Cramer says anticipate business consolidation earlier than shopping for on-line sports activities playing shares

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Monday he believes investors should stay away from online sports betting, claiming it was unattractive for their own businesses like Draft kings because there is too much competition in the gaming industry.

“Until we see fewer promotions and more M&A deals, these online sports betting stocks are … very difficult to own,” he said “Bad money” said the host, noting that this view is in stark contrast to something of optimism around the burgeoning cohort in early 2021.

“But when we see what the reality looks like, there is a lot of competition for market share and little profit. What a shame, because profits are what this market wants right now. That’s why every single one of these stocks has been destroyed.” “Said Cramer, referring to people like Penn National Gaming, DraftKings and FanDuel parents Flutter entertainment.

Other players in this area are Caesars Entertainment, which operates an online sports betting company, and Rush Street Interactive.

Cramer’s comments on Monday are in response to a major milestone on Saturday when mobile sports betting was officially legalized in New York, the most populous US state where it did so. The first four bookmakers to meet regulatory requirements and start taking bets were DraftKings, Caesars Sportsbook, Rush Street Interactive, and FanDuel.

Another five operators are still in the process of meeting all legal requirements, Associated Press reported. Cramer said this is something that investors need to consider when examining the impact of New York’s high-profile start.

“These online gambling companies are throwing money at people to gain market share,” Cramer said, referring to the commercial and commercial blitz taking place in New York. “If the industry is already that competitive with four players, imagine the deals you get with nine players.”

Another factor to consider is New York’s “astronomical” 51% tax rate on revenues that online sports betting providers will be subject to, Cramer said.

“Before you can think about buying sports betting stocks, I think we need to see some consolidation. We have to see some companies leave, ”he said.

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Nicole Kidman Brings Again Her Iconic ’90s Model With Her Newest Look – E! On-line

Both her outfit and hair were reminiscent of her 90s fashion.

Take, for example, her fabulous style moment at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival, when she sizzled in a body-hugging velvet dress that she paired with matching gloves and pumps. Back then, she also wore red lipstick and her natural curls.

Just a year later, the undoing star rocked velvet, black pumps and her signature curls again at the premiere of her in Los Angeles Michael Keaton‘s movie, My Life. In 1994 Nicole also appeared in a black dress with lace sleeves at the People’s Choice Awards.

See for yourself in the pictures below that show the Hollywood star’s 90s style!

Harvard Enterprise College briefly strikes some MBA courses on-line to curb Covid outbreak

Harvard Business School

Brooks Kraft LLC | Corbis | Getty Images

Harvard Business School put all classroom MBA and some sophomore courses online this week and increased their numbers Covid-19 Testing requirements to curb the recent surge in groundbreaking cases on campus.

The Boston school is moving to distance learning by October 3 to try to quell the virus that primarily infects the university’s fully vaccinated students, according to the institution’s website. Around 95% of the students and 96% of the university staff are vaccinated. More than 1,000 students are enrolled at the Business School in the 2023 class.

“Contact tracers who have worked with positive cases highlight that the broadcast does not take place in classrooms or other academic settings on campus,” business school spokesman Mark Cautela said in a statement. “Nor does it occur with people who are masked.”

Cautela added that the university urges students to avoid unmasked indoor events, group travel, and meeting people outside their household.

The business school is also ordering Covid tests for all students three times a week, regardless of vaccination status, Cautela said. The university previously required fully vaccinated students to get tested once a week, while unvaccinated students had to submit test results twice a week.

Harvard students account for the majority of active Covid cases on campus, according to the school’s online coronavirus dashboard. The university conducted 41,864 Covid tests from September 20 to September 25 and found that graduate students accounted for 60 of the 74 positive test results recorded over those six days.

Harvard reports that 87 students are currently isolating after exposure to Covid while 28 students are in quarantine. Masks remain mandatory in all Harvard interiors.

Journey + Leisure debuts on-line reserving and subscription memberships

Travel + Leisure Club is a new subscription travel booking and concierge service.

Travel + Leisure Group / Travel + Leisure Co.

From private jet clubs to theme park memberships, subscription services are increasingly the right choice when it comes to vacation and other leisure travel.

For example, Tripadvisor and Scott’s Cheap Flights – both free for users in their basic versions – each launched premium membership plans this year, giving those willing to pay an annual fee additional perks and access to special rates.

Now, Travel + Leisure Co., which owns around 20 resort, travel club and lifestyle travel brands, is underpinning its claim to the space with its new online Travel + Leisure Club, which is linked to editorial content in its characteristic Travel + Leisure magazine.

While all readers can now book trips to destinations presented in the publication via the new, free Travel + Leisure GO platform, club members receive premium perks such as exclusive travel routes and preferential prices and benefits, according to Noah., President of Travel + Leisure Group Brodski.

“When we acquired the Travel + Leisure brand in January, we heard many times from editors, subscribers and advertisers that with all this incredible content, it’s crazy that there isn’t a ‘book now’ button – we’ve done,” said he, referring to the acquisition of the brand by the former Wyndham Destinations, now Travel + Leisure Co., from Meredith Corp. as part of a $ 100 million deal.

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“And we created a subscription travel club that gives you access to incredible travel and leisure content, exclusive itineraries and editor-inspired trips along with really good bargain prices and benefits,” added Brodsky.

Subscription services are a trend across all industries thanks to the content and value the model brings to consumers, he said.

“This is what we are banking on here: That Travel + Leisure is a brand that can be the strongest player in the travel subscription sector,” said Brodsky.

Membership costs USD 9.95 per month after a free 30-day trial period at a special introductory price. That fee will eventually climb to $ 19.95, but at press time there was no timeframe for a price increase, according to a spokesman.

Subscribers get an average of 25% off retail rates at hotels and resorts, as well as member-only rates for car rentals, activities, and more, the company said. The inventory includes more than 600,000 properties, over 345,000 activity options, and products and services from all major car rental companies and dozens of major airlines.

Members also get a subscription to Travel + Leisure magazine and Concierge Services, which offer help with home renovations inspired by the publication’s photo series, to securing show tickets and restaurant reservations. The restaurant network includes more than 1,500 restaurants in 30 countries and 120 cities, where members receive perks such as free glasses of wine or additional courses.

Travel + Leisure GO, meanwhile, is “an open online travel website that combines inspiring travel stories, travel guides and curated travel routes with planning and booking tools, be it for everyday adventures or a one-off getaway,” the company said.

In recognition of Travel + Leisure magazine’s World’s Best Awards 2021, Travel + Leisure GO club members and visitors can book curated itineraries with top destinations, hotels and activities from this year’s winners. The customizable travel experiences start at $ 1,650 for a four-day stay with accommodations, activities, and ground transportation for two travelers.

Awards and agent loyalty

Charleston, South Carolina was named the # 1 US Destination for 2021 by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Traveler1116 | E + | Getty Images

For example, an impressive getaway to Charleston, South Carolina, which was voted the No. 1 city in the United States this year, includes overnight stays at the boutique Vendue hotel, a cruise in the harbor, and a tour of the city’s alleys and hidden passageways. A stay at the Viceroy Chicago, recognized as the top city hotel in the continental US, includes an “exclusive VIP” tour of the Art Institute of Chicago and a “private early access experience” at the Field Museum of Natural History.

Further afield, Travel + Leisure also offers itineraries in Mexico’s top resort, the Viceroy Riviera Maya in Playa del Carmen, and in Florence, Italy, which is considered one of the top 10 cities in the world. Hopefully, when the pandemic subsides, more overseas routes will be added, Brodsky said.

“We’ll be adding more global destinations in the coming months, but we’ve added more within the US because we know that consumers are more comfortable traveling within the country,” he said.

“These new curated itineraries are a tangible way to have the ‘World’s Best’ experience as they connect us to the world and nurture our fundamental human desire to bring authentic and extraordinary travel experiences to everyone,” said Jacqui Gifford, Editor-in-Chief von Reisen + Freizeit, in a statement.

This is really about expanding our mission of taking the world on vacation, with different clients in a different segment of leisure travel.

Noah Brodsky

President of the Travel + Leisure Group

Brodsky agreed.

“Travel + Leisure has done so well for 50 years at writing such an incredibly inspiring wealth of content, and even a family outing can be inspiring,” he said. “There is something amazing to do with every type of trip, anywhere you want to go, and we’ve got it all listed in one place – and club members are getting really incredible savings and additional concierge services. “

Both the Club and GO are currently available online – at and, respectively – but mobile apps are in the works, Brodsky said. Club members can also book itineraries by calling the concierge service.

It is also planned to be involved in the advisory board of the “A-List” travel agencies of Travel + Leisure, said Brodsky, while the company itself is getting into the field of travel planning and booking. (The purpose of the publication is to compile an annual list of travel agents who specialize in various destinations and activities around the world.)

“I think it suggests people are taking all kinds of trips,” he said, noting that vacation planning can range from simple DIY web searches for the best prices to putting together an expensive trip of a lifetime. “Where you want, need or can afford spectacular advice from one of the best travel consultants in the world.”

“This is where the A-list comes in,” added Brodsky, noting that club concierges will offer referrals to specialist agents. “We absolutely see this as a continuum that will support the Travel + Leisure brand.”

What is not preferred is Travel + Leisure Co.’s own portfolio of traditional Wyndham Destinations vacation properties. “The Travel + Leisure Group operates completely independently of these and works with the editorial content of Travel + Leisure,” said Brodsky.

While his team plans itinerary bookings in line with the magazine’s editorial calendar, “we have no control over where they write about, hotels, cruises, or experiences,” noted Brodsky. “There is no crossover within the site.

“We are already the top player in the areas of the leisure travel industry that we have been to,” he added. “This is really about expanding our mission to take the world on vacation, with different clients in a different segment of leisure travel.”

Finest free on-line Cash Administration instruments

Money Management bezieht sich darauf, wie eine Person ihre Einnahmen und Ausgaben verwaltet, um den Geldfluss zu verfolgen. Es gibt einige Kostenlose persönliche Finanzsoftware und Online-Tools, die den Prozess der Geldverwaltung vereinfachen. Dieser Artikel listet einige der besten kostenlosen Online-Geldmanagement-Tools oder -Websites auf. Mit diesen kostenlosen Tools können Sie Ihre täglichen Ausgaben im Auge behalten. Einige dieser Tools bieten auch einen detaillierten grafischen Bericht über Ihre Einnahmen und Ausgaben.

Die besten kostenlosen Online-Geldmanagement-Tools

Wir haben die folgenden kostenlosen Online-Geldmanagement-Tools oder Websites:

  1. Geldliebhaber
  2. BudgetTracker
  3. Budgetpuls
  4. Gutes Budget
  5. BirneBudget

Sehen wir uns die Funktionen all dieser kostenlosen Tools an.


Money Lover ist ein einfaches Online-Geldverwaltungstool, mit dem Sie Ihre Einnahmen und Ausgaben aufzeichnen können. Mit der kostenlosen Version dieses Tools können Sie Ihrem Konto nur eine Wallet hinzufügen. Wenn Sie mehrere Wallets hinzufügen möchten, müssen Sie deren Premium-Version erwerben. Wenn Sie sich zum ersten Mal auf der Website registrieren, müssen Sie Ihr Wallet benennen, die Währung Ihres Landes auswählen und das anfängliche Guthaben auf das Wallet hinzufügen. Sie können diese Optionen auch später im Meine Brieftaschen Sektion.

Money Lover hat eine einfache und leicht verständliche Benutzeroberfläche. Klicken Sie auf die Transaktion hinzufügen Knopf auf dem Transaktionen Seite. Wählen Sie anschließend eine Kategorie für Ihre Ausgaben aus und geben Sie den Betrag ein, den Sie ausgegeben haben. Sie können Transaktionen für das aktuelle, vorherige und kommende Datum hinzufügen. Sie können jeder Transaktion auch eine Notiz hinzufügen. In dem Mehr Details Abschnitt können Sie Ihrer Transaktion einen Ort, eine Veranstaltung usw. hinzufügen. Die Zukunft Registerkarte listet alle anstehenden Transaktionen auf.

Einige Funktionen von Money Lover

Lassen Sie uns einige der Funktionen von Money Lover erkunden:

  1. Transaktion suchen: Mit dieser Funktion können Sie nach einer bestimmten Transaktion suchen. Sie können auch Filter anwenden, um relevantere Suchergebnisse zu erhalten.
  2. Sie können Bilder Ihrer Rechnungen und anderer Transaktionen hochladen. Die Bilder sollten im JPG-, JPEG-, PNG- und GIF-Format vorliegen und weniger als 2 MB groß sein.
  3. Prüfbericht: Hier können Sie die grafische Darstellung Ihrer Einnahmen und Ausgaben für den aktuellen Monat, letzten Monat, letztes Jahr, benutzerdefinierten Datumsbereich usw. anzeigen. Die grafischen Daten werden im Torten- und Balkendiagrammformat angezeigt.

Um dieses kostenlose Tool zu verwenden, müssen Sie besuchen


BudgetTracker Online-Geldmanager

BudgetTracker ist ein weiteres Tool, mit dem Sie Ihre Einnahmen und Ausgaben online verwalten können. Es ist sowohl in der kostenlosen als auch in der kostenpflichtigen Version verfügbar. In der kostenlosen Version können Sie bis zu 10 Bankkonten hinzufügen. Standardmäßig werden alle Daten in US-Dollar angezeigt. Sie können diese Währung in den Einstellungen ändern. Die Neues Währungssymbol Mit dieser Option können Sie die Währung Ihres Landes hinzufügen, wenn sie nicht in der Liste verfügbar ist.

Zunächst müssen Sie Ihr Bankkonto hinzufügen. Gehen Sie dazu auf „Meine Konten > Neues Konto“ und füllen Sie die erforderlichen Felder aus. Nachdem Sie Ihr Bankkonto hinzugefügt haben, können Sie BudgetTracker verschiedene Transaktionen hinzufügen. Für jede Transaktion können Sie eine bestimmte Kategorie auswählen. Sie können auch eine neue Kategorie hinzufügen, wenn die gewünschte Kategorie in der Liste nicht verfügbar ist. Aber die kostenlose Version ist auf nur 15 Kategorien beschränkt. Wenn Sie mehr als 15 Kategorien hinzufügen möchten, müssen Sie Ihre Mitgliedschaft aktualisieren.

Einige Funktionen von BudgetTracker

BudgetTracker bietet in seinem kostenlosen Plan eine Reihe guter Funktionen. Einige dieser Funktionen werden wir hier auflisten.

  1. Meine Rechnungen: Hier können Sie überfällige und anstehende Rechnungen hinzufügen. Alle Rechnungen, die Sie hinzufügen, sind im Rechnungsliste. Im kostenlosen Plan können Sie bis zu 10 Rechnungen hinzufügen.
  2. Einkommen hinzufügen: Diese Funktion ist für diejenigen von Vorteil, die mehr als eine Einkommensquelle haben. Mit der kostenlosen Version dieses Tools können Sie bis zu 10 Einnahmequellen hinzufügen.
  3. Mein Budget: Wenn Sie Budgetpläne haben, können Sie diese hier hinzufügen.
  4. Budgetierung für Kinder: Es ist eine erweiterte Funktion, mit der Sie die Budgetpläne Ihres Kindes hinzufügen können. In der kostenlosen Version können Sie Ihrem Konto jedoch nur ein Kind hinzufügen.
  5. Startseite Inventar: BudgetTracker wird mit einem kostenlosen Inventarverwaltungstool geliefert. Sie können den Abschnitt Haushaltsinventar verwenden, um die Details Ihrer Haushaltsgegenstände hinzuzufügen.

In dem Berichterstattung Abschnitt können Sie Ihren Budgetbericht, Ihre Erfolgsrechnung, Ihre Spesenabrechnung, Ihre Bilanz usw. anzeigen. In der kostenlosen Version können Sie die Berichtszusammenfassung und die grafische Darstellung Ihrer Einnahmen und Ausgaben nicht ausdrucken.

Besuch um dieses kostenlose Money-Management-Tool zu verwenden.


Budgetpulse Online-Geldmanager-Tool

Budgetpulse ist ein weiteres kostenloses Online-Geldmanagement-Tool. US-Dollar ist die Standardwährung in diesem Tool. Sie können die Standardwährung in Ihren Profileinstellungen ändern. Zu Beginn müssen Sie Ihr Bankkonto zum Budgetpulse hinzufügen. Gehen Sie dazu zu Armaturenbrett und klicke dann auf Konto hinzufügen Taste. Ebenso können Sie Ihrem Konto Ihre Kreditkarten, Vermögenswerte und Verbindlichkeiten hinzufügen.

Einige Funktionen von Budgetpulse

Schauen wir uns einige Funktionen von Budgetpulse an:

  1. Sie können Ihrem Konto vergangene, aktuelle und bevorstehende Transaktionen hinzufügen. Abgesehen davon können Sie jede Transaktion auch wiederholen. Diese Option ist nützlich, wenn Sie jeden Monat den gleichen Betrag wie die Hausmiete zahlen müssen.
  2. Sie können auch eine bestimmte Transaktion aufteilen und einer Notiz hinzufügen.
  3. In dem Budget Abschnitt können Sie Ihre Budgetpläne verwalten.
  4. Mit Budgetpulse können Sie mehr als ein Bankkonto hinzufügen.
  5. Export- und Importoptionen sind auch in Budgetpulse verfügbar. OFX, QFX, QIF und CSV sind die unterstützten Dateiformate zum Importieren von Daten. Um diese Optionen zu verwenden, klicken Sie auf das Werkzeuge Tab.

Die Diagramme Registerkarte zeigt einen detaillierten Bericht über Ihre Einnahmen, Ausgaben, einen Vergleich zwischen Ihren Einnahmen und Ausgaben, Ihr Vermögen und eine Kontozusammenfassung. Die Als PDF exportieren Option ist in der Diagramme Tab, aber bei mir hat es nicht funktioniert.

Besuch um Ihre Einnahmen und Ausgaben im Blick zu behalten.

Lesen: Manager ist eine kostenlose Finanzsoftware für kleine Unternehmen.

4]Gutes Budget

Goodbudget Money-Management-Website

Mit Goodbudget können Sie in der kostenlosen Version nur ein Bankkonto hinzufügen. Es gibt keine Option zum Hinzufügen von Währungen. Es zeigt Ihre Einnahmen und Ausgaben nur in numerischen Werten ohne Währungssymbol an. Sie können in Goodbudget vier verschiedene Arten von Transaktionen hinzufügen, nämlich:

  1. Aufwand/Gutschrift
  2. Überweisung
  3. Einkommen
  4. Schuldentransaktion

In Goodbudget können Sie Ihr Monatsbudget für verschiedene Kategorien planen, indem Sie Umschläge hinzufügen. In der kostenlosen Version können Sie bis zu 10 normale Umschläge und 10 weitere Umschläge hinzufügen. Die Mehr Umschläge ist ein erweiterter Bereich, in dem Sie Ihr Budget alle 2 Monate, 3 Monate, 6 Monate, jährlich usw. hinzufügen können.

So verwenden Sie Goodbudget

Sehen wir uns den Prozess der Erstellung eines Budgetplans in Goodbudget an.

  1. Zunächst müssen Sie Ihr Bankkonto hinzufügen. Klicken Sie dazu auf das Konten Tab und dann klick Hinzufügen/Bearbeiten Taste. Fügen Sie nun Ihren Bankkontonamen und Ihren aktuellen Kontostand hinzu.
  2. Jetzt müssen Sie einige Umschläge erstellen. Gehen Sie dazu zu Heim und klicke dann auf Umschläge Tab. Klicken Sie nun auf das Hinzufügen/Bearbeiten , um neue Hüllkurven hinzuzufügen und die bestehenden zu bearbeiten. Klicken Sie auf die Hinzufügen , um einen neuen Umschlag zu erstellen. Geben Sie anschließend den Gesamtbetrag ein, den Sie diesem Umschlag zuweisen möchten. Wenn Sie fertig sind, klicken Sie auf Änderungen speichern.
  3. Nachdem Sie alle Umschläge erstellt haben, müssen Sie diese mit dem von Ihnen zugewiesenen Betrag füllen. Gehe zu Home und klicke dann auf Umschläge füllen. In dem Füllen von können Sie Ihr Budget unter dem Nicht zugewiesen Tab. In dem Füllen Sie Ihren Umschlag Geben Sie den Betrag für jeden Umschlag ein, der dem Betrag entspricht, der diesem bestimmten Umschlag zugewiesen ist. Wenn Sie fertig sind, klicken Sie auf Speichern.
  4. Jetzt können Sie Transaktionen hinzufügen. Gehen Sie dazu zu Home und klicken Sie dann auf Transaktion hinzufügen. Füllen Sie alle Details aus und klicken Sie auf Speichern.

In dem Berichte Im Abschnitt können Sie 8 verschiedene Arten von Berichten anzeigen, darunter Ausgaben nach Umschlag, Ausgaben nach Zahlungsempfänger, Einkommen vs. Ausgaben, Schuldenfortschritt, Budgetzuweisung usw.

Sie können Bankkontotransaktionen in Ihr Godbudget-Konto importieren. QFX, OFX und CSV sind die unterstützten Dateiformate zum Hochladen von Bankkontotransaktionen. Darüber hinaus können Sie mit dem Tool Ihre Transaktionsdaten auch im CSV-Format exportieren.

Besuch um dieses kostenlose Online-Tool zu nutzen.


Pearbudget Online-Geldmanagement-Website

PearBudget ist ein einfaches Money-Management-Tool mit einigen Funktionen. Hier können Sie Ihre Einnahmen und Ausgaben hinzufügen und Ihre Budgets planen. Standardmäßig wird keine Währung angezeigt. Sie können die Währung Ihres Landes in Ihren Kontoeinstellungen hinzufügen.

Klicken Sie auf die Geben Sie Ihre Quittungen ein Abschnitt, um Ihr Einkommen und Ihre Transaktionen für einen bestimmten Monat einzugeben. Für jede Transaktion müssen Sie einen Kategorienamen hinzufügen. Sie können jeden Kategorienamen wie folgt markieren:

  1. Monatlich (Saldo wird nicht jeden Monat übertragen)
  2. Unregelmäßig (Saldo wird jeden Monat übertragen)
  3. Einkommen

Sie können auch mehrere Tags für jede Kategorie erstellen.

Sie können Ihr Budget auch kategorieweise planen. Wenn Ihre Ausgaben für eine bestimmte Kategorie das festgelegte Budget überschreiten, wird dies rot markiert. Die Überprüfen Sie Ihre Ausgaben Abschnitt enthält einen detaillierten Bericht über Ihre Einnahmen und Ausgaben. Klicken Sie auf die Jahresrückblick Registerkarte unter diesem Abschnitt, um Ihren Einkommens- und Ausgabenbericht für einen bestimmten Monat anzuzeigen.

Die Drucken Prüfbericht Option ist auch in PearBudget verfügbar.

Besuch um Ihr Geld online zu verwalten.

Lesen: TakeStock 2 ist eine kostenlose Personal Investment Management Software.

Wie kann ich mein Geld online verfolgen?

Sie können jede Online-Geldverwaltungswebsite verwenden, um den Überblick über Ihr Geld zu behalten. Wir haben in diesem Artikel einige der kostenlosen Online-Geldverwaltungstools erwähnt. Sie können sich auf jeder dieser Websites registrieren und Ihre Ausgaben und Einnahmen kostenlos verwalten.

Welche App ist die beste für die täglichen Ausgaben?

Wenn du suchst, findest du viele kostenlose persönliche Finanz- und Budgetierungs-Apps im Windows Store. Diese Apps bieten eine detaillierte Analyse Ihrer monatlichen Einnahmen und Ausgaben in numerischer und grafischer Form. Durch die Analyse Ihrer monatlichen Berichte können Sie Ihr Budget besser planen.

Das ist es.

Lesen Sie als nächstes: Kostenlose persönliche Finanz- und Unternehmensbuchhaltungssoftware für Windows.

Money Lover Online-Geldverwaltungstool

‘More money’ scheme: What’s it, the way to keep away from falling for it when promoting objects on-line

The former 8-On-Your-Side reporter was a potential victim but untangled the plot and reached out to Better Call Behnken to get the word out


Posted: 8/24/2021 / 6:10 PM EDT
Updated: 8/24/2021 / 6:10 PM EDT

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Retired 8 On Your Side Reporter Peter Bernard was trying to sell a piano so he reached out to eBay. One buyer was interested, but there was a catch.

Bernard asked for $ 250 for the piano. But the buyer sent a check for $ 2,750 and asked him to transfer $ 2,400 to the Venmo account of an alleged moving company that would then pick up the piano.

“If I had gone through with this, I would have lost the $ 2,400 and it would have been extremely embarrassing,” said Bernard, who untangled the plan.

Old septic tank safely removed from the St. Pete yard after the tow truck driver crushed it and tried to fill the hole with debris

He has called Better to call Behnken to warn others not to fall for it. If someone wants to buy something that you sell online and offers to send you extra money so you can pay someone else, it is illegitimate.

The gist of the scheme is this: it can take a few days for the bank to determine that a check is bad. By then, the victim would have sent the crook real money. If the check pops up, the victim is hooked for the entire amount.

In this case, the check appeared to be from a hospital, which confirmed that the check was forged.

4 months after buying an SUV from Carvana, the Riverview man still has no permanent tag, no registration

The name on the envelope was a woman in Spokane, Washington. This woman, Lauren Camp, says she is a victim of identity theft and this is not the first time she has heard her name have been used in a possible system.

“Someone tried to buy something worth $ 6,000 in New Zealand,” she said.

Someone else, she said, tried to buy a $ 12,000 truck in her name.

Credit score Karma integrates Cash software program with QuickBooks On-line Payroll

Credit Karma, the consumer technology platform that provides spending and savings solutions, has a new integration with Intuit software. Credit Karma Money is now linked to QuickBooks Online Payroll.

Intuit acquired Credit Karma in a blockbuster deal for $ 8.1 billion in 2020. This new software integration is the second between the two companies since the deal, the first being an integration with TurboTax.

The Credit Karma Money-QBO Payroll integration enables small business employees to deposit their paychecks into a Credit Karma Money Spend account through their QuickBooks Workforce employee portal.

“When we partnered with Intuit, we knew there would be opportunities for our companies to work together to build a more holistic financial ecosystem where members can manage all aspects of their finances in one place and their paycheck is one important part of it, ”said Ken Lin, founder and CEO of Credit Karma, in a statement. “This integration will allow us to reach out to small businesses and provide an overall better review and savings experience for their employees, many of whom live paycheck to paycheck.”

“More than 70% of employees paid through QuickBooks Online Payroll are hourly wage earners who earn less than $ 50,000 a year,” said Laurent Sellier, vice president and business leader, Intuit QuickBooks Online Payroll, in a statement. “The integration between Credit Karma Money and QuickBooks Payroll will make it easier for small business employees to manage their money and keep more money in their pockets.”

In fiscal 2020, QuickBooks Payroll products processed payments for more than 15 million employees, who account for more than $ 208 billion in payroll annually, Intuit reported. The goal of this initial integration with QuickBooks Online Payroll is for Credit Karma, the largest company to date, to scale quickly.

Future plans include Credit Karma Money integration with QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, which will give more small businesses the option to open a Credit Karma Money Spend or Save account and, for some, the option to receive paychecks up to two days in advance of their intended use Payday.

Finest Bets: A fast information to on-line and in-person leisure and digital experiences

The La Jolla Light showcases this ongoing series of online activities that you can do on your computer or tablet, as well as local in-person events following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lectures & learning

• The pen to paper writer class will be held on Thursday, July 8th at 1:00 pm at La Jolla / Riford Library, 7555 Draper Ave. continued. The course is open to authors of all skill levels, ages 18+, and continues weekly. Free. (858) 552-1657

Linda Bradley is one of the panelists who will speak about immunotherapy at a Sanford Burnham Prebys webinar.

Linda Bradley is one of the panelists who will speak online at the Sanford Burnham Prebys webinar “Immunotherapy – Helping Our Bodies Heal Cancer” on Tuesday July 13th.

(Courtesy Sanford Burnham Prebys)

• Sanford Burnham Prebys presents “Immunotherapy – Help Our Bodies Heal Cancer” online on Tuesday, July 13th at 1:00 pm. The webinar will present information from SBP researchers on immunotherapy and will include a question-and-answer session. Free.

• PEN America, Global Cyber ​​Alliance and Freedom of the Press Foundation will present “A Hands-On Anti-Hacking, Anti-Doxing Workshop” online on Wednesday, July 14th at 10 am. The webinar, part of a “Summer Bootcamp on Digital Security and Preventing Online Abuse,” covers tools and strategies to make yourself, your work and your company safer online. Future dates are Wednesday July 21st and Thursday July 22nd. Free.

• The San Diego County’s Bicycle Coalition will launch City Cycling online on Thursday, July 15 at 6:00 pm. The class is designed to help drivers feel more comfortable on the road. Topics include general bicycle safety, legal rights and obligations, and emergency maneuvering skills. Free.

Family & children

• The La Jolla Chapter of the Urban Garden Initiative is holding a succulent growing workshop for elementary and middle school students on Saturday, July 10th at 10:30 am at Marian Bear Memorial Park, 5491 Genesee Ave, San Diego. Participants are given a juicy and sustainable pot to grow in. Free. Send an email to

Art and culture

• The San Diego Repertory Theater, La Jolla Playhouse and The Old Globe present “We are Listening” online on Thursday, July 8th at 5:30 pm. The bi-weekly salon, which celebrates and discusses black theater life, continues with guest Miki Vale, an international hip-hop artist, an Old Globe commissioned playwright and founder of the SoulKiss Theater. Free.

• The La Jolla Art Association opens the “Alive by the Sea” exhibition with a reception from 2.30pm to 5.30pm Friday, July 9th, at the La Jolla Community Center, 6811 La Jolla Blvd. Mixed media painter Lindsay Ahart, oil painter Daniel Kilgore, photographer Gloria Moeller and watercolor painter Minnie Valero discuss the stories behind their art. The exhibition runs until Saturday, July 31st. Free. Registration, masks and proof of COVID-19 vaccination are required.

• ENA Art Group will show the work of La Jolla-based artist Paul Kaplan starting Saturday, July 10th at 11am at the Sparks Gallery, 530 Sixth Ave., San Diego. Kaplan is an artist at Arredon Art Gallery, supported by the ENA Art Group. The exhibition, a collaboration between several local art galleries, runs until Saturday July 31st. Free.

• Live jazz returns to the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library with Farrell Family Jazz, a series of summer concerts starting on Saturday, July 10th at 7:30 pm at 1008 Wall Street, La Jolla. The first concert will be presented by the Larry Goldings Quartet with Goldings on piano, David Piltch on bass, Jay Bellerose on drums and Sebastian Aymanns on drums. Future concerts are July 31st and August 7th and 14th. USD 35 per individual concert for Athenaeum members / USD 132 for the series; $ 40 for non-members / $ 152 for the series.

• The North Coast Repertory Theater presents “Becoming Dr. Ruth ”until Sunday, July 11th, online. The solo showcase, written by Mark St. Germain, shows Tovah Feldshuh as a sex therapist and media personality. $ 35 for single viewing; $ 54 for group viewing.

• Adventures by the Book will present “Workparent: An ABTB Means Business Fireside Adventure” online on Tuesday, July 13th at 4:00 pm. Executive coach and author Daisy Dowling will speak about her book “Workparent”. $ 28.50; contains a paperback.

• Warwick’s bookstore will be presented by author Kristin Harmel on Wednesday, July 14th, at 6 pm on Facebook Live. Harmel will talk to the author Kristina McMorris about her new book “The Forest of Vanishing Stars”. Free.

• The San Diego Writers Festival will be held online on Saturday, July 17 and Saturday, July 31, at 9:30 am online. The July 17th festival, in partnership with the Coronado Public Library and Warwick’s La Jolla bookstore, will feature Saturday Night Live alumna Laraine Newman discussing her new memoir and James Patterson and co-author Matt Eversmann discussing their new book . Free.

Kim McCoy will speak about his updated edition of Willard Bascom's book, Waves and Beaches

Oceanographer Kim McCoy will discuss his updated edition of Willard Bascom’s book, Waves and Beaches: The Powerful Dynamics of Sea and Coast, at DG Wills Books in La Jolla on Saturday, July 17th.

(Courtesy Kim McCoy)

• DG Wills Books presents Oceanographer Kim McCoy on Saturday, July 17th at 7:00 pm at 7461 Girard Ave., La Jolla. McCoy will review his updated edition of Willard Bascom’s book, Waves and Beaches: The Powerful Dynamics of Sea and Coast, a guide for anyone studying, surfing, or interested in the ocean. Free.

• The La Jolla Playhouse presents on Friday, July 30th and Saturday, July 31st, at 7 and 9:30 pm in the Mandel Weiss Forum of UC San Diego, 2910 La Jolla Village Drive, a special commitment by “Hasan Minhaj – Experiment Time “. The one-man show will feature material written and performed by comedian Minhaj. Ticket sales start on Thursday, July 8th.

Galas & Events

• The Yiddish Arts and Academics Association of North America presents Corona and the New Normal online at 11 am on Sunday, July 11th. The zoom game is a fundraiser for the organization hoping to open a Yiddish cultural center in La Jolla. $ 36.

• Olivewood Gardens & Learning Center and the San Diego-Tijuana Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists present “Rosamaria’s Culinary Traditions: Virtual Cooking Class” online on Wednesday, July 14th at 6:00 pm. Traditional vegan recipes are featured at the fundraiser for the Olivewood and NAHJ San Diego-Tijuana nutrition and gardening programs. $ 20 for course registration and $ 20 for an ingredient kit that will be available for pickup on Tuesday, July 13th.

• Gelson’s will host a virtual ice cream tasting online at 6pm on Thursday, July 15th. The event features a variety of ice creams, including vegan ones, in a party package that can be picked up on July 14th or 15th at Gelson’s Pacific Beach, 730 Turquoise St.; Gelsons Del Mar, 2707 Via de la Valle; and Gelsons Karlsbad, 7660 El Camino Real. $ 24.99.

Do you have an event – online or in person – that you would like to see here? Email your leads to ◆

Indonesian animation “Nussa” premiered by Bifan in on-line controversy-Leisure

Indonesian animated film Nusa 2021 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (Bifan), Planned for 8.-18. July in South Korea.

The film is shown at festivals in the family category. Executive producer Angga Dwimas Sasongko shared an invitation from Bifan on his Twitter account Tuesday after being accused online of paying for the nomination.

This film is directed by Bonnie Willasmono and is his first feature film.

The film with Asri Wellas’ voice as Bibi Mar, a funny and loving nanny, Hamka Sileger. Park Ucock and Opie Kumis as Babe Jaelani. The film was co-produced by Little Giants Animation Studios and Visinema Pictures.

Visinema producer Anggia Kharisma said the plot was written by Visinema. She believes viewers all over the world are welcoming Visinema’s first animated film.

“We’re really excited because we’re strengthening ourselves. We’re making an important story, ”Anggia said as quoted.

Nusa It is one of the three Indonesian films that will appear in BIFAN 2021. The other two are Miles Films Paranoia and Cornelius Sunny Death Knot.

The animated film was controversial online after social media influencer Eko Kunthadi accused the character of promoting the Taliban for wearing robes and hijabs. However, netizens also pointed out that the story centers on Nussa’s attempt to impress his father, who returns home after a year abroad.

Nusa After his fame, a bright nine-year-old boy decided to attend his school’s Science Expo. Nussa is disabled and is seeing an orthopedic technician. However, his father has canceled his return trip and cannot take part in the Nusa competition. This film shows Nusa’s journey to discover the real meaning of gratitude.

Indonesian animation “Nussa” by Bifan premiered in online controversy entertainment

Source link Indonesian animation “Nussa” by Bifan premiered in online controversy entertainment

Greatest Bets: A fast information to (principally) on-line leisure and digital experiences

This is an ongoing set of online activities that you can do on your computer or tablet during your quarantine situation, as well as local in-person events as we move out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lectures & learning

• The La Jolla Community Center will present “Stretch for the Best Quality of Life” online on Wednesday, June 30th, 10 am. Talia Rozen, Co-Founder of Jo Stretch in La Jolla, will address some of the benefits of stretching, including ensuring correct posture, reducing pain, increasing blood flow, and preventing injury. Free.

• The San Diego Women’s Foundation will present “Community Partner Connection: The San Diego LGBT Community Center” online on Wednesday, June 30th at 4:00 pm. The event provides an overview of the center and its services, with an emphasis on the residential programs. Free.

• The pen-to-paper writer course will take place on Thursday, July 1, from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm at La Jolla / Riford Library, 7555 Draper Ave. and will continue every Thursday. The course is open to authors of all skill levels from the age of 18. Free. (858) 552-1657

Family & children

• La Jolla Playhouse presents “Pick Me Last” which is now streamed online. The production of the Performance Outreach Program Tour 2021 by the Schauspielhaus for young audiences is about standing up for friends and learning to let them stand up for themselves. Free of charge (use password pop2021).

Art and culture

• Vanguard Culture and award-winning poet laureate Gill Sotu present “The History of Joy” online on Thursday June 24th at 7pm with the second of four cinematic performances inspired by real stories of struggle, beauty and triumph. Future meetings are on September 23rd and November 18th. $ 15 per event.

• The Old Globe presents “Word Up!” Online at 5:30 pm Friday June 25th. The event features drag music with Jaye Piper Rosewell and guest Farah Dinga. Free.

• The San Diego Symphony’s “To The Earth” festival ends on Friday, June 25th at 7:00 pm online with “Evening: The Earth Rests”. Free.

• Adventures by the Book will present “Forest of Disappearing Stars: An exclusive VIP pre-launch fireplace adventure” online on Sunday, June 27th at 3:00 pm. At the live event, the author Kristin Harmel speaks about her new book “The Forest of Vanishing Stars”. $ 31.50 including a signed hardcover book.

• The La Jolla Theater Ensemble will present “Still We Rise” in front of St. James by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, 743 Prospect St. on Sunday, June 27 at 4:00 pm The event will feature poetry by Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Amanda Gorman. present, Yolanda Franklin and Ernie McCray and the music of the Rob Thorsen Trio. $ 15 donation suggested. (858) 203-8398

The Warwick Bookstore will be presented by author Tessa Arlen on Tuesday, June 29th at 7pm on Facebook Live.

The Warwick Bookstore will be presented by author Tessa Arlen on Tuesday, June 29th at 7pm on Facebook Live.

(Courtesy Tessa Arlen)

• Warwick’s bookstore will be presented by author Tessa Arlen on Tuesday, June 29th at 7pm on Facebook Live. Arlen will speak to author Kate Quinn about her new book, In Royal Service to the Queen. Free.

• Bach Collegium San Diego is streamed its entire 2020-21 season through Wednesday, June 30th. Guests can view all 11 performances filmed during the three different Bach Collegium virtual series. $ 40.

• The North Coast Repertory Theater presents “Becoming Dr. Ruth ”, which was extended online until Sunday, July 11th. The solo showcase, written by Mark St. Germain, shows Tovah Feldshuh as a sex therapist and media personality. $ 35 for single viewing; $ 54 for group viewing.

Do you have an event – online or in person – that you would like to see here? Email your leads to ◆