‘Operating Nuts Path Run’ raises cash for most cancers analysis

DUNN COUNTY, Wisconsin (WEAU) – The rain didn’t stop people from running to help out with testicular cancer research this Father’s Day.

WoodWind Park, near Wheeler, hosted the first Running Nuts Trail Run to raise funds for the men’s health organization Movember with the idea of ​​using funds to fight testicular cancer.

The park’s owner, Meagan Frank, decided to host the event after her friend Audric Buhr battled the disease earlier this year.

“I approached him and wanted to do something to support his family, but his idea was to make it bigger and promote it to all men who have the potential to deal with testicular cancer,” said Frank.

Buhr, now cancer-free, is a high school teacher in Menomonie. He said Frank offered to help his family but, as a teacher, his calling was to help others.

“They were concerned about the bills, etc. that would come my way,” he said. “And I’m very fortunate that I am at work and have a good health plan, so I said, ‘Let’s not be about me. Let’s do this about men in general and do this to make a difference for many people. ‘”

It was then that Frank had the idea for the run, which consisted of two events, a 5 km run at self-pace and a family run over a mile.

“I think it’s always very rewarding to be able to do something for a cause that is bigger than you are,” she said. “And even though it rains, stories we hear from people who are encouraged to come out and play it for someone else, for something else, for something bigger, it’s just really exciting and makes us very encouraged.”

“It means a lot that such friends want to help other people who are looking for ways to support men’s health,” said Buhr.

Frank said she hoped to devote the entire Father’s Day weekend next year to events in support of men’s health.

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