City warmth mapping undertaking in NYC finds poor neighborhoods hotter

Poorer neighborhoods are hotter than wealthier ones.

That is the overall result of the New York component of a national project to map urban heat islands. Scientists have long known that urban areas generate heat, but have not yet been able to map it street by street.

On a hot summer day in New York City last July, volunteers swarmed into cars with sensors to track heat and humidity. They traveled from the crowded tenements and truck-lined streets of the South Bronx to the open avenues of Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

The heat trackers told an impressive story. On an afternoon in July, there was at least 7 degrees difference between the South Bronx, one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York City, and the Upper East Side of Manhattan, one of the richest. The difference between the South Bronx and Central Park was even bigger: almost 10 degrees.

This type of heat mapping is becoming increasingly important as climate change causes global temperatures to rise and more people to move to urban areas. According to the United Nations, the proportion of city dwellers will increase from 55% today to 68% by 2050. In addition, as temperatures rise, the overall differences between the hottest and coolest areas increase, exacerbating the class and race divide.

“We get extremely granular data. Street level data. What currently exists is satellite data of where the total of New York City’s streets are, “said Dr. Liv Yoon, researcher at Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

The data can help communities target their financial resources to lower temperatures by building more rooms, adding lighter roofs, leaving more space between buildings and opening more cooling centers during heat waves.

“We want to empower the local citizens and scientists who have participated so that they own the data, because we often hear them go to the authorities and say, ‘We have this problem, but they are often answered with’ You ‘when faced with anecdotes and emotions cannot come to us. We need hard data, “said Yoon.

Heat is the most dangerous natural hazard in cities

Melissa Barber, a native of the Bronx and founder of an activist organization United the South Bronx, has fought for everything from community gardens to redesigning the Bronx waterfront to cool the area. Now she’s working with Yoon, using heat mapping to plead with local officials and property developers to switch.

“As community members who actually fight for justice, social justice and environmental justice, we can now say:“ There is current data that says: ‘We breathe a different air.’ There is current data that says, ‘We see and feel heat differently than anywhere else,’ ”said Barber.

“Areas outlined in historic red certainly have less infrastructure that is conducive to cooling. They have fewer green spaces,” said Yoon, who spoke with CNBC, one of the very few community gardens in the South Bronx – a garden that Barber helped design.

Barber says data will give it more power to transform real estate development in poorer parts of New York City.

“We really need to think about how we shape communities. When we talk about historical injustice and this redlining – there were no parks in this plan. There was no water included in this planning buffers that actually allow us to experience the climate differently did not exist and do not exist for many of our urban communities, “said Barber.

The temperature sensors were provided by Oregon-based CAPA Strategies, a climate data and analysis company that works with the federal government, local communities, and nonprofits.

“It really matters because heat is one of the most insidious killers in cities. It kills more people than any other natural hazard,” said Vivek Shandas, a consultant at CAPA.

Shandas notes that climate change is increasing the stakes and exacerbating the effects of the heat on the local economy, which is now stalling more often due to deadly heat.

“We see a greater heat intensity. We see these heat waves last longer and we see heat waves coming through more often, but we still use a single number to tell us what the temperature is a city or region for, “added Shandas.

New York is one of 12 cities participating in this year’s mapping campaign in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Lady in Execution-Fashion Killing of NYC Mother Extradited From Florida – NBC New York

The woman arrested in Florida in Execution style shooting a Brooklyn woman was extradited to New York City that summer to face criminal charges.

Police on Thursday charged Georgia-year-old Claudia Banton, 42, with murder and criminal gun possession reportedly shot Delia Johnson in the back of the head while chatting with people on a flight of stairs in August. The motive for the killing is currently unclear.

Banton, also known by the names Claudia Williams and Kiesha Brown, was picked up by police in Jacksonville, Florida earlier this month – more than three months after the Crown Heights murder that was caught on camera.

A surveillance video of the shooting previously released by police showed a woman in black leggings stepping out of a double-parked white limousine and casually shot Johnson in the head while talking to a group of people.

The shooter walked calmly back to the car with her handbag on her shoulder and drove away, informed the police. Johnson was pronounced dead in a hospital.

Information on a lawyer for Banton was not immediately available.


You can run, but the long arm of the law will find you.

The woman responsible for the murder of a. on August 4th is responsible #Brooklyn Woman was arrested by our partners in Jacksonville, Florida.

– Commissioner Shea (@NYPDShea) November 8, 2021

The brother of the 42-year-old victim said the Daily News At the time, he thought the shooter followed Johnson from a neighborhood funeral that both of them attended.

“She was at a funeral earlier that evening to pay tribute to an old friend in the neighborhood and then this happened,” Mathis Johnson, 47, told the newspaper. “It was terrible. This lady executed my sister.”

Family members said Johnson was an entrepreneur and had a 17-year-old daughter. Her mother, Delia Barry, said after her death: “I am in so much pain, I am numb … I try my best to hold myself up, but the carnage, that was it.”

Macy’s says public can return to look at Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC

The Charlie Brown balloon floats on 6th Avenue during the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

Stephanie Keith | Getty Images

Macys said Wednesday that the public will again be able to line the streets of New York City to see their annual Thanksgiving Day Parade live.

This year’s event will mark the 95th edition of Macy’s iconic balloon parade. Live musical performances will also resume, including the marching bands originally expected for last year’s parade.

The event was drastically reduced in the past year due to the Covid pandemic. It did not use the usual 2.5 mile parade route and just switched to a TV show instead.

“We are very excited to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in its full form again,” said the Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio said in a statement. “We applaud Macy’s work in creatively continuing this beloved tradition over the past year.”

Macy’s said it adopted best practices from its recent July 4th fireworks show, which this year attracted a public audience after being reduced in 2020.

For its Thanksgiving Day Parade, Macy’s said that all volunteer participants and staff must be vaccinated against Covid-19. To implement social distancing along the parade route, Macy’s will reduce attendance by up to 20%, or around 800 to 1,600 attendees.

The department store chain also said it is still considering how to deal with the balloon inflation public viewing that takes place the night before the parade.

Macy’s added that it continues to monitor evolving health trends and stands ready to implement contingency plans if necessary.

Find the full Macy’s press release here here.

Disclosure: Comcasts NBCUniversal is the parent company of CNBC and NBC has televised the event since 1953.

NYC is opening, however there’s nonetheless leisure for staying in

Scene for the outs & the ins

If New York is not yet wide open, at least it winks its eyes. Seats were reserved in the park yesterday evening. For opera. Followed by a Fifth Avenue dinner for the first female president of the Italian Senate. In any case, it is better to eat on reheated pizza while watching TV in your pajamas.

However, if you prefer TV in your fresh BVDs, know that Netflix has revamped the comedy sitcom “The Upshaws” for Season 2. Created by Wanda Sykes and Regina Hicks, it plays Wanda Sykes, but not Regina Hicks. The showrunners are Wanda Sykes and Regina Hicks. Netflix says, “We love Wanda Sykes and Regina Hicks.”

And everyone goes to school online. Master class is encouraging conversations zoomed in by biggies revealing little secrets. James Cameron, Ron Howard, David Mamet, Robin Roberts, Gordon Ramsay, Sam Jackson chat about acting, filmmaking, cooking and reporting. Actor LeVar Burton whose roots go back to “roots” tells how to tell stories.

Burton: “I’ve had storytelling mentors in my life – my mom, Alex Haley, Gene Roddenberry, and Fred Rogers from Star Trek. It is important for us to discover ourselves, to discover who we are. And the courage to share this truth. Storytelling is a sacred pursuit. “

Plus $ 15 a month when you sign up for their MasterClass.

Tax time for Trump?

Allen Howard Weisselberg, the the Trump organization Chief Financial Officer. Under the microscope for “fringe benefits” – investigations that should lead him to take action against the Trumps. If not, he’ll be pegged for tax evasion until Labor Day.

Should there be no connection between any Trumps and any corporate gimmicks and should Weißelberg fall – no jail time for anyone. If Trump haters can find a way to blow their trumpet, creditors could run into nearly a billion in debt.

Rudy Giuliani’s license to practice law was drawn on June 24th. Suspended, can be excluded. Roy Cohn was fired almost 35 years to the day – June 23, 1986. New York attorneys representing Donald appear to be in a game of Monopoly minus the Get Out of Jail Free card.

The voice of a killer

Story I discovered about Anthony Hopkins this year won an Oscar:

To find his voice for the fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of the Lambs” from 1991, the Welshman combined the sounds of Katharine Hepburn and Truman Capote with the sound of the artificial intelligence character Hal in “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

This created an eerie monotonous sound. He says, “I heard three voices in my head – Hepburn, Capote, and Hals. At first I wanted to try an unidentifiable American cockamamy accent – but when I tried it for the first time on rehearsal, people around said, ‘My God!’ go, so I knew I had it. “

Anthony Hopkins, who was named Best ActorAnthony Hopkins was named best actor.REUTERS / Caitlin Ochs

Chop up

New idea from Keiko Aoki, widow of Rocky Aoki. of the Benihana dynasty. Founded this month, it now features Chef Omakase, personal luxury private chefs who prepare meals for your home dinner parties.

Keiko: “Pay a fixed price per person. It’s as easy as ordering a taxi. ”(I don’t see a meter sticking out of a roast beef, but the idea is great.)

It is a professional cook for a dinner party. Four to eight people. The new online service offers various foods such as New American, Italian, Asian, Mediterranean, French, International Plant-Based Vegetarian and Kosher. Fresh ingredients will be delivered to your door two days in advance. The sessions include cleaning up.

Choose from $ 90 per person or $ 140 per person. And invite me.

Bill de Blasio has told friends that next time he will not run for president again. Comedy writers across the country are calling for a recount.

Only in New York, children, only in New York.

European-style flower present LEAF blooms all through Meatpacking District, NYC

MEATPACKING DISTRICT, Manhattan (WABC) – The Meatpacking District is hosting a one-of-a-kind flower festival this weekend.

More than 100 florists have exhibited in shop windows and squares across the neighborhood to create a European-style flower market.

“In a city with so many great talented florists and flower designers, I am very excited to present LEAF, our first annual flower festival,” said Moira Breslin, founder of LEAF – especially the Meatpacking District, TF Cornerstone and all florists – that we are making this happen could. We are excited to provide a platform for a new generation of florists to showcase their talents and turn the Meatpacking District into a riot Color – a gift for all New Yorkers during LEAF weekend “

Mayor Bill de Blasio even took part in the kickoff of the event on Saturday.

Organizers hope the festival will bring people back to the area as NYC continues to open.

“It enabled us to activate the whole neighborhood – restaurants, retailers got involved – and then just showcase the amazing creative class in town,” said Jeffrey LeFrancois of the Meatpacking Improvement District.

The festival lasts until 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Click here for more.

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NYC Sued Over Union-Fashion Quick Meals Employee Protections

Law360 (Jun 1, 2021, 5:12 p.m. EDT) – Restaurant associations are suing New York City for blocking two new laws that would provide non-union fast food workers with union protection from dismissal for no good cause or legitimate business reason. say that they are anticipated and unconstitutional by the Federal Labor Act.

The New York State Restaurant Association and the Restaurant Law Center, an independent organization affiliated with the national restaurant trade group, said in a lawsuit on Friday that the laws signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio in January were against the National Labor Relations Act and the US violate the Constitution.

“The laws intervene in one area in the collective bargaining process …

Stay ahead of the curve

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Memorial Day Weekend NYC Type – Occasions Sq. Chronicles

The 1885 tall ship Wavertree at the South Street Seaport Museum will be open to the public from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Pier 16 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays through 2021. Entry is free and includes access to the outside areas of the ship, including the main deck and raised aft deck. The visits are self-guided along a set route and are limited to 35 (masked) people each. The museum also has a new free outdoor exhibit at Pier 16 celebrating the people who lived and worked in the South Street Seaport District. The exhibition uses historical photographs, prints, lithographs and paintings to show part of the Seaport Museum’s collection with more than 28,000 artefacts and works of art as well as over 55,000 historical records.

Photo: Courtesy of the South Street Seaport Museum

The Intrepid maritime, air and space museum, is dedicated to military and naval history. In recognition of our men and women in uniform, the Intrepid Museum is celebrating Memorial Day weekend May 28-31. Memorial Day weekend activities begin on Friday May 28th with our annual flight deck movie night featuring the iconic Forrest Gump! Throughout the weekend, discover a variety of displays, activities, and demos from the military, including the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Coast Guard. The weekend ends on Monday, May 31st, with the museum’s annual memorial service broadcast live to the public.

Fleet Week New York The US Navy (USN), Marine Corps (USMC) and Coast Guard (USCG) are proud to present Virtual Fleet Week New York 2021 from May 26th to 31st on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Carter Denton

The weeklong event is a new way for residents of New York City and the surrounding three-state region to continue to attend the annual celebration despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Viewers are encouraged to check back every day as new content is added to the program, including live question-and-answer sessions and virtual ship tours.

This year’s calendar of events will be published on the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts of Fleet Week New York. Current information on all FWNY events can be found under “Like” FleetWeekNewYork on Facebook and “Follow” @FleetWeekNYC on Twitter and Instagram.

The New York Philharmonic’s Memorial Day Concert, a New York tradition since 1992, free of charge. Seating is based on availability. Ticket distribution begins around 6 p.m.

A journey from the dark to the sublime. Gemma New conducts popular classics, Jessie Montgomery’s vibrant musical portrayal of the Lower East Side of her youth, and Carlos Simon’s Beethoven-inspired ode to triumph over fate. The performance in the magnificent Cathedral of St. John the Divine will be shared live – free of charge NYPhil +, our new streaming service.

The performance will be broadcast from Pulpit Green next to the cathedral. To ensure public health and safety, anyone wishing to enter the cathedral’s concert area must be fully vaccinated. The gates to the cathedral grounds will open at 5 p.m. visit Information on outdoor seating.

Hailee Steinfeld channels ’90s type as she steps out in NYC

Hailee Steinfeld was inspired by her decade of birth on Saturday when she performed in Manhattan’s West Village in an impressive cast from the 90s.

The 24-year-old star couldn’t be overlooked thanks to her pink coat that popped on her otherwise black outfit.

The actress was seen in a moment of downtime before her schedule skyrocketed with season three of her hit Apple TV + series Dickinson and starring on the upcoming Marvel series Hawkeye.

Girls from the ’90s: 24-year-old Hailee Steinfeld took inspiration from her decade of birth on Saturday when she stepped out in Manhattan’s West Village in an eye-catching,’ 90s-inspired pink ensemble

Hailee’s long, double-breasted suit fell below her knees and had wide lapels.

She showed off a hint of her washboard abs underneath with her black top.

The 5ft8in beauty matched her shirt with low-key black leggings, and she increased her stature with a pair of black platform combat boots.

She covered her brunette locks with a black and white warped plaid bucket hat from Kangol, which sells for $ 65 on the hatter’s website.

Pretty in pink: Hailee’s long double-breasted pink coat reached below her knees and had wide lapels

Back in black: she showed off a hint of her washboard abs underneath with her black crop top that matched her leggings and platform combat boots

Back in black: she showed off a hint of her washboard abs underneath with her black crop top that matched her leggings and platform combat boots

Hailee dropped a few strands of hair to frame her face, which was covered in a black mask to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Though she never needs an excuse for a flashy look, she revealed that she chose the pink coat in honor of her second EP, 2020’s Half Written Story.

The True Grit star shared a close-up of herself, her eyes flashing and smiling from behind her mask as she laid her face on her hand.

“Pink for the first birthday of half-written history,” she captioned the photo.

Striking: She covered her brunette locks with a black and white warped plaid bucket hat from Kangol, which sells for $ 65 on the hatter's website

Striking: She covered her brunette locks with a black and white warped plaid bucket hat from Kangol, which sells for $ 65 on the hatter’s website

Anniversary: ​​Though she never needs an excuse for a flashy look, she announced that she chose the pink coat in honor of her second EP, Half Written Story 2020

Anniversary: ​​Though she never needs an excuse for a flashy look, she revealed that she chose the pink coat in honor of her second EP, 2020’s Half Written Story

Second Career: The expanded piece was Hailee's second major musical release, coming out five years after her debut EP Haiz and receiving mixed reviews from critics

Second Career: The expanded piece was Hailee’s second major musical release, coming out five years after her debut EP Haiz and receiving mixed reviews from critics

The expanded piece was Hailee’s second major musical release and came out five years after her debut EP Haiz.

The pandemic-era music received mixed reviews from critics.

Hailee seems to be more focused on her acting lately as she has a lot of television projects on the series.

Her next big series is likely to be the Marvel superhero show Hawkeye, which is slated to be released on Disney + later this year.

She plays with Jeremy Renner, Kate Bishop, who is being trained in combat and archery by Renner’s title character, in the hopes that she will take on his role.

The move also leaves open the possibility that Hailey could play a more prominent role in future Marvel films, or even be part of a reconstituted Avenger down the line.

Coming Soon: Your next big series is likely to be the Marvel superhero show Hawkeye, which is slated to be released on Disney + later this year

Coming Soon: Your next big series is likely to be the Marvel superhero show Hawkeye, which is slated to be released on Disney + later this year

Marvelous Debut: She plays Jeremy Renner as Kate Bishop, who is being trained in combat and archery by Renner's title character in the hope that she will take on his role

Marvelous Debut: She plays Jeremy Renner as Kate Bishop, who is being trained in combat and archery by Renner’s title character in the hope that she will take on his role

In the near future, she will also be shooting the third season of her acclaimed Apple TV + series Dickinson.

The second season premiered in January and the show has already been lit green for a third season.

She plays the poet Emily Dickinson, and critics have praised both her performance and the show’s bubbly atmosphere, especially on the final season, which many described as an improvement on season one.

On Friday, Hailee posted a photo of herself in a dressing room hiking up her skirt to reveal her long, stocking leg.

“Identity crisis … @dickinson,” she wrote, suggesting the next season might not be too far away.

Risqué: On Friday, Hailee posted a photo of herself in a dressing room walking up her skirt to reveal her long, stocking leg

Risqué: On Friday, Hailee posted a photo of herself in a dressing room walking up her skirt to reveal her long, stocking leg

As Smaller Leisure Venues Reopen, Off-Broadway’s ‘The Workplace! A Musical Parody’ Brings Musicals Again To NYC – CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The arts return in New York City.

“The office! A musical parody”, on Off-Broadway Musical, is one of the first full performances to have been on stage for over a year.

CONTINUE READING: Path to Reopening: Savion Glover, Nathan Lane Wow, frontline health workers during the pop-up show at the St. James Theater

“I’m just so excited to be back, to bring joy, to make people and entertainment happy,” said actress Emma Brock, who plays Michael Scott in the musical based on the hit television series.

The off-Broadway show is the first musical to return to New York City in over a year since the pandemic began.

It opens on Friday night at the Midtown Theater Center with a 33% capacity.

General Manager Catherine Russell installed a new ventilation system and all actors and staff are vaccinated.

“When the audience comes in, they have to be masked. We will take their temperature, ”said Russell Andrea Grymes of CBS2.

CONTINUE READING: Path to reopening: Legend Jerry Seinfeld surprises at Gotham Comedy Club

Broadway shows are not expected to reopen until September, but some of the smaller theaters that host off-Broadway shows reopened last week, with restrictions, along with other small and medium-sized entertainment venues.

This includes the Daryl Roth Theater in Union Square, which Mayor Bill de Blasio visited last Friday.

They host “blindness”, which is referred to as “socially distant sound and light experience”.

“We welcome everyone. I know that you will be comfortable. I promise you will be safe, ”said Daryl Roth.


On Wednesday, the Mayor was present at Lincoln Center for the world premiere of “Restart Stages”. It is an outdoor venue with ten seats for performances and rehearsals.

MORE NEWS: Theater Workers Eligible For COVID Vaccine In April Says Mayor De Blasio; The shows could start as early as September

It’s all a beginning as the place known as “the city that never sleeps” finally awakens.

Report reveals pandemic’s ‘devastating’ influence on NYC arts, leisure trade | Enterprise Information

FernandoAH / iStockBy MEREDITH DELISO, ABC News

(NEW YORK) – A new report shows the “devastating” impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the arts and entertainment sectors in New York City as many venues, including Broadway theaters, have been closed for nearly a year.

A year ago, almost 87,000 people were employed in the arts, entertainment and recreation sectors in New York City, excluding freelancers or self-employed, according to the latest employment statistics from the New York State Department of Labor.

By April, after the statewide home stay ordinance went into effect, that number had dropped to 34,100 and “hasn’t changed much” since then, said New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, whose office released the report.

Employment in the arts, entertainment and leisure sectors fell 66% year over year in December – more than any other industry in the city, the report said.

“The COVID-19 outbreak is having a profound and very negative impact on this industry,” DiNapoli said during a Facebook livestream on Wednesday. “It’s being forced to shut down venues, throw thousands into unemployment and bring businesses to the brink of collapse.”

The numbers paint a “blatant and devastating” portrait of an industry that “more than prospered” until the pandemic, said DiNapoli. From 2009 to 2019, employment grew 42% – faster than the 30% rate of the private sector as a whole, the report said.

Manhattan is the hub of the city’s arts and entertainment industries and is home to much of its venues and workplaces.

“Every job and company in this previously booming sector must return,” said Gale Brewer, president of Manhattan borough, during the livestream on Wednesday. “It was lost. It has to come back. At the moment Times Square is free.”

Brewer worries that people in the industry have left town for good because of a lack of work.

“We can’t lose your talent,” she said.

The report “puts the numbers behind the feeling that the arts and culture have been hit so hard and that despite great efforts, it is currently the least recovered sector,” she added.

The auditor pointed to a new federal aid package that includes $ 15 billion nationwide for closed arts organizations and earmarked over $ 284 billion to revive the CARES Act paycheck protection program as a potential ointment for the industry.

While performing arts venues, including Broadway theaters, remain closed, some New York City venues and cultural institutions have reopened with restrictions and mitigation measures.

Zoos and aquariums welcomed guests back in July, followed by museums in August with requirements for wearing masks and social distancing, capacity restrictions and timed admissions.

This week, Madison Square Garden and the Barclays Center hosted their first fanatic sporting events in nearly a year, with capacity capped at 10%. New York City cinemas will reopen at 25% capacity starting March 5th.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has not yet announced a timetable for performing arts venues, despite saying on Feb. 8 that “the overall effort is heading for a reopening with testing.”

“There are venues that we would like to reopen with tests and capacity restrictions,” Cuomo said at a press conference. “Theater, arenas, why can’t you do that with Broadway? You can.”

The Broadway League, which represents theater owners and producers, had previously announced that Broadway performances would be suspended until May 30 this year.

To promote the arts and culture, the state recently launched a new performing arts program, NY PopsUp, that will host over 300 free events nationwide in 100 days.

Next month, New York City will be accepting applications for Open Culture NYC, a permitting program that allows institutions to put on socially distant performances on the city streets. The city recently launched Curtains Up NYC, a program that can connect live venues with federal grants of up to $ 10 million.

With live venues struggling to hold their own for almost a year, some won’t reopen. Among the recent closings, the People’s Improv Theater, a nearly 20-year-old comedy venue, announced last week that it would close its main Manhattan room.

“It has been over 11 months since we were closed and eventually have to surrender to survive,” owner Ali Farahnakian said in a statement. “So we’re in the process of giving up space … thank God for a better future.”

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