The family-style Filipino consolation fare at Hangry Dobo feeds physique and soul | Restaurant Overview | Orlando

Part of me feels that the amount of food you are served in the two-entree combo in the UCF Hangry Dobo area is meant to keep the college students away from the nutritional void like pizza rolls and Access Hot Pockets. The other part of me feels like it’s just fucking good food and you’re going to want a lot of it.

You will feel the love as soon as you step into the restaurant, which is located in the Collegiate Way Plaza on the corner of University Boulevard and Alafaya Trail. A smiling face and a warm welcome await you behind the cafeteria-style steam table loaded with up to 10 rotating Filipino delicacies waiting to be served with rice or pancit – the ubiquitous rice noodles made with cabbage, carrots, and flavored with Soy sauce.

If you’re Kano – the shortened version of the Tagalog slang word Amerikano – you’re likely asked if you’ve eaten Filipino food before. I encourage you to say “no” even if, like me, you are familiar with the kitchen. You’ll enjoy hearing the broad overview of every dish, from the garlic and chicken adobo to the crispy, deep-fried pork belly known as Lechon Kawali. Are you a little nervous about trying the serrano chilli braised pork shoulder with pork blood called Dinuguan? Just ask for a sneak peek before you commit. Samples are gladly given.

The $ 13 combo is the best way to try two main courses plus rice or pancit of your choice. Visit with a bunch of friends and you’ll get an overview of each offer pretty quickly. Restaurants where I could theoretically try the entire menu in one visit are a passion of mine. The combined serving is more than generous (see previous note on potentially malnourished college students) and is served preventively in to-go containers. They know you want to carry the rest home for later.

When I visited the cozy shop – the whole place can accommodate no more than 30 guests – I opted for the chicken adobo (how could I not?) And the dinuguan with rice, while my meal companion was the chicken curry and chicken kare -Kare chose. a rich, creamy peanut-based stew that coats tender chicken legs and green beans.

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Though the dishes are presented soberly behind glass, the way the staff spoon the selections into the styrofoam container is an element of ceremony and awe. They make sure that there is something tasty in each serving and that the ingredients are evenly distributed in each serving: a little soft garlic, a few deep green beans, an al dente slice of carrot, a charred chilli pepper.

Hangry Dobo’s chicken adobo, the national dish of the Philippines, deserves its high status in the kitchen. It’s lacquered with sweet and tangy brown sauce that’s dotted with chopped garlic. The slow simmer allows the chicken to disintegrate tenderly, easily dismantled with the plastic utensils that the restaurant gives its guests. The raw vinegar that perks up Hangry Dobos Dinuguan, or as it is colloquially known as “chocolate meat”, will make you want to eat fork after fork again. If it’s available when you visit, don’t miss out. You will not notice a hint of this minerality that boiled blood normally imparts. Chiliheads should ask for a little more Serranos in their Dinuguan, which give the stew a pleasantly herbal taste without adding too much spiciness.

The chicken curry was very popular at the table; the sweet coconut milk sauce, spiced up with fish sauce and lots of garlic, coated with juicy chicken legs, velvety potatoes, carrots and sweet pepper slices. We also devoured the chicken kare kare. What magical spells were used to keep the green beans so pleasantly green and crisp and tender and to enable the Japanese eggplant to keep its texture and shape even in a steam table, I certainly don’t know, but I was thrilled. I was there on a weekday so the special crab curry wasn’t on the menu but I’ll be back.

For dessert, we couldn’t miss the halo halo ($ 8). While the heat index rose to 105 outside, we stayed cool and refreshed by dipping our long-handled spoons into the shaved ice cream dessert and stirring up the treats from bottom to top: sweet beans and corn kernels, purple ube sweet potato and steamed pumpkin cubes with coconut milk. Heaven. We also enjoyed the dense, fudge-like, amethyst-colored Ube cake which asked us if we could ever go back to simple brownies.

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College students at UCF, Valencia, and Florida Technical College should show their student ID to receive a 10 percent discount on a meal that’s perfect for making money all week. And while the dollars and cents of the food equation make sense, it’s the gracious spirit and care that goes into eating at Hangry Dobo that makes you feel like what you’re experiencing there is more than just lunch or dinner Dinner. Dining at Hangry Dobo feels like a long, warm, lovely hug.

Portillo’s now serving Chicago-style meals at Orlando location

It was a long wait, but hopefully it was worth it: Portillo’s is now officially open in Orlando.

The Chicago-style restaurant celebrated its grand opening Tuesday, making its newest location official and ready for business.

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Portillo’s opens its first Michigan restaurant in Sterling Heights. (Portillos)

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer attended the official opening of Portillos Tuesday. Restaurant officials said the site brings about 100 jobs to the area and they are ready to hire even more people.


“There are a lot of vacancies, especially in the tourism and hospitality industries, so it was a bit strange coming back as a lot of restaurants and hotels are being prevented from opening fully because they can’t fill all of the positions,” said Dyer.

Portillo’s Orlando general manager Jeremy Sasso said they have employment signs inside and outside the restaurant.

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“We also want managers and team members who believe in our core values, family, fun, energy and greatness,” said Sasso.

Portillo fans waited patiently as the restaurant’s opening was postponed several times before it became final on June 15th.

You can eat Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, burgers, and famous chocolate cake at the 7,800-square-foot restaurant, which has two walkways and two covered outdoor patios, officials said.


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The location is in the Village at O-Town West at 7715 Palm Parkway in Orlando, which is also where the new White Castle is located. Other restaurants and shops in the Village of O-Town are also under construction.

“We’re very lucky that Orlando is where everyone wants to be,” said Dyer.

Portillo opens office in Orlando (Image: Bob Kotek) (Copyright 2021 by WKMG ClickOrlando – All rights reserved.)

Inside the restaurant, the theme is that of a diner with an “Ode to Rock ‘n Roll with an electric guitar ceiling installation”.

If you’ve never had Portillo and wondered? what’s good on the map, a News 6 manager shared his inside knowledge and rated the menu items you need to try. He also explained the different ways to order the Italian beef sandwich.


The Orlando location is the fast-casual chain’s first restaurant in central Florida and the third in Florida after Tampa and Brandon.

Portillo opens office in Orlando (Image: Bob Kotek) (Copyright 2021 by WKMG ClickOrlando – All rights reserved.)

Copyright 2021 by WKMG ClickOrlando – All rights reserved.

Inside Texas Politics: Texas metropolis goals to change into greatest leisure vacation spot between Las Vegas, Orlando

Arlington is now known as the home of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. Outgoing Mayor Jeff Williams lays the groundwork for him to play a bigger role.

DALLAS – A city in Texas wants to position itself as the largest entertainment destination between Las Vegas and Orlando.

Arlington is now known as the home of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers, but a second hotel coming into the stadium development area will add hundreds of apartments.

Outgoing Mayor Jeff Williams lays the foundation for everything. He joined the program from his office in the town hall.

Bo’s law is passed with the support of both parties

After all of these protests over the past year, Texan lawmakers have decided not to make significant changes to the way the police force in this state.

However, there is one bill that passed. A bill by the name of Botham Jean – a black man who was shot dead in his own apartment by a white policeman who believed she was entering her own house.

Status Representative Carl Sherman von DeSoto introduced Bo’s law. It had bipartisan support and is now being directed to the governor’s desk to become law.

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Dallas ISD Superintendent for Laws Prohibiting Critical Theory of Race

Have you heard the term “Critical Racial Theory”?

Texas lawmakers forbid – in essence, telling teachers that they cannot take sides – when discussing current events that are controversial. Regardless of the subject, from George Floyd to the January 6th riot at the US Capitol.

Dallas ISD Superintendent Dr. Michael Hinojosa said this legislation took many educators by surprise.

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He’s meeting with the school board next week to discuss next steps while the bill goes to the governor for signature.

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Orlando automobile museum and leisure middle nonetheless want some work | Options

ORLANDO – Miami-based developer Michael Dezer and his partner, second-generation Argentine arcade mogul Sebastian Mochkovsky, are confident that Dezerland, a 450,000-square-foot entertainment hub in a twice-quirky mall on the north end of Orlando, is promised International Drive.

Although they kicked off a gentle opening in December, the interior of Dezerland is still swirling with more construction and staff than visitors. Its extensive car museum lacks important elements such as information about the cars and the right works of art in the exhibits.

The attraction includes bowling alleys, an arcade, a pinball arcade, a trampoline park, go-karts, and the Dezer Prize, a car collection that has consisted of the Orlando Auto Museum for the past half century.

Dezerland is located on the former site of the Festival Bay-Artegon Shopping Center at 5250 International Drive, Orlando. Artegon closed in 2017, and Dezer bought the 104-acre property the following year for $ 23.7 million. This comes from a report by Growthspotter.

The deal didn’t include two anchors: Bass Pro Shops and a Cinemark cinema. Both are still in operation, even though Bass has closed its entrance from the mall.

As a billionaire, real estate developer, and longtime employee of Donald Trump, Dezer sees value in the two anchors and outlet stores across the street, all of which have drawn customers through the mall’s various incarnations.

Dezer is building three apartment buildings with a total of more than 1,000 units on site. The first is scheduled to open in January.

In the first two years after the purchase, the project was fraught with production delays. In February 2019, the city issued a work stop order due to a lack of permits. “That wasn’t a big deal,” said Mochkovsky. “We cleared everything up with the city.”

In the next year, several opening dates were announced, but these were repeatedly pushed back due to construction delays. Then hit COVID-19.

“We couldn’t go on working,” said Dezer. “We were all very concerned because no one was going anywhere.”

In the summer, construction work began again in earnest. In December, when the US COVID deaths soared to their highest peaks, Dezerland was opened to the public.

“We wanted to open at Christmas time,” said Mochkovsky. “We didn’t want to miss the holidays.”

Mochkovsky, whose family has been building entertainment centers in his home country since 1957, runs the Dezerland Front with activities such as bowling and video games.

Mochkovsky opened the pinball arcade in March and is soon planning to set up a 6,000-square-meter augmented reality center where visitors can play virtual games without goggles or headsets.

Plans like this can feel far away depending on where you’re looking in Dezerland. Most of the old shop windows are shuttered, although Mochkovsky claims to have found tenants for all but three.

Cars are at the heart of Dezerland even before they even enter the museum. A model of Tow Mater from the film “Cars” greets the guests in front of the main entrance. Through the doors, one of the first sights you see is a replica of the city car from “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” the film that made Sean Connery stop acting.

Dezer’s car collection is extensive, including the world’s largest private collection of Vespas and the world’s first selection of James Bond vehicles on display in an upcoming Bond museum within the attraction.

Dezerland has more than 2,000 Dezer cars that he has been buying for over 50 years.

This collection was gathered in two locations in South Florida before Dezer bought the mall. He also maintains the Hollywood Cars Museum in Las Vegas. Another Dezerland in Miami has games and entertainment, but no cars.

Some of the cars in the open part of Dezerland are interesting, such as the tribute to Marilyn Monroe and the Rolls Royce built for the classic British puppet action show Thunderbirds.

Goldeneye’s Russian tank is in a Bond-themed restaurant.

Finally, Dezerland plans to open a car dealership. “I don’t really want to sell that much because I love her,” said Dezer.

The app, which is supposed to give guests information about the cars, contains entries that are missing information or that are complete for the wrong vehicles. “The guy who did it got corona (virus),” said Dezer. “So I’m waiting for him to come and finish.”

In the Hollywood section, only some of the cars have been used in movies while the others are replicas, but poor signage makes it impossible to tell which is which.

Prize money is given to a sedan that Trump made in the 1980s, one of two ever made. There’s a flag next to the car, but the eagle on the flagpole has a broken wing.

Dezer, who turned 80 on April 1, admits that the museum needs work.

“It’s my hobby, but I’m very, very busy in Miami right now,” he said.

However, these problems do not appear to be limited to work under construction. Negative reviews on TripAdvisor for the Hollywood Cars Museum and its previous locations in South Florida complain about “poorly executed” displays, dirty cars and an “unappealing” layout.

Copyright 2021 Tribune Content Agency.

Orlando Bloom had much less nervousness with fatherhood the second time round | Leisure

Orlando Bloom was “less afraid” of becoming a father the second time around.

The “Lord of the Rings” star, who has Daisy Dove with his current partner Katy Perry for six months and Flynn (10) with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr, has the feeling that he has a lot more “presence” with his little one fatherhood has girls.

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