Cramer’s Mad Cash Recap: Superior Micro Units, Nvidia, Thor

From earnings to developments in China to the latest COVID news, Jim Cramer put his schedule for the next week on during Friday’s Mad Money show.

On Monday, Cramer said he would be checking for the latest updates on China’s Evergrande group, as well as who the next “enemy” of China might be. The country is going through tough times and that makes it difficult for investors and companies.

On Tuesday we receive income from Micron (MU) – Get the report from Micron Technology, Inc. (MU). Let’s see how the company fares, suggested Cramer, while saying he would buy dips from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) – Get the report from Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. and Nvidia (NVDA) – Get the NVIDIA Corporation report when hit in Micron’s neighborhood. Thor Industries (NS) – Get Thor Industries, Inc. report will also report the receipts.

On Real Money, Jim Cramer writes that if analysts got more real-life experience, they could help people make a lot more money. Instead, they just focus on the wrong things. Read more about what he says about earnings, analysts, and their reactions to Nike, Costco, and Salesforce.

Investors should get a good idea of ​​how small and medium-sized businesses are doing when Cintas (CTAS) – Get the Cintas Corporation report and Herman Miller (MLHR) – Get the Herman Miller, Inc. report announce their quarterly results on Wednesday.

Thursday will be busy with Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) – Get the report from Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. Reporting, together with CarMax (KMX) – Get CarMax, Inc. Report. Paychex (PAYX) – Get the Paychex, Inc. report will also report profits and Cramer is happy to buy the dip on that behalf. McCormick (MKC) – Get McCormick & Company, Incorporated (MKC) report will report too, and while it’s a great company, Cramer suggested avoiding that name for now.

On Friday, Cramer would like to take a look at the latest COVID-19 data to see which way the case numbers are headed.

Here’s the bottom line: get ready, said Cramer, because after next week we’ll get the monthly job report and the earnings season will go into effect. Next week is like the “calm before the storm,” he added.

Executive Decision: Good Rx

In the Executive Decision segment of the show, Cramer spoke to Doug Hirsch, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of GoodRx Holdings (GDR) – Get the GoodRx Holdings Inc. report.

In our complicated world of healthcare, GoodRx is just trying to help Americans understand all of the information, Hirsch said.

It takes the average consumer several weeks to get in touch with the doctor, while GoodRx can provide simple answers and videos to help relieve that stress.

The company also works with all of the major US pharmacies as well as retailers like Walmart. together (WMT) – Get the Walmart Inc. Reportto create value for consumers.

The stock has risen since GoodRx was last featured on Monday Money in July (about 14% over the past three months). Cramer said he continues to like it and isn’t worried about potential competition.

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Cramer’s Mad Cash Recap: Fb, Merck, Nvidia

There’s a lot more to investing than just owning index funds, Jim Cramer told Mad Money viewers on Tuesday. Anyone who tells you stock picking is a fool’s game is just plain wrong, Cramer said. Finding successful investments is a lot easier than you think.

Index funds certainly have a place in your portfolio. If you’re just starting out, your first $ 10,000 should be in an index fund. And if you don’t have the time or inclination to do little homework, then index funds are just the thing for you. But for everyone else, there are better ways to make money.

The problem with owning everything is that not every stock is worth owning, Cramer explained. Growing up, dividend paying stocks like Merck (MRK) – Get the report made millions for individual investors who reinvested those dividends year after year. But during that time there were also many soaring stocks that crashed and burned. Knowing the difference between these two types of stocks is the difference between gambling and investing.

What is it worth owning today? Merck is still there and still pays great dividends. In fact, there are dozen of high-paying dividend stocks in the S&P 500. There are also momentum stocks, as known to be preferred by ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood. As Cramer outlined last night, there are quality IPOs and SPACs too if you do your homework.

Over the years, Cramer identified stocks like Facebook (FB) – Get the report, Paychex (PAYX) – Get the report, Shopify (BUSINESS) – Get the report and Nvidia (NVDA) – Get the report on Mad Money. All of these stocks have seen tremendous gains and all of them are hiding in plain sight. With a little time and research, investors can find such winners.

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Board decision: Shopify

In his first “Executive Decision” segment, Cramer spoke to Harley Finklestein, President of Shopify (BUSINESS) – Get the report, the e-commerce platform that helps thousands of small businesses sell their goods online. Shopify’s stocks are up 42% over the past three months.

Finklestein said the new product and feature announcements on Tuesday were about giving merchants more flexibility, scalability and performance. Whether they need to sell just a few items or hundreds of thousands of items in minutes, the Shopify platform now has the tools merchants need.

Shopify is also improving its checkout experience, which was used more than 450 million times last year. Finklestein said the new customization features allow more payment options than ever before.

The Shopify ecosystem continues to grow. Finklestein found that partners generated more than $ 12 billion in their platform over the past year. Shopify is a partnership with Facebook, Google (GoogL) – Get the report, TikTok, Pinterest (PINS) – Get the report.

Cramer said Shopify is turning hopes and dreams into real money for thousands of small businesses.

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