomfort with Oscar wins. These factors can be turbulent production drama, misdeeds by actors or filmmakers, or controversial public statements. These Oscar wins have sparked discussions about the separation of artist and art and debates about how Oscar winners are selected. Issues of diversity, sexual behavior and standards for filmmaking are among the most discussed issues.

Sometimes an Oscar win cannot be considered controversial in its day, but can be viewed as questionable in retrospect. Some films age less well with audiences due to changing social norms in the present compared to other cultural standards in the past. In other cases, the misconduct of individuals involved in these films has since been exposed or has re-emerged after such a victory.

Read on to find out more about some of the most critically criticized Oscar wins and their ages.

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The way to watch the 2021 Oscars ceremony | Leisure

Awards ceremonies are still going on feel the impact the pandemic, and this year’s Oscars is no exception.

After a two-month delay in the pandemic, the 93rd Oscars will take place on Sunday. The ceremony will take place at both the Los Angeles Union Station and the Dolby Theater. In accordance with the Covid-19 protocols, only the nominees, their guests and moderators will be present in person.

What can viewers expect this year when most cinemas were closed? Producers promise a celebration of cinema and an entertaining show.

When are the Oscars and when does the show start?

In the US, the Oscars will kick off on Sunday, April 25th at 5:00 p.m. (PT) / 8:00 p.m. (ET).

In the UK, the show begins Monday, April 26th at 1am GMT and in Australia at 10am AEST.

Who is nominated?

“Mank” leads among the nominated films with 10 nods. “Nomadland” is a strong contender, as is Promising Young Woman, “for best picture.

Success! An email was sent to with a link to confirm the list registration.

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The nominees for Best Actor include Riz Ahmed for “Sound of Metal” and Chadwick Boseman for “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”.

The nominees for best actress include Viola Davis for “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”, Andra Day for “The United States vs. Billie Holiday” and Vanessa Kirby for “Pieces of a Woman”.

See the full list of nominees Here.

Will there be a red carpet?

A scaled-down red carpet will appear on the ABC official website or app starting at 5:30 p.m. ET, the Academy’s official Twitter starting at 6:30 p.m. ET, or the E! Network starting at 5 p.m. ET.

Can viewers stream the show online?

In addition to its linear broadcast, ABC will stream the ceremony on its website. However, you will need to sign up with your cable TV provider or live streaming service.

Who can we count on?

While the ceremony will not have a traditional host, announced presenters include Bong Joon Ho, Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Angela Bassett, Halle Berry, Don Cheadle, Regina King and Bryan Cranston.

Oscars Mark Return of Stay Crimson Carpet — and Hints of L.A. Model Scene – WWD

In 2020 LA was ahead of the Oscars. Tom Ford’s star-studded runway show drew Jeff Bezos, Miley Cyrus, and Lil Nas X, fashion brand and magazine events that sprawled over days and nights with champagne and loot, and the effects of so much primping even seeped down to the packed, solid dry bar locations of the country City.

What a difference does a pandemic year make.

Nevertheless, the mostly digital award season ends on a high level Oscars Sunday with the return to a living red carpet at Union Station in LA, albeit on a much smaller scale, and a new, more cinematic show format with a theme that could change every year, like the Met Gala does. according to co-producer Steven Soderbergh. (This year’s slogan is “Bring Your Movie Love”.)

“Red carpet fashion, in my view, is still a moment of escape and dreaming, which is probably more relevant today than ever before. I say this from the perspective of a very pragmatic designer and entrepreneur, ”said Giorgio Armani, who more than any other designer was responsible for the rise of fashion on the Oscars red carpet and in 1992 put on Jodie Foster again.

“I understand a momentary lack of interest after things go virtual, but it’s going to be important again, and in fact it is already,” he said, noting how Cate Blanchett and other stars have led the charges for sustainability by wearing his clothes again on red carpets.

“Now that there are more vaccinations and we know the numbers are lower, we want glamor, excitement and joy. That’s what the Oscars are about, ”said Hollywood stylist Jessica Paster, who is attracting the nomination for Best Supporting Actress Maria Bakalova from“ Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ”.

Nominees like Bakalova and her pluses will be the only people living on the red carpet, where there will only be a handful of media outlets and no publicists, who will be reduced to dozens of people who normally number in the thousands. What will they wear

At the virtual Golden Globes in February, the director of “Nomadland”, Chloé Zhao, kept her refreshingly real based on the example of her extraordinary film and accepted her award from a distance without wearing make-up and an army green T-shirt.

But Oscar attendees are encouraged to bring the shine up.

Chloé Zhao receives the award for best director at the virtual Golden Globes 2021.
Courtesy NBC

“We strive for a fusion of inspiration and ambition, which in actual terms means that formal is totally cool when you want to go, but it’s really not casual,” the dress code was explained in a widespread email from the producers Show.

Will all of this attract viewers is a question where awards ratings are already hitting all-time lows, and this year’s nominated films, led by Mank, a particularly esoteric and little-respected bunch, especially when compared to current box office giant “Godzilla vs. Kong. “

Even so, the Oscars red carpet is still the holy grail for fashion designers and brands.

“It’s been a terrible year, I’ve had so many conversations with stylists who say, ‘If it doesn’t happen, don’t worry, no one will see it anyway,” Oscar de la Renta designer Fernando Garcia explained why The Red One Carpet is still important to him. “I don’t care. It’s more about connecting with someone who wants to support your vision as a designer. Celebrities connect people who are not celebrities with brands. That’s why I fell in love with fashion, so that I can always be inspired by it. “

Come from its 40th anniversary collection and Broadway preshow, Michael Kors also has high hopes for this year’s red carpet.

“There can never be enough awards for me.… I’m a cultural junkie,” he said, adding, “But we never show our cards. When Julia Roberts won the Oscar and wore vintage Valentino, she wore a Michael Kors dress the day before and was thrilled. When Gwyneth Paltrow won the Oscar and wore Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors fitted her into a Celine the day before and was thrilled. So I learned – until I see the body arrive, you never know. “

Smaller fashion brands are also still in the game, competing against luxury houses and jewelers, some of whom are paying $ 150,000 or more for a celebrity placement and have the funds to spend on custom designs. “It’s the worst year yet with fewer opportunities and when the pressure on designers who couldn’t sell and PRs who don’t have the same budget increases,” said a publicist, who asked for anonymity.

Another reason the 2021 Oscars are still worth it is Instagram.

With no physical red carpets going on this awards season, stylists filled the fashion void with behind-the-scenes, behind-the-scenes photo shoots for social media that were Polish at an editorial level and made a significant impact.

“Because there weren’t any traditional red carpets, talent and stylists had to direct photo shoots, and in the end you got this great content that was more thoughtful and a little more productive. These assets were incredibly valuable to brands, ”said IHPR founder Jen Lowitz, who represents jewelry brands Forevermark, Fernando Jorge and Ana Khouri in her LA showroom.

Behind the scenes of Regina King in the Haute Couture by Schiaparelli for the virtual Emmys 2020.
Courtesy Schiaparelli

Forevermark was directed this season by Regina King, director of One Night in Miami, after years of working with her. She wore a dramatic blue, high-slit Schiaparelli gown in a shoot designed for her stylists Wayman Bannerman and Micah McDonald for the Emmys in September 2020. In February, she wore jewelry from the brand for the Golden Globes.

As fun as it was producing creative content for the home, even Hollywood picture-makers who are used to being behind the scenes miss the thrill of the red carpet. Not to mention the awards season when emerging talent like Bakalova rely on future roles and fashion opportunities.

“This is her first American film, she shot nine in Europe. She is 24 years old if this had been a normal year. When she stepped on the red carpet of the globes in Armani, everyone would have known who she was, ”said Paster. “Now it burns rather slowly.”

Maria Bakalova and Prada

Maria Bakalova in Prada at the Virtual Critics Choice Awards.
Courtesy Prada

That other platform for fashion peacocks, Oscars after parties, won’t exist this year.

Not only have studios and talent agencies canceled their annual events, Vanity Fair also dropped its Oscar night bash on the A-list for an online interactive series that benefits COVID-19 relief that happened last week. This means that the Elton John AIDS Foundation remains the last Oscar night event – but it is still digital.

There are still a few places to see and see IRL during Oscars Week in LA as it recovered from the global hotspot for COVID-19 in December to one of the lowest fall rates in the country.

German facial doctor Barbara Sturm is hosting a four-day Anti-Inflammatory Oscars Retreat (the name is right for the time) and face masks at their spaceship-like West Hollywood Spa, which was filled with hundreds of fragrant pink roses for selfies and fresh juices on Wednesday.

“I’ve been coming here since 2003 and how I started promoting the brand was during the Oscars popups,” said Sturm. “Rosie [Huntington-Whiteley] and others posted on their Instagram, and it was the first time they performed beauty treatments on social media. That was when my brand got a big boost because people could see what we were doing. “

In the midst of a global expansion, Sturm opened the LA location on Almont Drive in November and had to close it again two weeks later due to a new blockage. “Now that we’re fully open again, it’s organic to invite everyone – and we’re fully booked,” she said. Visitors to her spa (one treatment room has a hidden VIP entrance from the alley) can try her signature SturmGlow facial or super anti-aging facial, as well as the eyebrow sculpting by Hollywood Arch Queen Anastasia.

Dr. Barbara Sturm, left, organizes the “Anti-Inflammatory Oscars Retreat” in LA.
Courtesy Chris Singer

Meanwhile, Dior Skincare’s Joanna Czech has opened a store at the Peninsula Hotel using Carey Mulligan, Maya Rudolph and others for treatments using the brand’s new eye serum.

The LA restaurant scene is also heating up again.

At Jeff Klein’s Sunset Tower, the outdoor pool deck is the new place for Hollywood regulars to hang out with aspiring TikTokers, if not the entire cast of nominated films who dined together in previous award seasons.

“I think the industry ran all of Zoom’s Oscar campaigns because the cast could sit in their panties at home,” said the former Condé Nast editor, who became Sunset Tower Maître d’Gabe Double, and admitted for having seen her share of guests sweating – the ones that say off-white.

While the restaurant was closed on Sunday evenings during the pandemic year, it will open Oscar night and book tables for several nominees. “They can wear what they want,” said Doppel, “and everyone who wins eats for free.”

Will the Oscars be a `who cares’ second as scores dive? | Leisure

NEW YORK (AP) – George Bradley loved watching the Academy Awards. The 28-year-old Briton, who now lives in San Diego, would stay up late at home to tune in.

Even though he’s in the correct time zone now, he’s just not interested and that’s mainly due to the pandemic.

“The growing dominance of streaming services has robbed me of the glamor of the Oscars,” he said. “You just don’t get the same warm, fuzzy feeling when you see a movie off the screen.”

Whether you watch for love, love to hate, or like Bradley you gave up, awards ceremonies have suffered since the coronavirus closed theaters and stopped performing live. However, the rating slide for award nights began long before the Covid-19 takeover.

For much of this century, the Oscars drew 35 to 45 million viewers, often right behind the Super Bowl. Last year, just before the pandemic was declared, the hostless television show on ABC was seen by its smallest audience ever, 23.6 million viewers, a 20 percent decrease from the previous year.

The pandemic-era Golden Globes fell a little over a year later to 6.9 million viewers, a 64% year-over-year decline and barely surpassing 2008. That year, a writers’ strike forced NBC to broadcast a press conference announcing the winners. Last year, according to the Nielsen company, the show had 18.4 million viewers before it was blocked.

In March, Grammy producers avoided the zoom awkwardness of other awards shows and staged appearances from some of the industry’s biggest stars – to no avail. The CBS show reached 9.2 million viewers, both television and streaming, the lowest number on record and a 51% decrease from 2020, Nielsen said.

John Bennardo, 52, in Boca Raton, Fla., Is a film buff, film school graduate, screenwriter and runs a video business for primarily corporate clients. This year is a no-go for the Oscars.

“I love the movies and aspire to be on this Oscar stage one day and get my own award,” he said. “I watch and participate every year, I enter competitions where I try to find winners and see all of the films. But something has changed for this year. “

To start with, he hasn’t seen a single film nominated in any category.

“Maybe I’ll watch Zach Snyder’s Justice League instead. It could be shorter, ”Bennardo joked about the Oscars show.

As with other awards shows, the Oscars broadcast has been pushed back due to pandemic restrictions and safety concerns. The show had been postponed three times in history, but never that far in advance. Organizers scheduled it for April 25th last June, as opposed to its usual slot in February or early March.

Count that among the driving forces behind the fatigue of the Oscars. Another reason, according to former fans of the show, is to watch nominated films on small screens and keep track of when and where they are available for streaming and on-demand services. For some it was a great blur.

Priscilla Visintine, 62, in St. Louis, Missouri, used to live to see the Academy Awards. She attended watch parties every year that were usually fully dressed for the occasion.

“In any case, the closure of the theaters this year piqued my lack of interest,” she said. “I didn’t get a feel for Oscar buzz.”

Not all diehards have given up their favorite award ceremony.

In Knoxville, Tennessee, 50-year-old Jennifer Rice and her 22-year-old son Jordan drove for as many nominated films as possible for years. For the past few years it has been their “February madness,” she said, and they kept diagrams to document their predictions. She even got to compete in the Oscars in 2019 while working for a beauty company at the time.

“My other two children, aged 25 and 19, are not interested in the Oscars. It’s just special to Jordan and me, ”said Rice. “The Oscars actually push us to watch movies that we may never have chosen. I’m not that excited this year but we’re still trying to see everything before the awards show. “

As real-world distress has increased for many viewers from food insecurity and work stoppage to isolation from lockdowns and parenting struggles, awards ceremonies offer less escape and glare than in the past and often rely on pre-recorded performances and zoom boxes for nominees. In addition, the data show little interest in appointment television in general among younger generations.

Lifelong film lover and filmmaker himself, 22-year-old Pierre Subeh of Orlando, Florida stopped watching the Oscars in 2019.

“We can hardly stay seated for a 15-second TikTok. How are we supposed to survive a lengthy, four-hour award show with advertisements and outdated insulting jokes? We live in the age of content curation. We need algorithms to figure out what we want to see and to show us the best of the best, ”he said.

As a Muslim immigrant from the Middle East, Subeh also sees little inclusion of his culture in mainstream film, let alone on the Oscars stage.

“We are only mentioned when Aladdin is raised. I don’t feel motivated to bring my family together for a four-hour awards show on a Sunday where our culture and religion are never mentioned. However, as Muslims, we make up about 25% of the world’s population, ”he said.

Jon Niccum, 55, in Lawrence, Kansas, teaches screenwriting at Kansas State University. He is a filmmaker, attended film school and worked as a film critic. He and his wife host an annual Oscar party in its prime for 30 guests, including a betting pool on winners for money and prizes. It will be family only this year due to the pandemic but the bets are on.

And watch all the top films at home? For the most part, he said, “It was less than satisfying.” Less satisfying enough to put out the Oscars broadcast?

“I haven’t missed an Oscar in 45 years. I’ll see every single minute of it, ”said Niccum.

Also in Medford, New Jersey, 65-year-old Deb Madison will watch as she has done since childhood and her mother first brought her to the movies.

While on an RV road trip with her husband in 2018, she had him cycle with her into town in Carlsbad, New Mexico to find a place to look. The return trip was in pitch black surroundings. Another year when she was working the front desk at a big Philadelphia party on the night of the Oscars, coordinators ran cables and provided her with a tiny television hidden under the welcome desk so she could tune in.

This year, trying to keep up with the nominees from home has suppressed their excitement, Madison said.

“I’m a sucker for the red carpet and the clothes and,” Oh my god, I can’t believe she wore this. “Another thing is, I don’t particularly need to see these actors in their home environment,” she said with a laugh. “It wouldn’t be tragic this year if I missed it. Nobody would have to run cables this year. But me I still love the films. “

Plans solidify for 93rd Oscars: No Zoom, no sweatshirts | Leisure

With nominations set and a little over a month to show time, details about the 93rd Oscars are trickling out, and neither sweatshirts nor Zoom made the cut.

“Our plan is for this year’s Oscars to look like a movie, not a TV show,” show producers Jesse Collins, Stacy Sher and Steven Soderbergh said in a statement Friday. You have hired Emmy and Tony Award-winning director Glenn Weiss to direct the live broadcast on April 25th.

Although downsized significantly from the normal year, the producers have pledged to hold a personal event for nominees, presenters, and limited guests at Union Station in Los Angeles. There will also be a live component at the Dolby Theater, which has been hosting the Academy Awards since 2001.

Unlike the Golden Globes, which combined personal and zoom elements in their bi-coastal show, the Oscars do not allow nominees who are either not or not comfortable with a virtual element. The producers said they plan to treat the event like an active movie with COVID security teams and test logs on-site.

And yes, they expect attendees to dress up.

“We’re aiming for a fusion of inspirational and aspirational, which really means that formal is totally cool when you want to go there, but it’s really not casual,” said the producers.

The 93rd Oscars will be broadcast live on ABC on April 25th starting at 8 p.m. ET.