Pizza Membership provides Detroit-style pizza at meals pop-ups in Savannah GA

For Steve Troxell, a transplant from Detroit, a pandemic pizza-making hobby has gone public thanks to a series of popular pop-ups called Pizza Club.

A graphic designer by day, Troxell has been perfecting his pies over the past year with much help from willing taste testers, including the bar staff at Moodright’s on Abercorn Street. The first Pizza Club opened in September in adjacent Over Yonder, and it’s been serving Detroit-style pizza every month since, with plans to expand in 2022.

Troxell’s experiments in the kitchen were initially intended to answer the question he had when he moved to Savannah with his girlfriend Leah Van Namen five years ago: Where’s the good pizza? He quickly made friends and fell in love with the food scene, but he hadn’t realized that the rectangular pies of his upbringing were a regional thing, he said.

He often ordered Jet’s Pizza on Abercorn, but with the chain’s closure he was left without a home-made solution. So he turned to his own devices and soon the Pizza Club was born.

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Bring the Motor City to the Hostess City

For the uninitiated, Detroit-style pizza is all about the crust, Troxell explained.

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“It should be thick but fluffy and crispy on the bottom,” he said. “I compare it to a focaccia – very fluffy.”

The other rules are that it should be a square or rectangle and the cheese should go to the rim like a crust with the sauce on top.

In addition, there are some discussions among connoisseurs. Troxell, for example, scores rather than grazes his sauce, and while the traditional topping is a mix of mozzarella and Wisconsin brick cheese — hard to find south of the Mason-Dixon — he substitutes Monterey Jack, which has a similar melting quality.

He also had to get creative with his pans when professional quality became too expensive for a hobby cook. He found an alternative with a lid for brownies that allows the batter to rise, as opposed to how it’s stretched in traditional cakes before baking.

Steve Troxwell pulls a pizza out of the oven on Thursday, January 20, 2022 at his home in Savannah, GA.  Troxwell has operated a series of Detroit-style pizza pop-ups in Savannah.

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The result? Troxell has sold out cakes at every pop-up and says he’s even found other Detroit expats who have lent their seal of approval. Pre-orders are running out quickly after the dates were announced via Instagram, and he’s making the double order in person on the day of.

Pizza Club fan Peterson Worrell, who turned on notifications for @pizzaclub_sav To make sure he doesn’t miss out, he said the pies are the perfect addition to Savannah’s food landscape.

Steve Troxwel prepares a pizza Thursday, January 20, 2022 at his home in Savannah, GA.  Troxwell has operated a series of Detroit-style pizza pop-ups in Savannah.

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“Your pizza is such a welcome change! With so many places around town offering New York-style pizza, it’s nice to have another option,” he said. “And the crust! Definitely made from scratch and the perfect balance of crunchy and buttery without being greasy at all.”

Savannah is gaining ground on the pop-up food scene

Pizza Club joins a plethora of pop-ups bringing a variety of cuisines to town for a limited time only. Some, like Venezuelan street food supplier Troupial, built a following as pop-ups before branching out to brick-and-mortar stores.

Natasha Gaskill prepares a loaf of bread on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at her home in Savannah, GA.

Formerly a mobile food truck, Big Bon Bodega now operates the Big Bon Ghost Kitchen, which offers sous chefs the opportunity to showcase culinary talent at special events without having to find a space or worry about expenses.

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Pastry chef Natasha Gaskill, whose foodie operations include Husk and the Grey, has also made the switch to pop-ups for 2021 in partnership with Executive Chef Matt Palmerlee. The duo’s one-night summer ice cream residencies at Finche’s sandwiches and dinners with a North African twist, nicknamed Hotel Lugash, have allowed Gaskill to test flavors and combinations without the pressure of building a bigger brand.

For Troxell, pop-ups are a chance to prove his talents in a new industry where his previous experience is limited to his teenage years at Detroit-based pizza chain Buscemi.

With the next Pizza Club coming amid a new home purchase — he and Van Namen are here to stay — Troxell said he intends to go into overdrive with biweekly deals in the new year.

Ian & Kye’s Pizza in Jensen Seaside provides Chicago-style Italian

Suzanne Dennis
| Treasure Coast Newspapers

Ian & Kye’s Pizza is all about family and a passion for authentic Chicago-style cooking. Located right on Indian River Drive in downtown Jensen Beach, the location is fantastic. Enjoy a taste of the Windy City with ingredients shipped straight from Chicago. Choose to sit on the outdoor patio or in the cosy, rustic dining room.

While most people associate Chicago with deep-dish pizza, Ian & Kye’s serves it tavern-style on a thin, crispy cracker crust that’s just salty enough to offset the sweet tomato sauce. The cake is cut into squares while generous amounts of topping are stacked to the brim.

The menu also offers appetizers, salads, hot sandwiches, wings and desserts should you have room for them.

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We watched as an appetizer of cheesy garlic bites ($5.50) was delivered to another table. They looked amazing, but we had already ordered our large Chi Town Sausage Pie ($20.25) which arrived piping hot. Because the cake is cut into small squares, it’s easy to buff half of it away without even realizing it. (OK, it was me!) I wish it could have been a little crunchier, but the flavor was definitely there, and that meaty, savory sausage was amazing.

My husband was busy diving into his Chi-Town World Famous Italian Beef Sandwich ($9.50) to which he added melted provolone cheese. Tender, piping hot roast beef, thinly sliced ​​and soaked in a flavorful jus, stacked on top of Chicago French Bread. I got the side eye when asking about my obligatory bite. I could understand why as it was so delicious it melted in your mouth.

The dessert menu featured cheesecake ($4), tiramisu ($5), and zeppoli, which we just had to have half a dozen of ($2.50). The piping hot and sugar laden fried dough was a treat.

Kye Maiolo’s dream of owning his own pizzeria in his hometown has come true. With an emphasis on quality, passion and family, there is a story here. Some magical, some tragic, but the mood is consistently positive.

Ian & Kye’s Pizza

Cuisine: Chicago-style Italian

Address: 3310 NE Indian River Drive, Jensen Beach

Phone: 772-334-5074

Hours: 11:30am to 9:30pm Tuesdays to Thursdays and Sundays; 11:30am to 10:00pm Friday-Saturday; closed on Monday.

Alcohol: beer and wine


Susan Dennis dines anonymously at TCPalm’s expense for #whattodoin772. Contact them at

Ocean Metropolis Resident Gives Fashion, Consolation With Clothes Line

WoodLuck clothing offers unique and sporty clothing with style and comfort in mind. (Courtesy photo by Jake Brown)


Jake Brown, who is only 24 years old, is a budding entrepreneur.

His WoodLuck clothing line offers a range of items for the outdoor type. And the clothes are selling fast. The young talent not only keeps pace with the growing business, but also expands his company and still offers his regular and new customers special offers.

Brown is offering 20 percent off WoodLuck inventory and free shipping through Saturday, December 4th. The coupon code is Beer20. To order, visit WoodLuck at

Clothing is about quality, style, and uniqueness, Brown said. Every “WoodHood” hoodie has a thin piece of wood with the WoodLuck logo sewn into the garment. The company name arose from Brown’s superstition that “knocking on wood” as a lucky charm.

WoodLuck’s customer base has been growing steadily since the website launched in 2018.

And Brown is pretty sure why that could be.

“It’s about quality,” he said during an interview on Saturday in his new office in downtown Ocean City. “A lot of our older shirts just weren’t as good as they are now. I researched various companies and clothing until I found the brand with the best quality. “

Brown, who works full-time in insurance risk management, is an avid surfer and animal lover who is devoted to his family and friend, Alex Valentini of Manasquan.

Jake Brown and his girlfriend Alex Valentini in his new office in downtown Ocean City.

His passion drives the success he has achieved with WoodLuck.

Brown claims that thanks to his business philosophy – quality over quantity – he ensures he delivers a garment that is comfortable, casual, yet stylish and memorable.

“I want my customers to come back,” he says. “If people like the design or the color, but the quality just isn’t there, they won’t come back.”

Thick and soft sweatshirts from coffee to bone color define the hoodies. Like the other items of clothing, the long-sleeved shirts have the WoodLuck logo with a simple, clear gradient under the logo. The backs of the shirts have designs ranging from surfboards to sundials. The hoodies have the thin wooden labels.

Although his garments are competitively priced, Brown also knows the importance of rewarding returning customers and attracting new WoodLuck fans, he said.

That’s why Brown regularly offers discounts and specials on the website.

He attributes good business acumen to his parents Marnie and Jim Brown, who helped him with his dream, which was once a hobby but quickly turned into a career.

Each hoodie has a thin piece of wood with the logo for the superstitious. (Courtesy photo by Jake Brown)

WoodLuck started out at his parents’ house after all.

Now that he has opened an office in Ocean City that he uses for his inventory and WoodLuck office, he sees even more expansion in the future.

He grew up in Ambler, Pennsylvania with his parents and brother Ryan, 20, but always spent the summers in Ocean City.

“I’ve vacationed here since I was a baby,” noted Brown. “I thought Ocean City would be an ideal place to start WoodLuck.”

He is a 2019 graduate of Bloomsburg University where he studied business administration. During his studies WoodLuck was born and the website was launched.

WoodLuck orders, at least for now, exclusively online. While Brown said he was open to the possibility of opening a retail store in the future, the WoodLuck website currently gives customers the benefit of ordering exactly what they want and getting it delivered to their door.

Brown has ideas for some new items and will definitely continue to grow.

“This month itself is the best month we’ve had so far,” he said. “I only fill out order after order. It’s getting really full now, that’s great. My goal is to have more space for more inventory and possibly introduce some new parts into the line. “

Brown has some ideas but doesn’t share the details yet.

“We’ll get some new hats and shorts in the spring,” he said. “We might see some new categories over the summer. We will definitely have something new for our customers. “

WoodLuck is all about stylish yet comfortable clothing. (Courtesy photo by Jake Brown)

Southwest affords workers additional pay, frequent flyer miles to keep away from vacation journey disruptions

A bag handler pushes a bag near a Southwest Airlines plane at Hollywood Burbank Airport in Burbank, Calif., October 10, 2021.

Robyn Beck | AFP | Getty Images

Southwest Airlines On Saturday, its flight attendants offered new incentives to avoid further flight cancellations, especially during the main holiday season, amid staffing concerns, an internal memo said.

Southwest canceled more than 2,000 flights around Columbus Day weekend, disruptions the airline said cost it $ 75 million. American Airlines, which also offers flight attendants and other crews additional payment for vacation shifts, had to contend with mass cancellations of flights at the end of last month and also at the beginning of November.

Flight attendants, pilots and other operations staff could earn up to 120,000 Rapid Rewards points valued at more than $ 1,400. Flight attendants are entitled to work 36 days between November 15 and January 14, while cabin crews who work 28 days during that period could earn 60,000 points, the note said. Southwest said the number of qualifying shifts or days varies by work group.

The number of no-shows or unreachable flight attendants has risen recently, Southwest’s vice president of Sonya Lacore, vice president of in-flight operations, said in her message to cabin crew that was reviewed by CNBC. Sick calls have also increased when the company lifted emergency policies that required flight attendants to produce a medical certificate when they called sick. Lacore said, for example, when the airline last lifted these procedures on Nov. 9, two consecutive hours of sickness went from 20 to 90 an hour.

“We have a great opportunity here to maintain that commitment to you and her amid a difficult time for all of us,” wrote Lacore. “Our first step in addressing this and actively working to keep operations safe was to cut the schedule and we believe this incentive program will take us one more step in the right direction.”

The airline also offers ground operations workers triple pay for Thanksgiving and Christmas work, and double pay for overtime between November 17th and November 30th and December 17th through January 3rd. half salary.

The airlines had offered their employees early retirement packages and leave of absence to cut their labor costs during the pandemic, but were under staff shortages when demand picked up again this year. More flight attendants are returning from vacation to America and the Southwest, while these and other airlines are also aggressively hiring.

Sustainable Trend Present Provides Recent Look On Type & Atmosphere

PALOS VERDES, CA – South Bay locals are invited to a sustainable benefit and catwalk show hosted by New2U and South Bay Cares on Sunday. It is an event to raise awareness of the damage caused by fast fashion to our environment and how to defend against these harmful effects.

The event takes place from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at El Camp. Attendees can expect a catwalk, raffle prizes, speakers, DJs, and the sale of carefully used, curated clothing to promote new ways people look at their closets and the impact on our planet. Much of the proceeds will go to Sew Swag and the League of Women’s Voters.

The event is inspired by Daisy Hutton, co-founder of The Fixx Collective and Dillon Eisman, founder of Sew-Swag.

The clothing industry is the second largest industrial polluter after the oil industry. It is responsible for 10 percent of global CO2 emissions.

The fashion industry is currently responsible for more annual carbon emissions than all international flights and shipping combined, and around 85 percent of clothing and textile waste ends up in landfills or incinerators.

The price of the current fast fashion business model to our environment and developing countries is becoming more recognized, and a growing number of people want to make environmentally conscious and humane purchasing decisions.

“There are people who are trying to completely reform the system, from the materials we use to the way we make clothes and the way we shop,” the organizers told Patch. “We’ll be highlighting some of the change makers during our event and providing useful resources to help guide our fashion mindset in a more sustainable direction.”

Daisy Hutton, co-founder of The Fixx collective talks about practical steps to develop a stylish, sustainable wardrobe. She combines years of experience in the fashion industry and passion for our environment in her approach to fashion art.

Dillon Eisman, founder of Sew swag will talk about his journey to found Sew Swag. Sew Swag Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that transforms damaged and donated clothing into fashionable outfits for the greater Los Angeles homeless population. Her goal is to give those in need the clothing and dignity necessary to begin the transition from the street. Sew Swag has a wide range of impacts across Southern California through partnerships with other nonprofits and animal shelters.

The sustainable fashion show takes place at El Camp, 2150 Park Place, Ste 100, El Segundo. Tickets are $ 10 and are free for students. BrownBag link + QR code. Visit the website for more event information:


New genuine, handmade, homestyle Mexican-style ice cream parlor provides spooky treats

As seen in “Texas Eats” by KSAT 12, Tropicana ice cream serves a taste from the heart of Mexico with fresh handmade ice cream, paletas, fruit cups and snacks in the Alamo City

Everything is made from scratch, including ice cream, paletas, aguas frescas, chamoy, chili and whipped cream on the fresas con crema.

“Our Aguas Frescas are also made in the shop with natural ingredients. Make sure you try them all before you decide on your favorite, ”said Denisse Diaz, General Manager of Tropicana Ice Cream. “We make sure (in the process) that everything we offer our customers is the best it can be.”

On the snack menu, hungry customers can try mangonadas, banana splits, milkshakes, churro splits, fruit cups, nachos with jalapenos and corn dogs.

Since autumn is officially here, Tropicana Ice Cream is introducing its new flavor of pumpkin spice ice cream for all pumpkin spice lovers.


“This ice cream is also handcrafted with pumpkin puree and our signature pumpkin spice blend, which is sure to make your fall evening a little better,” said Diaz. “I like to eat this delicious pumpkin ice cream with a graham cracker crust and some whipped cream – and boom, it hits exactly the point.”

You can also make your own ice cream biscuit sandwiches. All you have to do is choose an ice cream, pick a topping, and the eatery will roll the biscuit right for you. With so many combinations, it might be a bit difficult to choose, but there is a lot to try.

To get a taste of what the menu has to offer, see below for the wide variety.

Credit: Tropicana Ice Cream Menu

Halloween celebrations at Tropicana Ice Cream

Anyone who visits during Halloween weekend, Friday 29-31 October comes in disguise to Tropicana Ice Cream, regardless of age, receives a free paleta with every purchase over $ 10.


The store is also hosting a Halloween costume contest on Instagram from October 20-31. Anyone who posts a picture of themselves with the hashtag #tropicanaspookynights takes part in the costume competition.

The rules will be posted on Tropicana Ice Cream’s social media and the first place winner will receive a $ 50 gift card, runner up will receive a $ 25 gift card, and third place will receive a $ 15 gift card U.S. dollar. There will also be prizes for other participants.

The Tropicana Ice Cream is located at 8223 Marbach Road # 119, San Antonio, 78227.

To place an online order from Tropicana Ice Cream, click or tap here.

KSAT’s David Elder has embarked on a new adventure called “Texas eats”, A one-hour program broadcast on Saturdays at 10 a.m. on KSAT 12, and our Streaming app.


Viewers can “Texas Eats” on Saturday morning at 10am or on KSAT-TV livestream app available on Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and most smart TVs as well as on, and KSATs Youtube channel.

Follow KSAT 12 Texas Eats on Facebook and Instagram.

BOSS Revolution Provides No-Charge Cash Transfers and Particular

Newark, NJ, August 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – BOSS revolution, the international money transfer and calling service of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT) announced today that it is offering toll-free money transfers and reduced phone rates to Haiti following a devastating earthquake on Saturday.

The BOSS Revolution Money toll-free offer applies to transfers to Haiti up to USD 130 up to August 22 when using a debit card via the BOSS Revolution Money app or website. Senders can choose from several convenient withdrawal options, including cash pickup and direct deposit, and transfers direct to mobile wallets.

The transfer service from BOSS Revolution Money is available in the USA via the practical BOSS Revolution Money app (free of charge at Appstore and Google play), on-line and through the nationwide network of BOSS Revolution Money dealers. First-time users of the Money app do not pay fees for transfers up to $ 300.

In the BOSS Revolution Calling App, reduced calling rates from the USA and Canada to mobile phones in Haiti are available until today, August 15. Callers who call for the first time in the app always receive free calling credit of USD 2.00. In addition, BOSS Revolution customers in the USA and Canada can conveniently top up the mobile phone accounts of friends, family and loved ones in Haiti via the app.

“The earthquake left thousands of families in southwest Haiti homeless and many more without basic needs. BOSS Revolution supports the relief efforts by donating directly to responsible charitable organizations and making it more affordable for members of the Haitian diaspora to send and speak to friends, family and loved ones in Haiti, ”said Alfredo O’Hagan, SVP of IDT for consumer payments.

About IDT Corporation:

IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT) is a global provider of fintech, cloud communications, and traditional communications services. We make it easier for families to connect, support and share across international borders. We also enable companies to trade and communicate with their customers with improved information and insights.

Our BOSS revolution branded Money transfer and international phone services make sending money and speaking to friends and family around the world convenient and reliable. National retail solutions‘(NRS) point-of-sale retail network enables independent retailers to operate and process transactions more effectively, while providing advertisers and consumer marketers with unprecedented reach in underserved hypermarkets. net2phone‘s Unified Communications as a Service solution provides companies with intelligently integrated cloud communication and collaboration solutions across channels and devices. Our IDT carrier services and IDT Express Wholesale offers enable communication companies to provide and manage international voice and SMS services.

Bill Ulrey
IDT Investor Relations
Phone: (973) 438-3838

Copenhagen Vogue Week Avenue Type Presents a Lesson in Vibrant Dressing

After a year and a half of lockdown and pandemic fears, the consensus among the designers for Spring / Summer 2021 was almost unanimous: drive out the darkness and step into the light. To combat the negative feelings of 2020, Bottega Veneta, Jacquemus, Michael Kors, Kim Shui and many more sent color down their catwalks. Happy pink, bright lavender tones and green in all shades – this became something like a fashion phenomenon– could be seen in almost every collection. During this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week, which started on August 9th, the effects of the bright color trend flooded the streets of the Danish city. Fashion show visitors could see how they put on their jewelry, their accessories or entire looks with splashes of color. But true to Denmark’s focus on functionality, her outfits were combined with structured jackets and sensible footwear (clogs and Birkenstocks included). And of course this time an important holdover from the quarantine era found its way into CFW: lots of comfortable cords. See the rest of the exciting looks to come from Copenhagen here.

Christian Vierig / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Christian Vierig / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

Two-piece knit sets are one thing we can take away from the pandemic.

Shania Twain’s influence knows no bounds.

A military-influenced green skirt suit is paired with Birkenstock clogs outside of the Samsøe Samsøe show.

Guests seen outside of Samsøe Samsøe in Copenhagen, Denmark on Aug 11, 2021.

Bags were not only colorful, but also in groovy shapes.

A guest is seen in Copenhagen, Denmark, outside of Samsøe Samsøe on Aug 11, 2021.

State company provides tricks to save time, cash, stress throughout wildfire evacuations

Fire alarm

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) – The Bootleg, Jack and Grandview forest fires triggered several evacuation orders. The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation has Forest Fire Insurance Resources available to help people on every level of evacuation.

By doing these chores, you and your family can save time, money, and stress before, during, and after wildfire.

Evacuation level 3: When you receive the level 3 order, please leave your home ASAP.

  • If it is safe, tell your insurance company that you have been asked to evacuate. Confirm your insurance coverage, your deductible and your specific coverage limits.
  • Save all receipts. Many insurance companies help cover expenses such as room and board and animal boarding.
  • Work on a home inventory list.
    • Review photos and videos to remember personal belongings. Pay close attention to the background and look for smaller items like jewelry.
    • To the best of your knowledge, write down the age, original cost, and replacement cost of each item.

Evacuation level 1 and 2:

  • Contact your insurance company to review your policy.
    • Ask about deductibles and specific coverage limits
    • Ask about the automatic coverage. You need comprehensive insurance for your vehicle to cover damage caused by a forest fire.
  • Do a quick home inventory.
    • Take photos of every room in your home. Don’t forget storage spaces like the attic, shed, and garage.
    • Check your insurance company’s website for an app or checklist that will help.
  • Build a financial backpack.
    • Gather important financial documents such as passports, social security cards, insurance policies, titles, deeds, and financial accounts.
    • Make copies or scan them to your phone or computer.
  • Put all information with your emergency supplies so that you have this information at hand during the evacuation.

Outside the evacuation zone: The time to prepare is now.
Follow the department’s disaster preparedness tips at disaster

Additional resources are available on the department’s website Forest Fire Insurance Resources Page.

If you have any questions about insurance coverage, contact your insurance company or broker. If you still have any questions or concerns, the Consumer Advisory Team at the Financial Regulation Department can help.
• Call 888-877-4894 (toll free)
• Email
• Visit
About DCBS: The Department of Consumer and Business Services is Oregon’s largest regulatory and consumer protection agency. For more information, visit

About Oregon DFR: The Financial Regulation Department is part of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon’s largest regulatory and consumer protection agency in Oregon. visit and

Community / Community Billboard

Ariana Grande Affords 1m Equal Therapy | Leisure Information

Ariana Grande offers $ 1 million worth of treatments.

The 7-ring hit maker is partnering with BetterHelp, an online treatment portal, to find new initiatives that encourage people to seek help when needed and remove the stigma surrounding counseling.

On Instagram, she announced: In the long run, I just wanted to do this because I feel like it’s okay for you to get your toes wet and ask for help, and I hope it will free you from all kinds of self-judgment. I’m going! “

This program allows people to receive one month of free treatment, and Ariana hopes to be a “useful starting point” to encourage fans to use the service for the long term. ..

She continued: “You are taking this opportunity Play with a qualified therapist for one month for free.

“Then you can choose to update and continue. I hope this is a useful starting point and will allow you to make room in your life for it and move on. The healing can be direct or simple. No. But you are worth the effort and time, we promise! I really appreciate @betterhelp and can’t wait to work together more. “

The 28-year-old star believes the therapist saw it “saved” earlier. [her] Life”.

In 2018 fans tweeted, “Who are Ariana Therapists and are they accepting new clients?”

Singer “Thank U, Next” said, “This is as funny as fuck, but to be honest, therapy saved my life many times. If you’re scared to ask for help, don’t do it. You don’t. “You always have to be in pain and you can deal with the trauma. There is a lot to do, but I am beginning to see that it is possible.”

Ariana Grande Offers 1M Equivalent Treatment | Entertainment news

Source link Ariana Grande Offers 1M Equivalent Treatment | Entertainment news