AWS Launches New ‘Amazon Nimble Studio’ and ‘AWS for Media & Leisure’ Initiative

AWS announced the general availability of Amazon Nimble Studio, a new service that allows customers to set up a studio to produce content in hours instead of weeks. The elasticity gives them almost unlimited scalability and access to rendering on demand. With Amazon Nimble Studio, customers can quickly engage and collaborate with artists from anywhere in the world and produce content faster and more cheaply. Artists have access to accelerated virtual workstations, high-speed storage, and scalable rendering in AWS ‘global infrastructure so they can create content faster. There are no upfront fees or obligations to use Amazon Nimble Studioand customers only pay for the underlying AWS services they use.

To bring high quality visual effects, animation, and creative content to life, studios have historically relied on high-performance local workstations connected to shared file storage systems via low-latency local networks. The increased consumer appetite for premium content and experiences has resulted in increased demand for computationally intensive rendering of visual effects and animations. This ever-growing demand is causing content production studios to outbid their compute, network, and storage infrastructure for peak capacity, which is proving expensive, difficult to manage, and difficult to scale. For example, a typical animated feature film now generates 730 terabytes of data and up to half a billion files. This requires more than 150 million computational hours and the coordination of hundreds of artists and engineers. Consumer demand for more content has also meant studios needing to attract talent from around the world who then need powerful workstations, specialized software, and high-speed storage and networking. All of these limitations can lead to production delays, increased costs, and missed opportunities for content production studios.

Additionally, AWS announced AWS for Media & Entertainment, an initiative that will make it easier for industry customers to discover, implement, and deliver specially designed AWS features and partner solutions for their highest priority workloads. This enables them to create compelling content faster. Invent new customer experiences, expand direct-to-consumer offerings, and improve media supply chain efficiency. AWS for Media & Entertainment hosts the broadest and deepest industry-specific cloud capabilities, including purpose-built media and creative services, hardware, solutions, tools, and partners. AWS for Media & Entertainment also sets up dedicated resources in each industry solution area to help customers reduce time to value by leveraging in-house resources, AWS Professional Services, and 400+ industry-specific Independent Software Vendor (ISVs) partners and more than 100 system integrators (SIs).

With Amazon Nimble Studio, customers can create a new content production studio in just a few hours. The creative talent then has instant access to high-performance workstations powered by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) G4dn instances with NVIDIA Graphical Processing Units (GPUs), Amazon FSx shared file storage, and ultra-low latency streaming over the global AWS network become. Amazon Nimble Studio enables content production studios to start with as few resources as necessary, scale those resources when the needs are highest, and shut them down when projects are complete. Content production studios can take remote teams from all over the world on board and give them access to exactly the right amount of high-performance infrastructure for only as long as necessary – without having to procure, set up and manage local workstations, file systems and low sites -Latency- Network. Amazon Nimble Studio supports both Windows and Linux operating systems, so artists can work with their favorite third-party creative applications.

Studios can also use custom software applications and embed them into Amazon Nimble Studio via Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for seamless migration from on-premises to cloud infrastructure. Amazon Nimble Studio is the latest AWS solution for media and entertainment customers. It is part of the AWS Thinkbox Deadline Render Management application as a core function to support content creation. Leading media and entertainment companies such as Discovery, Disney, EuroSport, Formula 1, FOX, HBO Max, Peacock and Weta Digital use specially engineered AWS solutions that enable content creators, rightsholders, producers and distributors to reinvent five key business areas in the industry can accelerate: content production, direct-to-consumer and over-the-top streaming (OTT), broadcast, media supply chain and archive as well as data science and analytics.

“Amazon Nimble Studio will change the way customers produce content using a cloud-based production pipeline,” said Amazon Kyle Roche, Head of Content Production Tech, AWS. “To date, studios have struggled to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for creative content, which has resulted in an exponential increase in the processing power required to create content – accelerating workstation obsolescence and storage and rendering capacity charged on site. We’re excited to introduce you to Amazon Nimble Studio, a new transformation service for the creative community built for the cloud to make producing the content consumers want to see much faster, easier, and less expensive. “

Amazon Nimble Studio is available today in six AWS Regions and AWS Local Zones: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Canada (Central), Europe (London), Asia Pacific (Sydney), and US Local Zone (Los Angeles), further support for the region coming soon.

Anjekumi connects players and enables them to play games from anywhere in the world on next generation devices. “With Amazon Nimble Studio, we can focus on the creative outcome rather than the technical journey as it solves some key issues in our production pipeline,” said Kurt Rauer, CEO of Anjekumi. “Our business is global and with Amazon Nimble Studio we can involve creative people worldwide without the friction that comes with it.”

California State University is a public university system in California with 23 campuses. “As the largest public higher education system in the country, the California State University system prides itself on having an innovative mindset in media and entertainment education that empowers a majority minority and a diverse student population,” said Dina Ibrahim, executive director of San Francisco State University . “AWS is a perfect partner to find a way forward for our creative programs as we are looking to move more of our educational experience to the cloud in the near future. Solutions like Amazon Nimble Studio give our students easier, hands-on access to the latest tools in content creation technology that better position them for career success. “

Evil Eye Pictures is an Oscar and Emmy award winning animation, visual effects, and design studio based in San Francisco, CA. “We like to go beyond the traditional and rely on new technologies that support innovative storytelling,” he says Dan Rosen, Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director of Evil Eye Pictures. “By adding Amazon Nimble Studio to our arsenal, we can more easily scale projects and collaborate with the best talent no matter where they are.”

Shomen Productions is a virtual animation and VFX studio that uses a global talent pool to create branded content. “We believe that the future of production will consist of dispersed teams and agile studios. The geographical access to a provided talent pool is no longer an obstacle to creativity, ”he says James Bennett, Founder and Director of VFX & Animation, Shomen Productions. “With a production solution like Amazon Nimble Studio, your team can scale production resources at will and collaborate efficiently over long distances. The ability to work remotely with creatives scattered around the world as easily as if they were sitting next to you has tremendous power. We believe Amazon Nimble Studio will be as important to creative production as iTunes is to the music industry. “

Sinking Ship Entertainment is an Emmy award-winning production and new media company based in Toronto. “We have been watching the development of Amazon Nimble Studio with excitement and look forward to adding it to our workflow,” he says Shervin Shahidi, Director of Digital Transformation, Sinking Ship Entertainment. “It will add dynamic elasticity to our skills and allow us to expand our talent pool to include artists around the world.”

Spire Animation Studios is a new feature animation studio. “Spire Animation was founded to empower world-class creative and technical talent to create a variety of high-end animated entertainment for the global audience,” he says Brad Lewis, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Spire Animation Studios. “By leveraging next-generation technologies like Amazon Nimble Studio and real-time game engines, we are rethinking the process of content production even when our artists are not in the same location.”